The Sleeepover – Chapter 9


The Sleeepover – Chapter 9The Sleeepover – Chapter 9by samslamLauren and Kristina are lying on the bed when I returned, the other girls are already gone. “Come here,” Lauren pats the bed between her and Kristina. “Let me see your ass.” “I thought you’d never ask,” I tease as I crawl up between them and lie on my stomach.”It’s not too bad,” Lauren says as she leans over and inspects my cheeks. “Want some lotion on it to cool it down?””Sure,” I answer, wondering about all the attention from my s!ster.”I’m sorry I suggested the spanking,” she says while squirting lotion onto her palm. That explains it; she’s feeling guilty.”It’s not your fault, s*s,” I assure her. “I thought you were k!dding, too.” “Can I help?” Kristina asks from the other side of me. “Sure,” Lauren says. “You do that cheek.” Lauren squirts lotion on Kristina’s palm and the two girls gently massage my ass. My cock stiffens against the bed sheet as these two beauties take their time spreading lotion all over my cheeks.”You know what that’s doing to me don’t you?” I ask my s!ster as she squeezes my ass cheek and her hand strays towards my balls.”I don’t know what you mean,” she says with mock innocence while she’s lightly scr****g my nutsack with her fingernails. “This!” I say, flipping over and displaying my fully erect cock like a flagpole. “Oooo,” Kristina says, leaning up on her knees. “Can I have it?” Without waiting for an answer, she swings her leg over, straddling my hard cock. Gripping it between her fingers, she positions it at the entrance to her recently deflowered pussy and lowers herself down. Lauren is staring in disbelief as my cock glides easily into her tight, but very lubricated hole. “You were slick enough for that?” Lauren asks as she sits mesmerized, her face just inches from our coupling. “I’ve been wet all afternoon,” Kristina says, settling down fully on my cock with her pussy lips mashing my pubic hair. “I’ve been hoping for a chance to do this again,” she smiles. “Without the pain.”Her tight, hot cunt is indeed slick enough for my cock and it conforms snugly to the intruder, sending electrified pulses up and down my throbbing shaft. My hands reflexively go to her elongated nipples as she starts to rock her body up and down. Fuck! This is the tightest fucking pussy I’ve ever felt. Earlier when I took her virginity, I was too worried about hurting her to fully appreciate the pleasure of it.I tweak her nipples and stare at the wide-eyed innocence on her face as she starts to ride me. Innocence? What the fuck! I grab her hips and stop her movements.”Condom!” I say, looking at Lauren.”I’ll get it,” she answers, rolling off the bed and running down the hall. “Thanks,” Kristina blushes. “I forgot.” I lift her off of my cock as Lauren returns, tearing the package open. “Not a good thing to forget,” I admonish Kristina. She nods sheepishly.Lauren has the package open and smiles at me as she rolls it down my slick pole. Kristina raises her body up and Lauren aligns my cock with her glistening pussy lips. She continues holding my cock between her thumb and her finger as Kristina slides down the length. Lauren releases my cock and then looks like she doesn’t know whether to stay or leave. I put my right arm around her and pull her against my side.”Please stay,” I whisper, running my hand down her back and gently squeezing her ass cheek. She just nods and lays her head in the crook of my arm. Kristina is picking up the rhythm and I use my left hand to again play with her small breasts. While I’m tweaking her left nipple, Lauren reaches up and does the same to her right one. “I just don’t want you to remove your other hand,” she says, referring to the one that gaziantep escort is fondling her ass. Fuck! My cock was hard already, cocooned inside Kristina’s compact pussy but watching my s!ster play with her friend’s nipple sends renewed blood surges straight to it. “Ohhh! I knew it would feel good but not this good!” Kristina breathes, getting lost in the pleasure as she bounces on my cock and we tease her long, thick nipples. The whole bed is shaking and I don’t know how much longer I’ll hold out. I need to speed up her release.Sliding my hand down from her breast and across her flat stomach, I find her clit with my thumb. Pressing it induces a gasp of pleasure from my wild, young partner. “OHHHH! GOD!” Kristina huffs as my thumb rubs circles over her sensitive love button. Bucking my hips off the bed, I pound my cock into her and tease her clit while she rides me like a bronco.”OHHH! YEAH! OHHH! FUCK!” Kristina is ready to burst; I pull my arm from around my s!ster, grab Kristina’s waist with both hands and slam her repeatedly down on my cock.”OOOOOOOOOOFUUUUUUKKKKK!” Kristina screams, exploding in ecstasy as my cock erupts inside of her.Kristina collapses on my chest, rocking back and forth through the final fulfilling moments of her orgasm and milking the remaining cum from my cock. I put my arm back around my s!ster and pull her tightly against us while Kristina and I attempt to catch our breath.”Thank you, Brandon!” Kristina says, kissing me all over my face. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Her chest is heaving and her pussy is still snugly wrapped around my spent cock as she persists in expressing her gratitude. “I should be thanking you,” I tell her, kissing her on the forehead. “That was incredible!””Thank you, Lauren,” Kristina whispers. “Thanks for sharing your br0ther with us.” “He wasn’t doing anything anyway,” Lauren laughs as she rubs her friends back.My right hand is all over Lauren’s back, touching and stroking while I kiss the top of her head. This is as intimate as we’ve been. It’s almost like she participated. She was right there; I was touching her while I was fucking Kristina! Un-fucking-believable! “I should probably go,” Kristina says, sitting up with a big smile on her face. “My s!ster will be home soon. I should be there.” She lifts herself up and my sheathed cock flops onto my stomach. “I’ll get my stuff.” After Kristina leaves the room, Lauren lifts my cock, sloppy with Kristina’s juices and removes the condom. “This guy’s gotten quite a workout today,” she smiles as she wraps the used condom in a tissue. Damn! Could this day get any wilder? Rolling her body onto mine, Lauren stretches out so her pussy is directly against my spent cock and her breasts are mashed into my chest. Looking into my eyes she says, “You should probably walk Kristina home. It’s late and her house will be dark.””I probably should,” I agree, wrapping my arms around my s!ster and holding her against me. Pressing her lips against mine, she gives me a quick kiss and rolls back off.”Hurry back,” she says, wiping the mixed juices from her abdomen.Who knows what that was all about? No doubt my s!ster is horny as hell after watching all the fucking this afternoon. Are we about to cross the line? I’m certainly going to hurry back. Fuck!* * *Kristina only lives a few houses away and it takes us about five minutes to walk there. She unlocks the door and I go in with her until she has the lights on and feels safe.”Brandon,” she says, pulling me against her. “I know what you said about not getting hurt and I’m not expecting anything to change between us…” She kisses me long and hard. “But just so you know, if you just want to escort bayan get laid you know where to find me.””I may come looking, Kristina,” I answer, honestly. “But you should be looking for guys closer to your own age.” I kiss her again like a lover’s reluctant goodbye and head home to find out what’s going on with my s!ster.* * *Lauren is no longer naked, she’s slipped on a man’s dress shirt, buttoning the bottom two buttons and leaving most of her breasts exposed.”I cleaned up and put the sheets in the washer,” she says as I walk in the door. “How’s Kristina?””She told me to call her anytime I want to get laid,” I answer, smiling.”Thank you for doing that,” Lauren says, stepping close and giving me a hug. “And for everything.””Yeah, well you owe me,” I say with a mock pout. “Pimping me out to all your friends. Making me eat their pussies and fuck them like I’m some kind of sex slave.””Awww, poor baby,” Lauren says, touching my cheek. “How can I ever repay you for such debauchery?” She’s standing close, looking into my eyes.”Is this my shirt?” I ask, grabbing the edges of the material and twisting them outward to expose her breasts. “I felt weird cleaning the house naked,” she shrugs. “Do you mind?””Mind?” I say pulling her closer to me. “This is really crossing the line, Lauren!” I tell her with mock anger. “It’s one thing for us to be kissing, touching and going down on each other but wearing my clothes, that’s just too much!” “Too much what?” she asks pressing her body against me.”Too much intimacy!” I answer. “Take it off this instant!””If you insist,” she says with exaggerated bashfulness. “By the way, that’s three things, not one,” she says as she unbuttons the bottom two buttons and drops my shirt to the floor.”What’s three things?” I ask, honestly confused.”Kissing, touching and oral sex,” she smiles as she unbuttons my shirt, the one I’m wearing. “That’s three things and you said it is one thing.” Her hand has slid inside my open shirt and she’s gliding her palm over my bare chest. “Well, just don’t cross that line again,” I admonish her with dramatic flair. “You’re my s!ster and there are certain lines we just shouldn’t cross.” “Like wearing your clothes?” she asks, as she slips my shirt off my shoulders. She’s completely naked and I have just my shorts on.I tentatively put my hands on her bare back and pull her to me. Now that we’re alone it feels kind of awkward to be like this with my s!ster. When her friends were here, we could pretend she was just going along with their antics. Now it’s just the two of us. “Are there any other lines we shouldn’t cross?” Lauren asks, like she’s