Babs sleeps with Greek God While I’m Away


Babs sleeps with Greek God While I’m AwayIf you recall, Babs brought Becca, our young housekeeper and babysitter to our bed to sleep with us on and off as the occasion allows. I promised her that she could also bring a man to our bed to sleep with her but he had to meet with my approval. My job took me out of town for several weeks and I knew that Babs would be lonely while I’m gone so I asked Becca to help me find a man that could keep her satisfied until my return. She instantly told me that she had the perfect man in mind and would talk to him. This past Sunday afternoon, Becca brought a male friend of hers that she’s known for several years. His name is Anatoli, he’s Greek. He grew up as a stone cutter in Greece, but with their economy going under fast, he moved to the States several years ago. Currently he works for a company that provides custom stone everything. Anatoli works on tombstones, counter tops, stone floors, statues and just about anything that can be cut and carved into stone. If you’ve ever seen a movie or picture of a Greek stone cutter, well, you have an idea of what this guy looks like. He has muscles on top of muscles and I don’t think there’s an ounce of fat anywhere on his body. Babs fixed a leg of lamb and Greek style veggies for dinner. I noticed at the table that Anatoli’s deep brown eyes were fixated on Babs. From what he told us, natural redheads and strawberry blonds are not very common in his part of Greece. Becca led most of the conversation in a way of letting us know a lot about his background. Anatoli was extremely polite and well mannered. He spoke English fluently, but with a strong Greek accent which I could tell Babs loved. His parents and older brother were still in Greece as they didn’t want to leave the country but he saw no future in a country on the verge of total economic ruin so he came here. He told us he loved his job here cutting and working stone. It was mesmerizing to listen to him tell us how every piece of stone had its own life and story to tell just from its grain and feel. He reminded me of a wine connoisseur talking about different vintages. After dinner, we moved to the livingroom and I fixed some drinks. I hadn’t told Babs why Anatoli was here and she thought that Becca was introducing us to new friend of hers. So when I just spoke out and asked Anatoli that I heard he wanted to sleep with my wife while I was gone, Babs choked on her drink. Anatoli was also startled by my bluntness and even though he had bronzed skin from working maraş rus escort in the sun all the time, you could see a blush of embarrassment weep across his face. Becca busted out laughing at the two of them. Babs turned to me and asked if that is why he was here and I told him yes. Becca told her that she had explained our open relationship with Anatoli and had described how beautiful and fit Babs was and he was very interested in meeting her. Now it was Babs’ turn to blush and she turned red and thanked Becca for the compliment. My bluntness broke the ice and we started talking about sex. Anatoli said he had been with several American girls but they were too immature acting for him. I assured him that Babs not immature and told her to stand up and strip. By this time Babs had lost her shyness and promptly stood up, faced Anatoli and unbuttoned her blouse, revealing a lacy black bra. She then unzipped the side of her skirt and worked it down over her hips, revealing matching lacy black panties. She turned to give him a good look and Anatoli stood up and moved in front of her. He asked if she would mind if he touched her and she told him to go ahead. Anatoli closed his eyes and put his hands on her sides and began to carefully move them around her torso. Although his hands looked rough and hard from working in stone every day, his touch was soft and gentle. As he did, he began describing the muscles and features he was feeling along with how muscular she was. His hands worked up to her shoulders, neck and out to her arms and then down her back, over her butt and down her legs to her feet. Then he stood up, opened his eyes and told her how magnificent her body is. He then explained that this was how he judged a piece of stone that’s been cut and carved. With his eyes closed he could not only feel the features but his fingers and hands detected flaws that his eyes didn’t and saying that he looked directly into Babs’ eyes and told her he found no flaws in her form. Babs had never experienced anything like this from another man before, except me and it so caught her off guard that my outgoing boisterous wife was lost for words and obviously embarrassed. Anatoli told her to try it on him and he took off his shirt to reveal the chest and abdomen of Greek god. He dropped his slacks and told her to close her eyes and to gently place her hands on his body and let them explore it and see for her. I have to admit that I was hard just watching maraş rus escort bayan the 2 of them in their underwear feeling each other’s bodies as if they were feeling a work of art. Babs started at his