Mason Letter 04

Mason Letter 04
Dear Figaro,

This week has just been so fucking crazy, I will do my best to fit everything in. I just do not know what is happening with my life right now. I seem to have such high points and then really low points, I just want it to even out but I don’t think that will happen any time soon.

So I finally met Theo’s pen pal Brad. After I found the strange letter I just went to bed and didn’t hear them come back from their day out exploring. I was going to the kitchen after a crap night sleep, they were already awake and making breakfast in the kitchen, Theo was making breakfast I should say, Brad was sitting at the counter drinking coffee. He was wearing black briefs and nothing else.

“Morning,” Theo said, turning around from the stove top, “There’s pancakes if you want some?”

“Sure,” I replied, stifling a yawn, “that’d be great.”

“No offense but you look like shit,’ he said returning to the pan. “This is Brad.”

“Fuck you! and hello it’s nice to meet you.” I said extending my hand and taking a stool at the bench.

“Yeah, you too.”

I couldn’t help but take in his body, he definitely used to work out but I had a feeling he had been skipping the gym for a few months at least, he was defined but a little soft around the edges. By no means fat or anything, just a tad squishy. His chest was hairy; dash of dark brown hair between his pecks and around his nipples, trail leading from his belly button to his groin. I was surprised that Theo seemed so keen on him, his face was cute and all, Mediterranean heritage for sure, but the body type seemed a new direction for him. I glanced a peek at his package and it was bulging. We sat and made small talk and ate the pancakes, he was in town looking for work and was very grateful for a place to crash.

“What type of work do you do?” I asked, setting down my fork.
“Bar stuff, security, that sort of thing. I had an accident playing football last year so my fitness is not what it used to be. What do you do?”

I looked at Theo, who just smirked back at me and grabbed the plates.

“Well, my dream is to be an author but right now I am doing some adult entertainment videos, online stuff.” I felt my cheeks warm up.

“That’s so cool,” he said animatedly. “Must check out some of your videos.”

Theo stopped washing the plates and looked at me, letting out a laugh that sounded more like a bellow. After that the ice was most definitely broken, we discussed our plans for the day, I said I was waiting for a call from Curtis, he and Brad were going to go to some bars and see if they could find him a job. I stood up to get ready after Theo announced he was going to get changed, that was when Brad leaned across the counter and whispered.

“Maybe sometime the three of us should hang out sometime, you know, have some real fun.” His eyes lingered on me, eyebrow slightly raised and I quickly filled in the blanks.

“Yeah, maybe.” Got to hand it to him Figaro, he had balls.

When I was drying after my shower I could hear my phone ringing, I dashed quickly to it, dropping my towel along the way. Expecting Curtis I was a bit taken aback to hear Lockie’s voice. He sounded drunk.

“How you been Mason?” he said in an sarcastic tone.

“Lockie, are you drunk? it’s fucking barely twelve o clock.”

“Yeah, I have had a few.” He slurred.

“What’s up, I have not heard from you since the club.”
“I been busy, why’d you do it Mason? it was the one thing I asked you not to do.”

“Do what?” I asked as I found some underwear to pull on.

“You fucking got involved in camming!”

“No I didn’t, I told you I wouldn’t and I haven’t.”

“Well then, how come every time I fucking log in I see your big smiley head promoting the site, the clip interrupts my show Mason, my fans are nearly as pissed off as I am.”

Shit! I had filmed the subscription promo two days ago, Curtis had assured me that it would only be displayed after the teaser clips, he never mentioned it being used as in site advertising.

“I’m sorry Lockie! Curtis said it was for teasers only.”

“Oh did he now, well you can’t fucking skip it either, so for 30 seconds each hour during my session, they fucking see you half naked, chatting smut. As I have said I am happy for you to have all those views and fans but not if it affects my camming, talk to Curtis and tell him to change it Mason, I am serious!”

He hung up after that, I could understand his anger but it had nothing to do with me, I started to feel angry but took a few deep breaths and calmed down. I shot him a quick text, apologising again and saying I would try and make it right and that I would call him in a day or two. As I put on my sweat pants and t-shirt I got a message. It was from Tommy, asking how I was and that he hadn’t heard from me in a few days. I felt bad, I had cancelled on his offer for coffee twice now and was, in general, treating him badly. I replied that I was sorry (I seem to be apologising a lot lately) and that I would make it up to him, I’d just been ran off my feet.

