Kafe Klutch with a flavor


Kafe Klutch with a flavorKafe Klutch with a flavor…….It was just before Christmas and had been awhile since my girlfriends and I had gotten the opportunity to get together. You know how everyone is always busy during this season. So, I had asked the girls over for coffee and freshly baked Spritz cookies since they were always a big hit and seemed to disappear into mid-air. Micha was busy that evening which had sorely cut into our time for each other, and I was beginning to feel a little lost, frustrated, and even questioning. There were four of my friends and I who sat around my kitchen table that evening. The table was adorned in a red linen tablecloth, fitting of the season. I had a silver tray of various cookies on the table and my grandmother’s best china cups which had been handed down. The kitchen was warm with friendship and aromas. As conversation progressed, Inger remarked about the ‘silly’ garments she had witnessed in the ladies department the other day. “Honestly, now how many of you would wear a bustier and matching thong for your husband” she antep rus escort asked indigently. They all agreed saying their husbands probably wouldn’t even notice anyway………and I’m thinking ‘I would gladly wear something like that for Micha. I know how much he loves to be turned on visually’, but this seemed to be a discussion that was already decided: sex after 30 does not exist. I feel myself turning pink in the cheeks just thinking about it…….and I also am experiencing a very damp sensation in my panties. I got up to refill everyone’s cup and was thinking ‘for heaven’s sake! You’re acting like a young girl who has just reached puberty….pull yourself together!’We sat around drinking coffee and making more ‘woman talk’ when I first felt something against my leg. I was sitting at the end of the table just off the hallway and thought at first I was imagining it………but nooo……….there it was again…..and it felt like my Micha’s hand on my thigh. I no longer wondered as I felt his tender hands pushing antep rus escort bayan my thighs open….and here I was ALREADY WET!Conversation swirled around me as I fought to keep my composure. Leave it to my Micha……….Damn, he always kept things interesting for me. Wait until I get him alone, I thought. I will fuck him like he’s never been fucked. Just about then, I felt my wet panties being pulled down and I knew Micha was sniffing them. It was then that, Lana asked about directions to the new civic center where I had attended a show the evening before. I began……”you take the 675 exit downtown” and then there was a sharp intake of breath……….his finger was spreading my lips wide, and then I felt his hot tongue prodding, searching…………Lana waited, ” yes and ? ……are you alright Maxie. You look flushed and seem confused.””Oh I’m fine……..”I dashed back…….”just doing a little too much holiday shopping I guess.”Always the know-it-all Lana replied “You better see a Dr. just to be safe.”I rus escort antep was having all I could do to keep myself together…..nothing a Dr. could do about this…and then I felt his finger slide inside me……..so easily……searching for my g-spot. Damn, that man…….he really knew how to get at me! There was no question as to when he found it as I began to pant…….breathing like a marathon runner. It was about then that Gloria said, “you know, you and Micha seem to always be so happy together. What is your secret?” About then Micha had me tuned to a high pitch and I had to plead my asthma as the reason I was breathing so strangely. Lynn came to my rescue as she announced, “OK, girls, it’s getting late and Maxie’s not feeling well…..let’s go home and let her rest. Don’t worry Maxie….we’ll see ourselves out.” The door had barely closed behind them when I bellowed ” Micha, you need a good fucking!”I collapsed laughing off my chair and laid you on your back on the soft carpeting. I rode you like a woman possessed……and I’ll never forget that night of love under the table…….I don’t think you will either………..your cock is still black and blue from the sucking it got!Hope you enjoy your coffee baby. Sweet dreams……..I hold you tightly to my breast…..maybe unbutton my nightgown a little………….I love you………….Your loving Hot wife Maxie

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