Subject: One of Three This story is 100% fiction and is for mature readers only. If you are under 18 please leave now. Please note that all my stories are written for enjoyment only and not intended to give anyone ideas on what to do, what to try, or who to do things with. The actions taken in my stories should stay in your mind only and not expanded to real life situations. This story is a fantasy involving a young man and three young boys. You can see a list of all my stories on the authors page under the author, Playtime69. All comments are appreciated and can be emailed ard. Please identify what story you are talking about when you send me a message. Even though I do not respond to all emails I do read them all and have used some of your suggested ideas in my stories. I also will write new stories with your suggested ideas. Just send me your ideas to address above with as little or as much information as you want to tell me including names, ages, sexes, positions, relationships, and what section on Nifty you want the story to go, etc. I will see what I can do with it. If you want to name the story that is fine too. Just make sure the information is yours and not from someone else’s story. Thanks for reading. Please, find it in your heart to donate to fty/donate.html without them we would not have a safe place to deposit and read such great stories. This story idea and basic information came from one of my readers. I took their information and worked it into the story you see here. I hope you enjoy this story about a man and a set of triplet boys having a sexual relationship together. One of Three by: Playtime69 My name is Topher and I was born third in a set of triplet boys. My oldest brother, Tyler, was born seventeen minutes before I came out. Toby quickly followed Tyler by only two minutes. I was the last at fifteen minutes later. The three of us grew up in a loving home with our mother, father and sometimes nice older sister. Like most homes with twins and triplets, we were all dressed alike, shared one bedroom, and for the most part shared all the things we had. There was one big difference in our family. I was different than my two older brothers. It was almost like there was a set of twins and then there was me. While all three of us had brown hair and hazel eyes and we basically looked alike there was a big difference in our sizes and tastes. Both of my older brothers were into sports and had more muscles than I did. They hung out together where I normally was more quiet and stayed to myself. It was not that we did not get along or fight, at least any more than other brothers, it was just I was not as interested in the things they liked to do. Also since I was so much smaller and more frail than they were they were afraid I would get hurt. Over time this caused me to feel more inferior to them. I was, on the other hand, more studious and did very well in school, some would even call me a nerd. If you had to identify me in one word compared to the others you would say I was the ‘runt’ of the family. Our sister, Amanda, was 17 years old and in her senior year of high school when she met a guy named Craig. Craig was 19 years old, in his second year of college, and in my opinion was very good looking. At the time my sister was 17 my brothers and I were only 10 years old just shy of our eleventh birthday. All three of us boys liked Craig and for the most part got along pretty good. We lived in the middle of nowhere with not many houses around. There was a wooded area behind the house that we liked to explore and there was even a swimming hole not too far in. From time to time our sister and boyfriend would take us and let us swim around while they made out on the edge of the woods. We never did say anything because we got something out of it. They too were having fun so we figured there was no harm done. One day when our parents were both at work Craig came over but Amanda had a big test at school so she asked Craig to watch us while she studied. He agreed and before we knew it the four of us were at the water but since we had not planned on going swimming we had not put on our swimsuits. “Well guys.” Craig began saying. “Since it is just us men here why do we just strip and go for it.” He suggested. Well none of us were really shy about being naked around each other so without complaint we began to strip. That was the first time we got to see why my sister liked Craig so well. Craig not only had a body covered with muscles but had just enough chest hair to make him look older and sexy but not so much that he looked old and disgusting. Looking down between his legs we got our first look at his male package. It was something I could have looked at for a very long time without getting tire of. His big dick was limp but still looked to measure about 4″ and fairly thick. I just wondered what it looked like when he was hard. I mean his cock limp was about the size of my cock was when it was hard, and yes, even though I was not quite 11 yet my dick was getting hard from time to time. My brothers both began puberty when they turned 9 but I did not start till about a year later. I cannot say if they had begun shooting cum yet or not as I was not invited to çorum escort play ‘sex’ games with them. The four of us