I heard Theo and Brad leave as I flopped down on my bed. I thought back on his offer of a threesome and laughed, it summed up my life right now, that Theo’s current squeeze wanted to fuck around. I dismissed it as a joke but couldn’t help getting semi hard at the thought. I dragged my laptop to the lounge area and began to rewrite the third chapter of my story. Twenty minutes in and my phone rang, this time it was Curtis.

“Mason, how are you?”

“Fine, thanks.” I replied coolly, still stinging from his lies about the promo vid.

“Please say you’re free right now,” his exasperated tone grabbed my attention. “I have a guy here ready to shoot but he is only available for the next two hours. You would be perfect for the scene and it will really put you and this site on the map. It’s Dylan O.” He said, barely containing his excitement.

“Dylan O, the fitness model wants to do porn?” I asked incredulously.

“Yes, I been working on him for the last few weeks, and since the exposure from your videos recently I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, he flies out for a model shoot this evening, so it is literally the quickest shoot in history, please say you are free.”

I thought it over for a few seconds, I always found Dylan to be mega hot but one of those types I would never approach or message online, his body was chiselled as if it was from marble and his blue eyes had women and gays swooning the world over. Everything about him just screamed unapproachable.

“Thought he had a girlfriend?” I asked, trying not to get my hopes up.

“Dumped her two weeks ago, he’s looking for a career change and the money he’s getting for this is outrageous, even for me. So will you do it?”

“Yes, I will be there in thirty minutes.” I asked, butterflies in my stomach.

“Excellent, I knew you wouldn’t let me down, his agent said he will only top and no kissing or oral. I’m not too happy about it but I just want it in the can.”

“I want a meeting when we are finished Curtis, there are things we need to discuss.”

“Fine, whatever you want, just get here ASAP!”

I hung up the phone and ran to the bathroom, getting my douche out from under the sink, I couldn’t fucking believe it, I was bottoming for the first time on camera and the top was Dylan O. As I was prepping for the scene I began to look at his online posts. They were all mainly outdoor shoots, him on a farm just wearing jeans and cowboy boots, the others him emerging from a swimming pool, soaking wet you could see the outline of his cock in one, it looked chubby Figaro, between douches I slid a few fingers in there to loosen myself up.

I read a bit about his bio: he was blonde, 19, 5’5, straight, was a high school football player and wrestler, he enjoyed working out and travelling the world. Damn! he was the whole package really. His smaller height extenuated his muscles. Packing my backpack, I began to wonder how this would all play out, this could make my star rise even further. I shook off all negative thoughts and stresses and was firmly in the zone.

As I walked up the stairs to Curtis’s office I seen Sy standing in the door way.

“Mason! thank God you are here, Curtis has been stressing so much.”

“Why? I am actually early and prepped, all I have to do is shower and change.”

“No it’s not just that, Dylan arrived fifteen minutes ago, his team are making all demands, Curtis has no choice but to cave in.”

I could hear loud voices coming from the office.

“Fine! ok we will do it your way, but this is not how I run the studio.” Curtis shouted, worn out.

I noticed three men in suits outside the doorway into the set, Curtis had his eyes closed rubbing his temples as I sat down.

“Mason, thank fuck you are here, I am literally about to lose my shit, these demands are driving me mad not to mention the fucking time pressure I am under. I want your best today, nothing less.” His voice raised almost to a bark.

“It will be fine I will do my best as always.”I retorted, eying the men in suits.

“I know you will, sorry. That’s his entourage if you can believe it, he is getting his makeup done as we speak, we are good to go once I get the signal.”

In the dressing room, I had a final douche and shower. Curtis sat on the chair writing furiously into his note pad.

“Fucking ridiculous,” he muttered, shaking his head.

“What kind of demands is our star making?” I asked as I applied the numbing cream to my hole. Not the most glamorous position Figaro, but Curtis had seen basically all of me.

“Well as I said on the phone, no kissing or oral of any kind, I thought he just meant him but no, no oral across the board. He is not willing to speak on camera either, so the intro is out the window.”

“What does that mean then?” I begun to blitz some squats while we waited for Dylan to be screen ready.

“It means that our biggest video ever could be pretty tame. We will start with you both on the bed naked, then he will fuck you in the reverse cowgirl position, then doggy style, then apparently his favourite position is with the receivers legs closed. Likes ’em tight I guess.
I ignored his attempt at humor and began to do some push ups.

“I was thinking that he could cum over your ass to finish with, since he is not big on eye contact, you will only be taken from behind during the scene. I know this is not ideal or fun but I really appreciate you doing this for me Mason.”

