Subject: “Master of River’s Bend” Chapter 16 Gay male/Authoritarin Gay Male/Interracial Master of River’s Bend Chapter 16 “Betrayed” This is a story of erotic fiction meant to be read by adults over the age of eighteen years Written by Jon-Christophe “The characters and ideas contained in this story are products of the writer’s imagination and bear no resemblance to actual persons or events. Please respect the integrity of the story and don’t do any rewrites, make alterations or add another’s artwork or pictures” Please consider donating! Nifty needs your financial support to continue publishing these stories. If you’d like to help, please donate fty/donate.html Chapter 16: As he approaches the house, Charles sees his house and grounds slaves waiting to welcome him home. Even from this distance, he sees Ptolemy, the young Zapthenath and his newest slave, Ramses kneeling in the full obeisance position – that is, nose to the floor and ass elevated with knees spread wide – in the shade of the wide porch. By contrast, the two grounds-slaves, the brothers, Horus and Osiris stand at full display but at the bottom of the steps ready to assist their Massa and Yancy to dismount. Their sweaty, sun brown, lustrous bodies gleam seductively in the late afternoon sun and as always, the sight of their nudity and strong, young physiques excites Charles. The sight of Horus and Osiris stirs his loins and he decides that they will provide the dinner entertainment for his guests this evening. To that end, he’ll have Ptolemy douche them, scrub clean their sweat-stained hides and have them wait in the kitchen until he calls for them to perform. Charles considers what type of entertainment the two slaves will provide as he, Yancy and Edward enjoy their coffee. He is anxious to demonstrate to Yancy his mastery over his white slaves and he wants to impress upon his young prot�g� – for that is the role he now sees Yancy fulfilling – that here at River’s Bend plantation Blacks are in control and whites exist only to toil as slaves for the profit their labors bring to their Black Master and for the pleasure their bodies can provide for him and his guests. He considers several options perhaps a wrestling match if time permits; a contest at the end of which the winner fucks the loser. H could have both slaves liberally coated with slave oil. There is nothing quite as sensuous as flickering candle-light casting dancing shadows on the well-oiled, naked bodies of two slaves engaged in a wrestling contest. The candlelight also castes a golden glow on the combatants and the oil serves to highlight their muscular physiques and, besides, it is always amusing to watch as their bodies slither and slide against one another as they futilely struggle to gain a hold of their oil-slicked opponent. As he considers this, his erection intensifies itself and he wonders if he’ll be able to last the distance. He knows full well that it will prove difficult; perhaps he’ll seek his relief with Ptolemy as the slave bathes him ready for dinner. Then, he reconsiders; he decides to save all his energies for later in the night as he establishes his master’s ownership rights over his new slave, Ramses. Charles is anxious to review Ptolemy’s preparation of Ramses and he gently taps his mount, Pegasus with his rider’s crop to speed him up. To keep pace, Yancy vigorously applies his driver’s whip twice to his pony, Clem’s flexing ass and heaving shoulders. Clem cries out in pain, lurches forward and quickens his pace to match that of his Massa’s stallion. Charles watches indulgently as Yancy continues to ply his whip to his sweat-soaked pony and reflects on the differences between his thoroughbred mount and the hapless slave running between the shafts of Yancy’s cart. He only needs to give Pegasus a gentle tap of his rider’s crop to have him respond positively whilst Yancy needs to apply his whip several times with the full vigor of his powerful arm to elicit a similar response from Clem. Charles decides this is proof – if any is needed – that his horses are more intelligent than his white slaves. A horse can be coaxed and cajoled to better performance whereas a white slave has to be soundly whipped to have it respond to the same degree. Charles and Yancy come to a halt at the bottom of the steps leading up onto the porch where Ptolemy, Zapthenath and Ramses are waiting on their knees ready to welcome their Massa home and to pay their respects to Yancy. Horus and Osiris help Charles and Yancy ankara otele gelen