Subject: The Reward by Cutter09 Gay Adult/Youth Please remember to donate to Nifty. The thousands of stories available for your reading pleasure is provided by Nifty, so give a little and get a lot. http://donate./donate.html You can find more of my stories listed on the prolific authors page under Cutter09 The Reward Chapter 1 I know it’s not an uncommon tale, but it’s the facts. My maternal unit was not a good person in general, and an even worse mother. I won’t bother with the details of chemical abuse or child abuse, let’s just say it occurred. It’s unfortunately an all too common way of life for many kids, myself included. Some are lucky enough to survive, many are not. Obviously I am one of the lucky ones, or I wouldn’t be alive to tell the tale. I hope you will reserve judgement until you hear it all. Back when I left what would be loosely called `home’, I was streetwise and crafty. You tend to be that way if you come from those circumstances. Well, being on the street and hungry, I was looking for opportunities to get money any way possible. Yes, I had done what many others before me had done. Sell myself. Just because I`m gay, doesn’t mean I wanted to do that. Outside of being humiliating, it’s not so bad. Being a horny thirteen year old, you want to dump a load whenever you can anyway. Letting some old guy suck your dick for a few bucks is a win/win. Desperation trumps humiliation every time. And when your self worth is at its lowest already, one more step lower comes easy. I had managed to preserve my backdoor in spite of many attempts otherwise. So I was at a strip mall shopping center bumming change when I saw a guy lay his wallet on the roof of his car as he loads his packages inside. Then he gets in and closes his door. As he backs out of his parking space, I start to yell out at him. Hoping he might give me a reward for telling him. But before I can get his attention, he’s off and headed out of the lot. When he turns to exit, the wallet flies off the roof. I’m no dummy so I’m on that wallet before it even skids to a stop. This wallet was either snake skin or maybe eel skin. Whatever it was, it looked expensive. Inside I find eighty bucks and three credit cards and the guy’s driver’s license. Eighty Bucks! I’d have to find four old guys to blow me to get that much money. No Mickie D’s happy meal for me, I’m splurging on Whataburger tonight! As I’m eating my double Whataburger (I even added cheese), I look at this guys license. The address is in a nice neighborhood. I’ve seen the street, though I don’t know anyone there. I figured I could maybe still get a reward for returning the wallet. I mean the guy can’t expect the money to still be in a found wallet, now could he. It doesn’t mean I took it, I found it that way. Right? He’d be happy just to get the credit cards back. It’s about a two mile walk which I don’t mind. I have to burn up some of those burger calories anyway. Got to keep my figure if I’m going to peddle my dick. So I find the house, I had to check to be sure it was the right address. Because the house should be spelled HOU$E. There was a shiny new Mercedes in the driveway. I hadn’t even noticed what kind of car he drove, my eyes were on the wallet. So I’m thinking of a triple digit reward as I ring the doorbell. The door was opened by a young guy who was talking on the phone. He raised a finger to me indicating he’d be with me in a minute. “The last time I used the card was at a sporting goods store on Treeline Park,” he said into the phone. I pulled out his wallet and waved it at him. “Um… Never mind, I just found it. I think.” He looked at me questioningly, so I opened the wallet to show its contents. “Yes. I’ve found it. Sorry to have troubled you. Thanks for your assistance.” “Thank God. There is at least one honest person still left in this town,” he said as I handed him the wallet. “I found it in the parking lot on Treeline Park,” I said, cringing at the word honest. I had taken the money, but I wasn’t going to tell him that. “I would give you a reward, but the cash is gone,” he remarked after looking more closely at the wallet. “Well, at least they didn’t take the credit cards or my license. It’s such a hassle replacing them.” Shit, I took the only cash he had, now I don’t get a reward. Ok, I know that’s fucked up logic. I did get all the cash. I turned to leave. “Wait! What’s your name, kid?” “Ry… Well, Ryland actually but everyone just calls me Ry,” I was saying as he eyed me up and down. I get that look a lot. I’m what most people call pretty. I’m 5’4”, 100 pounds of pretty (maybe 105 after that burger). With sandy hair, hazel eyes, and two year old jeans that hug my everything. That’s how I get twenty dollars for sucking my dick. Of course, right now I’m kind of a mess. I haven’t bathed in a few days (and then it was a gas station toilet sink bath), My hair is a wind blown tangled mop, and my tight jeans were filthy. Although I did steal a button down plaid shirt from Goodwill just a couple of days ago, so that’s not bad looking. “Well, come in Ry. I’m Jared Franks, of course you know that from my license. I really would like to reward you.” I entered what looked like a movie set. A curved staircase ended at the polished marble floor I was standing on. To the left I see a large living room with posh furnishings, to the right, was a dining room with a table for ten. I’m thinking, `All this and no cash? What the fuck?’ I notice him eyeing me again. He had the same expression that guy’s have just before they hand me twenty dollars. “Perhaps I could take you to dinner? Do you like Italian? We could go to Angelo’s.” Looking down at my clothes I said, “I’m not really dressed for anyplace nice.” “I probably have some things that will fit you. Right this way.” He led me up the stairs, at the top he turned right, and then through another door into a beautifully furnished bedroom. “This used to be my room.The closet is there, and you’ll find everything you need in the bathroom to shower. I’ll meet you downstairs afterwards.” Man, a hot shower would be a great reward. I hurried to the bathroom and about dropped my teeth. I’d never seen a bathroom that could be called beautiful, but this one could. All marble and glass, nice lighting. I stripped off my clothes and stepped into the large glass walled shower. The water only took a couple of seconds to warm to the perfect temperature. As I soaked myself, I noticed the tub next to the shower was a whirlpool tub. Maybe he’d let me check that out too before I leave. I stood there enjoying the cascading water, and watched it circle the drain. It