To Bi or not To Bi


To Bi or not To BiI always considered myself 100% heterosexual, always chasing girls from an early age never interested in men at all. When I was 24 I was sort of living with an older woman in her early 40’s, when I mean sort of things were rough between me and my parents so I would crash at this ladies apartment. She was a fellow student at art college, Jane was much more aware sexually than me and although I couldn’t call her my girlfriend we did hit it off and get it on a few times. Jane would enjoy the company of other men while I was staying with her and occasionally other women, to be honest it did annoy me perhaps I was a little immature for her, not that I wanted her to be my property, probably I was a little selfish I wanted more sex with her.One evening when sharing a few drinks with her I did make my feelings known, Jane simply suggested I join her and her friends one night to see if there was any common ground “perhaps it would waken my inner self” Several days late Jane mentioned another couple would be joining “us” for dinner, nothing more was discussed. Paul and Sue duly arrived both looked a similar age to Jane. We ate rus escort ara a simple meal with several bottles of wine, the conversation was quite intellectual but enjoyable. Paul smoked so excused himself as he wanted to purchase a fresh pack and no doubt consume several on his walk back to Jane’s apartment. I offered to tidy up leaving the ladies on the sofa with half a bottle of wine. As I loaded the dishwasher I wondered what else the evening held for me, I returned to the lounge to find both Jane and Sue completely naked, both had similar bodies, fuller figures, large heavy breasts maybe they could do with losing a few pounds but the sight of them caressing each other certainly got blood flowing into my cock. Join us they beckoned, without hesitation I quickly undressed. I am quite skinny I enjoy distance running so don’t carry much weight, my cock is not the biggest probably 6 and a half inches. By now it was very hard in anticipation, immediately Jane grabbed me and pushed my face towards Sues lap, I obliged by parting Sues legs to reveal her meaty cunt, partially shaved just hair above her clit. rus escort bayan ara I kissed her inner thighs and moved my tongue towards her swollen pussy lips as my tongue licked up and down each side of her heavy pussy lips Sue moaned loudly, I thrust two fingers into her as I sucked at her large erect clit. As I knelt before Sue I felt Jane stoke my back and her hand reach round underneath and grab my hard cock. Slowly and gently she began to wank me off, I felt her big tits with erect nipples brush against my buttocks and her moist lips kiss my buttocks. I then felt Jane’s tongue lick my ball sack then up towards my ass hole.To be honest this unnerved me perhaps I was immature and not particularly sexually deviant, sensing this both Sue and Jane reassured me and coaxed me into continuing, Sue was groaning and her body starting to tremble with my continuous working of her clit with my fingers deep inside her cunt. Jane continued to lick my ass and I felt one of her fingers gently push then enter inside my ass. As Sue shouted out she was coming Jane held my head into her cunt to make sure I continued escort rus ara my work.I then felt a much larger object pushing against my hole, I did not want to be seen to be a prude so let Jane continue her work as I made sure Sue was completely done. I felt liquid running down my crack and onto my ball sack then a sharp pain as my ass hole was stretched and then penetrated. I could smell stale cigarette smoke, Paul had returned and under Jane’s guidance was taking my ass hole virginity. Jane quickly reassured me to at least try it and started to work my cock again, strangely it seemed to be even harder than before and Paul administered more lube to my ass to ensure a smoother entry. His cock was about the same size as mine but thicker he drove into me holding onto to hips. It hurt but was strangely satisfying perhaps it was because it felt so wrong maybe I enjoyed the pain, it did not take long before the forceful thrusts became shorter quicker strokes and I felt Paul’s body shake as he came in my ass. Paul offered to suck me off but I wanted some ass of my own, I grabbed the lube and smeared over Sues ass, clearly it was not her first time, she pushed herself forward and opened her cheeks, my little cock easily went in, she tightened the grip on my cock with her ass muscles and soon I felt myself coming I pulled my cock out and shot my hot creamy load all over her ass and cunt.This was not going to be the last time!

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