Killer Tuna Redux – Chapter 2: Sade


Killer Tuna Redux – Chapter 2: SadeKiller Tuna Redux – Chapter 2: SadeVenice, CAApartment 22Saturday, January 18, 201412:20pmAs consciousness slowly returned to Cat Valentine, she quickly realized that she was on the floor, and her body felt incredibly rigid. Memories began to flow back pretty quickly, and as she looked around the empty living room, feeling partially stunned to find that there was no one there.”Sam?!” she called out, getting up and spending more time looking in an obviously empty room than she should. “Jade?!”The petite redhead gave a frown for a moment, and was just about to sit down on the couch when she heard a loud, and quite familiar, grunt from the bedroom.”Chizz Fuck!” Sam’s voice said with exasperation, which made Cat very nervous.Quickly, she ran to the bedroom, and when she opened the door, she nearly passed out again at the scene before her.Venice, CA Apartment 22Saturday, January 18, 201411:14am”So that just happened.”Sam looked over at the Goth looking chick standing beside her unc0nscious friend. She couldn’t put her finger on it exactly, but there was something about this girl that just seemed familiar in a lot of ways. “This a common thing with you guys?””Unfortunately,” Jade said, rolling her eyes. “Some people just don’t have the nerve to do much of anything.””So, I guess you’re Cat’s best friend, right?””Well,” Jade said, looking over the place and then down at the long gone redhead. “I guess that is kinda up for debate since you live with her, hang out with her all the time after school, and…”The way Jade’s words just kinda fell off threw Sam for a loop, and she made a face as if she smelled something peculiar.”And what?””And… I guess there are other pieces of evidence that you guys are… besties.” The way that word rolled off her tongue, one could think it was made of poison.”Well can either of us exactly be close with her, with the fact that she kinda lied to each of us and kept us from one another?” Sam said, considering a quick kick to wake Cat up.”Don’t hurt her,” Jade said, shaking her head. “Can’t believe I just said those words…” she smirked, shaking her head.”Eh, it’s Cat… she’ll recover.””Not what I meant,” the dark haired girl said, as she moved past Sam and headed for the girls’ shared room.From the moment she walked in, the faint smell that she recognized on Sam was essentially the atmosphere. The smell of sex, and from the dishevelled nature of the beds, she had to assume it was pretty intense, and incredibly recent.Of course, Jade knew this smell well, and, while she had been with Beck a few times when she had allowed him to go that far, she had been with Cat as the girls explored each other quite a few times. She knew Cat’s most intimate scent, and there was no question that it was here.She couldn’t exactly point to why, but Sam felt a little defensive about the room and hoped that Jade wouldn’t notice what was blatantly obvious to anyone with a nose.”So this is you guys’ room…” she said, looking around, practically snooping as she took in each and every detail of what had gone and could go down in this room. “Swank, for sure.””Alright, vampire girl… let’s stay away from my side of the room,” Sam said, trying to lead her away from the far messier side, with clothes strewn all over the floor.”I do what I want, Puckett.”With that one sentence, things seemed like they reached the breaking point. An unstoppable f0rce meeting an immovable object, in so many ways.Sam wanted to push her out and practically beat her up, but there was just something… different there. Maybe it was the idea of a kindred spirit, or maybe it was the sexual build-up with a lack of completion. Plus, and the tough blonde would never admit this, watching Jade’s ass in those tight jeans was practically hypnotic, and she didn’t want to stop seeing her body in motion.”So when you guys screw, do you use both beds, or do you stick to one?”Jade’s question snapped Sam out of her world, and she had no idea how in the world to respond to such a thing. In fact, she wasn’t entirely sure that Jade had asked that particular question.”What?””Oh come on… it’s pretty fuckin’ obvious…” Jade said confidently, pointing at different places in the room. “The room smells like pure sex.””Maybe I was with my boyfriend Fr…” Sam stopped, embarrassed she was about to say that name, “…ank. Maybe I was getting Frank’s action in here.”Jade didn’t say a word as she gave a look signalling that the response sounded as dumb as Sam thought it was. “You don’t have to lie… I know Cat’s… aroma.””Ah,” Sam said, feeling a piece of her kinda crack since she felt what she and Cat did was unique to them and their relationship. “What of it?””Oh nothing,” Jade said, posturing herself as the superior in this conversation. “I just noticed it, along with the fact that both your beds look like a wreck and clothes look like they were thrown from every direction.””For your information, my bed always looks like that, and I toss my clothes without care. Not remotely ashamed of it either.” Sam stepped up to Jade’s face, and looked the classically beautiful teen in the eyes, trading dual fires