jumped in the water and splashed around. I did some swimming as that was one thing I was good at doing. I had stopped to rest a bit and noticed Toby and Tyler were playing around with Craig. It was almost like Craig had even forgot about me being in the water with them. They were grabbing at each other, pushing and shoving and basically rough housing with each other. I guess I felt a little left out and maybe even a little jealous. I knew I was smaller and more frail than my brothers but I still wanted to be with them and do things they did. It was not just this one time though. I had been noticing Craig seemed to like both Toby and Tyler more than he did me by being around them more and doing things with them that he did not do with me. Eventually we got out of the water and laid out in the sun to dry off before getting dressed. I noticed how Craig’s dick had grown from limp to semi-erect and it really made me wonder how big it would finally get. I guess I had looked too long and thought too much about his privates because my little prick decided to spring into action. With my brothers both laying out with their eyes closed I noticed Craig looking at me like I was looking at him. He saw my hard basically hairless penis and tight balls and when our eyes met he smiled at me. I felt a warm loving feeling wash over my body as he then closed his eyes and laid back down on the grass. I too laid back down until I was told to get dressed because it was time to go back to the house. A few weeks later our parents had to be out of town for a few days so Amanda was put in charge. It was no big deal. She did her thing and we did ours and as long as we did not burn the house down everyone was happy. Amanda had to go to some school meeting that she could not get out of and she asked Craig to keep an eye on us to which he gladly agreed to do. Craig was sitting between Toby and Tyler watching TV while I sat on a chair across the room reading a book. I looked up and saw something that really bothered me. Toby and Tyler were fondling Craig’s big dick through his jeans while he was fondling them through their shorts. I could not believe it. How could they do this and even more hurtful how could they do this in front of me. Then again I was getting aroused by what I was watching. I watched for a while to see what would happen but figuring I was not going to be invited I decided to get up and take my hard little cock to the other room. I got up and headed toward the stairs when I heard Craig call out, “Where are you going?” “T-T-To my room.” I stammered. “No you don’t. You don’t really want to go to your �room right now. Wouldn’t you rather stay here and play with us. We are about to play a new game that I’m sure you will love. At least according to the little tent in your pants.” Craig said. “You want me to play with you guys?” I asked. “Sure.” Craig confirmed. “You’re ‘One of Three.’ You’re a package deal. I would not want to break up the set, would I? Craig chuckled. “Ok. What are we going to play?” I asked. “Well…let’s just call it the Fun Time Game.” Answered Craig. I and my brothers just looked at him wondering what to do and how to play. Craig told Tyler to go get two dice. Tyler ran off got two dice and quickly returned. When he was back Craig began to explain what we had to do first. “Ok. First of all you all have to promise not to tell anyone what we are about to do.” He began saying. When we had all agreed he continued. “I will be number 1. Tyler is number 2. Toby will be number 3. And, Topher is number 4. Remember your number because that will be very important.” We all said we would remember but were really confused about what we were going to do. Craig then explained that the first thing we had to do was to strip naked. That was going to be nothing new and to get to see Craig naked again was definitely going to be worth it. There was a catch though. “But before you go removing your clothes you need to listen. You are not to remove your own clothes. Someone or should I say two others will remove your clothes. Since we are all wearing shirts, pants or shorts, and underwear, we are all about equal. Topher, you roll the dice.” Craig was saying as we all stood there looking really confused. I rolled the dice and I rolled a 1 and a 2. “Ok. Good.” Craig said. “Now since I am number 1 and Tyler is number 2 then we are the ones that get to remove one piece of clothing off of Topher and Toby. Here is the catch. I can only use one hand and Tyler can only use one hand so we have to work together because the one that the clothing is being removed from cannot help in any way.” Craig was explaining the best he could. It did seem a little strange but interesting. The first article of clothing to be removed was the shirt. So with Craig and Tyler working together they removed my shirt first. It was a little awkward but they managed to get the shirt off of my body by pulling it over my head. They then worked on Toby’s shirt, getting it off a little faster. Toby then rolled the dice getting a 1 and a 4. Now it was my turn to work with Craig in removing Tyler’s shirt and Toby’s shorts. The shorts were easy as they çukurambar escort just had to be pulled straight down but the shirt was more difficult. It was Tyler’s turn to roll the dice. He