escort to dismount before leading Pegasus and Clem back to the stables. Charles is in an ebullient mood; he affectionately wraps an arm over Yancy’s shoulders as they climb the steps and he talks animatedly. Charles pauses on the top step – this is part of the homecoming ritual in which his slaves participate – and waits as Ptolemy crawls forward to kiss his dusty riding-boots. “Welcome home Massa! Your slave is happy to see you and craves to serve you in any way you desire, Massa!” Massa Charles ignores Ptolemy who crawls away to allow Zapthenath to crawl forward and to pay similar homage. He too is ignored – after all, slaves don’t require their Master’s acknowledgement for simply doing what is expected of them – and he crawls away to allow Ramses to come forward. Ramses is overcome with fear as he crawls into his Massa’s presence. Suddenly, in Ramses mind, Massa Charles takes on a god-like status and he is overwhelmed by his Massa’s presence. He tries to speak but his mouth is dry and the words won’t form. Desperately, he tries to articulate his welcome. “W-w-w-welcome …” He stutters, pauses and then the words tumble incoherently out of his mouth. “Welcome home Massa!” Then, once more fear overtakes him and his words fail him and he falls silent. For his part, Charles decides to allow this newest slave to his household some latitude. After all, he has been a slave for just a few hours. This morning he’d woken as an arrogant, free, white man and now, with evening approaching, he is merely a naked, white slave. Naturally, Charles reasons the boy is still coming to grips with his changed circumstances. Charles looks down on the trembling figure crouching at his feet. He sees the cropped head with its nose pressed to the floor and the naked, elevated ass quivering beneath his gaze. He notes the width of the lowered shoulders, the long, muscular back leading upwards to the trim waist and the rounded curves of the raised buttocks. Ramses has spread his knees – as he’d been instructed to do by Ptolemy – and his ass crack is open to scrutiny. Charles is keen to see more and slowly walks behind Ramses for a better view. Charles is rewarded by the pleasing sight of Ramses two, plump balls hanging lopsidedly between his wide-spread thighs while the delicate, rosy-pink rosebud of his virgin asshole is clearly visible. The orifice puckers nervously from the unnatural stress the position of obeisance places upon it and seems to be winking a message of “come and visit” to Charles. He can hardly wait to do so and looks forward to claiming his “Master’s due” later tonight. Charles bends and takes the ball-sac in his hands. He is impressed by the satiny feel of the hairless scrotum as he examines it for any stray hairs. And woe betide Ptolemy should he find one! But none are present. Next he traces a finger up the deep canyon of the ass-crack and again he fails to find even one stray hair. Obviously, Ptolemy has done his job well. As his finger makes contact with the striated entrance to Ramses’ body, Charles is pleased by its heat and its silky-smooth texture. His finger begins to tickle and tease the warm, yielding flesh and a tremor of apprehension or is it anticipatory pleasure ripples through Ramses’ body. This pleases Charles; obviously the slave is very responsive and Charles looks forward to exploring this more fully with Ramses. Charles’ hands slide over the rounded mounds of Ramses’ ass-cheeks; again searching for any missed or stray hair. But his careful searching finds none. Ptolemy has excelled himself. Both buttocks are devoid of any “peach down” and his new slave’s ass is as smooth as that of a new-born baby. Charles noisily slaps Ramses’ ass and orders him to his feet. “Stand up, boy! Face me and assume the full display position!” Ramses does as he is ordered but not quickly enough to please his master. “YOU WERE TOO SLOW, SLAVE! When I give you an order you are to obey me immediately.” Crestfallen, Ramses stutters his apology. “I – I’m sorry Massa. I’ll do better next time, Massa.” “Damn right you will boy! Ptolemy, fetch my cane.” Ptolemy hastily climbs to his feet and scampers away to do Massa’s bidding. Within moments, he returns with a vicious, rattan cane. Ptolemy kneels before Massa Charles and holds the cane at arms-length before him. Wordlessly, Charles takes the cane from him and swishes it öveçler escort through the air. Ramses turns white as he hears the sibilant hiss of the cane. Just a few hours ago, he’d watched as Ptolemy was caned by Massa