My first time with a straight guy


My first time with a straight guyThis is a story about my first time with a straight guy.For the purpose of this story we will call him Sam.Sam was a successful, good looking 18 year old. He was just like any normal 18 year old bloke. He was into cars, women and sports. He was well loved and extremely popular among the ladies. Sam and I had been best mates since the start of high school.When high school finished, Sam, me and a few other mates decided to go on a camping trip to celebrate the end of our education. The plan was that we would share one tent between two of us and just deal with it. After all we were all 18 and 19 year old blokes and old enough and mature enough to put up with it. I had always had a crush on Sam but I knew he was straight and it was wrong for me to do so, so I ignored it. When it came to organising who was in which tent, Sam and I mutually agreed to be in the same tent. It wasn’t wierd because all my friends knew I was gay and they accepted it. The descion was final and Sam and I would share a tent istanbul rus escort for the week. The day came and we all road tripped it to the camp site. We set up everything and all kicked back with a beer and all had a laugh. It was about the third day by now. Tonight we decided to go to bed early as we had plenty to do tommorrow. Sam took his shirt off to sleep (as he always did before bed) and revealed his ripped body and abs. I loved it and I think sam noticed me checking him out. Sam and I were just sitting on our sleeping bags and talking quietly (as everyone else was asleep) I noticed Sams croutch starting to bulge. He caught me looking and apologized. I quickly explained that it was fine. I said “I can help if you if you want” he respectfully declined. I put my hand on his crotch and gently moved back and fourth and said “are you sure?” He let out a small moan and said “No one hears about this okay!?” I agreed. I finally had what id always wanted, his cock. I unzipped istanbul rus escort bayan and removed his pants which left him sitting there naked with his large 10 inch member standing to attention. I rubbed his cock gently up and down and he moaned lightly. After jerking his cock for a bit I leant over. My heart was racing and I licked his knob. I then proceeded to tease his knob with my tounge. Sam grabbed the back of my head and rammed it down forcing his whole cock into my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down back and fouth making sure to suck and taste every bit of his cock. I removed his cock from my mouth, leant over and started fondling his balls with my mouth. I lifted my head back up and sucked his cock a bit more. I took my shirt off and Sam removed my pants to reveal my naked arse and cock. I leant over and sucked his cock while he let out a few more moans. I deep throated his dick and he loved it.His cock was now nice and lubed up with my saliva. He stood up, bent rus escort istanbul me over and slapped my arse. I loved it. Finally I was about to take Sams cock. He slowly inserted his cock between my arse cheeks and into my hole allowing it to adjust to his cock. After it was in, Sam started to pound my arse. His balls were slapping up against my arse. We were now fucking doggy style and both letting out slight moans. My arse was getting pounded harder and harder. Sams naked body up against mine felt so good and was something I had always wanted. Finally his cock was mine. He fucked me harder and harder. He pulled out and I turned around and started sucking. I tasted a bit of pre cum and his cock was throbbing. He let out a loud moan and I felt his cock spasm and a shot of cum hit the roof of my mouth, followed by another and another. It kept going. I had a mouth full of cum and I swallowed it all. I licked Sams cock clean and we both got dressed and agreed no one would ever know about our night at camp. The next morning, we both woke up and I had a massive smile on my face from my achievement. None of the boys had heard us and we were in the clear. Unfortunately I havnt been fucked or even been with Sam in a sexual way since. We havnt even spoken about it. That is a story about my first sex experience with a straight guy… hope you enjoy as much as I did

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