Subject: Devil Boys part 14 DEVIL BOYS By Encolpius DISLAIMER: This story is fiction. Any similarity to actual persons or events is purely coincidental. eal. Compliments, complaints, comments to ail Remember to donate to Nifty. I have more stories to tell. FOURTEEN Little Bit’s Story Booze is flowing. I smell pot. You can’t move in the pool without brushing against a naked man. Not that that’s bad, you understand. There are some who think that they should be coming up from the Erosia They are gettug frisky. “So, what is Erosia?” The Professor asked. I smile. “You ever done Molly? He looks sheepish but he nods that he has. “Erosia is similar. Energy, mood lifting, mildly psychedelic. Typical phenethylamine properties But, unlike Molly, you are more sexual and you are able to get an erection” “Typical whatever effects? I guess you’ve done enough to know” “We have access to a wide range of drugs. We tend to do things up right” He nodded. “I guess you’ve lived to tell the tale. Let me know when it’s real. I’ll take a double shot” “No, you won’t” I said. “I might but not you. Too much Erosia can …” “Can …”” “I’ll introduce you to one of the guys that started before puberty really kicked in. They are incredibly sexual, even by our standards, which is saying something” —————————————————————————————- Daddy has a friend over in Tampa. His name is Mr. Donald. His son Georgie lives with him, a lot like me and Adam. And he has two other boys that live with him. Ben is like Skeeter’s age and Davey is younger than me. They live in a mobile home outside of Tampa. It’s not that far and both Adam and me were stoked to be meeting some more kids like us. Plus, they knew Skeeter and Buck and they believed in Adonis too. When we got there, it wasn’t just who we expected. There was another guy there His name was Mr. Andrew He was a school teacher, which is totally weird because we were all going to have sex. And he had a boy too. His name was Mason. He was shorter than me and even shorter than Davey. He only came up just over the waist of Mr. Andrew and he was very slender. And he had red hair, bright red, and very fair skin and freckles all over his face. He’s cute, I guess, but he’s only 9. Mr. Donald poured a bunch of wine in a big cup and undid some capsules and poured them into the the cup too. “To the Great God Adonis” he said, holdng up the cup and then taking a swig. “The Great God Adonis wants us to fuck” The cup went around the room. Everybody took big gulps and passed it on. When it came to me, I took a gulp too. It burned and was really bitter. I handed it to Mason. He asked me if it was okay and I told him that it was. He took a couple of gulps and Mr. Donald and Daddy joked with him about it. Whatever it was supposed to do didn’t hapen at first. “Have you ever done anything, like … sex stuff?” I asked Mason He looked up at Andrew, his teacher. Mr. Andrew nodded. “Just with Mr Andrew” “Do you like boys or girls?” I asked him “I like girls. I have a lot of friends that are girls” “The important question is” Mr. Donald said “the sex stuff you’ve done with Andrew, did you like it?” Mason nodded. He had. He looked at Mr. Andrew shyly. I thought that was real cute. “You want to see my ding a ling?” I asked Mason. He nodded and looked up at Andrew again. “I want to see everybody’s ding a ling” Mr. Donald said. I pulled off my shirt and Davey jumped up and did the same thing. I think he is cute. Not as sexy as Ben or Skeeter but he’s cute. I know Adam is turned tandoğan escort on by Ben. I can see how he is looking at him. I am too. He’s hot. But I think that afer we are done, well after the grown ups are done, I’ll sleep in the bed with Davey. Maybe Mason too. The little kids can keep going. We can have our own fun. Both me and Davey get naked and we are both hard. We start sword fightng. You know, sword fighting. I slap his dick with my dick. Sword fighting. Mr. Andrew tells Mason to go ahead and take off his clothes. He is so white! He doesn’t have a tan at all. His shoulders are freckled. He has an outie belly button and he is hard too when he gets his Spiderman underwear off. He gets between me and Davey and we kind of push him back and forth just using our crotches. We all three are laughing and giggling. The others are getting naked too. I guess the drug is kicking in. I feel warm all over. And real happy. And I feel like I could stay up all night and have fun, nothing but fun. And sex stuff. I really, really want to do sex stuff. I turned when Mr. Donald smacked me on the butt. “You know how to suck a dick?” he said. “Sure. Do you?” He laughed and grabbed my dick. “I like spirit. Sit on the back of the couch. I’ll take care of you.” “You do me, I’ll do you” I said. I sat