with the girl. “Any other deductions, Sherlock Hoe?””Ooh… real, nice, burn…” Jade said sarcastically, using her bare height advantage, thanks to her boots, to try and dominate this moment. “I don’t need to be brilliant to know that you’re beyond turned on right now.”The way Jade tossed around how smart she was, for only a second, reminded her of Freddie, which was the second time in a very short time, and that was embarrassing.”Oh yeah?” Sam slid closer until their faces were practically touching.”I interrupted you two, didn’t I…?” Jade said with an evil smirk. “And you didn’t get to finish, I’ll bet. So now, you’re just a bundle of nerves just waiting for a release you know that’s certainly not coming while I’m here and she’s unc*nscious. Am I wrong?”Sam was never a good liar but she tried nonetheless to shake off how precise Jade’s thoughts and ideas were at the moment. “Pshhh… No.””You really are a bad liar, but that’s ok,” Jade said, her face inching closer until their lips were right on each other’s. Truth be told, she was probably just as turned on as Sam was. After Beck’s latest fuckup, a guy was the last thing she wanted, and this ‘study session’ was supposed to have a much more important purpose. “As it turns out… I am in a similar place. My morning… routine was thrown out of whack because of having to head over here to meet Cat.””So… you’re thinking,” Sam said with a deep swallow, “that we take care of this issue for one another?””Give the girl a cookie,” Jade said, moving her face forward, kissing Sam hard, which the blonde happily reciprocated.”Don’t joke about giving me food,” Sam said, pulling back for a quick breath.”Trust me, I’ll have something for you to eat momentarily,” Jade said with a deep smile as the girls devoured each other’s faces, hoping that didn’t sound as stupid as she thought it did.Sam subtly led them to her bed, breathing shallow fast breaths as she tried not to inhale Jade’s face too much. There was no question that lust, more than any real feeling, was driving this particular encounter, but Sam did not care at all. And she cared even less, when she felt a soft, but kinda cold, hand touch her stomach and move upwards.Jade didn’t mind being more of the aggressor, but it took no time for Sam to follow suit, pulling Jade’s shirt up and just getting a feel for the dark haired girl’s body. It was abundantly obvious that Sam was the more physically fit and was much stronger, but that just made Jade being the dominator all the more hot for both girls.As the girls cupped each other’s bra covered globes, Sam smirked a bartın rus escort bit, stopping the kiss momentarily. “Kinda obvious Cat likes boobs…””You have no idea,” Jade said, tossing her jacket off and seeing the unkempt bed on the other side from the edge of her eye. “Well, maybe you do, actually… But Cat was obsessed with my boobs. I don’t think I ever had a day without soreness after she was done.””Tell me about it…” Sam said. “I swear the girl wasn’t breastfed enough as a ch!ld or something.”As if a light clicked on for each of them, they both seemed to quickly realize that talking about Cat right now was pretty stupid since this was about them just blowing off steam.Sam pulled the pale skinned girl with her as she fell back onto her bed, putting Jade on top, and by Sam’s mind-set, the one who would be pleasuring first. Jade quickly got her knees straightened out as she straddled Sam’s waist, sitting up.Jade made quick work of her shirt and even faster work of her bra, as Sam tried to do the same, and Sam was clearly eager as she actually got hers off faster than Jade.For a moment, both girls just enjoyed the look of the other. Beautifully framed by dark and coloured hair, Jade’s skin seemed much more soft, and inviting and she had maybe a cup size on the blonde, her pink nipples at clear attention on her gravity defying orbs, and a simple piece of belly button jewellery dangling over the almost non-existent crevice.On her back, Sam didn’t have gravity on her side nearly as much, but her pink flesh pillows still looked amazing and a perfect size for her frame. Her blonde hair splayed around her face, like she was the sun and the yellow strands, her rays. Sam’s stomach was tight and Jade quickly put her hands on stomach for balance as she looked down upon the beautiful girl she was about to make love to.As they kissed, both girls tried to ground their hips hard against the other, the denim fabric possibly causing a fire from the heat and friction, but the crisis was headed off when Sam, quickly followed by Jade, began to unbuckle and slide their jeans off. Both shared a smile as every so often, they would end up working on the other’s pants, neither able to contain how much they wanted this passion.Jade managed to get hers off first, leaving her black thong, and as she slid down the bottom of the bed, she pulled Sam’s off too, and the blonde bare realized until after they were off that the pants weren’t the only thing Jade had taken off of her.Sam now lay, completely nude, her body on full display, and as Jade climbed back up, almost like a tiger stalking its prey, the ‘mean girl’ pressed her tongue to