My Blackmailed Wife


My Blackmailed WifeMy wife is 65 years old but still very beautiful and fit. she is 36c and still has a full bush. sexually she is as good as she ever was. although very sexy she had never been with another man. then about 2 years ago I had gotten into limewire for music downloading. my computer was open for others to download songs from me also. what I didn’t know was that if you did a search of a persons computer you could search picture files also if you typed in jpg. I had a file on my computer with nude photos of her from when she was young up to about 50 years old. one night I was downloading some music and when I went to bed I forgot to turn my computer off. when I got on the next day I discovered that a few people had actually uploaded the file from my computer. I was a little worried but let it go hoping they enjoyed them. well about a month later she got an email from a guy who had her pics telling her how hot she was and how much he wanted to meet her. she freaked out and told me. I told her not to worry but he sent another email with her pics included and a pic of him jacking off on one of her pictures. she emailed him back and told him to get lost since we didn’t think he knew who she was. then came the email telling her he knew her and knew who she was and where we lived. we both panicked. she has a public service job and could not afford a scandal. she then emailed him and asked that he respect her need for privacy and hoped he would let it drop. he replied back that he wanted to meet her and he would keep her secret if she agreed. we discussed it and I told her to see just what he was expecting. after a week of emailing back and forth he said he wanted to meet her in person and see her naked for real. she was now really upset and scared. she said she would only meet him with me and he agreed and said at our house would be fine. we talked it over and she said and I agreed that we might have to let him see her. she said she thought she could do it if I was present although she was disgusted by the thought of disrobing in front of another man. the discussions continued and he said he knew he could ruin her but didn’t really want to but wanted to see her and maybe touch. she refused at first but then after thinking what he could do to her reputation and career she agreed. the date was set for a Saturday evening at 7 pm. that day she was so nervous and scared she had kocaeli rus escort taken several drinks to calm herself. she dressed in a conservative brown skirt and white blouse with red underwear and thigh high hose. he showed up promptly at 7 and knocked at the door. although I wanted to rip his head off I was cool and polite as he entered our house. I saw at once he wasn’t a bad looking guy and as he had said he was in his late 50’s. I led him into the den where she was sitting and he introduced himself. I couldn’t believe we were treating this as a casual meeting with what was about to happen. he looked at her and said she was even more beautiful than he had prepared for. she had drank some more trying to stay calm but I could tell she was a nervous wreck. we sat down and started a conversation and got into what he expected. he said he wanted her to start out on the bed and pose for him in full dress and then slowly disrobe. she was blushing the whole time and hardly spoke a word and wouldn’t look at either of us. after some more talk I said there had to be some ground rules set and he said he would leave and we would never hear from him again if it went well. we got up and moved to the bedroom and my wife crawled on the bed and lay down. I have to admit she looked very sexy there with her shoulder length red hair and blue eyes and her exposed legs above her knee. he then proceeded to tell her how to pose and she moved from one position to another at his command. then he asked for her to unbutton her blouse and pose. she did and I saw him look appreciatively at her exposed red bra barely covering her big nipples. after a bit he had her pull her skirt up exposing more leg and the tops of her hose. then eh said to remove the blouse and pose. she did and next he said remove the skirt. she was hesitant and blushed beet red but she did and now was clad only in bra and panties and hose. I could tell he was loving this and kept smiling at me and telling us how lovely she was. being natural down there a lot of hair was sticking out around her panty legs and he liked that a lot. a few poses later she told her to lose the bra. it took a few minutes but she finally unhooked it and let it fall away from her firm 36 inch tits. I noticed right away her nipples were hard but figured it was natural. after a few poses he said to remove the panties. kocaeli rus escort bayan she turned her face from us as she slid them down her long legs revealing her perfect dark reddish brown triangle of hair. he then directed her in posing in different positions before telling her to spread her legs. I can only imagine her embarrassment as she opened her legs revealing her vagina to him. I looked myself and felt excitement building in my loins as she showed her most private parts. he asked her to open her lips and show him her clit. she has a fairly large clit and it was easily visible when she opened herself up. now he had seen more than even in the pictures and she said okay is that enough? he laughed and said not hardly. he asked me if she had a vibrator. I said she did and he said I want to see her use it. she spoke for the first time and said oh hell no. he said if you want me to go away then do as I say. he nodded to me and I got her vibrator from the drawer and handed it to her. she laid back on the pillow and closed her eyes and turned it on. the little hum started and she laid it against her thigh. he said she could go ahead and she slowly moved it up her thigh and over her belly. slowly she moved it down through her bush to her clit. when it made contact she jerked and said oh god. then she let it slide up and down over the now swollen clit. after about a minute a saw her legs part some. her thigh muscles were clenching and relaxing. her eyes were tightly shut and he kept making comments about how hot she was. then I saw her legs drawing up opening herself wider. her pussy was exposed completely as the tip of the vibrator slid up and down over her clit. suddenly a gasp escaped from her lips. her hips jerked a couple of times and she whispered can I stop now? he laughed and said no way baby. his hand had been massaging his crotch slowly and he bow unzipped his pants and pulled out a good 7 inch cut dick. I am just 6 and uncut so this was something she had never seen. her eyes had been partly closed but now they opened and she started at his dick as he stroked it slowly. he pulled his shirt off and started taking his pants off. I said what’s up and she said I want to be naked too. I noticed that I was fairly hard myself and wondered what she would say if she knew. she watched him undress and kept working her hips to rus escort kocaeli the vibrator. as he stood there naked and touching himself she suddenly stiffened and cried out oh my godddddd. I watched her as she had a very intense orgasm looking straight at his dick as she did. she jerked and twitched for a full minute with her orgasm before relaxing. but she didn’t turn it off. she lay there watching him stroke and suddenly iu realized she was about to cum again. she slid the vibrator down into her wet pussy and back to her clit and cried out oh fuck I’m cumming. when she finished this time she turned the vibrator off and laid it aside but her legs stayed open. she looked at him and said why don’t you finish and we will end this. he smiled and said I have decided I am going to fuck you. she looked at me and I looked at him and she said you do want this to end don’t you. I didn’t know what to say. i looked at her and she said I don’t care just do it. I couldn’t believe my ears. she looked at him and said do it and get it over with. he crawled on the bed and between her legs and kissed her breasts moving quickly to her mouth. I watched mesmerized as she returned his kiss and saw himreach down and position his dick for entry. he leaned forward on her and I saw his dick part her lips and start in. she arched her hips to receive him and he was in. she groaned out loudly and said uuuuhhhhh god go slow. he took his time getting all the way in and then started moving. slowly in and out at first and than faster. he said god baby you are tight. her arms came up and locked around his back. I started to hear his balls slapping her ass. she was making grunting sounds as she had started to fuck back. suddenly she brought her legs up and said fuck me you son of a bitch. he was hitting her hard and fast when she cried out uh uh uh god I’m cumming fuckkk meeeee. he graoned and grunted and I could tell he was pumping his sperm into her pussy. she cried out oh god I feel your cum. they then collapsed. he got up had kissed her and said that’s the best I ever had. she looked at me and said I want you baby. I quickly dropped my pants and mounted her and entered cumming in about a minute. her pussy was sloppy wet with his cum but she felt fantastic. we all got dressed and talked some more and he gave her an envelope with her pics in it. she thanked him and he left. we showered and had sex together and she said she was sorry for getting into it so much. I didn’t really blame her because it had turned me on too. she feels safe now but I never told her he probably still has the original pics and she could hear from him again. but if he returns he is welcome to do her again because I found it very erotic watching her fuck him.

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