on the back of the couch and I spread my legs open. He started sucking on my balls, which is weird but I liked it. He licked his finger and reached down underneath my butt and played with my hole. Then he put my dick in his mouth. That felt really good. I just leaned back and let him do it. But then Mason came and sat next to me. Daddy was going after his little dick. Adam was in a three way circle jerk and Andrew had Davey on his knees sucking him. I smiled. It was cool. Men and boys having the best kind of fun. I was really stoked that Mason was having fun too and that he wasn’t too shy. Even Mad Dog Adam wasn’t being shy. I reached ovver to kiss Mason. He was a pretty good kisser too. “I’ve done you, kiddo. You do me?” ‘I’m Little Bit” I said, grabbing myself “This is my little bit” Mr. Donald nodded. “I think pretty soon it’s going to be the man bit” You know, men smell funky down there. It’s a weird smell. Not bad but weird. Daddy has that odor too. But the weird thing is that when I take off my underwear, it kind of smells like that too, which it never did before. I guess I’m growing up. I put my hand on his fat dick and opened up. I got as much as I could in. I’ve been practicing with Daddy and Adam “Uhhh” Mr. Donald groaned. He liked what I was doing. I felt a hand on my butt. I wondered who it was but I didn’t turn to look. I just kept on sucking off Mr. Donald. I stroked him as I put it in my moth, at least part way. Then another slap. I think it’s funny. But I don’t stop sucking. I hear Daddy ask Mr Andrew if Mason gets fucked and Mr Andrew said he didn’t. Then I felt a finger go up my ass adn Mr Andrew ask Daddy if I got fucked. I sat up and twisted around. “Ask me” I said Mr Andrew looked at me like he was surprised. “Can I fuck you?” He’s not that big down there. Less than Mr Donald, about like Daddy, bigger than Mad Daog. “You fucked Davey?” “Yeah” Davey said, chiming in. “But not Mason?” “No, not Mason” “Okay” I said. “But Adam first” He’s my brother, half-brother, but I guess you could say he’s my boyfriend. I like it best when he fucks me. I wouldn’t do it before when we were with Skeeter and Buck but I will now. With Adam and Daddy. I guess Mr Andrew too. And Ben. Definittely tekirdağ escort Ben. And Skeeter too, when we go back up there. I bend way down low. The lube is cold. Not too cold but cold. I feel Adam sliding his dick in me. ‘Uhhh” I graan. It feels good. Weird but good. Full. He moves inside me. I am still hard. Once I get hard, I stay that way. Not like Daddy. Not even like Adam. He wraps his arms around my waist. I can feel his body on top of mine. He is hot and swearty and sticky. I try to get to my dick to rub it. It would feel soo cool. “Fuck your brother’s ass” Mr Andrew says. “Then get ready to get fucked” Mr Donald says. I look over. Daddy has Mason on his lap. His dick is between Mason’s legs and Mason’s dick is sticking straight up. Daddy is stroking on it with his thumb and one finger. I get my hand on my dick. I have to groan again. It feels too good to be true. I take it from Adam. He’s opening me up. He doesn’t cum but he pulls out so that Mr Andrew can fuck me. His dick is not super big. It’s about like Adam’s. I don’t say anything when he sticks it in. He doesn’t hurt me. It’s gentle. Feels good though. I’m hard and I stroke it. That feels really good too. My dick is really sensitive. I guees it’s from getting butt fucked too. Mr Andrew moves in and out of me. I can feel his hardness. It’s amazing as he moves. Mr. Donald has Adam bent over the end of the couch and he is putting his dick into him. He likes sex stuff even more than me. I guess it’s because he can shoot when he orgasm’s and I can’t. Just because I can’t shoot doesn’t mean I can’t orgasm. I can. And then do it again. “Fuck his little ass” Daddy says. I look up at him and smile. I want that. And I like that I can fuck. How many sixth grade boys are doing it? Not many. Not any probably. Not like me. Mr. Andrew smacks my ass. A hard slap. It stings but I don’t mind. He grunts a lot when he fucks. Not like Adam. Or like Daddy. Daddy talks dirty. I like that. Talking dirty. “Put your hard dick in there and fuck him” Daddy says “Fuck the shit out of him. And Adam too. Fuck the cum out of him” “You like seeing your sons get fucked?” Mr Donald asks “Fuck yeah. It’s fucking hot” “Oh fuck” Mr Andrews says “You’re so fucking tight” He pounds on me a little bit more. Then I feel my asshole fill up. It’s his cream. Mr Andrew pulls out of me. I was bummed. I wanted to get fucked more. “Go eat his cum out of Little Bit’s ass” Daddy says to Mason. “Serious?” “Serious” Masson jumps off of Daddy’s lap and squats behind me. I stay in the doggy position. He pulls my ass cheeks