Sam’s inner thigh and moved up, sliding along the blossoming flower before circling the clit and heading back up Sam’s body, up the valley between her breasts and into Sam’s waiting mouth, in one long lick.Subtle moans had not stopped coming from Sam’s lips as she used one hand to grab her breast tightly, enhancing the feeling, while the other attempted to silence her sounds, without much luck. Kissing so deeply that both girls began to contort from the f0rce, they began to rub against one another, breathing hot steady breaths as they tried to find a way to release their tension.Jade knew she was damn good at what she did, and decided to let her mouth do some extra exploration, along the neck, before focusing on Sam’s left breast, suckling the nipple a bit as she swirled her tongue around the hardened peak, before switching to the other one which had previously been mauled by Sam herself.Sam’s skin was salty, and there really was a hint of Cat on her body signalling the truth that they really were in the middle of things when Jade arrived. The taste really was exquisite and the smell of Sam’s sex and arousal was only getting stronger and Jade knew she wanted to try a bit of this blonde.Soft kisses along the underside of Sam’s soft bare flesh trailed around her body until Jade went a bit lower. The inviting scent of Sam’s sex was intense and with a few quick licks and running her thumb along the lips, the flower truly began to blossom.The blonde began making beckoning noises as Jade’s kisses grew deeper and heavier, wanting Jade to go further and truly set her free. Knowing she was doing a real torture to the blonde who normally loved torturing others, Jade took full advantage of her teasing techniques, pulling the lips apart with her index and fingers and giving long barely penetrating licks that made Sam’s toes curl with desire.Jade especially knew that she was doing a great thing when she felt Sam’s strong hands pushing her face into the task and holding her head there. She used to hate it when Beck did this on the incredibly rare occasion she would fellate him, but with Cat, and especially now, she loved that someone would make that kind of move when they were being pleasured by her.”Ehhh… Jade…” Sam mustered, using her free hand to knead her own breast and taste her fingers, remnants of Cat still vaguely there.No longer fooling around Jade pushed her long tongue inside the vaulted velvet doors and truly began to lap up the secretions that Sam was offering, her sponge-like tongue gathering all of the flavour she could manage. Jade couldn’t believe how both sweet and tangy the juices were, and it made her all the more eager to taste what Sam’s true nectar was like.Using her thumb to press into the engorged clit and move it around like a joystick as she licked, Jade knew it was like electricity rushing through Sam’s momentarily fragile body, causing her back to arch a bit.Jade kept her focus strong steady licks as her thumb’s ministration put some of the f0rce to the test, and as Sam’s fingers tightened around the dark strands that flowed between each of her fingers, Jade knew that the release was coming.Going into the final stretch, Jade stuck her tongue deep and hummed, making small movements to create the alphabet. Jade had barely gotten to F when Sam screamed out.”Fuuuuck!” Sam couldn’t control her words as her body shook hard, coming with a mighty f0rce as the dam broke deep inside her, the remnants of which, Jade was happy to lap up and savour, as it was even better than she could have imagined.Continuing her movement but in softer and shorter ways, Jade allowed the blonde to come down off the extreme high that she had just experienced, riding things out while she regained her tough girl composure.Once Sam had, her tight grip on Jade’s dark locks became a more inviting pull, nudging the Goth upwards so she could look the beautiful tall girl in the eyes after what was a pretty incredible orgasm. As they lay side by side, the two girls exchanged deep kisses, their hands still roaming each other’s bodies until Sam pulled back, finally finding her words.”That was pretty good…” she said, not wanting Jade to get a big head even if was incredibly obvious how she really felt.”Pretty good? That was just pretty good?” Jade said incredulous that Sam would dare not give her full credit for her work. “Are you saying you could do better?””Maybe…” Sam said with a soft smirk.”Then prove it,” Jade said with a playful sneer, pulling Sam’s head down to her full and eager breasts.Sam wasted no time inhaling one of them, licking and suckling, much more aggressively than Jade had done, unafraid to let her teeth out a bit, teasing Jade, who she could tell seemed to enjoy torture in a good way. The pencil erasers that were now hardened along her pale orbs, gave the perfect bullseye for Sam to suckle upon. It was like a Jolly Rancher candy, which tasted salty and sweet, and smelled incredibly well, since Jade clearly showered before her arrival.Slowly moving to lay on her back bartın rus escort bayan with Sam on top, Jade was happy to let Sam do her thing, holding the top of the back of her neck like a mother