Bex Writes A Letter to Daddy


Dear Daddy,

You wanted me to write down what’s been going through my mind lately, since we became lovers. You say that writing things down can help me organize my thoughts. Well I want to make my Daddy happy above all, so here we go, even though I’m not a good writer.

You may think it started when I moved in a few months ago, but for me Daddy it’s been going on much longer.

I’ve always thought you were handsome, growing up. I compared you to my friend’s dads, it was always no contest.

You and Mom were so good together. You know that before she died she told me about the ‘games’ that you two played. What I never told you was that I used to fantasize about the things Mom had told me. Being spanked. Being tied up. It excited me too.

I used to lay in my narrow bed in my college dorm and think about all the things Mom had told me you would do to her. Daddy, I think she liked telling me, I think it got her excited. I remember her eyes would sparkle when she mentioned things like being handcuffed or flogged. Lying in my cot at night I would touch myself and picture the two of you in my mind.

Pretending I was outside your bedroom door, hearing your cries, smelling your sweat. I’d strum eryaman arabaya gelen escortlar my clitty with one hand and shove three fingers into my cunt, wanting it to be your cock, Daddy.

That’s when I realized how much I wanted to replace Mom in those scenarios. I wanted it to be you who licked my pussy for the first time, you who took my cherry. I wanted your rough hands gripping my hips as I rode your cock.

I knew I could never tell you any of this. I got married and moved away. But my ex was a bum. You told me that, Daddy, and I should have listened to you. Now I’m a free woman again, and now I want nothing more than to be your slave!

Our first night together was so exciting! Feeling your tongue on my sweet snatch for the first time. Feeling every inch of you as you sank your hard eight inches into me. You spanking me, that was my favorite part. My cunny got soooo wet for you, Daddy!

It was like, nothing changed, but everything changed. Our formerly covert glances became open stares of lust. Our daily routines didn’t change much but our nights sure did!

Remember the first time you used the mink mitten on me? Oh, my God! So sensual, feeling sincan escort bayan your fur-encased hand glide up and down my sensitive skin. That could become a fetish, Daddy, just so you know! *wink!*

I found out how much dirty talk with my well hung stud of a Daddy turns me on. How much hearing my big strong Daddy talk dirty to his little girl turns us both on!

His strength, his smell, his voice, everything that made him Daddy was mine, and I was his. His to spank, to lick, to tease and suck and… Oh, my, Daddy.

I promised you I wouldn’t play with myself unless you said so, Daddy. But it’s soooo hard! Writing all these things for you just makes me think of them, and want you!

Want you to rub my little cunny just once or twice, that’s all I’ll need and them I could cum for you Daddy! Oh, Daddy, is this why you want me to do this?

So I’ll think about your masculine scent, the way your delicious cock, your COCK Daddy, feels in my tiny little pussy? Is that why you commanded me to write this?

You’ve been making me wait, Daddy, I’ve noticed. Longer each time before I can cum for you. And Daddy?

I love it.

When I was younger I had orgasms, Daddy, but gölbaşı sınırsız escort not like these. You’ve opened up a whole new part of me! I never squirted before, you made me cum so hard… My nipples are so much more sensitive now as well. You like that Daddy? Seeing them jump to attention when I think dirty thoughts about you?

I learned I love to lick pussy too, thanks to you. When your lover Misty came over and you made me submit to her. She ate my cunt so good Daddy. Remember?

I was tie up and you were fucking her from behind while she ate me out?

And how I returned the favor later when she sat on my face!

You were fucking me, sucking Misty’s nipples, I was licking her clit like crazy. Oh, Daddy, that was such an erotic moment for me! It was like every nerve in my body was being caressed by a master lover!

Misty’s cunny tasted so good, Daddy. I liked how she moaned when I nibbled on her cunt lips. Her juices tasted different than mine, meatier somehow. I swallowed all I could but it still ran down my face. She came so hard when I sucked her clit! That’s what makes me want to do it again, and again!

All right, Daddy, if I keep this up much longer I’ll cum without even touching myself!

I can’t wait for you to read this! I hope it makes you hard, Daddy.

I hope it makes you wild, Daddy.

I hope you read it and just have to fuck me. To stick your hot meat in your little girl and just explode!

I can’t wait to see what my Daddy lover has in store for me next!

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