Isi’s Story (pt 2)


Isi’s Story (pt 2)Isi’s Story(Part Two)Isi started to regain consciousness from a shallow and troubled sleep, she thought it was just a nightmare but then she felt the binds that held her tightly to the bed and quickly realised that all the shame she had been forced to receive wasn’t a dream at all, it was a living nightmare.Her eye lids flickered as she tried to accustom them to the dim but piercing light from the single unshaded light bulb hanging from the grubby ceiling. “Oh,” she heard Susan say, “our young slut bucket’s awake at last”. In the distance Isi could hear some mumbling then a heavy clunk as the phone was put back on its cradle. “They both said yes” John said cheerfully, “£50 each”. “Well my sexy Indian beauty,” Susan chuckled, “as the weather is still too bad for you to walk we’ve arranged some additional entertainment for you, and even better we get paid for allowing someone to use you.”Isi was still feeling groggy and wasn’t really taking in anything that was being said to her, “I’m thirsty,” she moaned. Susan looked at John, “she’s just in time for a drink too,” she said to the man who had so cruelly forced himself into the young Indian lady’s mouth and cunt only a few hours earlier. As isi’s eyes grew more accustomed to the light she could see that they were all still naked. Susan pushed some sort of gag into Isi’s mouth which held it open, she was unable to close her mouth now. “Thirsty are we?” Susan asked huskily, and with that she spread her thighs open and sat on isi’s face, her cunt resting on the gag in the twenty nine year old’s mouth. Isi tried to hold her breath but couldn’t, she inhaled once again the smells from between her assailants cunt lips, it was clear that the older woman hadn’t washed since Isi last smelt and tasted her, if anything the aroma was now stronger, smellier, dirtier. “Oh my God no,” thought Isi, “surely not.” Then it happened, just a trickle at first, Isi tasted Susan’s piss on her tongue, she tried to turn her head away from it but she was held firmly in place by the older lady’s thighs. Isi didn’t want this, she tried to keep her eyes tightly shut but she was just too curious and opened them as the golden flow from between Susan’s cunt lips became heavier. Isi watched as Susan peed, the stream directed straight into the Indian girl’s mouth, Isi had a choice, swallow or choke. Her mouth filled and the strong smelling amber fluid spilt over Isi’s face and into her hair, she felt the pressure of the stream of piss against the back of her throat which made her involuntarily swallow, she gasped and before she knew it she was swallowing again, she realised that though the idea of what was happening abhorred her she actually quite liked the taste, she drank the remainder of what Susan had to give willingly. “Now lick it clean,” Susan ordered her, rus vip escort kızlar “and don’t miss any.” It wasn’t easy doing this with the gag still firmly keeping her mouth open but Isi did as best she could. Eventually Susan lifted herself of the piss soaked head and hair of the used and abused girl with the lovely tanned coloured skin and removed the gag, Isi couldn’t help but lick her lips.There was a knock at the door and John allowed two men in, one reasonably young, the other certainly getting on in years, probably a pensioner. The two visitors were led to the bed where Isi lay, she felt more naked than ever right now as she saw the lecherous smiles on all three men’s faces. “You’ve got two minutes to look but no touching,” Susan told them brooking no argument, “after that and if you want more you pay.” Isi was horrified, were there no depths of depravity that these two were willing to sink to? She was being pimped, hired out, prostituted. Both men quickly paid their money without even attempting to argue or haggle. “OK boys I’m going for some sleep, she’s all yours” said Susan, and with that she left the room leaving this tired, frightened, nervous young lady to the fate of three men of differing ages. In no time at all both the two newcomers had removed their clothing so that they were as naked as John and Isi herself.The two “customers” had a wonderful time prodding, poking, fingering, kissing licking, sucking, caressing, holding, feeling and generally exploring Isi’s whole body sucking and biting her tits and nipples, poking their tongues in her mouth and cunt, sucking and chewing on her clit, she hated to admit it but they were making her wet between her slim, sexy, tan coloured open thighs, they had paid to use her and that’s exactly what they were doing. All this time John was moving from one place around the bed to another, holding a video camera to his eye, “This’ll sell a few copies” he chuckled.Eventually after what seemed an age John put down the camera and joined the other two men in using the girl strapped to the bed. “I’m going to untie you now” said John softly into her ear, “but if you try to run before we’ve all finished with you then God fucking help you.” With that Isi felt the binds loosening around her ankles and wrists, felt the tingling sensation as the blood flow was allowed back to her hands and feet. The elder man, who she now knew as Peter lay next to her, his body looking old and frail, Isi was repulsed but knew this had to be finished for her to have a chance of getting out of this in relative safety. He lay on his back and pulled Isi on top of him, French kissing her mouth as she felt his hard cock pressing against her fanny and groping her sexy young arse with his gnarled hands. He put one hand between their rus escort öğrenci kızlar bodies, his hairy, wrinkled and old, hers young, nubile and smooth, he took his cock and touched the knob against her cunt