encouraging nursing, as Sam went back and forth over the next few minutes licking, nibbling, and suckling between each one, and kneading the other, squeezing the incredibly sensitive nipples between her fingers.There was just something about this feeling that a person was devouring her, as if she was this epic meal for someone, which turned Jade on beyond belief. Beck had made this comment that she was sick for getting off on such a thing, like she was a cannibal, but it was never about killing or hurting. She just wanted to be a part of someone so much, that she would let someone she truly connected with absorb her very essence.Sam was doing a great job of being exactly what Jade was looking for as the blonde’s fingers drifted lower and made quick work of the black underwear, cradling Jade’s lower back as she slipped the panties to just above her knees, giving her hand full access to the hot sex that was practically pulsating with desire.Sam leaned upwards and started nibbling on Jade’s neck, choosing a spot to bite and suck just as her left middle finger pushed into Jade’s inviting love hole.”Shit,” Jade said, utterly surprised by the invasion, as her body, which was always guarded, even as she was with someone in this moment, just opened up, and she began to relax and moan. “God, don’t stop…””No plan to…” Sam teased, moving downward until Jade could just feel Sam’s hot breath on her exposed and borderline desperate sex.The blonde licked Jade’s exposed clit with fast powerful shots as she pushed her finger in and out of the pale girl. As Jade’s hips softly bucked against the penetration, Sam upped the ante to two fingers and sped things up, her middle and ring fingering the girl with no end in sight.”You gonna come for Momma?” she teased, stopping every so often to lick her love button.”Uh huh…” Jade nodded, a smile plastered on her face as she closed her eyes and nodded, enjoying the rougher approach more than she probably should. She was surprised when the fingers disappeared, and for a moment she felt completely empty, but a sponge-y intrusion eased her concerns as Sam began eating her out as if there was some bacon deep inside there.Sam was more than pleased with how Jade tasted… Like perfectly salted meat, and not overly sweet like Cat was. The blonde was well aware of how her own sex tasted, and tasting hers on Jade’s tongue just inspired Sam to take this as far as she could to taste more of their incredible combination.In fact, Sam was so bold, that she lifted Jade’s ass up a bit so she could tease the dark haired teen’s asshole with her tongue. This act came as a complete surprise to Jade, who practically screamed at the new and different feeling. Cat would never go there, and Beck was so anti-oral that it was depressing so this was strange and yet incredible all at once.A few tongue flicks were all Sam could muster, as she wanted to get back to the main course. She held tight to Jade’s reddening, but still perfect ass, as she lifted her hips like a rack of ribs and began to enjoy the succulent flesh before her.”Shit, Shit… Shit…” Jade mustered, gripping the sheets as she felt completely powerless in the hands of the much stronger girl.Sam dove her tongue deep and followed with something that Jade did, but took it up a notch from what Freddie had done for her, spelling out letters deep inside the core, and began quickly spelling words instead of the alphabet, allowing for a bit of surprise for what shape her tongue might create next.Adding a moan to vibrate the sponge-y organ, Sam could feel her prey breathing quicker and heavier with each passing moment, Jade’s inner vice tightening enough that even her tongue could feel trapped. Sam allowed Jade back down and replaced her mouth with her two fingers once more, pistoning in and out as Sam suckled the overclocked love nub, until finally Jade could take no more.”Sammm… Ohh… Ooohhh…” the dark haired girl said, nudging her body against Sam’s hand as the blonde climbed back up, allowing Jade to ride this wave out without any more stimulation. This soft and fragile side was something not many people got to see and here she was, completely exposed in front of someone she barely knew. It was truly a feeling of kinship.The currently dominating blonde withdrew her fingers and sucked the release off one while Jade grasped onto her hand and tasted the other one, unable to resist her oral fixation. Once both fingers had been licked clean, the two resumed a very heavy make-out session, hands moving all over as the girls just became a mess of flesh.”This was fuckin’ epic…” Sam said, in a brief moment when her lips weren’t attached to Jade’s body and face.”Not sure how things go with you and Cat,” Jade said, pulling back a bit and placing her finger against Sam’s lips. “But we never stopped at just one. And yeah… this is pretty great.”Sam smirked, happy that this wasn’t over just yet, and a light bulb went off in her eyes as she realized she might have the chance to try something she’d been wanting to explore with Cat for a little while. When Jade caught the smile, the mashing of their lips over the sly smiles was quickly stopped as Sam climbed off the