was already dirty and I hadn’t even used any soap yet. I’ve gotta be more attentive to things. Working the soap over my body, I thought about jerking off, but decided not to. I had cut back on that activity because you never know when a chance to earn twenty dollars will arise, and I wouldn’t want to disappoint a customer. I washed my hair, and had to use a shit load of conditioner to get the tangles out. Damn I felt good as I stepped out of that shower. I grabbed a plush towel and ran it over my body and my long hair. When I finished I noticed all the water I’d dripped on the floor and quickly mopped it up with the used towel. I didn’t want this Jared guy to think I was a complete slob. I found a comb in a drawer and ran it through my now soft hair. I even fluffed out my fifteen pubes, then went to the closet. In the closet I found some black slacks and a white button down shirt that looked like they’d fit me, and black loafers in my size too. In the bedroom chest, I found a variety of underwear that was suitable. I dressed then went back to the bathroom to take a gander in the mirror. I looked good. I picked up my towel off the floor and folded it in half and hung it over the edge of the sink. See, I’m not a slob. Jared was waiting for me in the living room. ” You look great. Did you find everything you need?” he said as his eyes traveled my body again. “Yeah. I love that shower. It was heavenly.” “It’s still early, would you like something to drink?” “Coke is fine if you have one. When will your parents be home?” He chuckled as he went behind the bar for the Cokes. “They won’t. This is my house.” “Your house? You’re only like twenty years old,” I said in surprise. “Twenty four actually. I inherited this place from my, um… Uncle Stanton.” “Damn. Really? He must’ve loved you.” “Yes… He did,” he replied forlornly. “Tell me about yourself.” “Uh… Not much to tell, really.” What was I supposed to say? I’m a street kid that plays whore once in a while. “”May I assume you’re not living at home?” Shit. He knows. “Uh… Yeah,” I answered, hanging my head. “I’ll go change into my old clothes.” I know he doesn’t want to take me to dinner now. “Hey, no need for that. I still owe you a reward.” I’m sure my face lit up at that. We sat and chatted while waiting till time to leave. He had made reservations at Angelo’s, apparently he knows the owner. I studied him as we talked. He was very good looking, dark wavy hair, what they call bedroom eyes, slim but fit without being all musclely, and at least six feet tall. At the restaurant, Jared introduced me to Angel. He is Angelo’s son. Angelo is long gone, now his son runs the eatery. Angel was trying to figure out where he knew me from. He probably didn’t recognize me with clothes on. He had been one of the first to pay for my dick. I didn’t tell Jared his friend picks up street kids for sex. We sat at a candlelit table, Jared had a glass of wine, I had sweet tea. Our conversation was light and came easily. Jared seemed like a really nice guy, and not hard to look at. I was starting to feel bad about taking his money. But soon this free meal would be over, and I’d be back on the street looking for my next meal. Hopefully, I won’t have to sell myself for a few days. It’s strange how your priorities change when you’re on the streets. Number one is food. Two, shelter. Three, survival, don’t piss off someone who might stab you. With our bellies full (he even sprung for desert), we headed to the car. “Thank you Jared, that was really delicious.” “I’m glad you enjoyed it. I did too. It’s still pretty early. If you don’t have to be somewhere, we could watch a movie or something. That is, if you want to. I’d appreciate the company.” “No, I don’t have any uh pressing engagements,” I chuckled. Ok, here it comes. He’s gonna get me back to his house and want me to suck his dick. I’ve only had to do that once. He’s been nice, and he’s good looking, I might do it if he doesn’t get mean and force me. At the house, he led me to a less formal room with two sofas and a huge TV mounted on the wall. “Make yourself comfortable. I’ll get us something to drink.” When he returned he asked, “What would you like to watch?” “I don’t get to the movies often, so whatever you like will be fine.” He found a movie called `Second Hand Lions’. A story about a boy who is left to live with his two mysterious bachelor uncles by his irresponsible mother. It was a great movie, and the boy was really cute. We didn’t talk much during the movie, and when it was over, I expected him to make his move. “Ry, if you’d like to stay, you’re more than welcome to. No pressure. You can use that same bedroom.” That’s it? No `Get naked and assume the position’? I was shocked. “Are you sure? I mean… I’m a…” “I’m sure. Really. I’d like you to stay, if you want.” We walked upstairs together. At the top of the stairs, he turned left and I turned right. Then I stopped. “Uh Jared…” “Yes?” “I took the money from the wallet.” “I know… Good night.” Chapter 2 I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Jared said he knew I’d taken the money, yet he was being so nice. I undressed, folded the borrowed clothes neatly, and slid into the king size bed naked. Damn, it was cumfy. My dick let me know it felt abandoned, so I reached for it. I stroked it and realized I was disappointed that Jared hadn’t tried anything. From the way he was looking at me, I was sure he was interested. But why didn’t he at least make a pass at me? I started stroking as I wondered what Jared looked like naked. Was he hairy or smooth? Cut or natural? Big dick? He has large hands, if that’s really an indicator. I kinda didn’t care. He’s been so nice and he’s good looking, I’d do stuff with him anyway. After a few minutes of fantasizing about Jared, I shot my load on my chest and belly. I had to get up without getting cum on the bedding, and clean up in the bathroom. The orgasm relaxed me enough that I was soon asleep. I woke up with the sun streaming through the windows. Looking at the bedside clock, I saw it was already after ten. I jumped up to get dressed, but I didn’t want to put on my old clothes and the ones I wore to dinner didn’t seem appropriate for now. I remembered seeing some grey shorts in the chest when I was looking for underwear, so I grabbed them. They were like really soft jogging shorts and felt great. Jared was sitting in the dining room drinking coffee when I entered. “Good… Jesus… Good morning. Um. Can I get you some breakfast?” he stuttered while gazing at my body. I looked down at myself realizing I only had on the shorts. No shirt, shoes, or