A casual meeting


A casual meetingTrying to think what day it was, it was early February, and a full moon. It just happened to be a full fairly clear night and quite warm and calm for the time of year, so I decided that I’d go for a drive up onto Dartmoor and take some moonscape photographs. I must admit that it had been a three or four weeks since I’d had any ‘fun’ with anyone, so I was in rather a horny mood as well, maybe it was the full moon !I got up onto the moors and drove around for a while until I found a small car park on the side of a hill with a great view over a valley that would make for some good photos. I grabbed my camera and wearing only a pair of combat trousers and a tee shirt, no underwear because I often like to ‘go commando’. I set my camera up on a tripod and took some super photos I thought taking about half an hour. I thought that I’d go and find another location and went back to my car and was sitting there just checking the pictures on the screen of my camera when a car pulled into the car park and stopped about 20 feet away. After about a minute a guy got out and stood leaning against his car smoking. I glanced over after finishing with my camera and putting it away and could see him quite clearly. About 5’8”, slim, glasses but nothing spectacular, he was wearing what appeared to be a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a tee shirt. I could even see with the light of the moon that he’d got one of his hands on the front of his tracksuit and was obviously rubbing his cock thru them. That started me stirring inside my trousers so I sat watching him a bit more intently, something that I knew because of the bright moon that he could see me doing. He finally dropped his cig and stamped it out then leaned back against his car again and his hand went down the top of his trousers. Mmm! I thought, someone who wants some fun. I unzipped my own trousers and slipped my cock which was now rock hard out and started to stroke myself, something that I doubt he could see. But he kept one hand down his trousers and with the other pushed his trousers halfway down his thighs releasing his cock which looked nice and hard. That was enough for me. I quickly pushed my own trousers down and slipped my feet out of them then got out of the car. My drivers door was on the opposite side of the car from him so I had to walk along and round the back of my car before he could see me. When I came into view round the back of my car wearing only a pair of trainers and a tee shirt with my rock hard cock in my hand I heard him murmur with appreciation. Then he quickly whipped his own tracksuit trousers off leaving him dressed the same as me, and he walked the 20 feet across the car park towards me I noticed that like me his body was smooth.He stopped just infront of me both of us were slowly stroking ourselves with our cock heads about three inches from each other. I wasn’t sure how this was going to go, whether or not he just wanted to show off while watching me or not. But his free hand reached out and rested on my hip and began to stroke my skin, which I must admit felt nice. His cock really did look super, about 7” long and slim but so straight and hard with a slight upward curve to it.His hand slid around my hip and as he did so he let go of his own cock and closed his warm hand around mine so I returned the action and we stood there almost nose to nose pleasuring each other and spreading the pre cum up and down each others cock. Then he shuffled even closer and his cock slid under mine and between my thighs. I took my hand off it and it’s upward curve meant that it sprang up and slid along my underside. I closed my legs trapping him between my thighs and he moved in really close so that his head was on my shoulder, his arms went around me and he cupped my buttocks in his hands softly as he began to move backwards and forwards his cock slipping tunceli rus escort between my pre cum lubed thighs. My own cock was trapped between us and my pre cum was making it feel nice as it slide up against his belly. He eventually moved his hand back around and lifted my tee shirt up high and his head dipped and he began to suck gently on my nipples. Then he lifted his own tee shirt and pressed his whole body against me. I slid my hands behind him and pulled him close, enjoying the feeling of skin to skin contact.His head went back until it was resting on my shoulder and he was murmuring and kissing my neck. Now and again he bit me very lightly on the neck which sent a tingle right thru my body. His thrusts between my legs got more intense and I realised that he was about to cum. Then he gave a groan, the top half of his body arched backwards as he pushed tighter against me and then I felt his cock jerk between my thighs and then a lovely spurt of him cumming between them while I kept him trapped. There was jet after jet of lovely hot juice until I could feel it running down my thighs and when he pushed deeper a jet even went up along the crease of my buttocks.As he came down from his orgasm I did think, now he’s finished he’s probably had enough and will go. But he didn’t he kept pressed against me with his cock twitching and then he moved