and he knows what to expect. The fear of punishment and its associated pain suddenly overwhelm Ramses. True, he’d often imagined being a slave and suffering exquisite punishment and he had enthusiastically masturbated as he’d so fantasized. But this isn’t an erotic fantasy; this is actually happening and suddenly he wants to return home. Once more, he becomes Luke Trevannion and somehow finds the courage to speak out. “This is going too far!” He ignores Charles and addresses Ptolemy by the name given to him by his family. “Beauregard, I’ve decided I don’t want to be your heir or to inherit River’s Bend. And I’ve decided I no longer want to play at being a slave. Tomorrow, I will return home taking my slave Nestor with me.” Luke is totally unprepared for what happens next or for Charles’ explosion of fury. Charles angrily slaps his face with such force that Ramses falls to the floor. Bewildered, dazed and in pain, he doesn’t move and seeks the illusory sanctuary of the porch’s hard floor as Charles berates him “You won’t be going home tomorrow, boy! Not tomorrow; not ever. You will remain at River’s Bend as a slave for the remainder of your days or until I decide to sell you down river. Your life as a free man is over. You are now my slave! It was always my intention to permantly enslave you as I did with Ptolemy and that you’d never leave River’s Bend. I hadn’t planned on revealing this to you at this early stage but your petulant outburst has brought things to a head. Still, perhaps that is no bad thing. At least we now have a better understanding of your ‘true’ relationship to River’s Bend. And Yancy is no longer your slave. He is now your superior and you will acknowledge him as such by your every word and deed. Or you face dire punishment.” Charles words even take Ptolemy by surprise. He is shocked and he had no idea of his Massa’s true intentions towards his young cousin. He feels a sense of guilt for the part he’d played in Luke Trevannion’s betrayal. However, as he considers this he tries to rationalize the situation. He is, after all, Massa’s slave bound by the rules of total obedience and nothing he could have said or done would have helped Luke. And as Massa’s slave he has to accept any decision made by Charles as the correct one. And besides hadn’t he too hoped for such an outcome but only if Luke Trevannion had decided that was what he’d wanted without any coercion. Nevertheless, he does still feel a tinge of guilt for the part he’d played in luring Luke to River’s Bend. Ptolemy feels a little like the Judas sheep that leads its unfortunate, unsuspecting companions into the abattoirs. Ptolemy decides all he can do now is to help Luke as he permanently transforms from free man into the slave Ramses. Ramses listens in horror to what Massa Charles is saying. It takes several moments for the intent of Charles’ words to filter through the haze of his confusion. When it does and he realizes the full extent of the betrayal that Massa Charles has perpetrated on him, Ramses begins to cry in despair. Great sobs rack his body and as he looks about he sees there is no pity for him. Indeed, as he looks towards Yancy, he sees his former slave’s smirking countenance and look of triumph at his reversal of fortune. Once more, Massa Charles orders Ramses to his feet. “Stand up, boy! On your feet, face me and assume the display position.” This time Ramses reacts to his Master’s order with alacrity. His fear of this man who has enslaved him ensures that he does so. And he remembers to lowers his gaze to the floor as Ptolemy had instructed him. Charles keenly scrutinizes Ramses’ nude, glabrous body and is pleased with the changes that Ptolemy has wrought upon it. Not a hair mars the perfection of the slave’s lustrous skin. Indeed, the absence of body hair enhances Ramses’ appearance and makes him a slave in every sense. His muscle definition is more evident and the absence of his pubes accentuates his generous genitalia. The balls hang heavy and swing low between the slave’s parted thighs and his long, thick cock hangs limp; no doubt made so by the trauma of just hearing of his fate. To Charles mind the only things lacking are the absence of a collar around the slave’s neck and a cock cinch to thrust pendik escort his cock and balls into obscene prominence. But that can wait until this evening. He plans on fitting these necessary accoutrements of slavery during dinner in the presence of Yancy and Edward. Placing the end of the cane under Ramses’ chin, he uses it to