Holly, Adam and the Neighbour Pt. 04


It was crazy to think how much had changed in the space of just twenty-four hours. I think it was addressing Holly as Goddess, which began the gradual change from finding everything thrilling and arousing to feeling actually submissive. I mean, I still found it electrifying, and my arousal levels were sky-high. Still, it felt like I wasn’t just taking on the physical role of the submissive when we did stuff. I was actually beginning to emotionally submit to my wife as well.

I felt this strongly when we went to bed that night. Earlier, after I had pleasured Holly while collared and with clamps on my nipples, she had unlocked the padlock on my collar then removed it from around my neck. 

For the next couple of hours, we hung out on the sofa, chatting and laughing like we always did. Holly seemed to make an extra effort to be affectionate and, for this time to be as normal as possible. Our love for each other far superseded the naughty games we had been playing, and we easily slipped back into everyday life.

I wasn’t collared when we got into bed, but I still found myself taking on the submissive role. Without being told to, I worshipped her stocking covered feet again, then pleasured her with my tongue, and then, again without being told to, I licked her cum filled pussy after we had made love. Holly, naturally, loved this, and when I accidentally called her Goddess when telling her I loved her, instead of correcting me, she kissed me passionately and told me she loved me too.

The following day, I awoke, just like the day before, to the glorious feeling of my wife sucking and playing my nipples. They were still a little tender from wearing the clamps the previous evening, which only heightened the experience. This time though, instead of moving on to a 69 position, Holly asked me to make her a cup of tea. When I returned and served it to her, she asked me to climb under the covers and pleasure her. 

I didn’t really need any encouragement, moving to the bottom of the bed and lifting the duvet. When I asked if she would like me to start at her feet, she said:

‘Always, baby.’

Before going to sleep, Holly had removed her stockings, so I had the privilege of worshipping her bare feet for the first time. Without the nylon, I could suck each of her toes individually which was glorious. Then, after crawling under the covers up the bed, I pleasured her with my tongue until she climaxed. After, while I was kissing her neck, Holly said:

‘That was perfect, baby. I think we should make that our morning ritual. Don’t you agree?’

Naturally, I agreed. To start the day off by pleasing my wife/Goddess felt like a beautiful way of expressing my devotion to her. Even if we had never started down this Goddess/submissive path, I would have happily done this for my wife.

We both had to work that day. Holly going into the office until two o’clock, and me working from home. I very rarely needed to go into the office these days. Most of my work is done from my laptop and only once every couple of weeks, going in for team meetings or to meet prospective clients.

Usually, I would be relaxing and drinking my first coffee of the day while Holly got ready, but on this day (and consequently, every day after), it was a bit different. When Holly asked me to join her in the shower, I became horny again. Although I didn’t get quite what I had hoped, it was a beautiful experience nevertheless.  

Holly passed me a sponge in the shower and asked me to wash her. As I said, it was a beautiful experience. Taking my time and savouring every moment, I slathered her entire body with her favourite vanilla-scented soap. Patting her body down with a soft towel afterwards was equally erotic, as was gently massaging her moisturiser to her body. 

In the bedroom, Holly asked me to help her dress. So, item by item, beginning with her suspender belt, and her stockings, I dressed my wife, even putting her three-inch heels on her feet. I don’t know why I enjoyed this so much, but I found it so intimate and highly erotic. 

When she left for work, Holly kissed me softly on the lips then told me she would text me when she was on her way home so I could be ready to greet her. I knew exactly what she meant by that, having been told it was one of my rituals. Just the thought of it turned me on.

Truth be told, I struggled to get much work done that morning. My mind was unable to focus for more than a few minutes at a time without thinking of Holly as my Goddess and what she might have in store for me once I got home. Then, just after midday, my phone pinged as I was preparing some lunch. It was an unknown number:

‘Good day, Adam

I hope you have had a pleasant morning. Have you been outside yet? It is a gorgeous day. Anyway, I was thinking about you yesterday evening and have another idea for how you can please your Goddess. I can pop over mecidiyeköy escort and explain it to you if you are interested. What do you think?