got a 4 and 6. Well since no one had a 6 then Craig just subtracted 4 from the 6 to get a 2 so then it was going to be Toby and myself removing Craig’s shirt and Tyler’s pants. This method continued until we were all standing in the living room totally naked. None of us was hard but we were not soft either. “Well how was that for a start to the game?” Craig asked. We told him it was interesting and fun but that we wanted to know what to do next. Craig asked if we knew what oral sex was. We told him we did not know so he told us it was when someone sticks someone else’s dick in their mouth and sucks and plays with them until that person cums. We were not sure about it but was going to give it a try. Craig said he was going to demonstrate and had me sit on the couch first. Craig got on his knees between my legs and lowed his head to my lap. I then could feel his hot mouth wrapping itself around my quickly growing dick. Once inside it grew to its full length as Craig began to suck and play with my balls. I was just about to have an orgasm when he stopped and pulled off of my cock. “See. That is all there is to it. Just do it a little longer to make them cum and really enjoy the fun.” Craig told us. “Toby. You are next. Switch places with Topher so I can suck you.” Craig told Toby as he stood up and out of the way. Toby and I switched places and Craig then began to suck Toby’s 4″ hard narrow cock. He played with his balls and caressed his belly and nipples as he sucked Toby to near ecstasy. Just before Toby had an orgasm he stopped and told Toby and Tyler to switch places. They did and Craig began to suck on Tyler’s 4″ hard member. He too was taken close to orgasm before stopping. “Ok. I want you all to stand in front of me and let me get a good look at you all.” Craig demanded as he positioned us in an orderly line. I was to the far right with Toby next to me and Tyler being first in line to the left. Craig walked by each of us grabbing our package and playing with our balls at the same time. All three of us were rock hard and about ready to blast off an orgasm any second. “Now I want each of you to do the same to me. When I step in front of you I want you to make yourself familiar with my cock and balls. I just want to feel each of you touching me.” Craig explained. He began the trip with Tyler, He then stepped in front of Toby for some of the same treatment. When he had enough of Toby he stepped in front of me. I began to caresses his tool and balls. This time though he began to quietly moan. I was not sure if I was doing something wrong or right but figured he would tell me if something was wrong when I was finished. All of a sudden he abruptly pulled from my loving hands and stepped back. “Sorry little dude. You about made me blow my wad all over your face and I am not ready for that just yet.” He explained. I giggled and smiled as we went to the next part of the fun. Craig had Tyler sit on the couch and he had Toby suck his dick. Then they switched and Tyler sucked Toby’s 4″ hard dick. Toby and Tyler was so good at what they were doing it made Craig wonder. “You two have sucked each other before haven’t you?” Craig asked with a look of interest on his face. Looking down and each with a red face they admitted they had done it several times before. They also said they had just recently began to shoot small amounts of cum. I had an idea they had done something together but had no idea they had been sucking each other off and was blown away by finding out they were shooting cum already. That meant, in my opinion, I too would be shooting cum soon. “Let me guess, you have not let Topher play sex games with you in the past?” Craig asked them while he gave them a shameful look. “No. We…well…did not think he would want to play and suck our wieners.” Tyler admitted. Craig then looked at me and asked, “Well, Topher? Would you have sucked their cocks?” “I…I…I…do…not…know.” I slowly answered. “Well do you want to suck them now?” He then asked. “Yes.” I quickly answered. “Good. Tyler sit on the couch and Topher is going to suck you cock and play with your balls. Topher I want you to show your brother how good of a cock sucker you are. BUT, DO NOT let him cum. He is being punished for not letting you play with him sooner.” Craig explained. I quickly got between my brother legs and began to suck. I played with his balls caressed his dick head with my tongue and made him out right moan from the pleasure. I took him right up to the edge of an orgasm before I let his throbbing dick plop from my teasing lips. “You Fucking Dick Head! I was just about to cum!” Tyler yelled. Craig stepped in also yelling. “Hey! We will have none of that. He did what I told him to. Now it is your turn. I want you two to switch and Tyler, you suck Topher to near orgasm. Let’s see if you are as good of a cock sucker as your brother.” We switched and Tyler locked tight on my cock almost sucking it down his throat. He was a lot more brutal than I was with no sense of love and care like I had given to his prick. Eventually ankara escort he calmed down and sucked, licked and caressed my balls till I about exploded. “Ok. Toby you are next. Let’s see how you like your little brother’s cock sucking ability.” Craig chuckled. I sucked Toby to just inches from