The Shelter


The ShelterOver Christmas I did the odd bit of voluntary work at my local homeless shelter, I have got too know a few of them over the holidays & feel for them. Most are in the situation through no fault of their own, just bad luck & circumstances. They only have twelve beds, sometimes eight turn up other night’s we have to turn people away or find them other accommodation. I Knew I was doing the sleep over on the 27th, I would be the only worker after 11pm in the shelter. So with this in mind, knowing what a dirty slut Karolina was, I thought of an idea, that could make a lot of people very happy.I told Karolina that I was working the night shift, 10.45-6am,so suggested that we could go have a few drinks & maybe a dance early evening, then come to the shelter with me. I asked Karolina to dress sexy but slutty, always been her best look, well she has stunning body, so anything short to show her long leg’s off & tight to show her body off, is a good look.The night went well, Karolina had a few drinks, a few dances. Well I say a few dances, watching her on the dance floor, I would say she almost had full blown sex with a couple of guy’s, well simulated . She just love’s to tease & get guy’s horny when dancing, I enjoy watching her too. Around 10.30 we left the bar’s & headed to the shelter, Karolina didn’t really want to leave the bar’s, she was looking to get fucked by a few hard cocks, I had to convince her that coming too the shelter was in her intrest. Once at the shelter she helped me with the coffee & biscuits, around 9 guy’s were in the shelter that night, so didn’t take too long for everyone to be seated & drinking their coffee. The homeless guy’s couldn’t take their eyes off Karolina , her long leg’s leading up to her short black dress, that clung tightly to her gorgeous ass, then her slim body & amazing pair of tits, held up firmly by the tight dress, her long dark hair dropped down over her shoulders. She really did look stunning. When it came to clearing the cup’s away, I asked Karolina if she was still feeling horny, of course she was, she is always ready for a hard cock. So we cleaned up & asked the residents for the night, to hang around for 10 minutes while we finished cleaning. We were putting all the tables & chair’s back around the side of the room, when I said to Karolina to keep two table’s in the middle.”What for” urfa rus escort she asked “I promised all the guy’s that you would put a bit of a show on for them” I explained “What kind of show ?” She smiled”Just tease them a little, show a bit of tit’s & ass, dance like a slut & let them have a wank. They have life hard out there, just a bit of pleasure for them” I said laughing. Karolina being the whore that she is agreed.The nine guy’s all sat around the room , all wondering what the show was going to be. The music started, I dimmed the light’s slightly, then Karolina kicked off her shoe’s, climbed onto the tables, & began to dance. she danced for fifteen minutes, lifting her dress now & then, showing her thong, her ass & teasing the guy’s too the limit. “Take the dress off ” came a shout, it was old Albert, 78 yrs of age, stood there with cock in hand & a big smile on his face. Karolina looked over at me for guidance. “Yeah, take the dress off” I shouted Karolina smiled & lifted the dress up over her head to reveal her amazing body, beautiful firm breast, held in her bra, lovely slim , toned stomach & firm, tight butt cheeks that had almost swallowed her thong.She continued dancing, all the guy’s by now were standing, all but one had there cocks in there hand. Only Mike still had his in his trousers, he was the youngest of the guy’s there, 31 yrs old, but very shy & nervous. “Everything ok Mike” ? I asked His head just went down, I think Karolina scares him, as I don’t think he has ever had a woman. I walked over to Karolina & helped her down off the table’s. “I need a favour off you Karolina” I asked “Anything you want ” she replied “I need you to wear a blindfold & theese handcuffs, with your hand’s behind your back””With pleasure” she says, having an idea what was about to come.I turned Karolina around & put the blindfold on, then the handcuffs with her hands behind her back. I then whispered into her ear “trust me Karolina, trust me” her head nodded in agreement. I pushed Karolina onto her knee’s, then waved mike over.”Come on Mike, she isn’t looking at you now, shove your cock in her mouth” I told him.He didn’t need asking twice, Karolina’s lip’s wrapped around Mike’s cock in seconds ,taking it in all the way till it completely disappeared. Karolina is the best cock sucker I’ve met, so urfa rus escort bayan not surprisingly, within a couple of minutes, cum was dripping out of Karolina’s mouth, she pulled away & began gargling & blowing bubbles with his cum . The other eight guy’s were by this time in a circle close around Karolina, all wanking, asking me if they could have ago.”Right everybody calm down, we are all going to have some fun, but you all do & say what i tell you too, ok ? I shout, standing in front of Karolina. They all agreed “Can I go next” ? They all started shouting at once. I undone the handcuffs & took hold of Karolina’s hair, I then pulled her down to her hand’s & knee’s and began to drag her like a dog around the room, as i did I began a speach too the guy’s.” This bitch is called Karolina, she for the next few hour’s, is not a human, she is an object for sexual gratification. You will all do to her as I ask, with no thought for the object, or you will lose your bed & breakfast for the night. All understand” ?All agreed that they are willing too do to Karolina, whatever I ask. The thought of watching nine dirty homeless tramps, fat old men, abusing the gorgeous Karolina, just made me want to cum.I dragged Karolina to her feet & explained that the guy’s line up & Karolina was going to kiss each one of them in turn. As she does, I want each of them to push their tongue into her mouth, for a minimum of 15 seconds. A few of the guy’s were short & I had too keep pulling Karolina down by her hair, as I did with Alan. As they kissed, Karolina pulled away quickly.”His breath stinks & taste of stale beer” she shrieked I pushed her head back hard”Don’t you ever call one of my friends again” I told her, I then told Alan to spit in her face,which he did, he then rubbed it in.”Kiss him you useless whore” I shouted This time she did kiss him, passionately, tongues deep inside each other’s mouth. She continued down the line, a couple of the guy’s decided they would just spit into her mouth after kissing her. I didn’t mind that, don’t think Karolina did either. I pushed Karolina onto all four’s & told the guy’s to line up, 5 behind her & 4 in front of her. They are going to spit roast her continuously for the next 40 minutes. As the first guy pushed his cock inside her now soaking pussy, Karolina let out rus urfa escort a scream of pleasure . Stopped instantly by a cock being pushed in her mouth.After 15 minutes I decided to give Karolina a bit more pleasure, I walked round the back of her, where John was fucking her doggy style & poured some Gel over her butt hole. I then told John too work it into her hole, using his fingers. I knew Karolina would enjoy this, she is the anal queen after all. After 10 minutes her arse was opening up, so we then moved on to a beer bottle, what a lovely sight, the dirty slut had an old guy fucking her from behind, shoving a beer bottle in & out of her butt hole, while having 4 cocks around her face, slapping her with them as she takes turns sucking on each.I saw Albert walking towards the toilet, so I shouted for him too wait. “Where you going Albert ” I asked him”Need to have a piss” he replied. This was an opportunity I couldn’t miss, I took Albert by the arm & lead him over to Karolina. “There Albert, your new piss pot” he looked at me as if I didn’t mean it. “Just piss on her, anywhere, head, face or back end” I suggested. He didn’t need telling twice, this set the other’s off, they all began pissing over Karolina, too their surprise, she opened her mouth & began catching it, then letting it run out & down her chin. One of the guy’s pissed in her mouth, then pushed his cock in hard, Karolina began wretching & piss & snot came flooding out of her nose.Next I wanted to see her getting double penetrated, so I asked the 5 eldest guy’s to just lie on the floor, I then told Karolina to straddle the first guy facing him. Lower herself down & insert his cock inside her pussy, then for one of the 4 other guy’s to get behind her & slide his cock up her butt hole. This is one of Karolina’s favourite sex act’s, you could easily tell as she began shouting for them to fuck her harder,faster & deeper. All the guy’s spent the next hour taking turns in Karolina’s hole’s, fucking her like a dirty whore that she is, she got a couple of anal creampies, but most of the cum ended up in her hair on her face & down her throat.Looking at Karolina sat on the floor at the end, soaked in piss, cum & spit, was a lovely sight, the old tramps behind her getting back into there dirty old clothes, just made me have a little giggle to myself. Really not sure where Karolina’s limits are. Suppose I will just have to keep pushing until I find them.Karolina got back into her little black dress, no wash at all, hair & face still full of cum, it was the funniest walk back home, lot’s of funny looks & the odd smile, if only people really knew what she had been doing most of the night.

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