even underwear. The shorts softly outlined my junk. “Have you eaten already?” “No, I just had coffee while waiting for you.” “Then whatever you’re having will be fine.” “Stella!” he bellowed toward the kitchen. A woman entered, drying her hands on a kitchen towel. “Ry this is Stella, she’s my housekeeper.” “More like slave. Pleased to meet you, Ry,” she said with a wide grin. “Hush woman, you know you love me. We’ll have bacon and eggs with grapefruit. Oh, and milk and orange juice.” “Does your car need waxing too while I’m at it?” Then she leaned into him and kissed his cheek. I heard her whisper “He’s cute.” as she left. “Don’t mind her. She came with the house.” From the other room, she hollered, “I heard that.” We both laughed at that. “Sit here,” he said, indicating the chair to his right. “Do you have any plans for today?” “You know, the usual. Luncheon at the yacht club, then an afternoon polo match with the prince.” Oh. Well that beats a picnic at the lake with me then,” Jared grumbled. “If you’re going to get all morose about it, I’ll try to pencil you into my schedule.” Jared gave me a big smile. He should do toothpaste commercials, his smile is so bright. Soon Stella entered bearing a large tray with our breakfast. “Did he tell you about the time I caught him in the backyard naked as the day he was born?” “That’s a lie. I had on socks,” Jared said in defence. “Oh, I have to hear this.” “I lost a bet.” “With who?” I ask. “My uncle.” “Your uncle wagered you naked outside? What was the bet about?” “I’ll tell you some other time. Eat your eggs before they get cold,” he sidestepped. Some other time? What does that mean? “What should I wear for this picnic?” I asked. “What you’re wearing looks great, but you might want to put on a shirt and shoes,” Jared replied, looking down at my crotch.There it is again. He seems to want me, but no move to have me. Surely he knows street kids are easy. All he has to do is wave a twenty at me and I’m his. Well, I wouldn’t even charge him. We finished our breakfast, and went upstairs to get ready. The clothes I wore here were gone from the bathroom. I pulled a tee shirt from the chest, and threw it on. Socks and tennis shoes completed my ensemble. Jared said this used to be his room. It’s hard to imagine he was ever my size, but all these clothes fit me. Why didn’t he ever throw them out? And where are his larger clothes? He must have bought more as he grew. I met Jared at the top of the stairs. He was dressed in shorts too. Nice legs, not much hair but shapely. At the bottom of the stairs sat a large picnic basket. Jared grabbed it and we were soon on our way. Music was playing on the radio, and our conversation flowed easily as usual. Jared appeared to be very happy, and at one point, reached over and patted my bare thigh. It was brief, almost affectionate. I wouldn’t have objected if he had left his hand there, but it was soon back on the steering wheel. The two hour drive passed quickly and before I knew it, Jared was parking the car. He opened the trunk and pulled out a blanket and a portable radio and handed them to me. He carried the basket of food, and led the way through a trail. After a short hike, the woods cleared to reveal a beautiful mountain lake. It would be a perfect place to bring a date. Wait. Is that what this is? Are we dating? He took me to dinner last night, there were candles on the table and it was kind of romantic. Then a movie after. The only thing missing was the good night kiss. Now a picnic in a bucolic setting. Soft music playing. Shit, I think I’m on a date. “Jared, my clothes were missing from the bathroom.” “Oh. Yeah, I went in this morning and gathered them and took them to the laundry room. Stella will wash them and place them in your room.” My room? And he said he would tell me later about the bet. It sounds like he expects me to stay awhile. “What exactly are we doing Jared?” “Having a picnic.” “No. I mean… It sounds like you expect me to stay with you.” “Well, I live in that big house by myself. I enjoy your company. Would it be so horrible if you did stay?” “No, it wouldn’t be horrible. But you don’t know anything about me.” “I know enough. I really like you, and I want you to be safe. It’s not safe for you on the street. Eventually someone is going to hurt you.” I knew he was probably right. The one and only time I gave a blow job was because the guy got mean and forced me to suck him. Then the bastard didn’t pay me. “So you’re being nice to me to get me to stay?” “I want you to stay for sure, but I’m always going to treat you nice, not just today.” He pulled chicken salad sandwiches, fruit, cheese, and chocolate cake from the basket. I sat cross legged on the blanket eating a sandwich. I noticed Jared was staring at my crotch again. I glanced down and saw a gap in the leg band of the shorts. I’m sure he could see part of my balls, and maybe even a bit of my dick. When he noticed I had caught him looking, he blushed and looked embarrassed at getting caught. “I’m sorry. But you’re very attractive.” “Is that why you came into the room this morning? Did you have something in mind?” “No! I was going to wake you, but you were sleeping so peacefully, and looked so cute, I just couldn’t disturb you.” We ate in silence. I didn’t bother to close my legs. Let him look. And he did, several times. I felt good about letting him look. I had let other guys see it so they’d pay me. I liked him seeing it for free. Well, free except for what he has spent on me the last couple of days, oh, and the eighty I stole from him. Shit, it really wasn’t free, but at the same time, I didn’t have to let him look. So he could have spent that money for nothing, I was at least giving him something for his money. I tried looking at his crotch too, but couldn’t see anything. I mean there was definitely something there, but I couldn’t make out any definition. He handed me some fruit and cheese, then poured orange juice into two of those tall skinny glasses. After a sip, I realized it wasn’t just orange juice. “It’s a mimosa,” he said at my questioning look. “Champagne and orange juice.” “Are we celebrating something, or are you trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me?” “Well, we could be celebrating. That is. if you agree to stay with me. But I promise to never do anything you don’t want.” A few minutes later he poured us more of the drink, and handed me a slice of cake. “Will you at least consider it?” I nodded. I was definitely considering it. Jared knew how to woo a boy for sure. This was the most romantic thing I had ever been exposed to. Letting some old guy suck my dick in the front seat of his car doesn’t even compare. We finished the food, and just sat quietly. Jared reached over and held my hand. He is so sweet. I’ve never held hands with anyone. Hell, I’ve never done anything except let guys use me. This thought made me want to cry. In fact a couple of tears ran down my face. Jared noticed and pulled his hand away. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.” I moved closer to him and drew his hand to my thigh. “It’s not you. It’s me. I’m just not used to people being nice to me.” After another minute Jared asked, “Would it be alright… May I kiss you?” What a stupid and estremely sweet question. It was just a nice soft kiss. Then he drew away smiling. I put my hand behind his head and pulled him back for a much longer deeper kiss. My dick grew hard instantly. I was praying he’d take it further. Instead he broke the kiss, smiled at me and said, “Thank you.” He glanced at my swollen crotch, then quickly averted his eyes. We continued to hold hands and enjoy our surroundings, until the sun started to sink in the horizon. We held hands as we followed the path to the car. Then his hand was on my thigh for the duration of the drive. Not once did his hand wander higher. We were dating. He was wooing me. No doubt about it. And it was working. You don’t survive long on the streets without being a good judge of people. You have to be able to avoid bad folks, and know who you can trust. Jared was just that sweet, in an old fashioned kind of way. He wanted me, and was letting me know of his intentions, without being crude or pushy. Stella was gone when we arrived home. She left a pot roast with veggies for us though. “Would you like to eat now or Later?” Jared asked. “Later. I want a shower now.” “Sounds like a good idea.” We went to our separate rooms. I’m already thinking of it as my room. I stood in the bathroom and undressed. My dick was still chubby from his hand being on my thigh for the last couple of hours. I stared at myself in the mirror. I knew he’d never do anything, other than maybe ask my father for my hand in marriage (if I even knew who the asshole was). So I had to. I walked naked to his room. I heard his shower running, so I went towards it. Through the glass wall I could see him facing away from me. He had a really cute butt. I opened the door and stepped in. Startled, he turned toward me and smiled, as he bent down, took me into his arms and kissed me. I didn’t see it, but I felt his cock brush my belly. As we kissed, I reached for it. Holy shit! I thought the pot roast was in the shower with us. This was a slab of meat. It got hard as I held it. I had to see this thing. I pulled away and looked at it. It was wide and long, with a downward curve to it. No wonder I couldn’t see any definition in his shorts. It was tucked under him so there was just a wide bulge showing. “Is it hideous?” Jared asked. “No. It’s beautiful.” I didn’t know what I was going to do with it, but I loved it. This was a monument to male virility. A thing to be worshiped. “You’re the one that’s beautiful,” Jared said sincerely. He was staring at me just as much. I had thought I was big. At thirteen I had a sturdy six and a half inches, which was standing at attention. But compared to him, I was a baby. I flashed on Stella seeing him naked. It probably scared her to death. No wonder she still remembers it. Jared knelt down, his eyes pleading with me. “May I?” “Oh God yes.” He first kissed and licked my balls, then took each into his mouth one at a time. He released them, then laid the side of his face against my dick and balls, gripping my butt and pulling me closer to him. Jared pulled back and ran his tongue from my balls to the head of my dick and all around the crown. His lips parted and inhaled my dick, taking it right down to the pubes. I moaned out in pleasure. It was unlike any other blow job I’d had. I watched him make love to my dick. All the other guys liked sucking dick. Jared loved sucking MY dick. It wasn’t about taking a dick and making it cum. It was somehow a religious experience. Taking part of me and making it part of him. His fingers kneaded my butt cheeks, encouraging me to fuck his mouth. I gripped his head and pushed/pulled into his face. We both moaned at the sensations we were receiving. I could feel his tongue cradle my entire dick as it slid towards his throat. I couldn’t last long, and Jared was just as desperate to taste my load as I was to give it to him. My legs trembled as I made the final few thrusts into his warm mouth. Then my brain exploded as I erupted into his throat. The best orgasm of my life washed over me, I was unable to move, but Jared finished drawing it out. He actually had to hold me up, or I would have collapsed on the shower floor. I was eventually able to stand on my own. Jared released my dick from his wonderful mouth, stood and reached for the soap. He washed me from head to foot, gazing in reverence at each part of my body. It was like he was honored to be allowed to touch me. I, on the other hand, was staring at the massive appendage swinging between his legs. I wanted to pleasure him, but there was no way I’d be able to do anything with that monster. Chapter 3 “Don’t worry about it,” Jared said for the fourth time. We were in bed, and I was trying to take his cock into my mouth. I had managed to get only the large head in, and it was like I had an entire orange in my mouth. My jaws were so stretched it hurt, and there was no room for more of his meat. Pulling off made a popping sound because it was so tightly enclosed. “But I want to do it for you too, Jared,” I said, sounding like a whiny spoiled child. “I know you do, Baby. It’s just not going to happen.” “Do you want to put it in my butt?” “Oh hell no. We’re not even going to try that. There has been only one person who could do that.” I was between his legs, holding it in both hands, one above the other. My fingers didn’t come close to touching, and still half was above both hands. I leaned forward to lick his balls and around the mighty head. Jared groaned. I used both hands to jack his cock while orally stimulating the crown. “Baby, that feels so good.” After a few minutes, my arms were getting tired, when finally Jared said, “I’m gonna cum.” I quickly forced my mouth over the head. Big mistake. Jared’s oversize equipment produces oversized loads too. I was not prepared for the firehose that went off in my mouth. And I couldn’t pull away because that huge head was stuck in there. His urethra was probably an inch in circumference, and a lot of