Lana Helps Out


Lana Helps OutWife tries to help friends’ struggling marriage.I’m Eddie, my wife Lana and I have been happily married for 8 years – which is why I was completely floored by the question she asked me last week. She had just gone to lunch with her best friend from college, Deb.Deb had been a true knock-out, a strikingly beautiful blonde with a firm body that she kept in shape by playing 1-A singles in tennis for North Carolina, our alma matter. She was also a bitch who never paid me much attention until Lana and I started dating, and even then she wasn’t exactly what you would call “warm.” She always dated other good-looking, snobbish athletes who ignored me and all of my friends.Deb had the hottest looking mouth I’d ever seen – full lips and a smile that showed what seemed like more than the normal amount of gleaming white teeth. On many occasions as I sat pissed-off over some prima-donna move she pulled when we were out in a group, I’d just imagine her giving me the most glorious and thorough blow-job of all time, a highly successful tactic in making her more tolerable.Tragedy struck Deb in the winter of our senior year. She was in a car that lost control on an icy road and she ended up in a wheelchair. Although it didn’t take much away from her attitude, it certainly took away from her social life. Sure, her friends (like Lana, and therefore me) stayed by her side, but she never received anywhere near the same attention from guys.By the end of senior year she started dating a guy named Tom. He was a good guy but quiet and never seemed to add much to the group. Even though the four of us spent some time together from then on, Tom and I never hung out just the two of us. In fact, I was only friendly with him on account of Lana and Deb’s friendship. Shortly after graduation, Deb and Tom got married. A year later, Lana and I followed suit.So, as I was saying, Lana got back from lunch with Deb last week and immediately I could tell something was up.”I have a favor to ask,” she said, “and I don’t want you to get mad.””Well, that’s like the kiss of death, saying that. No promises.”Lana sighed. “Deb and Tom are having a tough time,” she said. “And Deb thinks it’s because of their sex life.”Being that Deb was paralyzed from the waist down, I had always wondered what they did for sex and whether or not it was enjoyable. “Just out of curiosity, what is their sex life?” I asked.”Well, they can have sex,” she said, “It’s just hard for Deb, she gets more enjoyment out of seeing Tom enjoy it. And I guess lately nobody’s been enjoying anything.””So what’s the favor?” I asked. As I said before, I could not have been more shocked by what my beautiful, loving wife said to me in reply.”Well, we think it would be a good idea,” my wife started to say, eyes on the floor, “if I… had sex with Tom…””WHAT?!?” I screamed. I had not yelled that loud at my wife in all the time I’d known her. “Who’s ‘we’?!?””Deb and me. Look, Eddie, it would just be one time…””NO!!!””…and it’s not like I love him or want him, it’s just that””JUST WHAT?!?””…well, you know… this is so embarrassing… it would really help out their marriage…””How in the hell would this help their marriage?””Eddie, please!” she said, “They love each other. They really do. They talk about their problem all the time; it’s so upsetting to them. They’re great friends but they just don’t have that spark anymore. This would help them get some excitement back.””BULLSHIT!!! Did Deb put you up to this or is Tom behind it?””Tom doesn’t know anything about it. We agreed on this together. Look, Deb even said she’d… take care of you too… if you agreed.”I was about to yell out something in response until my brain processed that last bit of information. My wife’s request aside, I thought about all the times I wanted to make Deb blow me in college to shut her up. I started to actually consider this.”So this doesn’t have anything to do with us?” I asked.”No Eddie! Absolutely not! I love you so much. I would never cheat on you, you know that. This is just helping out two people who are very special to me.””I don’t know. I’ll have to think about this.” I said.That day was torture for me. My thoughts were all over the place. I recalled a memory from one night at a college party. One of my friends was really drunk and came up to me and pointed at Lana and said, “I have never seen an ass that small on a woman with tits that big.” And it was true, too. My wife is fabulously well endowed – the best comparison is to the British model Lucy Pinder.So anyway, no sooner had my friend said that then I called to Lana across the room. I asked her to show us her tits. She smiled