Miss Lawrence’

Interestingly enough, my first thought was how she had addressed herself as Miss Lawrence again, rather than Nancy as Holly was allowed to call her. Strangely, that made me feel a little submissive towards her too. I wondered if that was her plan.

After reading Miss Lawrence’s message a couple of times, I figured why not? Her advice yesterday had led me to discover the wonders of worshipping my wife’s feet, which we had both adored. So I texted back saying I would greatly appreciate her help and invited her over. 

When Miss Lawrence arrived, she greeted me like an old friend, telling me how wonderful it was to see me and kissing me on both cheeks. Then just like the day before, I made her a cup of tea, and we began chatting. She asked me first if I had taken her advice and tried the foot worship, and looked rather proud when after telling her how much Holly and I had enjoyed it, she said:

‘Yes. It is rather an exquisite experience, Adam. Maybe one day, with your wife’s permission, of course, you may be willing to worship my feet.’

I think the shock was clear to see on my face, and before I could even think of how to reply to that, she said:

‘Sorry, maybe I should try and find a way to warn you when I am about to say something that embarrasses you, although I must say you look adorable when you are blushing, anyway, on to the matter at hand. Now, this may seem rather unusual to you, Adam, but one of the things Dennis and I adored was dressing up. Or more specifically, Dennis dressing up for me.’

I watched as she placed a black gift bag on the table and said:

‘Now, remember to try and keep an open mind, Adam. The inner joy that you get from submitting to Holly stems from your desire to please her. I can personally attest to the fact that if you put on the items in this bag, she won’t just be delighted; she will adore you for it.’ 

Miss Lawrence told me to go ahead and look. Then I reached across the table and picked the bag up. To say I was shocked to discover its contents would be understating it, to say the least. Inside the bag were three items; a packet which said ‘100% nylon fully fashioned seamed Stockings’ on the front, a red silk suspender belt and a pair of matching red silk panties. I literally didn’t know what to say or think.

Miss Lawrence let the silence hang in the air for a while, then said:

‘So, what do you think, Adam? Just imagine the look of sheer happiness on Holly’s face when she enters the house and sees you wearing this. I honestly can’t think of any other gesture which would more perfectly express your submission and devotion to her.’

I was still speechless. The only reason I hadn’t dismissed it out of hand was that Miss Lawrence kept emphasising how happy Holly would be if I did it. So eventually, and feeling rather bashful as I spoke, I replied:

‘So, I just put these on and wear them, and Holly will like it?’

Miss Lawrence smiled then said:

‘Well, there is a bit more to it than that, Adam. We will need to prepare you first. There is a process to wearing lingerie for the first time. It’s a very different experience dressing oneself to dressing your wife. If you have no objection, I am happy to guide you through it. Would you like that, Adam?’

I don’t know if Miss Lawrence planned for me to pick up on it, but I did. I realised that Holly had told Miss Lawrence about me dressing her this morning. At that moment, I also cottoned on to the fact my wife was probably telling her everything. I guess I knew that anyway, but having it confirmed made it real. I didn’t know if I felt humiliated or aroused. A part of me was still reeling from the revelation that Miss Lawrence was hoping I would worship her feet one day, and as such, become a participant rather than just an advisor.

In the end, I figured, I had promised Holly I would give this a week’s trial, so it would only be fair of me to try this too. Especially if it was going to make her so happy. So, when I told Miss Lawrence I was willing to do it, she said:

‘That’s wonderful, Adam. I promise you will not regret it.’

Then after a pause, she said:

‘Right, so we only have a short time before your wife returns. I think we should start getting you ready now.’

Rather timidly, I let Miss Lawrence take the reins. She took me to the bathroom first and told me to shower. However, instead of leaving the bathroom, she stood there watching me getting undressed and then showering. It was excruciatingly embarrassing for me, but she just stood there impassively watching me the whole time as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

Once I had rinsed off the soap, Miss şişli escort Lawrence handed me some of Holly’s scented shaving gel and told me to apply it to my body. It was strange. At that moment, I felt more submissive than ever and just accepted her right to tell me what to do. 