top of Jade and rolled over to her closet.Within a few seconds, Sam pulled something from a box and Jade’s eyes nearly bugged as she saw what was coming towards her. It was long, like at least a foot, purple, and on each end of the semi-thick, shiny, and flexible item were two heads. There was no question what this was, but Jade had never seen a double sided dildo, but she’d be lying if she said it didn’t excite her a little.Her feelings were obvious as Sam offered it up to Jade like it was a snake that could bite her. Jade bit her lip slightly, and once Sam was within reach, she pulled the blonde back onto the bed, in the most playful act she’d committed in bed… maybe ever.”So… that thing…” Jade said, looking down at what was still gripped tight in Sam’s hand.”Yeah… I got it after I left Seattle, but haven’t rally used it. Apparently it scares Cat, so I had to hide it from her even seeing it, let alone using it with me.””What a pussy…” Jade said, almost laughing at the multi-layered joke even if it was horrible.”In every sense of the word,” Sam finished, brandishing that same devilish look.”So… are we gonna do this or what?” Jade said, sitting up, wanting to seem eager and in control, just as she liked it, but she had no idea what they were supposed to do with it exactly.”I figured we’d fool around a bit more, but that’s cool…” Sam said, actually feeling nervous herself. She had only used this thing once and even then it felt weird. Having another person around for it, especially one that she weirdly wanted to impress, just made it even more awkward.The girls sat on the bed, facing each other and Sam tried to figure out the best way this could work for both of them, eventually deciding that leaning back might be best.”Just kinda lay back on your elbows…” she said taking her own advice. Sam was going to say something else, but seeing the almost heavenly body before her, splayed out, with everything available to be seen. It made Sam’s motor rev like nothing that didn’t involve touch had done.This was the moment, Jade thought as Sam lowered her hand, and after some teasing against her flower with the palm of her hand, she pressed the tip to Jade’s waiting entrance. It was thicker than she originally thought it was and was easily the largest thing she had ever put there.”Ooohh…” rus escort bartın Jade said as the head pushed against her dripping sex. “This thing is pretty big.””I know,” Sam said, getting her end set at her entrance as well. “I wanted something about the size of my ex… and this was the closest I could find,” she bragged, thinking back to what sex was like with Freddie, which only made her more eager to have something almost as filling inside her.”Lucky you… Beck wasn’t even close to this,” Jade said easing more into her until she felt the head move inside completely. “Janking… shit.””You ok?” Sam said, showing some real concern as she edged her hips forward to take more.”Yeah…” the dark haired teen fired back. “Just takes a little getting used to.”Sam simply nodded as she reached out to take Jade’s hand, in an almost sweet moment, and the two girls slowly slid closer and closer, pushing the connecting piece deeper and deeper inside them. Their hands clenched with most of the trip, and fingers entwined until there were only a couple inches that separated their bodies, their legs wrapped around the waist of the other.The mechanics of what they were about to do was completely foreign to either one, but using their heels on the other’s lower back they thrust forward, and pulled, and like a seesaw, the girls moved back and forth, each one feeling the large toy fill them completely in tandem.With the f0rce and intensity of the girls were sharing there was no limit to the sweat that they were working off in trying to please themselves and the other at one time. Sam reached forward grabbed onto Jade’s upper back, pulling the dark haired girl closer as she followed suit to hold onto Sam with one arm. From this point on, neither one really looked away from the eyes of the other.The looks of longing, lust, ecstasy, pain, pleasure, need, and desire shot back and forth for a few moments, and it only became heavier as Jade’s free hand gripped what she could with two fingers, and used her thumb to apply the perfect pressure combo on Sam’s outstanding love button.”Goddamn…” Sam said, closing her eyes for a moment to take the feeling in, before she did the same exact thing.Jade’s mouth remained open, or else some choice words would have come out as well, but the low moans and coos as they became more and more comfortable with the position and upped the way they were basically pounding each other.As they moved closer and closer, there was no room for their hands any longer as neither could see the much of the toy as it had sunk deep inside both, and thanks to its immense flexibility, Sam and Jade could now kiss and grind against one another in a whole new, and much more fulfilling way.”Ughhh… fuck me, fuck me, fuuuccckkk me…” Sam murmured as her ability to speak was slowly being sapped between feeling an unimaginable amount of pure sexual bliss, and her mouth being invaded by a soft pink organ.”As