and walked over to us sexily. Lana stood before us and started to lift up her shirt – getting it up high enough so we could see a few inches of her bra – before abruptly pulling it back down, saying “no chance.”I remember I was instantly turned on, but it was because I had wanted my buddy to see her tits – I remember thinking I would tell him to touch them too. Do I like the thought of sharing my wife? My head was swimming now with mixed emotions. Our life could be totally different if we did something like this.By the time we were lying in bed that night, I still had not made a decision. I wanted to know the ground rules.”So this would only be a one time deal, right?” I said.Although we had not been talking about it, she knew exactly to what I was referring. “Yes. Well, we figure one night.””What, like, we pair off and go to different rooms?””No, we were thinking more like I’d go over there and Deb would come here.””And each spend the night?””Yes.” She said.I sighed. There was a long pause. “So then what happens when you get home? What’s that going to be like?” I asked.”Eddie,” she said, “I’m sorry. This was a stupid idea. I should never have…””Will you tell me all the details?” I asked”W-w-would you want to know all the details?” my wife perked up.”Yes. Every last one.””Oh, Eddie!” she said, happily, and rolled over on top of me.******Lana assumed all the arrangements. I agreed to all of this on Sunday night, and by noon Monday she had everything set up for that Friday. Throughout the week she kept saying things like, “aren’t you excited for our dates? Isn’t this going to be fun?” And it really fucked with me. In some respects I wanted it less because she was so excited, but again there was that odd sense that it was turning me on at the same time. I tried to fuck her on several occasions just thinking about it, but she and Deb had decided that the men were not to have sex or masturbate all week.I’m usually home from work before my wife, but of course that Friday I’d gotten hung up in the office and didn’t get home until 6:30. I found my wife putting the finishing touches on her make-up in our bathroom. She was wearing a mid-length black leather skirt (which I had never seen before), a tight white tank top with the neck cut low enough to show cleavage, and black high-heels.”You got ready quickly,” I said.”Oh, hi,” she said. “I took off a little early from work to get ready. Whitney (our babysitter) called and said she’s running a little late, but I said I’d be there at 7:00 so I should really get going. She’s taking the k**s for the night so you won’t have anything to worry about.””Great,” I said.My wife picked up her leather jacket off the bed, gave me a quick kiss as she walked by and said, “Now remember, you don’t have to tell me anything that you do. At all. So relax and have some fun.”She headed downstairs, where the k**s were watching TV, and I heard her say, “Mommy’s going out to a party tonight but Daddy will be here with you for a little while and maybe Aunt Deb will stop by. Then you’re going to have a sleep over at Whitney’s.” This brought cheers from the c***dren. “Give Mommy a kiss. I love you very much. Bye-bye.”******To make a long story a little shorter, Deb’s visit was nothing short of a disaster. I didn’t know what to do with her, she didn’t seem to be into it, and when I finally got pissed off and tried to fuck her ass she screamed bloody murder and it just about ended the night. If you really want to know the details, drop me a line and I’ll fill you in. But it isn’t pleasant.Deb woke me up at 6am the next morning. She was already in her wheelchair and needed help getting it downstairs. Apparently she had wheelchair tennis that morning. So I helped her get downstairs, made her some coffee, then saw her out the door and went back to bed. Only I couldn’t get back to sleep. I kept thinking about Lana and what happened and when she was coming home.******It was 2:30 in the afternoon when Lana finally pulled in the driveway. She obviously hadn’t brought toiletries with her, as she looked completely unkempt. As she got out of the car and approached the house she appeared to be walking funny as if she twisted her ankle. The k**s had been home for hours and I didn’t particularly want them to see her in that state so I went down to open the door and quickly get her upstairs.”How’d it go?” I asked.”OK,” she said, kissing me on the cheek. “How about you?””Fine,” I said, “why don’t we just go upstairs first and…””Let me just say hi to the k**s first” she said, walking into the TV room. “Hey there! How was your sleepover?”As my wife bent over the couch denizli rus escort to talk to the