He looked genuinely down Figaro, I felt so bad for him.

“Listen we will talk after this scene, and I will try my best to make it as hot as I can,” I placed a hand on his shoulder and stroked it reassuringly. “It will be fine.”

He covered my hand with his and said thanks, Sy knocked and said that Dylan was ready to go.

Curtis shot off ahead of us to get the camera positioned, leaving Sy and I alone. It felt odd to be talking to him as if last week’s bang never happened.

“You happy with all the comments you are receiving online?” I asked to break the silence.

“Pfft,” he said, waving a hand dismissively, “I was just glad to be in the shot, you are the real star, you were awesome. I know Curtis and his investors are thanking their lucky stars that Lockie recommended you… how is he after yesterday?”

“What do you mean?” I asked, side stepping one of the suited men, “What happened yesterday?”

“He didn’t tell you! Curtis had to suspend him for a week for doing a session drunk, it’s strictly against our terms and conditions, he was so mad, caused a bit of a stink really, I walked him to the train but he was a mess. I hope he sorts himself out soon Mase, he is our number one cam star.” With that he patted my arm and joined Curtis behind the monitor.

What the hell was going on with Lockie, I made a mental note to visit him on my way home. I had never seen him like this Figaro.

The room was totally transformed, instead of the couch and glass coffee table, there was a king-size bed in the middle, dressed in a grey blanket with green cushions. I smirked, those were the same colors as the “In’DaMan’d” logo, Curtis was not missing a beat. I could see Dylan standing talking to a guy who I presumed was his agent, he had a tablet and was skimming through some pages waiting for his approval.

I looked him up and down, he was a lot smaller in real life but was extremely attractive. His blond hair was short and neat, his body had a natural tanned glow to it, his thighs were bulging and his short briefs were stretched to capacity, he was totally hairless. His jaw line could have cut glass, he had a classic movie star look. My mouth started to go dry and as if reading my mind Sy handed me a glass of water. The movement caught Dylan’s eye and he ignored his agent and walked towards me, hand outstretched.

“Hey, I am Dylan.” He said confidently, I was taken aback by his pleasant approach, I was expecting a stuck up diva.

“Mason. Nice to meet you, I follow you online.” Fucking hell Figaro, why the hell did I say that.

“Thanks,” he added bashfully. “Sorry to keep you waiting, just wanna get this done before my modelling gig finishes. My agent wants the best deal for me so have to do what he says.”

“They’re cool with you doing porn?” I asked finishing my water.

“I am their biggest client I don’t give a fuck if they are cool with it” he laughed. “The money is just too good to turn down, you know what I mean.”

I did know what he meant, I had finally been paid and I still had troubling processing all the zeros at the end of the cheque.

“My first scene I was so nervous,” I said as we both moved to the bed.

“I am not nervous, I just hope you are as good as they say you are.” He said as he pushed me away playfully.

I couldn’t get over his friendliness and was glad he wasn’t nervous. Pulling up my white socks to the knee I could see him playing with himself. His cock was a lot pinker than I was expecting, it was roughly the same size as Lockie’s except Dylan’s had a curve to it and more girth. He was already hard.

“You mind if I play it a bit rough?” he asked, gently tugging his foreskin back and forth over his lightly purple helmet. “It gets me off.”

“Whatever,” I replied with a smile, “Just don’t leave any marks.”

Our laughter stopped the conversation between Curtis and the agent .

“Ok, you are both ready and know what to do, let’s go.” With that he walked behind the monitor, while Sy approached us with the handheld, the agent and entourage left the room.
“Once I yell action Mason, that is your cue to strip off and sit on him.”

Dylan and I looked at each other.

“Good luck.” I muttered as I pulled off my underwear.

“Thanks,” he replied a little less confidently.

I quickly stood up and squirted some lube onto his thick shaft, rubbing it up and down the condom before applying some to my hole. I prayed I had fingered myself enough to take him. I slowly slid down, his tip rubbing my backdoor, I squatted a little more and could feel his head press against my hole. It slowly opened to welcomed him inside, I took a deep breath and lowered more. Ugh! it felt so good, I could feel my rapid heartbeat pulsating around his cock, I rose slightly feeling my ass hug his shaft. After a few more tries I was loose enough for him to take over. I gently tapped his right side, he placed both of his strong hands on either side of my hips.