wide and sticks his tongue in. He licks out some of Mr Andrew’s cum. It tickled and I wiggled a bit. Mason popped up and jumped in front of Daddy “See?” he said, all excited. Daddy kissed him and licked it off his face which is gross. I just laughed and laughed because it was so gross and funny. But I didn’t move. I was hoping someone else would fuck me. Ben, I hoped. But it was Georgie, red haired like Mason. The hair on his crotch is almost orange. But he got behind me and pushed it in. That’s better, I thought. I want to get fucked. Just a little while ago I wouldn’t. I was scared it would hurt even though Daddy said I would really begin to like it and I do. I really do. Mr Andrew and Daddy seem to be all over Mason, kind of rubbing on him and tickling him. He’s loving it too. He’s laughing and having a good time. I am too. Georgie is fucking me good. But then Mr Donald wants to. “You want Ben to fuck you, dontcha?” Mr Donald asked “Yeah”. It tokat escort was true “Make you a deal. I’m gonna fuck you and then I want you to fuck Davey and then Ben will fuck you. How about that?” “Okay” I said. I’ve never tried to fuck anyone. “Better yet, Mason” “Okay” I said. That was better. He’s cute. Davey is too but not as cute as Mason. “Okay” Mason said. And he did fuck me. He’s big too but I was loosened up. It hurt a little. But I took it. I put my head down and let him do it and it did hurt. But then it didn’t. It didn’t at all. I liked it. It was fun. It felt good. I kind of bounced back because I wanted him to get even deeper inside me. He slapped my ass when I did. I think that meant I should keep doing it. “That’s it. Take this big dick” Mr Donald said. “You’re going to be a cock whore, a cum dump” “Fuck yeah” Adam said “Him and me both” “Fag boys:” “Devil Boys. Adonis Boys” “Fuck yeah” Mr Donald said “Fuck yeah” Daddy said. “The Great God Adonis, God of the Hard Dick” “The best kind of church. The one you get laid at” Ben said He rammed it in me but he didn’t cum. He pulled out even though I was on fire. I could barely touch my dick. Mr Donald basically picked me up and flipped me over so I was sitting on the couch. I was sitting there. I was still hard. He took Mason by the arm and pulled him over to me. Mason giggled when Mr Donald smeared some lube in his butt. Then he told him to get up over me and sit on my dick I guess he wanted to because his dick was sticking up hard. Mr Donald put some of the slick stuff on my dick. Mason eased down on me. I had to kind of angle it so it went up his butthole. It felt good. Real good. He wiggled around on it and it felt even better. when he wiggled. ‘You like that. Red?” Mr Donald asked. Mason nodded. He did. “I’m fucking him!” I said to Daddy He nodded. “It’s cool, huh?” It was cool. Super cool. It felt so good. It was frustrating – just a little – but I wanted to turn him over and fuck him hard like they fucked me. I really did. But this was cool too. Beyond cool. “The kid’s whimpering” Mr Donald said ‘He’s orgasming” Daddy said I was. It didn’t take much. Just Mason sitting on my ass. That’s all it took. “Hop up” Mr Donald said to Mason “Davey can finger fuck you” They kept me there but bent my legs all the way back. My ankles were behind my ears. Ben took his stiff dick and pounded it into my ass. I didn’t care. I wanted him really bad. I wanted it really bad. He fucked me hard and I sroked myself. I wished I was old enough to cum in Mason’s ass but I’m not. I can’t wait though. I’ll fuck everyday all the time. I swear. Ben fucked me hard. I stroked myself as he did too. Mr Donald was there and he was really was jacking off. Then he got real close up to me. “Take my load cum dump” he said. He jacked it and I opened my mouth. He shot it and more of it went on my face than in my mouth. But some did. I like cum. I take Adam’s loads and Daddy’s a;ll the time. While Ben fucked me, I sucked Georgie and swallowed his load until Ben finally shot in my ass. I’m a cum dump. ————————————————————————– If You ever wonder why conservatives and tranditionalists are drawn to religion is because religion is for them. At least in the world Molchos dominates. IT maintains the status quo and marginalizes everyone that challenges the system. It supports the heiratchy and transfers money and power from those that need it to those that all ready have it in abundance. It elevates some above others. Imagine a religion that is about freedom. That has no heiratchy. That attacks the status quo for the veil it is. That believes in equality for all. That believes we are most human when we are doing human acts, not just charity and empathy but intimacy too. That is Adonis. This is what I believe

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