Content warning: The story section below, along with other sections of this story, contain references to or depictions of consensual sex between adults and minors. The story is entirely fictional.

I have written and posted this story with the hopes of receiving feedback. Please email me to let me know what you think.

-Zane B. Hawk – ail

He Can Take It

By Zane B. Hawk – ail

Part 1

Mark was in his hotel room near the nude beach he had visited earlier today. In this hotel room by the beach a college student was currently riding his dick. Mark had reserved this room about a week after breaking up with his long term (and sexless) boyfriend. He planned this getaway to blow off some steam and to move forward with his life.

At this moment things were going nicely in that direction, but he didn”t realize now how far things would eventually go. At this moment he was just enjoying the sex. At this moment he had no idea he had begun a journey toward realizing his most fundamental needs, a journey that started with a simple vacation to a nude beach.

At this moment Mark was simply lying back on the bed and enjoying the sight of the college kid rotating his hips against Mark”s groin. The kid”s eyes were closed, head was tilted up. The kid”s hands were braced on Mark”s his chest, keeping his balance. Mark looked down at the kid”s dick. It was stiff and swinging up and down with the movement of his hips. Beyond the dick Mark could see his own fat cock being treated to an expert up and down massage from this kid”s ass.

And despite how hot this was, Mark was still distracted thinking about his ex.

What the fuck is wrong with me? He wondered as the college student leaned back, still riding. The kid”s cock was now pointing straight up and slapping against his own belly.

The relationship had been sexless for a year, and even before that it had never included any of the kinks or pervy role play that Mark craved. His ex was a simply prude. Mark had loved him for a while, but the ex was so inhibited that their sex life was never more than a blowjob, a mutual jerk off, or a handful of times (at Mark”s pleading) an attempt at an actual fuck.

The past three years had left Mark needing so much from his previously adventurous sex life. And yet now that he could have whatever he wanted, he was distracted.

I need to get back to my old self he thought. And he began to wonder how much this kid could take. He raised his hands to the kid”s shoulders and pushed him down as he thrust his own cock up, forcing it deeper than the kid had been riding it.

That earned a moaned, “Fuuuck.” followed by the kid curling forward and putting his hands back on Mark”s chest. Mark lowered his hands to the hips, lifted, withdrew his cock, and immediately slammed back up. This time a louder and higher pitched “Fuck!”

The kid looked down with a pleased and mischievous look. “Use this pussy,” he purred.

Mark was 35. Since he was a teen he had a thing for guys younger than himself. And this kid was a good match for his needs. He was early 20s and fit but, important to Mark, not scrawny. He had a nice round ass, which was the first thing Mark noticed about him when he saw him earlier today on the nude beach. He had dark hair ankara grup escort that was long enough to grab onto — not that Mark had done that yet, but he considered that on the beach as well. Green eyes, and a smooth body that appeared to be naturally hairless everywhere except for the trimmed hair above his uncut cock and the hair under his armpits. He also had a line of fine dark hair from the top of his ass crack to his hole and extending underneath to his balls, all of which had been sitting on Mark”s face just a few minutes earlier.

Mark allowed himself to imagine the kid being even smaller, smoother. Not that he had ever been with someone that young in his adult life, but the taboo of it got him off.

Mark pounded up harder, which caused the kid close his eyes again and nearly collapse down onto Mark”s chest. He was holding himself up on the platform of Mark”s pecs, squeezing the hard muscles as Mark enjoyed the sight of the kid taking exactly what Mark wanted to give. Mark continued to increase the pounding.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck.”

“You like that cock up inside you?”

“Uhnngg” was the “yes” Mark received in reply.

The fact that the kid could barely speak, that Mark could fuck as hard as he wanted, could do what he wanted, and the kid was clearly loving it — this gave Mark the beginnings of a sex high for the first time in so long. He needed this.

Mark”s body — more than his brain — was telling him to destroy something with his cock. Doing this, this thing that let him approach his most fundamental self, he decided this was what he needed more than anything in order to move on. Fucking rough and nasty.

“Answer me, boy” Mark commanded. The aggressive tone seemed to surprise the kid who snapped into eye contact with Mark. Mark”s brow was lowered and his gaze piercing through the kid”s expression, which seemed to be waiting for the next sentence, for the resolution to the shouted tension. “I asked if you like that cock up inside you.” Mark spoke calmly but with direct assertion. Not answering was not an option.

The kid received another slam of cock in his ass, smiled, closed his eyes, and whispered, “Yes, sir.” It was spoken from some other place. “Yes, sir, I love it.”

Mark began to sit up. He had his large hands on the kid”s waist. He held this smaller body down onto his cock and sat up farther, moving into a kneeling position without removing his cock from the tight ass. Mark was kneeling upright now, and the kid”s arms were around his neck, holding on. Their faces were close to each other. Their eyes met. Continuing the movement, keeping the boy impaled on his dick, Mark laid the kid down on his back. Large hands to smooth ankles now, lifting and spreading them apart.

Fuck like you should have been fucking for the past three years, Mark told himself.

He began long-dicking the hole. Not fast. He looked down between his outstretched arms that were grasping the ankles, past his own furry and muscular chest that contrasted with the kid”s smooth and soft body, and he saw his cock drawing steadily out of the hole. The ring of the boy”s ass was sucking at Mark”s shaft, nearly pulling inside out from his girth. The body on the bed grabbed behind his own knees and pulled them back farther, exposing and opening gümüşhane escort himself more.

Permission granted.