His thrusts started off slow at first, his manly grip forcing me down harder until he was balls deep in me, I grinded on him every third slam, my ass felt electric. I leaned back and put both my feet on his thighs, that was when he really picked up the pace. The slamming sound of his balls slapping against my cheeks was bliss, he was so deep in me that it hurt but there was no way I was stopping. The numbing cream had little effect and I could feel every inch of his cock as he buried it in me. Sy was between his legs now, getting the best angle of my hole getting pummelled. I reached down and lifted my ball sack, crying out at the sensitivity of my touch.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” I cried.

Dylan sure knew how to screw Figaro, before long my face was red and my body was sweating. Dylan gently pushed my back and I sat up for a few more pounds until I was on all fours. He didn’t take his dick out of me during the transition and my cunt clenched around him as he began to fuck me doggy style. HIs curve really added to the sex, I could feel my prostate getting hit, the pre-cum trickling out of my piss slit. It felt glorious, I reached in and began to tug myself, matching my jerks to his thrusts.

The fact that he was ‘Gay for Pay’ and didn’t want to be kissed or sucked off only increased my desire. Against all odds his fucking tempo increased. My cock was getting jostled around so much by the frantic momentum I couldn’t grab it. The sensation was getting too much to bare, I lay on my chest and grabbed the blanket with two hands, biting into it to quieten my moans. Sy was walking up and down getting the action from the side before moving behind, catching all the rear view angles. I was face down ass up when Dylan began to spank me. The sting of it shocked me but I loved it, I leaned my head back and he grabbed one of my shoulders, pulling me back harder and deeper on to his cock. For a nineteen year old, he knew what he was doing.

He alternated slapping each cheek, pretty soon both of them were smarting. Then slowly, without warning, he leaned his full weight onto my back, my legs gave way and I could feel his muscled torso against my back. It was so fucking sweaty Figaro, the feeling of his rock hard abs grinding on my back was amazing. The full length of his shaft was inside of me now. He moved much slower, I could feel one hand push my face into the cushion as he slowly pulled out of me to the tip before slamming into me again. It felt like my back was going to break, it was pure ecstasy. My butt was arched towards him so I could receive all of him. All the nerve endings in my shitter were on fire, accepting his cock, missing it when he pulled out. He moved his body backwards, kneeling behind me, he grabbed one of my ankles and pushed my legs closed.

I could knew where he was going with this and I got even more excited. With my legs closed, he slowly entered my cunt again, this time it was so much tighter, my arse hole clenched, I could feel his hands pushing my ass together around his cock as he fucked me. I felt as if I would burst. He quickly got into a rhythm, throwing it in deep. My eyes began to roll, I was unsure of how much more I could take of him, his pounding was relentless and he showed no signs of slowing down. It was in this position that I could truly appreciate his girth, it was stretching me to nearly breaking point.

He pulled out of me and I was waiting for the re-entry but it didn’t come. I heard him pull off the rubber and his breathing become ragged. I lay there panting myself, I felt the first splash of his hot sticky seed hit my ass cheeks, it felt like he was squirting forever, I could feel some of his gunk trickling down my crack and onto my puckered hoop. Honestly feeling it dribble around my cunt was the best feeling I have ever had. My back felt soaked. I glanced at Curtis who pointed at me, it was my turn now.

I laid on my back and began to fuck my own fist, similar to the position Dylan and I had first done. I was rubbing my nipple when I felt his hand on my ass. Slowly his fingers crept towards my entrance, not looking at me he slid in two fingers. The action took my breath away, I couldn’t believe he was fingering me, this wasn’t on the program. I loved the spontaneity of it all and soon began gyrating on his fingers while bashing my cock. It didn’t take me long to nut, it gushed out, landing on my pecks and torso. I felt as if my whole body was on fire, he slowly withdrew from me and I could sense my cunt slowly closing up .Sy was there filming me from top to bottom. I must have looked used up, I fucking loved it.

“Cut!” said Curtis, snapping me out of my joyous haze. “Fucking epic, this is gonna put us all on the map.”

Sy handed us both a towel, while Curtis left the room to speak to the agent.

“That was fucking awesome!” Dylan said as he slid back on his underwear. “I haven’t fucked like that in weeks.”

I couldn’t form two words Figaro, my senses were in over drive, I just looked at him and smiled.

His agent came in shortly after that, Curtis assured him that the scene was going to be the biggest the site had ever had, Dylan spoke to his agent before turning around and giving me a quick thumbs up and left. His agent approached me as I slid on my shorts.

“Dylan told me to get your contact info, he would like to hang out when he is back from his overseas shoot.” He said in a bored tone.

I quickly gave him my details, not quiet believing that Dylan O wanted to hang with me, maybe I was about to get on the map, as Curtis put it.