cum can shoot out with great force. Most of it went straight down my throat, but imagine being forced fed an entire milkshake at once. I just knew I was going to drown. I had only given one blow job before, and that guy shot a smaller load than I do. I thought I had wretched because I didn’t like the guy. I didn’t know it was a common occurrence. Jared’s cum launched, my stomach heaved, cum squirted from the sides of my mouth and out of my nose. It was not pretty or romantic in the least. Even the dribbles at the end of his orgasm filled what little space I had left in my mouth. “Oh shit! Jesus Baby, why’d you do that?” Jared exclaimed when he saw me with tears in my eyes and cum running from my nose. “I…(cough cough) wanted (cough) your cum.” Jared grabbed some tissues pursaklar escort from the nightstand and began wiping my face. “Oh Baby, I didn’t think you’d try that. I should have warned you.” “Fuck, Jared. I hope when the apocalypse hits you’re one of the survivors. You could repopulate the world single handedly.” “Not likely. I’m not into girls.” “Doesn’t matter. I think you just made me pregnant. My belly’s already feeling bloated.” “It would be nice if I could get you pregnant, then you probably would stay with me.” I lay beside him and we started kissing. Jared reached down and wrapped his fingers around my dick. Amazingly, after nearly drowning in cum, I was hard as a rock. Jared broke the kiss and said, “How about we see if you can get me pregnant?” “You… you want me to fuck you? I’ve never…” “That is the usual method.” He laughed, then handed me a bottle of lube. “Don’t worry, you won’t hurt me,” he said as he turned over onto his stomach. Although it was my first time doing this, I don’t think it was Jared’s first time. After lubing up my dick, it slid easily into his hole. I felt his warm insides surround my meat as I sank in. Once I hit the end of my rope, I began moving in and out. My dick came out a couple of times as I found my rhythm and stroke length. Soon he was moaning at each deep thrust, while I concentrated on what I was doing. After a while, I laid down on his back and worked my pelvis, enjoying the new experience. My left arm went around his chest, and my right hand went to his cock. It was hard again, and throbbing. It felt like I had grabbed an anaconda. I had already cum once so I lasted a while before I blew my load in his ass. I pulled out and lay beside him. Jared rolled over and stroked out his second orgasm. There was a lot less cum this time, but still a sizable load. “I can’t believe that was your first time Ry. You fuck like a pro.” I know he meant it as a compliment, but it kinda hurt too, considering I had been selling my body like a pro. Pro whore that is. I was beginning to forget where I came from, but that was a hard reminder. Jared noticed my mood change. “What’s wrong, Baby?” “I’m just afraid I’m going to wake up. Like this is all a dream, and I’m gonna wake up and find you don’t really want me to stay with you.” “Of course I want you to stay, I chose you… Uh… Shit.” “What? What do you mean you chose me?” “Nothing, Baby. Just a figure of speech.” “Don’t `Baby’ me. Come on, out with it,” I said angrily. “Um… Well, I didn’t exactly lose my wallet. I did, but I meant for you to find it. I made sure you were watching when I laid it on the top of the car.” “What? Are you nuts? What if someone else had got it? Your credit cards and license were in it.” “Those cards have a very low credit line, no one could do much damage before I would’ve closed the accounts. I only pretended to be on the phone with the bank when you came to the door. A lost license is easily replaced too.” I was in shock. What the hell was going on here? “You still haven’t answered the question. What do you mean you chose me? You didn’t even know me.” “Well… I kind of did,” Jared answered sheepishly. “A few months ago, I was driving down Bristol Lane when I saw you. I actually stopped in the middle of the street and stared at you. You probably didn’t notice, because you were pretty upset. You were carrying a backpack. I later learned that was when you left home.” I’m sure my mouth was agape as I tried to piece this together. I did live on Bristol, and I did leave with a backpack. It was stolen a few days later, along with what little money I had. But I still didn’t think I had all the pieces to this puzzle. “You said you later learned… What did you mean by that?” “Uh… Okay, I watched the house I saw you leaving for a few days , but you didn’t return. So one day I went there. Your mother was quite easy to bribe into giving up information about you. So, armed with a picture, I hired a private detective to find you. He finally did a couple of weeks ago. You actually met him. You might remember him, he asked you a lot of questions.” There was no reason to hide anything, he obviously knew what I had been doing to stay alive. “Stocky guy with glasses about forty years old? I had to charge him extra because he took so long to get around to sucking my dick.” “Yeah. That blow job cost me an extra five hundred. He claims he never sucked a dick before.” “Bullshit. That was an experienced mouth, believe me. But go on with your story,” I said, still trying to control my anger. “Not much else to tell. He told me where I could find you. I waited till you were looking at me and laid the wallet on the car roof.” “What you mean is you laid the bait in the trap.” My voice had risen a few decibels. “You fucking lured me here. Is this all fun and games to you? Ha ha, look at the cute little Ry we caught. Well, I don’t think it’s very funny!” Then the tears started. “I was starting to like you. I thought you were different… didn’t want to take advantage of me.” I jumped off the bed and practically ran to `my’ room. I could hear Jared calling out behind me. “No, Ry. It’s not like that. Please wait… Ry?” I slammed the door in my wake, and threw myself on the bed. “Ry… Please let me explain. It’s…” Jared said from outside the door. “Go Away!! Don’t worry, I won’t steal anything when I leave!” “Please don’t leave. Give me a chance to explain. PLEASE.” He stayed at the door begging me to talk to him. I couldn’t. I cried forever it seemed. I felt betrayed and used. I hated that feeling. It’s the same as I felt after that guy made me blow him. I had managed not to do that, or anything else I didn’t want to do, until then. Well, I didn’t really want to let all those guys blow me either, but I had to. I was hungry. And there I was. Stupid little me. Stepping right into his trap. I thought I was smarter than that. How could I not see