I spread a thin layer of the gel on my legs, but Miss Lawrence told me to apply it everywhere, even on my genitals. When it was time to shave me, Miss Lawrence said it would be faster if she did it. She began with my upper body, shaving my back and chest first and then my underarms. After shaving my arms, she started on my legs. Apart from telling me when to move position, she didn’t engage in any conversation.

If I thought that was mortifying, things only intensified when she started shaving my pubic hair. This took the most time, and Miss Lawrence carefully shaved the pubes above my genitals and then my scrotum. As her hand cupped my balls and I felt her gently squeeze, I couldn’t help but let out a little moan.

Finally, after shaving the hair off my bottom, she seemed satisfied. She told me to get under the shower again to rinse myself off. As I did so, I lamented the loss of my body hair and wondered how things had reached this point. 

Miss Lawrence made me rub in some of Holly’s unscented aftershave balm, then I followed her to the bedroom. Weirdly enough, after letting her perform the intimate act of shaving my body hair, it was only once we entered the bedroom that I began to feel agitated. It felt wrong to be there with another woman, even if it was only to prepare me to see my wife.

She put the suspender belt on me first, then as she opened the packet the suspenders were in said:

‘I must warn you, wearing stockings for the first time can be an incredibly sensual experience. My Dennis simply adored wearing them and would only wear the finest nylon stockings for me. I sincerely hope you feel the same way about them.’ 

I watched as she delicately bundled up the first stocking in her hands. Then she knelt in front of me and told me to point my toes. When she pulled it onto my foot, I didn’t really feel much, but as soon as she began gently pulling them up my smooth and hairless leg, I felt my cock begin to twitch; it felt so luxuriously soft wrapped around against my shaved skin. Once she had pulled it up to the top of my thigh, she attached the stocking to the suspender belt, holding it in place. 

I have to give her credit. My cock was rock hards by now, and Miss Lawrence made no comment or even acknowledged my embarrassing situation. After pulling the remaining stocking up my other leg and attaching it to the suspender belt, she spent a minute or so adjusting the straps on the suspender belt, so the stockings were even. 

After that, she grabbed the knickers and held them out in front of me. She told me to step into them and then pulled them up my legs. When she reached my groin, she very politely asked me to move my erection to one side and hold it there, then she pulled the panties on. Again, I felt a tremendous thrill at how lovely the silk panties felt against my bottom cheeks.

Once she was finally finished, Miss Lawrence took a step back and inspected her work, then said:

‘You look absolutely adorable, Adam. I have no doubt whatsoever that your Goddess will be both ecstatic and highly aroused when she sees you. I must, however, leave now as she will be back shortly. I will check in on you tomorrow to find out how it went.’

And then she left me there standing alone in mine and Holly’s bedroom wearing nothing but stockings and suspenders and a pair of red silk panties. The list of adjectives that could describe how I felt were number one, shell-shocked, closely followed by embarrassed, horny and excited. 

I should also point out at this moment that while I stood there in my lingerie, I came to the conclusion that Holly would unquestionably be aware that Miss Lawrence was going to do this. There was no way Miss Lawrence would risk upsetting my wife by doing something like this without Holly’s consent. I was intrigued to know whose idea it was, though.

Safe in the knowledge that this was something Holly knew about and even wanted, I wandered into the kitchen, marvelling at how my lingerie felt as I made myself a coffee. Then, when Holly texted to say she was a few minutes away, I excitedly went to the hallway and got in my kneeling position.

When she opened the door and saw me, her reaction was just as Miss Lawrence had predicted. Holly was ecstatically happy and exuberantly began telling me how sexy I looked and how she wanted to ravish me. Once she regained her composure a little, she stood in front of me and allowed me to greet her by kissing her shoes.

She told me to wait, which, of course, I did, then a minute or so later, she returned holding my collar and leash. Then as she wrapped it around my neck, she said:

‘I think it would be a good idea if your collar was on the table here waiting for me when I arrived home in future. Don’t you think?’

When I replied, ‘Yes, Goddess Holly.’

She smiled and said:

‘Good boy, or should I say girl, as you are wearing such pretty lingerie for me.’