k**s, I noticed that she kept pulling at her skirt around her ass, as if it were causing her discomfort. She ran her hand up and down the back of it, so I assumed it was bunched or something and that was why she was walking funny.My daughter was telling Lana about the sleepover when I noticed it. At first I wasn’t sure what it was, but sure enough, there was semen running down the back of my wife’s leg. Her hand went from pulling at the skirt to quickly scooping it up. Without missing a beat listening to her c***dren, she looked at it, saw she had no where to wipe it, and slurped it in her mouth.”That sounds like so much fun,” Lana said, “You’ll have to tell me more about it later. I’m going to go get clean – can I have kisses?” She kissed our c***dren on the couch and went upstairs to our bedroom.I followed right behind her into the bedroom and closed the door. My heart was pounding. “Are you OK, you’re walking funny.” I asked.”Yeah, fine,” she said, looking for a towel in the closet, “do you mind if I shower first?””No! I mean, yes, I mind. I want to hear how it went.””OK,” Lana sighed, and sat down on the rocking chair next to our bed. She was still fidgeting with her skirt. “All the details?””All the details.””All right, well, I got to their condo around 7:30. Deb had already left. Tom opened the door and led me in. He said I looked amazing, and we started hugging. We stood there for about 5 minutes, just holding each other, hands running across each other’s backs. I wasn’t sure how we were supposed to proceed, or what was supposed to happen next, so I figured he was a little shy so I should make the first move.”I pulled back a little, looked him in the eye, and slowly knelt down in front of him. I could feel him trembling as I unfastened his belt and unzipped his pants. Still looking him in the eye, I pulled his penis out from his pants. He was incredibly hard; it was like holding a brick. It was very red, too, and vein-y. I felt bad for him; he must have been so frustrated for it to be that hard. I thought maybe I’d warm him up with just a little oral sex to start, you know, rather than just jump right into it. I figured the more he enjoyed, the more then he and Deb could get more out if it. You’re not mad, are you?””No.” I said, after clearing my throat. My heart was still beating extremely hard. I could now feel the pulse all the way down into my neck.”So anyway,” Lana continued, “I put his penis in my mouth, and just did all the things I know you like: sucking hard, licking underneath, rubbing it on my face a little. I know you hate when I use too much hand so I put one hand around his ass for balance and just kind of reached up and massaged his balls with the other. At one point a hair from his scrotum got caught in the zipper, and he winced a little in pain, so I kissed it and just sort of rolled his testicles around in my mouth for a while.”Well, I went back to sucking on his penis and massaging his balls. I wanted to finish warming him up by going all the way down, doing that licking thing that you like, but he must have been so pent-up that he just started ejaculating into my mouth. There was so much of it and it was so thick that I thought I would gag, but I remembered how you told me that guys prefer it when women keep sucking until it’s done and then swallow, so I kept going. When he was done I took it out slowly, letting my tongue trail along the underside to catch anything that was left, and a little trail of semen got flicked off onto my cheek. I used the back of my hand to push it in my mouth, and I swallowed everything.”I had to interrupt here. “You haven’t swallowed for me in years!””Eddie, I know, I’m sorry, it’s just that I remembered what you said about swallowing and well, I figured since he just had that orgasm that if I didn’t he might not be turned on anymore and wouldn’t be able to perform, you know, sexually later, which is the reason we were doing all of this.””Whatever.” I said. “Keep going.”Lana continued on: “So Tom said, ‘Wow – that was unbelievable! I can’t believe you swallowed all of that.’ I didn’t want my response to turn him off, so I just said ‘Mmm… I loved it! It was so thick and good, I wished there was more!’ ‘Well,’ he said, ‘maybe we can arrange for that later, but right now I need to sit down.'”So we sat down on the little bench just inside their foyer and tried to figure out what we should do from there. Tom surprised me by asking if I’d eaten, saying he hadn’t yet and if I wanted to he knew a great little place we could walk to. I almost felt like I was failing Tom and Deb, like I wasn’t attractive enough for Tom to help them because he wanted to go out, but I figured maybe Tom needed to recover a bit so I agreed to go.”So I hadn’t even made it past their foyer and I was already heading back out. Tom was quite the gentleman on the walk over, we held hands and talked. We ended up at this cute little Italian place a few blocks away and sat down in a circular booth. The waiter took our order quickly but the food took a while. To pass the time we held hands under the table and rubbed each other’s knees. Our conversation was really nice too, but I wanted to make sure he was still ‘into it’, so I very gently started stroking the crotch of his pants. He was very hard, so I kept lightly rubbing and squeezing so he wouldn’t lose interest.”I guess he was getting bored because Tom decided to be a little Naughty Ned. He took an ice cube from his glass and slowly put it outside my shirt, against my nipple – the one closest to him. I looked around because I didn’t want anyone to notice, and that’s when I saw the McFarland’s …””Bob and Tina were there? Whitney’s parents?” I said, “You should have left!””I know, I thought about that,” she said, “but you know, we’d already ordered and if I started acting funny it might have ruined the whole thing for Tom and Deb…””Fuck!” I said. “What are they going to think!?! Bob asked me to play golf today and I said had to be home for Goddamned family day!””I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I don’t think he noticed. Really. I’m pretty sure. Well, I mean, they were looking at us, occasionally, and I think Bob said something to Tina because she had her back to us and when she turned around and saw me looking at her she turned back quickly. So I just put my leather jacket back on.”You mean you didn’t stop him? In a restaurant?””No, it was OK, really. He just slid his hand up inside the jacket a little. He kept putting the ice cube on my nipple, then rubbing it with his thumb. He’d pull the jacket to the side a little every once in a while to look at it. You should have seen it, even through the shirt it was so hard and long. He was making it really sensitive.”He reached across my chest to do it to the other nipple, but I thought that looked too suspicious so I only let him do it for a minute or two. He went back to the first nipple and then one time pulled the jacket aside when the waiter came by so he could get a look too. You should have seen his face. But I’m pretty sure he put it back before Bob or Tina could see what was going on.”He quit doing it when our food came. While we ate Tom was being very nice and caressed my fingers and occasionally touched my face. I thought Bob and Tina may have noticed that so I put his hand below the table. He must have thought that was a signal that I wasn’t interested anymore because he put his hand on my knee and then started sliding it up under my skirt.”I told him he didn’t have to do it, but he just winked at me and started caressing me outside my panties. I didn’t want to draw attention to it, so I tried to keep on eating. But Tom must have thought he was losing my interest, because he slid a finger under the panties and along my… pussy. Are you OK?”It was strange for me to hear my wife say the word “pussy.” Of course I’d heard her say it before, but mostly in college. Nowadays she would use euphemisms for it, like “down there.” Now she was talking about it being fondled by a friend of ours. “Fine,” I said, “keep going.””Well, he caressed the lips and up onto my clit. It felt electric. I was still trying not to act suspiciously, but he asked me to take off my panties for him. I could’ve said no, but I thought that if I turned him down now maybe things wouldn’t work out. So without drawing attention to myself, I slid them off. He asked me to put them on the table, so I did. He let them sit there for a few minutes – the waiter even noticed them when he came by to refill our water – before he put them in his back pocket. Then we finished eating, he with one hand fondling my pussy and me with one hand caressing his bulge.””Now wait a minute, wait a minute!” I yelled. “This was not part of the deal! You were supposed to sleep with him one time, not whore yourself in a local restaurant! What the fuck!””Please don’t be mad, please,” she said. “I thought so too. I didn’t know any of this was going to happen. I didn’t want to mess this up for either of them. Should I stop?””Not now, no.” I said. I realized I was having a problem with this, but I decided to shut up and just let her finish.”OK. So, we finish eating, and I denizli rus escort bayan am getting really close to coming from his finger. He is all worked up too, and breathing hard. He leaves the money on