Subject: Diving in the Pits (chapter 2) If you are able, Nifty always needs your help. fty/ Chapter Two The next morning, I checked my phone first thing. Nothing from that blank profile; however, Brandon had messaged me: Ride your bike over after school today. How did he know what I wanted? Maybe he was just hoping. All day at school, I was a paranoid mess, looking around to see who might have sent me that pic from that blank profile. No one made any signal that it was them. There wasn’t a single person who looked at me too long or made a comment. Even in Cultural Geography, Brody didn’t do anything unusual. Of course, he was in a freaking normal t-shirt that didn’t show any of his pit hair. Unforgivable. Right after school, I got on my bike and headed over to Brandon’s house. I had texted my brother that I was at one of my friend’s houses to work on a group project. Hank wouldn’t care to follow up. He only needed to know enough to keep his ass out of trouble. Shortly into my bike ride over, my phone started buzzing. If Hank asked any questions, I would be so busted. I hadn’t thought this lie out enough. Stopping, I put my feet on the ground and dug my phone out of my pocket. It was an unknown number on it. “Hello?” I answered. “Are you still coming over?” Brandon’s somewhat goofy voice filled my ear. “Yes.” I started to bike again, holding the phone up to my ear with one hand and steering my bike with the other. “Good. Just come in. I’ll be waiting for you up in my room.” He gave me directions to where his room was from the front door. “Okay,” I said, not knowing what else to say. He hung up without another word. It felt weird just walking into Brandon’s house without knocking. He had told me how to get to his room, but I was still unsure. It really felt like a trap. However, I followed the instructions he had given me, and I was in his room in a moment. Of course, his room smelled like ten sweaty boys lived in it. But, it was all Brandon smell that I remembered. Against the far wall, Brandon was sprawled out on the couch. His hands were behind his head, showing off his pits, wild hairs sticking out in all different directions. A few matted down to his body. His chest and ab game were on fire. He had one hairy leg bent up on the couch, making a triangle between his leg and the couch. The other leg dangled off. He was only in a pair of stretched malatya escort out boxers. Brandon was not particularly cute in the face, but his body was on point. He knew he was sexy too. His smirk was evident as I looked him over. “Well?” He said like he was saying duh. “Well, what?” I asked, looking right into his pits now. The way his shoulder and biceps and triceps met, he had a valley in his pits. “Don’t play dumb with me. You came here for a reason.” Brandon was forceful in his words, but they did not come off as mean. Taking one last look around the room, I saw all the basketball posters around. He was really hoping he would make something of himself one day. I admired that. Walking closer, I got down on my knees and started toward his pit. However, Brandon’s hand caught my forehead and stopped me. I almost growled. “Rule number one: when you know a guy is wanting to mess around with you, don’t wait for him to tell you what to do if you know what you want because you aren’t going to want to do what he tells you to.” Brandon rambled quickly. I just nodded my head, hoping he would let go soon so I could get to work on his pits. “You can have one sniff, then back off.” He let go of my head. Without thinking, I put my nose right into his pit and took a deep breath in, smelling him. The odor told me that he had not put any deodorant on after his shower that morning. He had a full school day of stink that he went through just to please me. And I moved back and adjusted myself as I was hard as a rock. “Get up and strip for me,” Brandon commanded. I sat on my knees for a moment, shocked at what Brandon wanted from me. But, looking into his eyes, I could tell that he wanted that as much as I wanted back into his pit. There was also a slight fear coming off him. Sure, he was cocky as could be, but he was still afraid. It quickly dawned on me that he was worried that I was going to tell. This was his desire, but no one could know about it. Kicking back on my butt and rolling my feet back to the soles on the floor, I untied my shoes and took them and my socks off. Kind of nervous, I stood up and slowly started to take my shirt off. It was then that I first thought that being shirtless was a sexual thing. How many times had I been to the pool and guys checked me out shirtless? The idea kind of made me excited. With that, I was a little maltepe escort more sexy about how I took my jeans off. I had seen enough of those-kind of videos to know what to do. I slowly undid