When she led me by my leash to the living room, I expected to worship her feet and then pleasure her with my tongue as we had done before. Instead, she said:

‘I’d like to try something different today, baby, if you are willing. I have been fantasising all day about you worshipping my ass. Would you like that, sweetie?’

With both of us smiling, she tugged on my leash, and I crawled behind her to the kitchen. I was extremely excited but also nervous. While we had always enjoyed an active and passionate sex life, any kind of anal play had been strictly off the cards, though. Holly then turned around, so her back was to me and said:

‘OK, first I want you to kiss each of my bottom cheeks one hundred times. Start on the outside and slowly work your way in. Oh, and make every kiss as sensual as you can. You may begin.’

I looked at Holly’s gorgeous bum. It was perky and round, and her skin looked so tantalisingly soft. As I began softly kissing her bottom cheeks, I once again felt like I was expressing my devotion to her. 

When I reached the innermost part of her cheeks, Holly told me to lick up and down her crack, and then after thirty seconds or so, she said:

‘Place your hands on my bottom cheeks and hold them apart.’

Once I had done this, I had a bird’s eye view of her asshole. It was mesmerising to look at, and I wanted nothing more but to lick it. Holly asked me if I thought it was beautiful, and when I said yes, she said:

‘You need to say it, sweetie. Only once you tell me how beautiful it is will I allow you to worship it.’

I couldn’t take my eyes off it and was telling the truth the I said:

‘It’s beautiful, Goddess.’

Holly replied:

‘Call it by its name.’

I tried again, this time saying:

‘Your asshole is beautiful, Goddess.’

She called me a good girl then said:

‘And what do you want to do to it, my pet?

I replied: ‘I want to worship it, Goddess.’

Again she told me to call it by its name, so I tried once more:

‘I want to worship your beautiful asshole, Goddess.’

When she spoke again, I was sure she was trying to drive me crazy at this point:

‘Ask me nicely, pet.’

Finally, I said the magic words:

‘Please, Goddess, may I worship your beautiful asshole?’

She replied:

‘Yes, pet. That would be lovely. You may start by moving your tongue in circles around my hole. I want to feel your love for me as you do it.’

I did as she instructed, a thrill shooting through me as my tongue finally touched her asshole. Slowly and lovingly, I licked around the edges of her puckered hole. I could hear Holy sighing and softly moaning above me. After a few minutes, she told me to use the tip of my tongue to lick the centre, this caused her to moan:

‘Oh my god, that is heavenly, don’t stop.’

It occurred to me that this was a completely new sensation for her, which only made me want to pleasure her more. When she told me to flatten my tongue and lick up and down, she began pushing back onto me. Then she really started moaning, which only made me lick her more passionately. This went on for quite a while until she said:

‘I want to feel your tongue inside of me….push it in me now, slut!’

Hearing my wife call me a slut for some weird reason turned me on even more. I began trying to push my tongue into her. She reached back and grabbed my head, forcing me against her. At first, I thought it would never go in, but then, just for a moment, the tip of my tongue slipped inside of my Mistress’s asshole. I kept going like a man possessed, until it finally happened. I slowly slid my tongue deep into her asshole.

She was moaning loudly now and said:

‘Oh fuck Yesss, That’s it slut, worship your Goddess’s asshole.’

Every so often, she would release her grip on my head and let me gasp for air, then forcefully shove me back in there and demand I tongue fucked her. It was intense and frenzied, and I wanted nothing more than to remove one of my hands from her bottom cheeks and start masturbating, but I knew this wasn’t the time. This was all about Holly, about her pleasure only.

I became aware that she was rubbing her pussy with her hand at some point. Then I felt her body shudder as she climaxed hard. When she removed her hand from the back of my head, she was still moaning and breathing as she said:

‘Oh my god! That was fucking amazing, Adam.’

It actually felt quite weird to hear her say my name after being referred to as a pet or slut for so long. I also knew without a shadow of a doubt that just as I would want to continue worshipping her feet even if we decided not to continue with this whole domination thing, Holly felt precisely the same way about having her ass worshipped.

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