his head in close and I got a bit of a surprise when his lips touched mine in a kiss on my own lips. Wow what a buzz that was. His lips were soft and although there was a slight tobacco taste there was a taste of mint as well, so when I felt the tingle run thru me and his tongue flicked out against my lips it was almost a natural thing. I opened my lips slightly and his kiss developed into a full kiss as his tongue slid into my mouth. We stood there kissing and holding each other then when we broke apart he slid down my body onto his knees.His tongue caressed my slippery cock and I thought, I’m not going to be able to take much more of this. He licked up and down my cock then pushing me gently back against my car he lifted one of my legs so that I could rest my foot on his back and his head went underneath me and he began to lick up all of his cum from my thighs and from underneath my balls. His tongue even flicked at the bottom of the crease behind me and licked up the cum that had gone there. Then he got to work on my cock and he was quite an expert at it, long slow deep strokes with his lips taking it all in his mouth until he gagged then sliding back and holding just the head in his mouth so that he could run his tongue round it. I have to admit that it didn’t take me long before I was saying that I was going to cum.That moment was paused though because suddenly another car appeared coming down the road and there we were for all to see, him on his knees and me leaning back against my car with my cock in his mouth, lit up by the moonlight. The car only slowed slightly as it came to the entrance to the car park though then it drove on and he went back to pleasuring me. I had my hands on his head urging him on and when I told him that I was going to cum he didn’t even pause just kept on going until I erupted right into his mouth and down his throat. When he knew that I was finished he slowly stood up and pressed his body back up against mine while he let me see him gulping as he swallowed my cum.After about a minute he said, ‘how long will it be before you can get hard again?’ I told him that it didn’t always take me too long. His question alone I thought a bit surprising because I thought that both of us having cum he’d then go back to his car and drive off. But he said, ‘I won’t be a moment then’ and turned and walked slowly back to his car. He opened the door and leaned in to get his cigarettes giving me a gorgeous view of his rear tunceli rus escort bayan shining white in the moonlight and I confess that my cock gave a little jump at the sight and I thought that it was a shame that he’d sucked me before I’d been able to slide into him from behind. He then went to the boot of his car and leaned inside and came out with a small holdall. He then lit a cig and walked back to me smoking holding the holdall in one hand. He said, ‘would you like to sit down on this on the grass for a while’. Without waiting for an answer he opened the holdall and took out a blanket, he laid the blanket down and sat down on it . I could see that surprisingly his cock was rock hard again and as he sat then he slipped off his tee shirt, leaned back and began to stroke himself again. Now, displays of exhibitionism really do turn me on and I could feel myself starting to get hard again it looked so erotic.As soon as he saw me getting hard he said, why don’t you join me and moved over a little on the blanket. I knelt down next to him and as he closed his soft hand around my cock I lifted my own tee shirt up and dropped it on the blanket next to us. He said, ‘you’ve got a nice long cock I’d love you to fuck me if you want to’. He slow gentle stroking was really starting to get to me and my cock was growing rock hard again in his hand so he didn’t need an answer to his question. He reached back into the bag and came out with a bottle of lube and pumping some onto his fingers he reached under himself and then he pumped some more onto his hand and smeared it all up and down my cock saying, will you do me bareback. As soon as I nodded he got up turned around and got on all fours. I got behind him and gently pressed the head of my cock against him and didn’t even get time to push because he pushed back against me and the head popped into him. I had just taken hold of his hips when a movement off to one side caught my eye and when I turned my head there was another guy watching us from about 10 feet away on the edge of the bushes. I would have been perturbed if it hadn’t been for the fact that he too was as naked as we were. It turned out he was the driver of the car that had passed, he’d seen us, gone a bit further down the road, parked and come back stripping off in the bushes before appearing. He was in his mid 40’s a bit of a belly, very hairy body but completely smooth round his cock. Which was quite thick and about 6 or 7 inches long. I took all of that in in just a few seconds pausing in the fucking I was going to give. But as soon as I saw that we’d obviously got a ‘like minded’ watcher I went back to what I was doing and started to move in and out slowly. I didn’t want to be rushed as I’d already cum and I wanted to give my body the chance to recover so that I could