After pulling out far enough that his cock head was the only thing holding the hole open, he slid back in slowly, balls deep, and then repeated the motion. With the kid”s legs pulled back Mark was able to fuck deep now, much deeper than when the kid was riding him. He felt his cock push past the second opening inside, and the ring of it tightened just behind the head of Mark”s dick. The kid began making sounds that seemed to be half-formed words that he could not quite complete. Guttural sounds. Inhibitions destroyed. This was the zone.

Mark placed a hand loosely just below the kid”s throat. He was not one to get turned on by going farther than a bottom wanted, so he waited. He saw the kid”s eyes connect with his. Pure lust. The kid nodded. “Choke me.”

Mark slid his hand up, wrapped it around, and squeezed. Just hard enough to give the kid a taste of delicious fear with no sincere panic. He and increased the pace of his long strokes, his head popping in and out of the second opening each time. Then he increased more. There was a slap sound with each in thrust now as Mark”s body pounded into the kid”s.

The previous unformed-word-sounds morphed into, “Oh my god. Oh fuck.” Mark was sweating now. It was dripping onto the kid”s face, which was turning red from the tightening grip of Mark”s hand around his throat. “Fuck fuck fuck don”t stop.” The pressure on the kid”s throat was obvious in the croaking tone of his voice. The pleasure the kid was feeling was obvious in how his mouth lolled open and his eyes began swimming.

Then Mark felt a change in sensation around his ramming cock. The walls of the kid”s insides swelled and stiffened against Mark”s shaft. If his fingers had been in the kid he knew he would have felt the kid”s prosate surging full and hard like a walnut.

He”s gonna blow.

Mark increased his pace, repositioned slightly to fuck upwards, directly against the knot that was swelling inside the kid and was preparing to pump out his boy seed. At the intensity of Mark”s new position, the kid”s mouth opened slack, overcome. His eyes rolled back in his head. Mark squeezed harder at the kid”s throat. The kid”s ass ring squeezed harder around Mark”s throbbing shaft.

The kid moaned a non-human “Oh oh oh oh oh,” and his dick erupted, shooting strings of cum up to his own face, onto Mark”s hand around his throat, onto his chest, onto his belly. The kid continued with, “oh oh oh” as he completely wetted himself with shot after shot of cum.

This visual, along with the increased sensation around his dick and the taboo thoughts in his mind brought Mark to the edge. He removed his hand from the kid”s throat and grabbed both ankles once again. The hole was still spasming around his dick, and his dick blurred furiously in and out of the kid”s sucking hole.

“You”re gonna take my load you little fucking whore,” Mark nearly shouted and began to unload. The kid was fully impaled on Mark”s large dick, and Mark was planting his seed deep. Every shot felt enormous. Each was a distinct force barreling from the root of his cock, from behind his balls, through the shaft, and out. His already thick cock now expanded to enormous proportions halkalı escort as it unloaded into this beautiful, soft, smooth body. Holding his hips steady now, still fully embedded, Mark”s dick continued pumping shot after shot after shot and filling the kid”s guts.

When the last shot was done, Mark panted, sweaty, looking down at the kid”s face in a fuck stupor. And as the orgasm fog began to lift, Mark was slowly restored to his senses, to the room, to the kid beneath him nearly folded in half, gasping for air, covered in his own cum and filled with even more of Mark”s, looking up at him stunned and pleased.

“Holy fuck,” said the kid. “I”ve never– That was– Holy fuck.”

“I needed that,” Mark replied and let go of the ankles, pulled his hips back, and with a long withdrawal he extracted his sensitive cock from deep inside the boy”s clenched hole.

Through the hotel window the ocean was shimmering with the gold light of the setting sun. The two of them lay on the bed for a few minutes, catching their breath, not saying much. Mark eventually stood and walked naked to the large window. The nude beach where they had met a few hours earlier, not quite visible from here, was likely emptying.

The kid showered, and Mark walked him to the door. They kissed and the kid said, “Thank you. I”m going to feel that for a week.”

“You”re a hot piece of ass,” Mark responded with a playful tone, and the kid walked the hall toward the elevator.

Before he closed his hotel room door, Mark saw another man leave the elevator and pass the kid. Mark recognized him from the beach earlier today. This guy wasn”t a sex prospect for Mark — too thin, too tall, not young enough. Not that he was unattractive. Plenty of people would have been interested in him. He just wasn”t Mark”s type.

Mark had noticed him on the beach because of how he carried himself. There was a certain energetic and mischievous vibe to him. He chatted with anyone who was near him, and Mark especially noticed how he brought people together. Someone from a cluster of people on one side of the beach would end up spending an hour with someone from the other side of the beach because this guy matched them up. In his conversations, in accepting beers offered to him, in his obvious enjoyment of seeing people enjoy each other — he seemed to revel in pleasure at all times in a way that was unremitting and elemental. To Mark he seemed like a character from a fable, a fairytale guide, some archetypal force that was familiar but that Mark couldn”t place.

As the man came within speaking distance in the hotel hallway, he looked over his shoulder at the kid stepping into the elevator, then looked at Mark, winked, and said, “That”s some very nice work, man. Very nice.” He didn”t break stride, looked Mark up and down, lingering at the flaccid but still impressive dick visible in Mark”s shorts, raised a hand that was holding a bottle of red wine in the liquor store wrapping, and said, “Cheers to you. See you back out there tomorrow?”

“That”s the plan,” replied Mark.

“Good.” The man smiled broadly from behind a wispy goatee that added to his carefree vibe. And without looking back over his shoulder said, “Let”s see what kind of boy we can find you tomorrow.” He raised the wine bottle high, lowered it back down, and disappeared around the corner.

Then Mark placed the feeling of fable and recognition. He”s a damn satyr, Mark thought with a chuckle, and reentered his room to rest. Although he wasn”t aware of it yet, his journey, being guided toward his true self and pleasure, had barely even begun.

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