New Lover – Hotel (Part 3)


New Lover – Hotel (Part 3)The conclusion of our first dayWe dress, it is time for dinner, we descend the long broad staircase hand in hand into a large hall, the walls are covered with giant paintings, we enter the lounge order some drinks, we chat and then order from the menu.We sit at a table for two in the dining room, a room of similar style, tall ceiling, paintings on the wall, some of landscapes and some of creepy looking people from the past, sat posing for their portrait the result being pictures which when you concentrate on them the eyes seem to follow and stare back ! We eat, we talk, we smile, chance to touch knee to knee under the table. We adjourn to the library, coffee and brandy, we sit close on a leather sofa in front of a large open log fire. We snuggle and chat, it feels good, the romance of watching the flames dance and make shapes, the warmth of the fire, the warmth of the brandy, the warmth from our closeness. You whisper naughty words in my ear about our previous antics in the day. You are naughty and I tell you so, we smile, I whisper of what should happen to naughty girls, how you should be taken upstairs, thrown on the bed, your knickers pulled to the side ………………………. as I whisper we push closer together, I can’t help but become aroused, my glass clutched to my lap to gaziantep escort bayan hide my predicament. We hurredly finish our drinks, we walk to the stairs hand in hand, as we ascend I discreetly caress your bottom through your dress.We are in the bed room, I ease your dress from your shoulders, it falls to the floor, we are kissing filthy kisses, our tongues deep in each others mouths, the kissing intensifies, we are loosing control, I begin to lick and kiss your throat as I rub your crotch with the palm of my hand, you open your thighs, you are so wet, I kiss and lick your breasts, sucking hard on your nipples in turn, your nipples are so hard and erect I love the feel of them between my lips. I rub you hard with my thumb tracing the shape of your cunt I am almost pushing your knickers into you, I pull them to the side and slide my thumb into your soaking cunt, as I fuck you with my thumb and suck your nipples we edge slowly towards the bed. You sit on the edge of the bed, I kneel in front, I pull your knickers down your stocking clad legs and past your high heels, as they are discarded you lie back and put your heels on the edge of the bed, your knees are high and your legs open wide. The view in front of me is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmagnicent, your soaking pussy framed by your lace top escort bayan stockings, your suspenders and your lingerie, you look so good. I caress your legs with my hands as I kiss the top of your inner thigh, working slowly and tantalisingly upwards my cheek is pressed against your cunt, then the other thigh my cheek wet with your juices, I am kissing and licking your belly as I work slowly downward towards your swollen wet lips, your womanly aroma is intoxicating, I lick your lips up and down up and down, pushing ever more firmly with my tongue, your lips part and I stick my tongue as far inside of you as I can. You taste so good, I fuck you with my tongue in and out in and out, your hips move rhythmically, you moan softly as my tongue finds your clit, it hardens as I continue to lick and kiss, your thighs tense, they shudder, you orgasm and you pull my face hard against you, you clamp your thighs around my head, I can’t breathe but it is so wonderful, your body shudders your orgasm subsides and you relax your grip on my head.You open your thighs wide, I continue to kiss and lick your clit as I slide two fingers deep into you, my face is soaked by your juices, I fuck you with my fingers, in and out, in and out, hard deep and fast, then a third, my fingers wriggle and move inside you, your thighs tense and shudder, more fingers lips and tongue, again and again, I desperately want you, I continue to kneel on the floor, the gorgeous senstaion of my cock pushing against your wet swollen lips, they part, the glorious feel of penetration and my cock slides deep into you, we fuck hard and long, your breasts wobbling at each stroke as I pump into you, I am almost about to cum, I withdraw and stimulate your clit with the end of my cock, then by rubbing my shaft up and down your lips, the sensation subsides as I stab my cock again deep inside you, I tantalise you as I pull it all the way out again, and stab it deep inside you, again and again all the way out and back in, we fuck hard and deep, the slapping sound as our bodies come together, you moan your breasts are wobbling, your nipples are so erect, your thighs shudder as I shoot my spunk deep into you. I continue to fuck you for a while, I want to continue but I am weakened by the intensity of my orgasmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.I discard my clothes we are snuggling and cuddling in the bed, we gently kiss the world is forgotten, only the two of us exist for the moment, I stroke your hair, I kiss your cheek and then ever so softly the very end of your nose, I gaze at your beautiful face, you smile, the feeling of wellbeing you induce in me is overpowering to see you so happy in our company. We continue to kiss and caress and fall into a dreamy sleep ……………………………………………. What will tomorrow bring ?More to cum ?

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