it? He was so nice and this house is beautiful. It’s like they say, If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. What a fool! I had given myself to him willingly. Practically threw myself at him by going to his shower. I was ready to do anything he wanted. STUPID! I even sucked his cock, nearly drowning in the process. Shit, but what a cock it is. After an hour, I was cried out. I’ll get my clothes and leave. My old clothes, not his. I don’t want anything of his, except the change from the eighty dollars. I’ve earned that. I spotted that on the dressing table. Stella probably put it there after she washed my clothes, which she most likely put in the closet. That closet was so organized. Everything in its place. Button down shirts grouped together separate from pullovers. Jeans all together, dress slacks, shorts, all neatly grouped. It was easy to distinguish my tattered old stuff from his. His were like new. I grabbed my ratty jeans and put them on, then found my shirt. It was the only plaid shirt in the closet. As I pulled it off the hanger, I noticed something. A tag hanging from the sleeve of the shirt next to it. I looked at it. A hundred and ninety nine dollars! For a shirt? That’s just nuts. And he didn’t even bother to wear it. I threw my shirt on, and started looking for my worn out tennis shoes. When I found them I sat on the floor to put them on. I kept looking up at that tag. It was from a nice boutique on Wilson. I remember when it opened last year. It was on the news because the mayor did a ribbon cutting ceremony. Wait. If the store opened last year, how could Jared buy a shirt there when he was my age? He said this used to be his room, and I would find something to fit me. He didn’t actually say it was his old clothes. I looked closely at them. They were all new and my size. What the fuck? He had certainly gone to a lot of trouble to keep his pet Ry. And judging from the price of that shirt, a lot of expense too. Would he do that just to get a blow job? A piece of ass? He may not have even gotten that much if I hadn’t fallen for this ruse. Something didn’t add up. Chapter 4 Even in that comfortable bed I didn’t sleep well. My mind was on all this bullshit. I kept going over what I knew, and what Jared had said. What kind of sickness must a person have to do something like that just on a lark? I couldn’t figure it out. There was obviously still missing pieces to this puzzle. I had slept in my clothes, in case I needed to jump and run. I was hungry and I wanted answers, so I went downstairs to the kitchen, somewhat surprised not to find Jared still outside `my’ bedroom door. He was sitting at the island counter, looking worse than I felt. He jumped up and started grabbing stuff. Placing a large bowl in front of me, he proceeded to fill it with Frosted Mini Wheats cereal. He added milk to the bowl, then poured more coffee into his cup and sat across from me. I sat and glared at him for a few minutes before finally saying, “Why?” “Because I love you.” “How can you love me? You don’t know me.” “I know everything about you.” “Well that’s creepy. But you obviously don’t know everything about me, or you’d know I don’t like fuckin’ Frosted Mini Wheats.” He smiled. “Now I do.” Jared picked up the bowl and poured its contents into the garbage disposal. He set a clean bowl down and filled it with Cap’n Crunch. Once the milk was added, I defiantly shoveled a spoonful into my mouth. Embarrassingly, milk dribbled down my chin. Jared dabbed it with a paper towel. I snatched the paper towel from him. “I’m not a baby, or your pet, no matter what you think.” I shoveled another spoonful and dabbed the dribble myself. “You didn’t answer. Why did you do this?” “The short answer is, I was lonely.” “Why don’t we try for the long answer,” I asked, dabbing another dribble. “And what the hell is this, a serving spoon? Don’t you have a regular size spoon?” Jared fetched another spoon from a drawer. “The long answer? I met someone that changed my life. He died and I was alone. Then I saw you, and my heart was suddenly lifted. The more I found out about you, the more I loved you. I didn’t want to be just another `John’ to you, so I did all this.” The term `John’ stung. A whore’s customer. He basically called me a whore. It’s true, I guess, but he didn’t have to say it. “You’re still not telling me everything.” “Ok… The person I met was Uncle Stanton. I was like you. On the streets, doing whatever it takes to survive. I had known at twelve I was larger than most guys. At fifteen, I was the stud of the streets. Everybody wanted a piece of me. Stanton took me off the street, gave me a home and a sense of worth. I lived with him for almost nine years before he died and left everything to me. The bet we made that caused Stella to see me naked was, I bet Stanton he couldn’t take my whole cock in his ass. No one had been able to. Of course I wasn’t quite as large as I am now, but I was still pretty big. It was only my third day here. We had only done oral up till then. The bet was made, and Stanton took the whole thing.” “He took that whole thing up his ass? No wonder he died,” I said, only half joking. “Like I said, I wasn’t quite as big then. Stanton was over forty, with a lot of experience. Not like the boys I had tried it with before. And to be honest, after a couple of months, his asshole looked like a cake donut.” That mental image both sickened and thrilled me. I don’t think I want my asshole stretched that far out, but I’d like to experience a dick that size. That is, I think I would. I haven’t tried any yet. The fact that a man could love someone enough to let his sphincter be stretched that far out of shape from repeated sex, really appealed to the romantic in me. “Either he truly loved you, or he was hollow inside,” I commented. “He did, and I loved him too. His last request was for me to find someone else and not be alone. I found you.” “What about all the clothes?” “I bought them last week. I actually had a lot of fun shopping for you.” I was softening. At least it made sense now. “Is Stella here, or should I wash this bowl?” “She’s off today. Just put it in the dishwasher. So, will you stay?” “I’m not sure yet. I mean, I have so many wonderful offers to choose from. You’ve been rather deceitful. At least I was honest enough to tell you I took your money.” “You’re absolutely right. I’m sorry I deceived you, and if you choose my offer over your various options, I promise to spend the rest of my life making it up to you.” “So this is a long term gig? Not just a month or two?” “Definitely long term.” “Do I have