abdomen and her fingers traced his washboard muscles and then moved up to his pecs and shoulders. Her hands worked their way up his neck, down his back, across his butt and down his thighs to his feet, following the same path he had taken on her. She came back around to the front and worked her way back up his legs, thighs and brushed across each side of the bulge in his undershorts and back to his abdomen and chest. He told her to open her eyes and tell him what she saw with her fingers. She tried to find the right words and managed to say how firm all of his muscles were and how tight his entire body was. Then Anatoli looked at me with a questioning look and I nodded for him to go ahead. He reached around Babs and unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor. His hand and eyes traced the outline of her breasts before cupping them in his strong hands. After a few moments, he knelt down in front her and hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties. Looking up at her he told her this is like the unveiling of a fine sculpture and with that he slid her panties down and off. I could tell that Babs was quiet wet and watched as her body shivered as the Greek gently kissed her mound just above her clit and he stood up. He asked if she wanted to do the honors and Babs eagerly knelt down and slid his undershorts down and off, revealing a fair sized cock that was semi-erect. She gently kissed the tip and I knew that she would not be able to resist doing more and she did. Babs licked up and down his shaft as his cock grew stiff. Wrapping her hand around the base, she started with the tip and worked her mouth around the head and then down the shaft. Anatoli closed his eyes as Babs’ head began to bob back and forth on his cock. She wrapped her arms around his back and cupped the muscular cheeks of his ass and he rested one hand on the back of her head and the other on her shoulder. After a about minute, Anatoli pulled his cock away from Babs and lifted her up off the floor and into his arms. He set her down on the sofa, spread her legs and started kissing his way from her feet to her inner thighs. A deep moan emanated from her throat as his tongue reached the outer lips of her pussy. He kissed and licked his way up one side of her lips, rus escort maraş crossed over her mounds just above her clit and then back down the other side of her lips. Babs’ hips were already starting to pump up and down and it was obvious she wanted him inside her. Anatoli knew it too and worked his tongue inside her, causing her to have the first of her orgasms that night. Her moans grew louder and between them she managed to tell Anatoli to fuck her. He stood up, lifted Babs up in his arms and impaled her on his cock. Her legs wrapped around his waist as he began to pump in and out of my wife. Her head hung back as she was lost in the erotic moment of having the Greek stonecutter’s manhood penetrating into her inner most being. I think the house could have blown up and Babs wouldn’t have noticed. It wasn’t long before she had her second orgasm. When she came off her peak, Anatoli turned, let Babs down to stand before him. He turned her around, bent her over the sofa and mounted her like Pegasus breeding a winged mare. He leaned forward enough to allow him to cup her breasts in his hands and I could see that he was rubbing her nipples between his thumb and fingers and then BANG – her third orgasm rocked her body. It was so intense that her knees started to buckle, but he grabbed her by the waist and held her up. Watching him I suspected he was getting close and I told him to go ahead and fill her pussy with his cum. The words must have been enough as he surged deep into her and let out a guttural grunt. Babs moaned loudly as she felt his hot seed spew deep into her pussy. He gave several more strong pumps as he emptied his balls into her. He held her on his muscle for about a minute before gently letting her down onto the sofa. It took Babs a few minutes to catch her breath and strength. She looked over at me and told me she loved me and that she loved my gift. Then she looked up at Anatoli and asked him if was going to sleep with her while I was away. Anatoli looked over at me and I nodded my approval. He knelt down before her and told her that it would be his honor to sleep with such a sensuous goddess. Babs looked over at Becca and told her she was still welcome to also sleep in our bed and that she was willing to share. Becca smiled and said she would like that. Anatoli said he would like that also. Anatoli told Babs that he would be back tomorrow after work and would start sleeping with her and Becca then. He got dressed, kissed both ladies and left. That night, Babs and Becca screwed my brains out and we all fell asleep exhausted. The next morning, Babs took me to the airport and I told her to behave herself while I was gone. She smiled her mischievous smile and assured me that she was planning on being a very naughty girl while I was gone. I laughed, kissed her goodbye and headed into the airport.

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