the table and we go – I think Bob may have seen us holding hands but probably not any of what happened under the table. Bob looked at us strangely as we were walking out, almost as if he needed to say something. Tom was in a hurry to get back so we took a cab.”We got in and Tom gave the address. I leaned over to give him a little peck on the cheek for dinner, and the next thing I know we’re just totally necking. He’s pawing at my tit and I’m rubbing the bulge in his pants. I don’t think the cabbie noticed us except for when I hit his head with my heel – Tom wanted to finger fuck me so I put my leg up to give him better access. God, he fingered me so hard. You could hear it too, it sounded like wet clothes slapping the floor each time he jammed his fingers in. Of course I didn’t think this was appropriate behavior, but I figured if this was what it would take to get him in the mood, I’d do it.”The cabbie must have understood Tom’s situation, because he didn’t charge us for the trip. When we got back to their apartment building, Tom suggested we go up to the roof deck since it was such a pretty night.”We did, and it was a beautiful night. I walked over to the railing and just admired the view. Tom came up behind me, put his arms around me and smelled my hair. I could feel his hardness pressing into my ass. With my back to him, he started to feel me up, under my shirt this time. I pushed back on him for a second to unclasp the bra, and then let him continue. My shirt was kind of tight and he asked me to take it off. I was a bit worried that someone would come up to the roof, so I bargained him into letting me take the shirt off if I could put my leather jacket back on.”I must say that when I got the shirt off, the night air felt great on my body. I don’t remember the last time I was topless outside, but it felt liberating. Tom pulled the bra off my arms and twirled it on his fingers. A breeze must have come up or something because it flew away and landed on a tree branch below us. We both laughed because it looked so funny there in the tree. Tom joked that the huge cups would make a great nest for the birds.”Then we kissed a little more, and Tom bent down to lick and suck on my tits. He paid a lot of attention to them, but I thought I heard a noise like maybe someone was watching from the behind the roof door, so I put my leather jacket back on.”With both my bra and panties gone now and my shirt on the floor, I was naked except for my leather skirt and jacket – and heels of course. Tom turned me around and I leaned against the railing again. I put my arms back around his head and he continued to feel me up. It was such a strange sensation to be felt up like that, outdoors, while looking down his street. Anyone down there could have seen.”He reaches down with one hand and unzips his pants. Then he lifts up the back of my skirt and I reach down and together we guide his cock up inside me. It was so… filling, so wonderful. He put his other hand back on my tit and started fucking me right up against the railing. I tried to keep my arms behind his head the whole time, but he started fucking me so hard that I had to hold on to the railing for support. I don’t know how Tom managed, but he held on to both my tits the entire time.”I came first. It was the strangest orgasm I’ve ever had. It must have been the combination of senses: the smell of the night, the fresh air on my chest and up my skirt, Tom’s hands on my tits and his cock up inside me. It lasted for minutes. It was one long, fulfilling convulsion. He must have found my G spot.”Anyway, I started encouraging him on. I told him to fuck me hard, that he felt so fucking great, to never stop, to cum in me, that kind of thing. He loved it – he squeezed me in close, grunted and shot his load up inside me. He held me for a few minutes as we both came down. I stretched my arms up and back behind him again to savor the night air on my body one last time. He turned me around and we kissed. Then I picked up my shirt and we headed back to the door.”When we opened the door there were two young guys sitting at the top of the stairs, smoking. One said to Tom, ‘Yo.’ Tom didn’t look like he knew them and just said ‘Hey guys.’ The other guy said ‘Play-ah!’ as we were walking by. I thought I did a good enough job closing the jacket around my boobs as we walked by, but when got down another flight I heard one of the guys say, ‘Man, that chick had the BIGGEST tits!'”Tom suggested we watch a movie in bed. That sounded fine to me. We finished getting undressed – I didn’t have that far to go – and got in bed. We cuddled for a while but were both kind of exhausted, so we fell asleep in each other’s arms with the TV on. We didn’t have sex during the night; there was some random stroking and petting but that was about it.”I woke up late with my arms around Tom and my head on his chest. I noticed that he had a morning erection, so I lightly ran my fingers over it. I could tell he was enjoying it, sleeping or not, so I took his cock in my hand and gently stroked him up and down.”