Trade Show Affair!


Trade Show Affair!I work for a large supply company as an inside sales representative. We had a booth at a trade show in the mid west, our sales manager could not attend so the company sent me down to work the show with 2 other salesmen from our other two branches. It was a long 3 days standing in the booth we stayed in a very nice hotel Chuck & Ted were outside sales reps. from our other branches, on the last day of the show Chuck had an early flight out leaving Ted and I to tear down the booth at the show. We got it all done since we were not leaving till the next day Ted and I went to dinner, we had a great seafood dinner with cocktales & wine, It was about 8:30 when we made our way back to the hotel, our rooms were on the same floor we talked in the elevator the doors opened, we walked to our rooms Ted said well I’m going to have a drink then hit the bed, I said ya that sounds really good to me, Ted’s room was before mine in the hall when we got there he asked if I wanted to come in for a drink before bed, I said no I better be going he was persistent saying aww come on it’s just a drink will help you sleep. I agreed OK I’ll come in for one drink, he opened the door, I walked in, I felt funny there I was out of town in a man’s hotel room. Ted poured us a drink I sat down on the sofa he sat beside me we talked a while about work, our home lives Ted was 45, about 6 ft. tall longer slick back black with of mix of grey hair, he was an attractive man in pretty good shape, married with 4 k**s. I’m 47, 5.9, D Cup Tits shoulder length black & Blond hair tied back I’ve always been athletic went to the gym, I always thought I looked pretty good for my age and 3 k**s. The conversation got pretty personal, he talked about how things at home were very routine I was thinking the same my husband and I our sex life was routine when it happened I hadn’t had sex in about three months. I still Love my husband but the routine was well very routine, Ted got up made us another drink he handed me my glass as he was sitting bursa rus escort down his arm moved over behind me, then he leaned in, the next thing I knew we were Kissing, our tongues dancing nibbling on my lips, my mind was in a Haze I looked at him to say Ted I can’t do this, I’ve never cheated on my husband, he looked at me breathing hard, you know you need this you want this, his hands were moving up my thighs under my dress, up to my hips, grabbed hold of each side my panties and slid them down my legs. I was now shaking I lay down on the sofa Ted came up to start kissing me again as he fingered my Pussy, it felt so good having a man take his time rubbing my body, he continued kissing then licking his way down to my neck, ear then whispered, GOD Trish, your so Beautiful I want you so Bad! That was it I looked back to say Take Me, he got up off me standing he put out his hand to lift me off the sofa, we were kissing again undressing each other Ted undid the top of my dress slid it to the floor then unhooked my bra to let me Big Tits fall, I was standing there naked still kissing Ted was undressing, he was down to his boxers when I dropped to my knees I grabbed them stripped them off to release his Cock, it was about 9 in. not to thick just right! I took hold of it started sucking, licking him I could hear him start to moan, OH GOD he groaned, I took hold of his ASS cheeks to push him forward, I swirled my tongue around his COCK I could tell he was enjoying that, as he started fucking my mouth, OH Trish your gonna make me CUM, I could feel him getting harder in my mouth, it started twitching,Ted grabbed the back of my head, his legs started shaking as he blew his Load in my Mouth! I swallowed his Sperm like a champ it had been so long since I’d tasted a man’s Cum. Ted helped me up, told me he wanted to taste then kissed me forcing his tongue into my mouth, we fell on the bed together kissing Ted was making his way down my body running his tongue the whole way down bursa rus escort bayan till reached my Pussy, once there he spread my legs open I was dripping wet as he started licking my engorged Clit this drove me Nuts I was losing control as he sucked, nibbled and licked my Clit, I was trying to close my legs but Ted just grabbed them, held them open, he was licking me hard and deep I could feel my juices flowing out of me, he was licking them up as fast as it flowed, now he was playing with my Clit this just sent me over the edge I Screamed uncontrollably, OH MY GOD I”M CUMMMING OHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOD! Ted just buried what felt like his whole face inside my CUNT! Once I regained my senses he climbed back up his face covered in my Goo, tried to kiss me I turned away, it’s us Trish it’s our juices I could smell myself all over his face he was covered, I ended up giving in kissing him tasting my juice on his face and tongue! OH MY GOD I cried, that was awesome, Ted hands were all over my body rubbing my skin, playing with my Tits telling me you have fantastic Tits, I blushed saying Thanks, I reached down grabbed his cock I could feel Pre Cum flowing out the end I started rubbing & jerking him he was hard again I was looking forward to having him Fuck Me, Ted turned over, got between my legs, started to push his Cock into my Sopping Wet Cunt, I MOANED as he slid in easily then looked down at me FUCK your HOT, I wrapped my legs around him and told him to FUCK ME, he started slow both of us enjoying the sensation I could feel my Juices Flowing down the crack of my Ass as he slid in and out of me. It felt so different being with another man, I had not been with another man since I was married 21 years ago, the guilty feeling I had were now gone seeing what I was missing in my life, Ted was now up holding my legs apart, his pace was picking up as he Fucked me Harder, I was laying there taking his Cock Loving every minute of it, I could see he was enjoying it as much rus escort bursa as me, this went on for a few minutes then I could see his face changing, he was getting ready, I looked up said it’s OK Ted give it to me, you can Cum inside me, that’s all he needed he started shaking Fucking me Harder then the last couple Hard Pushes I could feel his Dick Spurting his Man Juice coating my insides! Ted dropped on top of me kissing me I could feel his Cock Softening inside me, he rolled off sliding out of my Wet Cunt, I could feel our Cum flowing down my Ass onto the bed. We lay there a while catching our breath, I looked at Ted WOW that was Great Yes he relied you’re a lot of Fun Trish! Oh God I didn’t know how much I needed that! I want more Ted just said OK, I can do that, I jumped up onto my hands and knees looked at him and said I want it Doggy and I want it HARD Fuck me as Hard as you want and can! Didn’t have to ask twice he positioned behind me guided his Cock back into my Cunt I was feeling like a Nasty Slut at this point, I didn’t give a Shit I had gone this far I was gonna get what I wanted. I looked back told him FUCK ME FUCK ME HARD! Ted started slamming me from behind I could feel his Pelvis hitting my Ass, he took hold of my waste the really started to plow me hard I was yelling OH YA OH YA THAT”S IT THAT’S IT HIT IT HARD FUCK ME! Ted was really into it now, screaming back YOU LIKE THAT, NO I SAID I LOVE THAT! FUCK ME HARDER he did just that, my head was almost hitting the head board of the bed as Ted Slammed my Cunt like a man possessed my Tits were swaying as he grabbed them and played with my Nipples! All of a sudden I heard him scream OH FUCK I”M GONNA CUM! YOU FUCKING BITCH TAKE MY CUM! I could feel his Cock Spewing Spurt after Spurt of his JIZZ into me it felt so good, Ted pulled out of me rolled over beside me the sweat was rolling off both of us, I was still up on my hands and knees I could feel the Cum Flowing down the inside of my legs I fell down laying on my stomach. We both fell asleep woke up a couple times during the night and Fucked again, come morning I said goodbye to Ted made my way back to my room to shower pack and get ready for my flight home. Once home the guilt set in but I managed to get through it, I guess I needed a little adventure. I did see Ted again watch for the next adventure!

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