tilt the slave’s head upwards. Momentarily, the eyes of Master and slave meet before Ramses capitulates and lower his eyes once more to the floor. But not before, Charles sees the look of absolute fear in his slave’s cornflower blue, tear-filled eyes. This pleases Charles; a slave should fear its Master for only through its fear can a slave give of its best. And he decides to add to Ramses’ fear. “Ramses! You warrant punishment for your two misdemeanors. The first is your slowness to react to my orders. And for that you will receive ten strokes of the cane. Your second offense is more serious and grievous. You displayed truculence which I WON”T tolerate from any slave. That deserves further punishment that is more severe than a mere caning. I will decide on an appropriate punishment for you after I talk to Boss Edward, my chief overseer. But for now, you will receive ten strokes of the cane and I ask Boss Yancy if he’ll administer them. Will be so kind as to oblige me, Yancy?” “It will be my pleasure, Charles! Who’d have thought this morning that, by day’s end, I’d be whipping this white boy’s sorry ass?” “Yes, indeed Yancy! Who’d have thought such a thing is possible?” “Where will I cane him, Charles?’ Yancy asks. “Does he need to be restrained?” “I think that would be advisable. In view of his earlier defiance. However, we don’t have time to take him to the caning bench set up in the barn. No, we’ll do it here. Here come Horus and Osiris and I’ll have them tie him over the porch railing with his ass positioned for the cane. Ptolemy fetch me some rope.” It takes only a few minutes to have Ramses in position. Before he fully comprehends what is happening, Horus and Osiris have him bent double over the top rail as Ptolemy ties his ankles and wrists to the lower rails. This has the effect of tilting his ass upwards ready for the cane. Too late, Ramses realizes what is happening and begins to struggle futilely in his bonds. But Ptolemy has bound him securely and there is no escape. Desperately, Ramses looks back between his splayed legs. His line of vision is naturally restricted and he sees only the legs of those standing behind him. He recognizes the slaves’ legs; after all they are uncovered and he sees two pair of legs clothed in trousers and boots and he knows these belong to Massa Charles and Yancy. He bucks violently as a hand is placed on his upturned ass and he sees this as an assault on his person. But whose hand is it? Is it Massa Charles’ or Boss Yancy’s hand? His struggling begins afresh until a stinging slap on his ass shocks him into stillness. He hears Yancy’s voice telling him to cease struggling. Then Yancy’s hand begins to gently stroke his ass as he calms Ramses down. As he settles, Ramses recognizes the futility of his resistance. Nothing can save him from being caned. And with the acceptance of that, he capitulates and prepares himself for the cane’s first strike. He doesn’t have long to wait. Suddenly, the hand is removed from his ass and looking back between his legs he sees Yancy bracing his feet for the first strike. Ramses hears the sibilant hiss of the cane followed by the loud thwack as it strikes naked flesh – his naked flesh. For a split second, Ramses feels nothing as his brain registers the pain. Then, his ass explodes into pain unlike any he could ever have imagined in his wild, erotic fantasies. And Ramses hears his own disjointed voice expressing that pain. “AHH! Shit! Oh, that hurts. Oh please……..” His plea fades as once more the cane delivers a second, red stripe to his ass. And it is followed in quick succession by another and then another. By the fourth stroke, Ramses is desperately but vainly pleading for it to stop. “Oh please Massa! Stop Massa! I’ll behave and do whatever you want!” His pleas for mercy fall on deaf ears and his punishment continues until Yancy has delivered all ten strokes of the cane. Only then does the caning stop and Ptolemy, acting on Massa Charles orders, unties his bonds. As he does so, Ptolemy whispers into his ear. “Crawl over to Massa and kiss his feet. Thank him for your punishment and tell him that you’ll be a good slave.” And Ramses has the good sense to follow his cousin’s advice. His apology is sincere and contrite. He doesn’t ever want to experience another caning and will do whatever it takes to avoid a repeat of the burning pain that is presently searing itself into his striped and soon to be bruised ass. To be continued ……………..

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