‘God that feels great,’ he said. I said, ‘Mmmm… I thought you’d like it.’ I rubbed it teasingly for a few minutes. Then I said, ‘so do you think this is going to help you and Deb?'””Tom said, ‘hell yeah. I’m going to be thinking about this the next time I fuck her. And then some.'””I said, ‘what does that mean?'””He said, ‘What do you think? When I’m doing what you’re doing now. Only to myself. What about you?'””I thought I should tell him what he wanted to hear so I said, ‘I’m so glad you said that, I’ll be doing the same thinking about you.'””So then he asked if I’d ever done it in front of someone else, and I told him of course I hadn’t. He said he and Deb used to do it and that it was a huge turn on. I asked him if he wanted to masturbate for me. He said he’d only do it if I did it too. It was silly and awkward, but the idea kind of turned me on.”So I turned and sat up. I looked him directly in the eye and placed my hands on my shoulders, and caressed my skin down to my breasts. I stopped and pulled on my nipples, then slowly lowered my right hand down, tracing my fingernail across my abdomen, swirling it in my pubic hair, and then down into my slit. My left hand played with my tits.”Tom said, ‘Oh my god” and knelt in front of me, stroking his cock.”The eye contact was so erotic. We kept it the whole time. I was amazed at how hard he ravaged his cock – I understand now where the terms ‘jerking and beating off’ come from. And he was doing it all for me. I picked up my pace and tried to match his sexual intensity. I dipped my left hand down and stuck two fingers into my pussy, brought the wetness back up to my nipple, and rubbed it in. I did it again and used four fingers – it was a little harder to do but worth the reward in nectar, and this time I licked it off my fingers, sucking on each one. ‘God, I taste great’ I said.”Tom cupped his balls with his free hand. I suspected he was close to coming because he started tugging on his nuts really hard. Just seeing that brought about my orgasm. When I felt the release come on, I finished licking my fingers and let my left hand pull on my nipple as I got off with my right hand. I shouted a little, and was momentarily embarrassed that I had just m*****ed myself in front of another person. But Tom didn’t leave me hanging and immediately shot a load all over my face and tits. I licked a little off my face and said teasingly, ‘I taste better.’ Tom said I was unbelievable and collapsed on the bed.”We finally got up to take showers, but Tom made some comment about conserving water, and I said he just wanted to shower with me. Which he did. It was weird stepping into the shower with a naked man who wasn’t you – I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I had his cum all over me. After we soaped and rinsed he suggested dual tongue-baths. We each had to clean every inch of the other person using only our tongues. I went first. It wasn’t so hard except for the bottoms of his feet and in between his toes. The hair on his head was a little difficult too, and he kept making me do his asshole again, saying I missed a spot. Tom did a good job on me although I told him my ass and tits were clean enough already – he must have spent 30 minutes on them. So much for conserving water.”When we got out, he offered to make me breakfast and coffee if I stayed, so I just couldn’t refuse. I started to get dressed but Tom said it would be more fun to have breakfast naked, so I went along with it. I followed him to the kitchen to see if I could help with anything. He got out all the ingredients to make omelets and then realized he didn’t have any coffee. He asked me to make breakfast and he would run to the corner store and get coffee. He dressed and left.”As I was making the omelets, the roll of paper towels ran out, so I went to the cupboard to get more. Tom must not have looked in there because there were two cans of coffee grounds. Oh well. As I was finishing, Tom came home and turned rus escort denizli on the TV, so I served him his breakfast out there. Even though I was still naked, he didn’t get undressed to eat. We watched Sportscenter, and he had me sit on his lap while we ate. When we finished eating I said, ‘Someone’s not being fair… keeping all his clothes on.'”Tom said, ‘when the commercial comes on, why don’t you clear the plates and I’ll take my clothes off.’ In the meantime, he put an arm around me and fondled my tits with one hand while he waved his other hand and spoke passionately about the demise of the Braves’ pitching staff.””When the commercial came on, I cleared the plates and came back to a naked Tom. I stood in front of the TV but he said to hang on a sec, he wanted to see if the Mets lost last night. I was worried that if his mind wasn’t on sex, I would have failed both he and Deb. So I knelt down in front of him and took his cock in my mouth. I knew I had his attention again when the moans were no longer about National league scores, but my tongue on his cock.”Without turning off the TV, he lifted me up onto the couch and laid on top of me. We lovingly kissed for several minutes – sucking on each other’s tongues and lips. Tom pulled away and said, ‘I love you so much Lana.’ I knew I wasn’t in love with Tom, but I did love him as a person and didn’t want to take him out of the mood by saying the wrong thing, so I said, ‘God I love you too, Tom. Please make love to me. Now.'””Tom told me to put him in, so I took his cock in my hand, stroked it gently, and guided it into my pussy. He laid down on me and we made love softly and slowly, kissing and caressing each other. Suddenly the front door opened – it was right across from us – and Deb rolled in.”‘Thomas!’ She yelled, ‘Don’t fuck her with the TV on!!!’ Deb dropped her tennis bag, grabbed the remote and turned off the TV. It was momentarily awkward, but Tom didn’t miss a beat and kept fucking me. ‘Did you two have fun?’ she asked.”We didn’t answer in words so much as moan our contentment. Deb wheeled over to the couch, apparently to get a better view. Tom got up and started stacking some cushions on the floor. He knelt on them with one knee and put the other leg out on the floor. He grabbed my legs and rotated my pelvis towards him. ‘Hey honey, give me a hand here, would ya?’ he said. Deb reached over and grabbed his cock, then stuffed it into my pussy. Her hand made incidental contact with me, down there. I was surprised she didn’t find that repulsive – we always freaked out about the lesbians on her tennis teams.”As Deb took in the sight of her husband fucking me, she said, ‘Lana, you look so beautiful naked.’ She cradled my head and played with my hair as Tom fucked me. She shouted words of encouragement, telling him to fuck me hard, to make me cum, that kind of thing. Tom was really whaling away on me now. It was taking him awhile to get his fourth orgasm in less than a day. Deb was still playing with my hair with her left hand when she slid her right hand down to my cheek. She was still urging Tom on, but started giving me little peck kisses on the cheek. The multiple sensations did it to me again. I started bucking, and when Deb realized I was at the point of no return, she slid her right hand down to my tit and began playing with it.”‘Yeah, come on Lana, do it, yeah…’ she said as she tweaked my nipple.””I came harder than I ever have in my life. I screamed. I thrashed. I clawed at the couch. When I was done I couldn’t move. Deb kept massaging my boob and planting little kisses on my forehead. That’s when I thought of you.”‘I wish Eddie were here,’ I said, ‘it’s too bad it’s just the three of us. I wonder what he’d be doing.'”Deb mentioned that you were interested in anal sex with her but she was unable to accommodate you. She suggested that maybe Tom and I do it, that way I could at least go home with an anal story for you. I was a little worried about it – I only had anal sex those two times with you in college and it really hurt – but I figured I would do it for you.”So Tom flipped me over on the couch so I was on all fours. Deb got some Vaseline and rolled up behind me to apply it. She smeared it up and down my ass crack but I could tell she was very careful not to touch my pussy. I was surprised when she worked one finger in my ass and then a few more, but she no doubt wanted to make sure I was properly lubed. When she was satisfied, she told Tom to go gently on me.”Gentle or not, it hurt like hell. Deb could tell the pain was bad, so she told me ‘this would take my mind off it, and she took off her shirt. I tried to be polite and tell her that her breasts looked nice, but I couldn’t really get the words out – Tom’s cock was stretching out my asshole – I was sure I was bleeding.o It felt strangely good to have his cock up in there, but the damage to my sphincter was something else. I shrieked in pain.”Deb said, ‘shh… come here’ and started kissing me. At first I thought