explosion before letting his pre-cum oozing dick slip from my loving lips. “You are good, Topher. That felt great!.” Toby said. “Thanks.” I replied with a sexy smile. I then sat down and he went after my rod like a hungry boy after a hot dog. He was more gentle than our other brother but still did not have the passion like Craig showed when he had sucked each of us. I was just about to cum when he stopped. Craig sat us down on the couch side by side. Our hard dicks all sticking up from our laps. Tyler and Toby had pre-cum dripping from their holes and Craig was constantly fingering his pre-cum from his dick and taking it to his lips for a snack. “Are you ready to cum now?” Craig asked. We all excitedly said we were ready but was wondering who was going to get whose cum shot. And, the biggest question who was going to get Craig’s load of cum. “We will leave it up to chance as to who get’s who’s cum. I will roll one die and Tyler will roll one die. If I roll a 2 and he rolls a 1 then we will suck each other. If not then whoever we roll will be our partner.” He suggested. I guess that was fair. We all had a chance to get to suck anyone in the room. I was really hoping Craig would roll a 4 so he would suck me to my first ever orgasm. I was not sure I could drink all of his cum from his big balls but I would sure try. The roll was made. Craig rolled a 3 and Tyler rolled a 5. That roll was considered void because it had a 5 in it. There were many rolls made before a valid roll happened. I was sad when it came up that Craig would suck Toby and Tyler would suck me. I was not going to argue though. Craig showed us all to how to get into a ’69’ position so we could suck each other at one time. We got into our pairs and began to suck away. The whole room was filled with sucking and slurping sounds. The moans quickly increased in volume and in occurrence until there was no quiet time left. Suck, slurp, moan was the only thing that could be heard for the next 15 minutes. That was until Toby was first to blast his boy load of cum down my throat. I was not ready and had no idea what it would be like. I began to choke on his cum as it dribbled down my face. Chuckling, Craig said, “That is ok, Topher. You will get better at swallowing cum over time.” Tyler was next to blast his load down Craig’s throat. Followed by me with my dry orgasm that shook my body with shivers that vibrated Tyler’s face. It really felt good but I really think Craig would have done a better job. Last was Craig. He squirted a load of cum that all three of us could not have handled. Poor Toby. He had cum in his mouth, on his face, and all over his chest before Craig’s balls ran dry. We cleaned up and got something to eat before Craig said we would try something different. We wondered what he was talking about but we were all pretty hungry so we stopped for a bite to eat before our next adventure. We got back from eating and Craig asked if we wanted to fuck. We were not sure what he was talking about so we asked. He explained that we could fuck each other in the ass. Our dicks instantly sprang to life. Craig grabbed some lube and showed us how to lube our butts up and then our dicks. “Toby I want you to fuck Tyler’s ass while Topher is fucking mine. After you cum then switch places.” Craig told us. I was very concerned because even though I did not know much about fucking I did know his big fuck stick was not going to fit inside my tight butthole. Craig could tell of my concern and explained that he was too big for my ass so I was to suck him off and to drink his cum. I was more than happy to do that and in no time we were all at it. There was all kinds of moaning as skin on skin slapping noises took over the room. There were balls slapping asses, skin slapping skin, and cum being squirted into assholes. I was quick to have an orgasm, once again a dry one, so that I could suck Craig off. It was his second cum in a short time so he did not shoot as much but I did get a belly full and even had some dribble down my chin. Craig quickly licked my chin clean as he gave me a special loving hug and kiss. Craig gave us one last lesson on French kissing and we each had to French kiss everyone else. This was the way any massive family fuck fest should end, with lots of hugs, kisses, and fondling. We broke apart and took showers in pairs. Craig and I showered together and Toby and Tyler showered together. We were finished and dressed just as our sister got home. She asked how things went and we all said we had got along great. She just looked at us oddly and walked off to her room. We never knew if she suspected anything or not. It was much later when I found out that Craig wanted to be more careful with me because he thought of me as more delicate than my brothers. That was why he did not rough housed with me as much as he had with my brothers. Craig finally admitted he liked me more, and in fact, within a few months Craig and Amanda broke up. Craig and I began to secretly see each other. When I turned 18 we publicly announced our engagement to each other. Most everyone was very surprised but they were all happy for us. To this day we have lived a very happy life and plan to have many more good years together. The End

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