After my shower I walked back into Curtis’s office, Dylan and his entourage had left the building.

“They snuck out the backdoor,” Curtis said as he handed me a glass of champagne, “to protect the reveal on Thursday night. The investors are gonna cream themselves when they see the clip. I expect it to go viral, I really do.” He was so excited as the three of us clinked glasses.

“You did brilliant, boss.” Sy said. “You’ve been on fire recently.”

We finished the bottle, Sy went to get more but I told Curtis I was leaving soon. When we were alone I told him about the letter I received. He said it was no big deal, that it happens a lot, it just shows that my name is getting around and I should be happy. He also promised to remove the promo vid from the cam side of the site and that it was a mistake to begin with and he was sorry.

I felt light headed as I put my keys in the front door of the apartment, but was feeling the most content I had felt in a long time, I would sort everything out Figaro. I left a voicemail on Lockie’s phone telling him I was worried about him and that Curtis was going to take down the video from his sessions. Tommy had replied to me also, saying that he thought I was a really nice guy and would like to catch up soon. I smiled reading his message, he was a really nice, normal guy. I needed normal right now. I poured myself a rum and coke and sat at the bench. I didn’t even see the envelope until I had finished the drink.

I slowly opened it, the familiar stink of the cologne hitting my nose. It was the same handwriting as before, this letter said:

‘Mason, you continue to impress me so much. I am so glad you are mine. YBF’

I went into my room ,got the other letter, grabbed my keys and left. I didn’t even put on shoes as I marched to 108.

“Mason, hey I was wondering when you were going to call for a visit.” Myles said.

He stood against the door, wearing a purple singlet and shiny blue shorts. He was barefoot, did he ever wear shoes?

“What’s wrong?” he asked, seeing my expression.

“Sorry if I am disturbing you.” I said as I tried to look behind him. “It’s just I have gotten two letters recently and I was wondering if you could check the CCTV for me, neither of them had addresses on them so I assume they were hand delivered.”

“Come in,” he said moving aside. “We can check together, when do you think they arrived.”

I quickly told him the story behind them. He sat at his computer desk, it housed three monitors.

“Excuse the mess,” he said as he began throwing candy wrappers into the waste bin and tiding up files. “No one usually comes in here.”

I glanced around his place, his apartment was identical to mine except for this office area near the front door.

He began clicking through the footage slowly.

“I am not really used to this program,” he said shyly, sensing my impatience. “What don’t you grab us some beers.”

I don’t usually drink beer, as you know Figaro, but I was just so tense I would have drank anything at this stage. His fridge stocked the usual food guys eat when they are bulking up. I grabbed the beers and walked back to him, his face was scrunched in confusion. I took in his body properly, the other times I have met him I am usually in a rush or trying not to make eye contact. He has full sleeve tattoo’s and one of a dark rose on his neck, he had a trimmed beard and a man bun, his look was lumber jack for sure. His arms and legs were massive, he made the computer chair look small compared to his mountain like stature. He was one hundred per cent my type.

“Any joy?” I asked, handing him his beer.

“Not a lot, there is a guy in a hoodie sliding the letters under your door, but I can’t see his face.”

I leaned over his shoulder to get a closer look at the screen, hoping to see something that could tell me who it was. Nothing stood out. He was medium build and height from what I could see, hood drawn tight across his face. I could sense Myles looking at me, my hip brushed his broad shoulders. His manly scent was intoxicating, beer and sweat. I looked back at him, he continued to stare.

“Fucking creep!” I spat, “I have no clue who it is.”

He continued to stare at me as he drank from his beer, I watched as he placed his lips around the bottle.

“I will keep an extra eye on your place during my inspections,” he said almost apologetically. “What do the letters mean anyways?”

“Hopefully nothing, just someone who is a fan of my work apparently,” I stood up and walked behind his monitor. All the events of the day were hitting me hard. The booze was helping though.

“How long you lived here,” I said, swigging some beer.
“About four months before you, I was lucky to get the gig,” he said standing next to me, he was so tall he loomed over me.


“I kinda left my old job in a way that I cannot go back to it,” he chuckled.

His place was minimally decorated, just abstract paintings, no pictures.

“I never see you with anyone, you live here alone?”

“Yes I am focused on my career at the moment, so no one special, how about you?”

“I have my fun, but no one steady.” The beer buzz was making me more chatty than usual, I found that he was actually really easy to talk too.