long as you keep fucking me…” Jade whispered before biting a bit into Sam’s neck, as if she was an anim*l trying to hold itself in. “Holy chizz, I’m close…”Sam moved her arms from supporting Jade’s back, straight up to the dark and pink locks at the base of her neck, and grabbed them tight between her fingers, raising Jade’s head up as she spoke through gnashed teeth. “You gonna cum for Momma…””Uh huh…”Jade tried to nod as best she could as she felt Sam’s pace increase, forcing the toy harder and faster inside her.”Come…” Sam encouraged. “Just let it go. Let Momma see you fucking lose yourself…”The words were overpowering Jade’s psyche at the moment and she convulsed a bit, her vision blurry with a bright white light as she experienced a full feeling of completion as her pussy tightened around the toy as if trying to milk all it had from her.”Your… turn,” Jade said, regaining her breath as she pulled the toy almost out of her and used the hand space on it to begin pumping it in and out of Sam, just like she had done for Jade.Smelling the sweet smell of their sex, Jade pulled her side out completely, as well as Sam’s as the blonde whined for a moment and then flipped it around, and got on her stomach to suck the side that had been inside her lover before shoving as much as she could as hard and fast as she could into Sam.Even though she just came with an almighty f0rce, Jade couldn’t help but begin to finger herself as she sucked this fake member covered in the delicacy that was Sam’s nectar, while thrusting it in and out of the blonde.”Rightfuckingthere, oh, right there!” Sam practically shouted, in a high pitched tone, knowing her immense release was only moments away. She ground against the purple marital aid looked down at Jade sucking on the other end as if it was Sam’s cock, and somehow that image pushed her over the final edge. “Chizz Fuck!”Sam sucked in a huge breath as she came with a mighty roar, her body spasming, as Jade grabbed onto Sam’s hips to center her as she rode out what was clearly an overwhelming release, grabbing onto Jade’s hair.The girls were so involved in their moment that they completely missed that they were no longer alone in the bedroom. And it took a redhead’s screams to snap them out of the afterglow.”Oh my god!”Sam turned around and Jade looked up, the end of the dildo still in her mouth.”I- I- I thought… I thought you were killing each other! But you were…””Fucking?” Jade said, with a raised eyebrow, knowing that what Cat was seeing was upsetting for the overly sensitive redhead. “And is that why you have never let me meet her?””You think we would have killed each other?” Sam said, only barely covering herself.”Well… yeah.” Cat said with a slight whine, “You’re both violent antisocial misfits…””You wanna murder me?” Jade said, sliding up to Sam’s body and wrapping her arms around Sam.”Well…” the blonde said as if she was giving some real thought to the concept. “Nah, I’m good…””So you didn’t kill each other so you… you …” Cat struggled, her face turning pure red with embarrassment. “You guys just said ‘Hey Cat’s asle*p, let’s just have… sex'” she said, whispering the word she found naughty.”Actually,” Jade said, getting off the bed and walking towards Cat, her beautiful pinkish pale hips swaying as she walked, “You didn’t take care of Sammy here, and so I felt it was my… obligation, to take care of your mistake.””Obligation?” Sam said, leaping up with a fully prepped attitude. “You went down on me faster than a fat k*d on a seesaw, so don’t even-“”I’m just messing around…” Jade said, wrapping her arm over Sam’s shoulder, both girls still stark naked and incredibly intimidating to Cat.”I don’t know what you’re talking about…” Cat said, so clearly lying through her teeth that Jade and Sam just laughed.But then there was this long awkward pause where Cat tried to look brave and stand up to Jade who was clearly making her feel bad on purpose, but eventually she got this look in her eyes like a shamed dog, and she just hung her head down.”C’mon, Sam… let’s get out of here,” Jade said, heading to the bed to grab her clothes back up. “We can go grab a shower at my place. Fridge is stocked and my parents are out of town.””I thought we were supposed to do homework together…” Cat said, looking ashamed, as Sam headed into her closet to grab some clothes for the trip over and Jade slipped her panties back on.”Eh…” Jade said, rolling her eyes as she reached behind her to re-clasp her bra, “why don’t you just do it, and then we’ll both get credit for it when we go back on Tuesday.””That sounds like a good plan!” Sam called out from the closet.”See, two against one…” Jade smirked, nearly dressed fully, and looked over at Sam who was practically pouring herself into a pair of jeans, finishing up her routine as well. “Guess that settles it…””But… but…” Cat tried to muster, but she felt completely powerless in the current situation, and before she realized it, her two closest female friends were out the door behind her, leaving the sensitive redhead to cry alone in her shared bedroom as the whole house quickly grew silent.

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