make it worthwhile. All the time I was slowly moving in and out I was watching the other guy and saw that he wasn’t being shy about the fact that he was wanking slowly while watching us.I had finally got my cock deep inside my new friend and he looked back over his shoulder and said, ‘oooh yes that’s nice, you’re going to make me cum when you’re that deep’, now that is something that I love to see, someone cumming. So, I said, ‘ why don’t you turn over so that I can see you cumming ‘. He must have liked the thought of that because he started to pull away from me, I in turn moved back slightly to give him space and he laid down on his back. He spread his legs wide and with his hands under his hips he lifted himself up I moved back into place and this time there was no resistance to my cock when it slid into him and I was a lot harder as well. Looking down at his lovely slim cock which was so hard as well and arching up from between his thighs towards his chest was a real turn on and a delight to see. I rus escort tunceli leaned down towards him and slid in as deep as I could making him go ‘ooooooh’ and I said quietly, do you like someone to cum all over you? He said, ‘oooooh yes, but I want to feel you cumming inside me’.I eased out a little, sat upright and began that familiar movement in and out with long slow deep strokes and I could see the effect it was having on him. Each time I went in deep he gasped and gave out a little moan and he lifted himself up to me. I looked over to one side and saw that the guy watching us had shuffled a bit closer. I took on hand off my friends hip and beckoned the guy forward and then went back to fucking his lovely hole. He really did feel very good, each time I moved back he clenched his muscles around me. When the stranger suddenly appeared in my friends vision he froze, but then when he looked up and saw that he was naked and stroking himself he gave a little smile and went back to moving up and down in time to me. The guy eventually knelt down next to us, not looking us in the eye but looking down at the joint of our bodies. I could see the pre cum glistening on his thick cock and from the way that his hips and hand were moving I knew that he wouldn’t be too long in cumming. And sure enough after a couple of minutes he said, ‘oh god I’m going to cum’. My friends head turned to watch closely and he said, ‘go on’ .The hand around the cock began to whip up and down faster until with a gasp he pushed his hips forward and the biggest and thickest jets of cum that I think I’ve ever seen erupted from him. They were so thick that as it was so quiet I actually heard it as it splashed on my friends chest and belly. He even turned slightly and a couple of jets splashed on my friends own cock and on my lower belly. That really turned me on and I said that I was going to cum soon. With that my friend, while still looking at the new guys cock as it began to shrink began to bounce up and down against me faster so that I was moving with him. His hands came up from underneath him so that he was just suspended with his legs over my arms and he gripped my hips and I really ‘went for it’. Until with a hard deep thrust I suppose you could say that I speared him, driving my cock as deep as it would go inside him and I started to cum. As I came my friend raised his whole body up so that just his shoulders were on the blanket and his own cock began to spray all over his chest and face. Goodness knows how long our orgasms lasted but they seemed to go on for ages, I guess probably because we had both come earlier. But, eventually we stopped and he collapsed back onto the blanket, I dropped down almost ontop of him with my cock still inside him as we both panted for breath. Eventually my cock began to shrink and it slipped out of him suddenly feeling cold in the air and I sat upright as I recovered. The stranger leaned over gave my friends face a stroke and leaned down and kissed him on the forehead and then he kissed me on the cheek, said, ‘that was fantastic thank you for letting me watch’ and then he stood up and disappeared back into the bushes. The two of us took a few minutes to recover and eventually we got up off the blanket. My friend picked the blanket up, folded it and we walked back over to the cars again. He put the blanket in his car and got a small towel and wiped the cum off his body, then he got down and wiped it off me and then got dressed again. I went back to my car and slipped my trousers and tee shirt back on and then went back to where he was dressing again and we chatted again and he said that he’d only ever met up with someone like that a couple of times but never had such a good time, previously it had just been a mutual wank. He gave me his number and asked, no he almost begged me, to keep in touch so that we could meet up again sometime soon. I told him that if he’d like to we could meet up and I’d take him back to my place next time so that we could be more comfortable, an idea that he liked. So, I’ve just got to arrange an evening with him, I’ve already had three or four texts from him saying how much he’d enjoyed it. So, watch this space……….

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