lips then pushed inside her, hard and fast and without grace, this was a straight fuck pure and simple. Then with his hands he pulled open her bum cheeks, Isi felt something touch her tight hole, she couldn’t help but squirm as the young man, Paul, teased her tight hole with his tongue then pushed as deep as he could reach and lick up her tight ass, this made Isi grind her cunt harder onto Peter’s cock. After a short while Paul removed his tongue from inside her, then she stiffened, she felt something much harder and thicker starting to stretch her tight bum hole, “Oh no” she thought, “he hasn’t even lubricated me except for his own spit.” The pain increased between her buttocks as the young man forced home his cock up her generally inexperienced ass, with a cock already up her cunt it made her rear hole even tighter but this man wasn’t going to be denied and he just kept pushing until her little shit hole relented, the aching was both unbearable and delicious at the same time, tears of pain formed in Isi’s eyes as she struggled to take both men at once. Isi closed her eyes trying to think of nicer things in life but this was just too much, being taken and used by these two men, men who had even paid her captors for the privilege of using her.Isi felt her head being lifted by her hair, just a bit more pain to endure, she opened her eyes and saw John’s cock just inches from her mouth, “just suck it you fucking cum slut,” he ordered her, “and you better make it a fucking good one.” With that he pushed his purple swollen knob to her lips, she knew by now there was no point in fighting this so she reluctantly opened her mouth and took him inside her. The men laughed and joked about how good it felt to be inside her, they built up a rhythm so that they all pushed into her at the same time, all three holes being filled and fucked at once. Fuck it was so painful, and debasing but as she got used to all three cocks slipping into her three holes all at the same time she was beginning to enjoy it, she felt like a right slut, there was no way that this should feel good but somehow being forced to take it all just made it feel even better. Her cunt became wetter, her lips moister, her ass even seemed to be more slippy, she groaned from deep inside her, “Come on you bastards, you fucking perverts, take me, use me, fuck me, fill my belly, cunt and arse with your spunk,” she was thinking.It was like someone had flicked a switch, she felt all three men swell inside her at the same time, each of them pushing faster, harder and deeper in unison. Later she vip rus escort kızlar could only recollect it as an out of body experience, a sort of explosion within her as all three men came inside all her three holes within seconds of each other, this set her off, her cunt gushed as her love juices flowed from her sore cunt. “WOW! The dirty slag has cum too,” said Paul, “what a fucking whore.” All three men slipped from inside her, the relief from her aching arse, cunt and mouth was indescribable, they then all took it in turns to make her kiss, lick and suck them clean.“Can I go now?” asked Isi innocently, “after all you’ve all had what you wanted from me”. “Not quite yet,” came a female voice from across the room, Susan stood there with her fingers working furiously between her thighs, “they may have done with you but I haven’t quite finished with you yet.”Isi was pushed back on the bed, her thighs opened once again and Susan licked the twenty nine year old Indian girl’s arse and cunt clean of the men’s cum which brought Isi off again. Then the older lady moved up Isi’s body and opened her mouth, Isi could see Susan’s mouth still containing the men’s cum, her own spit, and Isi’s juices. Susan closed her open mouth over Isi’s and used her tongue to force open Isi’s lips and teeth. Isi didn’t struggle as Susan French kissed the young girl, poking her tongue between Isi’s lips, licking around the inside of her young mouth. Isi licked back, pushed her mouth harder against Susan’s, sucking on Susan’s cum filled tongue and swallowing greedily.Susan released her grip on Isi’s mouth, and licked the girl’s lips before once again pushing her tongue into someone who had now become little more than a willing and receptive Indian bisexual whore.Susan got from the bed and passed Isi her now dry clothes, “you can go now.” Isi dressed quickly, she couldn’t wait to get out of there. As she moved towards the front door Susan kissed her again, “we’re having a swingers party here next Saturday starting at eight and going on through the night, you’re welcome to come,” the woman whispered to the young girl, “bring someone with you if you want.”Isi walked slowly down the lane, the sun was shining and warm, the air quite still, she knew already that she’d be back next Saturday but as to bringing a friend oh no that wouldn’t happen, not yet anyway, she felt greedy and she wanted to keep as much of this for herself as possible for the time being, but there was one thing she did know, that she would surprise both the boys and girls in her village when they suddenly realised how accomplished and receptive she’d become, quite literally overnight.This twenty nine year old Indian daddies girl had suddenly become everyone’s property, only they didn’t know it yet, boy were they in for a surprise, both men and women would be allowed to experience her now, in all three holes too.——————-Isi became everyone’s friend, she loved shocking people and allowed herself to be used by all and sundry, men and women alike, one to one or group fun, she was up for it all.Yes, she did return to the house eight miles away the next Saturday, but that’s another story.

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