it was just a supportive peck, but she opened her mouth and sucked on my lips. I think the fact that she’s so beautiful and that I was starting to enjoy the cock up my ass turned me on again. I kissed her back gently at first, with no tongue. Then I opened a little bit and we gently touched the tips of our tongues – savoring our first girl-girl tongue contact. Then we explored a little. Finally we kissed like long lost lovers, reunited after many years. I threw my ass back viciously against Tom’s cock.”Deb broke the kiss and swung her head down under my arms and kissed and sucked on my dangling tits. It felt so amazing to have my tits sucked while I was being penetrated. Tom moaned and continued to pound away, trying to grind out one last orgasm. The ass fucking started to feel really good.”My tits were too big or too much for Deb. I heard her muffled pleasure on them as she struggled to get both hands around one and stuff the other as far as she could in her mouth. She was really good at it – her tongue felt great. Finally I asked to have hers. She reluctantly removed herself from my tits, then lifted herself up in front of my face. I found that if I leaned against the couch for support I could get one arm free. It was strange fondling and sucking another woman’s breasts, but I kind of liked it. I bit and sucked on her nipple, and licked all around and under the swell and from tit to tit.”Unfortunately Deb couldn’t hold herself up any longer, so we went back to kissing. I still used my free hand to fondle her breasts; she used both of her hands on mine. When I felt Tom tense up and his seed start to leak into my ass, I had what I can only call a ‘body orgasm.’ It wasn’t really vaginal at all, but the sexual contact all over me gave me a huge, wonderful release. Tom grunted and slammed his cock all the way in me as he came once again.”Tom was covered in sweat and out of breath. He plopped down in the easy chair next to the couch. Deb and I broke our kiss momentarily while I wiped the cum off my ass and sat down next to her. We started kissing again and gently fondling each other’s tits. Tom watched us for two minutes or so and got up, saying ‘OK, lovebirds, I need a nap.”Deb and I sat there kissing and occasionally giggling for another five minutes at least. And we were no longer groping, just lightly caressing and exploring each other’s breasts. Deb whispered to me, quite naughtily, ‘Do you want one more little cum before you go? I nodded my head. She traced a finger down my chin, over my nipple and down to my pussy. She found my clit immediately and made small, light circles on it. I purred and pulled her in close for a deep soul-kiss. She slowly but expertly worked me up. A few minutes later, that’s how I came – with my tongue in my best friend’s mouth, hands on each other’s tits, her finger between my legs, and me naked in her living room.”Even after I came, we didn’t want to stop kissing. But I knew I had to get home and tell you what happened. I got dressed, minus my bra (in the tree) and my panties (couldn’t find them – not even in Tom’s pockets). I gave Deb one last goodbye kiss and we winked at each other.”*****I was furious. At least I think it was anger. It was close to anger, but it wasn’t an emotion I was entirely familiar with. “Is that all?” I asked. “You didn’t go back and try to fuck the guys in the stairway or anything?””Honey,” Lana said, “don’t be mad. You and I both had a good time and I think we really helped out our friends.””It sounds like you helped a little more.””Well, we didn’t really know the ground rules. Now we’ll know them for next time.””Next time! Who said anything about next time?” I wanted to be pissed but my cock was coming back to life.”Nobody! Just, you know, if they need help again, I’m sure they would ask us. But it would totally be up to you,” she said.”Well, speaking of something being up… how about if we…” I moved in on her. I wanted sex, bad.”Eddie,” she said, “I can’t right now. I’m so sore. Maybe later.” With that, she headed off to the shower.”Fucking great.” I thought. This couldn’t have gone any worse.Just then the phone rang.”Hello?” I said.”Hi, Ed? This is Bob McFarland… hey I hope family day is going well, sorry about golf. Listen, we saw your wife last night at the restaurant. Anyway, uh, her friend dropped something of hers from his back pocket when they left. We just wanted to return it to her… is she around?”I couldn’t answer.”Listen… uh, if she isn’t, Tina and I could stop by another time. We kinda wanted to talk to her. You see, we’ve been having some problems with our marriage…”

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