to do the cake donut trick?” “Nope. You’re too beautiful to ruin that way.” “You really think I’m beautiful?” “Your beauty stopped me in the middle of the street, didn’t it. Then I found out you were smart, and funny. You’re strong enough to face the streets and survive, yet sensitive enough to let your actions bother you. All that adds up to one great person.” I could tell he was sincere. “You know I’ll probably never be able to handle that huge organ of yours. Is that a deal breaker?” “Absolutely not. I’m just happy you let me near you. We can learn to deal with everything else.” And we did learn. Yes I stayed with Jared, and we learned that if he had a couple of orgasms within a few hours to start with, then I could blow him and take his third load without drowning. Once in a while, he would cum hands free from me fucking him too. Or he could stroke while I pounded his ass. He also had a variety of dildos that would satisfy my anal cravings. I would have preferred to take his cock, but he flat refused to even try. He was serious about not ruining my asshole. We worked up to where I was taking a nice six by two inch toy fairly easily, but he wouldn’t do anything larger. I guess many couples deal with handicaps. Like maybe one is a paraplegic or amputee. His wasn’t that kind of handicap, but it certainly was a factor in our bedroom activities. I’m sure there are some female size queens out there that would have loved to take him on, but he flatly refused to partake of any females. We had seen videos of men who could take dildos even larger than Jared. I offered to let him find a guy like that, again he declined. Then he would point out what their assholes looked like. They really did look like cake donuts. We still had fun though. And when I was seventeen, we did find a way for me to have his cum in me. He would fuck me with a toy and stroke off at the same time. When he was close to orgasm, he’d pull out the toy, and press his fat knob at the remaining gap in my butt, firing his load inside me. It wasn’t ideal, but at least a part of him became a part of me. I didn’t realize at the time how much that would mean to me. We really had an idyllic life. We never argued. We traveled and enjoyed each other’s company to the fullest. Stella supported our relationship completely, and when we weren’t around, she kept the home fires burning. After the first thirteen years of life in misery, I had eleven years of total happiness. Then the piper had to be paid. One rainy Sunday afternoon, rival gang members decided to air their differences in front of the theater we were leaving. In a shower of bullets, three gang members, a ten year old girl, and Jared were mowed down. I couldn’t stem the tide of blood that slowly drained his life away. I held his hand and gazed into his eyes. Fortunately I saw no pain there, only love for me. I cried as bedlam broke out all around us. Jared reached up and dabbed a tear from my cheek. “I love you Ry. Please don’t be alone. Lose your wallet.” Then he closed his eyes and drifted away. EMS technicians did all they could, but he was too far gone. Stella was teary eyed when she entered our room two days later. I had not slept in `my’ room since the big conversation, and I hadn’t left our room since that horrid event. She handed me a pen and a checkbook. “Here, sign this.” “What is it?” “It’s to cover his cremation. It’s what he wanted.” “Cremation?” I didn’t like the idea of burning him up. “Yes. He said you would know what to do with the ashes,” she sniffled. “When did he tell you all this?” “Several years ago.” She picked up my untouched food tray and left. She was right, I did know what to do with them. And two days later, I took Jared to our spot by the lake. The spot where we had a picnic every year on our anniversary. The spot where we had our first kiss. The spot where I first fell in love with him. I held on to that urn for hours, talking to Jared as if he were with me. I laughed, cried, and cursed. Finally saying goodbye, before letting the ashes drift on the wind. He always made sure we left before the sun got too low, not wanting to get lost on the trail back to where we parked. So that’s what I did, dampening the trail with tears along the way. On Sunday, one week after the shooting, Stella brought me breakfast and an asskicking. “Enough of this. Get your gloomy little ass out of this bed. You’re not dead, and you ain’t bringing him back. You have things to do, and it’s time to start doing them.” “What things?” I asked, not bothering to remove the blanket from over my head. “You can start with signing my paycheck. Then there are a lot of legal documents you need to take care of.” “What documents?” “Jim Mason sent a stack of shit that you need to look at. Jared’s will has to go through probate or some such thing. It’s all on his… your desk.” She sat on the edge of the bed, and rubbed my shoulder. “I know it’s hard, it’s hard for me too. I lost my husband when I was twenty seven. It hurts to know you’ll never see them again. But they’re still in our hearts. The memories will eventually fill the hole in our souls. Jared would want you to continue living and being happy.” An hour later, when I hadn’t budged, she came back in. She grabbed the blanket and jerked it from my nude body. “Get up this instant!” “Stella! I’m naked.” “You’re not the first naked man I’ve seen. And not nearly as impressive as Jared.” Then she added, “Not bad though.” She actually stayed in the room and made sure I got dressed. Later, she brought lunch to me at the desk. “Did you know about this?” I asked, waving a copy of his will. “I’m a housekeeper, we know about everything.” Jared had left everything to me, except for a hundred thousand to Stella. I didn’t even know he had a will or so much money. I never gave it much thought, we always had what we needed or wanted, and I never asked where the money came from. “Why would he leave everything to me?” “Why did he leave me a hundred grand? Because he loved us.” “Oh Stella. What are we going to do?” “We’re going to do exactly what he told us to do.” “What do you mean?” “He told me to take care of you if anything should happen to him. He told you to lose your wallet. And that’s what you should do.” “I’m not ready for a relationship right now.” “He said the same thing up until the day he met you.” Stella stayed at me, not letting me crawl back into my depression. She didn’t leave the house for weeks, except to go grocery shopping, even then she forced me to go with her. The nights were the hardest. No Jared to talk to, to laugh with, to hold. I was twenty four and