“I find it hard to believe that you are single,”

“Well if you count that creepy fucker sending me letters than I have at least one fan,” I said, setting my beer down on his desk. “Better be leaving, thanks for checking the cameras.”

I went to walk past him, his arm shot out and gently grabbed me by the wrist.

“I am always here to help Mason, in any way I can.”

I stared down at his arm but he didn’t remove it.

“Good to know,” I whispered my mouth going dry.

We stared at each other for a few seconds before he grabbed me by the back of the head and kissed me passionately. I was completly caught off guard. The beer on his breath tasted so good Figaro, he stuck his tongue in further, exploring my mouth, after a few seconds I responded with my own.

He slowly pulled away from me. His lips still wet from my saliva.

“Sorry, I don’t know what came over me.”

“Don’t apologise” I replied heart racing, I grabbed the bottle from his hand and drained it, placing it on the table. “You did nothing wrong.”

“So if I kissed you again you wouldn’t mind?” he asked bashfully,

“Not at all.” I meant it, this day was going so well, bar the letter, I didn’t want it to end.

I put my hands on his hips and pushed him gently against the computer desk. His giant hands cupping my face as he kissed me firmly and deeply, his light beard rubbing against my face, which made my lips come alive. I could feel a pang of desire in my stomach. I slowly reached down and cupped his junk. He stopped kissing me and slowly rotated his hips.

“It’s been so long,” he muttered. “I haven’t had a chance to shower yet.”

“I don’t care.”

I sank to my knees, kissing his bulge through the fabric of his shorts. I was so horny Figaro. I pulled them down to his ankles. His hairy massive thighs were a sight to behold, not as good as the snake staring at me though. His mushroom helmet was a dark brown, his cock was a lighter brown, he was cut and his balls had contracted. It was a beautiful cock, I could not wait to taste him. I put my hands on his feet, feeling the thin wisps of hair on his toes and took him in my mouth. His bulbous helmet was soft at the tip and hard at the edge. I licked it with the underside of my tongue, skimming away his pre-cum. Moans escaped from his lips as he placed one hand on the back of my head, gently guiding me up and down his 6′ schlong. I could taste the sweat on his junk, he was a real man, not the twinks I was used to fucking with.

My throat was opened up now, the beer buzz mixed with my horniness made me so eager. I began to bob up and down on his dick, hands free. I positioned my head so that the head would graze against the roof of my mouth before it hit my throat. I was so turned on by all his moaning that I became even more aggressive. I loved the feeling of his head slam into my tonsils, I started gagging but didn’t stop, a thick stream of spit oozed from between my lips. With him firmly in my mouth, I stuck out my tongue and began to lick his sweaty bollocks, he placed his hand more firmly against my head, burying his cock in my face. I pulled back and inhaled deeply.

“Face fuck me.” I almost whimpered, desire coursing through me.

He looked at me for a second before placing both hands on top of my head, I opened my lips and accepted his throbbing erection into my warm mouth. He was on his tip toes now, angling into me. He began to fuck me mercilessly, I was in heaven, his ass knocked the files and bottles of his desk. I groaned then, sending the vibrations up his shaft, his balls continued to slap against my chin.I felt him pull away.

“Don’t!” I said earnestly, grabbing his hairy ass,I shoved it right back into me. After a few more thrusts his tempo slowed down as he emptied his jizz into me, it hit the back of my throat before spilling into the rest of my mouth. I swallowed instantly, tasting his salty milk. I had really made a mess of his dick, it was covered in spit and his own cum. I marvelled at it for a while before looking up at him. He was still panting, his face looked so relaxed.

“What the fuck just happened?” he said, pulling some hairs that had come astray from his bun.

“Not sure,” I replied, “But it was fun.”

I bent to pick up the stuff that had fallen off his desk.

“Leave those,” he said as he pulled off his singlet and kicked away his shorts from around his ankles.

I stared at the files. I started to tremble.

“Join me for a shower?” he asked.

I just looked up at him, he glanced from my horror struck face to the files in my hand.

“Mase,” he said, reaching for them, “it’s not what you think, please let me explain.”

He went to pull on his pants, but I was already at the door, I ran up the stairs two at a time, I could hear him calling my name. I bolted inside the apartment and jammed a chair under the handle.
My head couldn’t comprehend what I had just seen.

Why the fuck did Myles have files on Channing and I!

Nothing is making any sense right now. I really can’t wait to meet you face to face so we can discuss this, I am going to ask Lockie if I can crash at his place, I just don’t want to stay here right now.

I will try and write as soon as I can

Mason X

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