my button and then pulled down the fly, exposing my orange briefs. Before he could get a good look, I jumped around backward and slowly let down the back of my jeans, showing my orange briefs butt. “That’s it, baby. Give Big Brandon a show.” Brandon was now sitting up and watching me. I lifted the back of my jeans up where they are supposed to be. The front still open, I walked forward, grabbed his wrists and put them on my body. One of his hands slid to my back and started rubbing it softly, while the other went up to my nipples and start pinching at them. It was a weird sensation of pain and pleasure at the same time. As he played with my nipples, I slowly tilted down to take another sniff of his pit. He caught me and pushed me backward. “You didn’t finish the job yet, baby.” So, I went back to taking my pants off. There really is no sexy way to pull your legs out of jeans. That hit me as I hopped on one foot and then the other to get them off. Turning back around, I slowly revealed my butt. Brandon let out a little moan of pleasure. “Stop. Stand still.” I didn’t move. Brandon got up from the couch and crouched behind me. “Let me do this, and you can have free range at my pits.” “Okay?” I said, questioning what he was wanting to do. His hands were suddenly rubbing my ass, pulling my cheeks to the side. My arms tensed. I wasn’t ready to be fucked. But, that wasn’t what seemed to be happening as I felt his breath hit my hole. Without warning, his tongue licked up my hole and back down. Then it fluttered over my hole. Shit! It felt amazing. Over some time, his tongue started to push inside of me. My breath was falling hard. I never wanted this to end, and I was stretching the fabric of my briefs. Grabbing my hips, Brandon really pushed his face into my crack and his tongue into my asshole. The pleasure was unspeakable. I knew I was moaning loudly, loving every second of his tongue against and in my asshole. Suddenly, Brandon broke free and breathed hard. “That was,” he stopped to think, “way better than I ever expected it to be.” Feeling like I wanted to give Brandon something back, I took my briefs off. I turned around mamak escort and showed off my five-and-a-half-inch cock for the first time in my life to someone else. Swallowing hard, I was nervous about what Brandon would think. He studied it for a long time before he got up on the couch again in the same position he was the first time. He broke the silence by saying, “You can get on my pits now.” I nearly dove over there to start licking at his pits. I was like a hungry dog licking at one pit and rubbing my hand over the other. The hair was such a nice feeling on my hand. I wanted to do this forever. Without realizing it, I was jerking myself with my free hand. Brandon’s eyes were on it, but he didn’t stop me from doing what I was doing until he could tell I was getting close. “Can you cum?” he asked me. I nodded. He pulled his boxers to the side and told me to cum on his cock and balls. I stood up and looked right into his pits, one wet from my saliva. The other still beautifully hairy all sticking out wildly and amazingly. I did as he asked and came on his cock and balls. It was a little bit of a mess that went up to his abs. He just grabbed his dick and started jerking himself, using my cum as lube. I couldn’t stop watching him. “Sniff my ass,” he told me. I frowned, but I went down and did it. How could I not when he gave me so much pleasure. I was surprised that it didn’t smell anything more than sweat. His back arched as he jerked himself harder. I watched as he spewed cum all over his abs. A part of me wanted to lick it up, but I couldn’t bring myself to that yet. “You can eat my ass next time,” he said. “Then my pits are all yours again.” I just kind of nodded, feeling suddenly overwhelmed. Quickly getting dressed, I had to get out of there. I even skipped putting on my briefs and left those behind. I jumped on my bike and rode home as fast as I could. When I got to my house, I was a sweaty mess and out of breath. My brother tried to comment on it, but I rushed up to the bathroom, threw my clothes off and got in the shower. My heart was racing. I could still taste Brandon’s pits in my mouth. Thinking about it excited me, and I quickly beat off again, thinking about eating his ass. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Brandon seemed to enjoy doing it to me. After dinner that night, I finished my homework. When I checked my phone, I saw that I had another message from that blank Instagram. This time, it was a clear message. There writing around a picture of an 8th grade guy who was known for making trouble around school. The words were: Make him feel good, and I’ll let you touch my pit hair for five minutes.

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