reading my mind. She’s pressed up against me but unfortunately it seems that four times might be my limit. My cock can barely register any excitement. “Probably,” I answer, lowering my mouth to hers. We kiss more tenderly this time and, if possible, it’s even more erotic than when she attacked my mouth earlier. Instead of fighting for space our tongues are entwined in a tantalizingly slow dance. The kiss does nothing to dissuade me from crossing any lines. “I’m so horny,” Lauren says, breaking the kiss and focusing her beautiful eyes on mine. “I watched you fuck my friends all afternoon.””What went through your mind while you were watching us?” I ask, my mind still reeling from the passion of her kiss.”I wished it was me,” she says, quietly. “Especially when you did Kristina twice,” she smiles. “What were you thinking about while you were fucking them?””I was wishing it was you, too,” I answer honestly. “Really?” she asks, surprised. “Even when you were fucking Alex?” she teases.”Even then,” I answer, my hands squeezing her firm ass and pulling her against me. “Now what?” she asks the million-dollar question. Now what, indeed!”I think we should take your advice from last night and leave this decision for the morning,” I say. “And not just because I’ve already cum four times today,” I laugh. Lauren just holds me tighter without saying anything,”In the morning there will only be two choices,” I tell her, breathing in the smell of her hair. “Yes or no. There’ll be no room for maybe anymore, Lauren.” She nods, knowingly.”Yes or no.” I repeat, digging my fingers gently into her ass. My s!ster remains silent. “It’s okay, if it’s no.” I assure her. “Feel how wet I am,” she whispers, after another moment’s hesitation.Taking a tiny step back, she gives me room for one arm to slip between us. I skim my hand through her pubic hair and cup her pussy mound in my palm as she spreads her legs to give me access. My middle finger finds the opening dripping with heat as I trace my fingertip along her distended labia. “Mmmm,” she murmurs as my finger effortlessly slips inside her steamy pussy and I pull my palm tightly against her mound. She emits a low moan and then asks, “Why am I the only one naked?” she asks. Without waiting for an answer she undoes my shorts and pulls them down along with my underwear, momentarily dislodging my finger from her anxious pussy. Stepping out of my shorts and kicking them aside, I slide two fingers inside of her saturated snatch as she presses her thigh against my limp cock.I lean my face towards hers and our lips meet with an impatient eagerness as she jams her tongue into my mouth. My fingers explore her velvety softness inside her overheated pussy as I finger fuck my s!ster. “Will you sleeep with me tonight?” she asks, panting as we break the kiss. “It’ll be easier to give you my answer in the morning if we’re already together,” she smiles.I nod and she leads me by my hand down the hall to her bedroom. “I’m going to want you to fuck me in the morning,” she says, looking totally confident with her big brown eyes focused on mine. I smile broadly as I nod my head, not trusting myself to speak.”I don’t mind if you wake me up early,” I say as we crawl under the covers.”Don’t go to sleeep just yet, Stud,” Lauren says, lying back and spreading her legs invitingly. “Is your tongue still functioning?” she teases.”You bet!” I answer, crawling up between her legs.Her pussy is soaking wet as I tease her labia and lick around every crevice and fold. “Oh Brandon!” she moans when I flick my tongue across her clit and slip my finger inside her soggy opening. I eat my s!ster to a face-drenching orgasm as she screams my name and violently climaxes against my face.”OH GOD! FUCK! BRANDON! OH, BRANDON!” Her juices gush over my tongue as her body contorts and writhes and her hands smash my face against her splayed-open pussy. She rides out her orgasm as I lap up her steadily flowing juices. I wipe my face on the sheet and stretch out next to my s!ster as she catches her breath. “God, I needed that!” she says, turning towards me and pulling me into a tight embrace. I stop her when she starts moving her lips towards mine. “I taste like pussy,” I warn her.”At least it’s mine,” she smiles as she moves closer and slides her tongue into my mouth. We kiss passionately and her hand slides between my legs, gently squeezing my semi-erect cock. “Think five is the magic number?” she asks, breaking the kiss.”I wish, s*s,” I answer honestly. “But I really think we should sleeep on it. If we still want to in the morning, it will be better if I’m fully recovered. I don’t want to disappoint you our first time.””I can’t imagine you could disappoint me, Brandon,” she says, snuggling into my arms. “But you rest and we’ll see what the morning brings.”I close my eyes but my mind is reeling with everything that’s happened, especially sleeeping with my s!ster!”

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