alone. Ironically the same age Jared had been when he lost Stanton and found me. I wondered what I had done in a previous life to piss off the gods so much. I tried to be a good person, yet fate kept kicking my ass. First by letting me be born to that bitch, then streetlife. Then a taste of happiness, just to have it taken from me. Fate is a fucker. But Fate stepped in again. Stella sent me to the store for a few items, but mostly to get me out of her way so she could mop the floors. I was standing in line to make my purchase, when a kid ran into me, almost knocking me down. He squinted at me before saying, “Sorry Mister,” then ran out the door. I saw the clerk shake her head at the incident. She finished with the lady in front of me, then asked if I was okay. “Yeah, I’m fine. What kind of truck hit me anyway?” I laughed. “We call him Dodger, like in Oliver Twist. He comes in a couple of times a week and steals something,” she answered as she started ringing up my items. “Steals something?” “Yeah, he’s not very good at it. I think it was a can of soup today.” “And the store owners let him get by with it?” “Well, it’s kind of comical really. He’s blind as a bat, and it’s not his fault his mother is a waste of oxygen. He doesn’t take much, just a bit of food.” “What kind of a waste of oxygen?” “I think she drinks a lot. She only buys booze when she comes in. No wonder the kid steals food. Your total is $94.16.” Chapter 5 Curiosity got the best of me, so I drove in the direction I saw the kid go. I caught sight of him at a traffic light five blocks down. I pulled into the next driveway, which was a pawn shop, and watched him as he walked right passed me. He was very thin, floppy light brown hair, and cute. His size made his age hard to determine. Could be ten, could be thirteen. He turned into a trailer park, so I jumped out and ran over, just in time to see him enter the third trailer on the right. I paced back and forth for a minute trying to find some excuse to knock on that door. I decided to say I was from the grocery store and was there to collect for the soup he stole. That way, he’d have to get the money from his mother, and I could find out what she is like. There were two small metal steps in front of the door, so I reached up to knock and it was quickly opened by the boy. He squinted at me as he said, “Please don’t knock so loud.” He nervously looked to his left and squinted. Peeking around the door jam, I saw a woman lying in a bed, obviously passed out. It was two in the afternoon, so she must have tied on a good one last night. The boy didn’t recognize me from the store, so I decided to change tactics. “I’m from the state welfare office. May I come in?” “Shit… Just a minute.” He reached over and closed the bedroom door. I went up the steps and into the trailer. I could smell the soup he had stolen already warming on the stove. “My mom’s not here right now,” he lied, squinting at me again. “Relax, Son. I’m not an inspector. I’m from the ophthalmology department.” “The what?” he asked as he turned off the flame under the soup. “We take care of eyes. It’s come to our attention that you might need eyeglasses.” “Yeah, I don’t see too good,” he replied with that wonderful pubescent voice. The one that reminds you of how sexy boys that age are. That instantly brings to mind how their body is changing and what they are learning to do with it. You picture them alone in their room at night, sitting on the bed looking in fascination at the growing appendage between their legs, knowing how good it’s going to make them feel in a minute. “Okay then. Let’s go get you some glasses. Tell your mom where you’ll be.” “She won’t care, and she’d be mad if I woke her up.” We got into my car, and I headed to one of those places where you can get an exam and they make your glasses right in the back, and they’re ready in an hour. “So what’s your name?” I asked the little cutie. “Cody. What’s yours?” “Ry. How old are you Cody?” “I’ll be thirteen in a couple of weeks.” “Really? I wouldn’t have guessed that.” “Yeah, I’m kinda small for my age.” Business was slow at the shop, so they were able to take Cody right away. After his exam, he spent forty five minutes trying on every frame they had in stock. Of course he couldn’t see himself too well in the mirror, so he’d ask, “How do these look?” and “What do you think of these?” He actually tried on some old lady glasses with rhinestones on the earpiece. I told him they were a definite no. He settled on some black, round, thin wire rims that looked adorable on him. He reminded me of Harry Potter only much cuter. I asked him if he’d like to get lunch at McDonald’s across the street while we wait for his spectacles to be made. He agreed so off we went. “What would you like?” I asked when we got to the order station. “What do they have?” “It’s McDonald’s. They all have the same basic menu.” “I’ve never been to McDonald’s. Oh wait. I’ve heard about a `Happy Meal’, can I have one of those?” I didn’t think there was a person alive in the U.S. who hadn’t been to Mickie D’s, especially a kid. I ordered him a `Happy Meal’, but since they’re so small, I got him a `Quarter Pounder’ too, and one for myself. After we picked up our order, the `Happy Meal’ was gone almost before we sat down. It didn’t take him long to polish off the other burger too, so I gave him my french fries. He was obviously nearly starving. We went back to pick up his new glasses. The best part of this whole adventure was seeing him gazing around at everything in wonder. It was like he’d just landed on earth and was sightseeing. Looking down, he proclaimed, “It looks like my feet are up by my knees.” Outside, he said, “Look at that tree. I can see each leaf. Trees have always been big green blobs.” When I pulled up in front of his trailer, he asked, “So, who are you really?” “What do you mean?” “You don’t work for the welfare department, or you would have known my name, and you certainly wouldn’t take me anywhere without my mother’s permission. No social worker I’ve ever heard of could afford this car on their salary. So who are you really?” Smart kid. “I’m the guy you ran into at the grocery store.” “Oh yeah. Sorry I didn’t recognize you. I used to not see too good. Are you one of those guys they warn us about in school?” “Uh… What guys?” “Are you going to kidnap me and force me to do nasty things?” “No, I’m not going to kidnap you, and I’d never force you to do anything.” “But you do want to see my dick, right?” I think I stopped breathing for a minute. I swallowed hard, then whispered, “Yes.” “Take me to lunch tomorrow, and I’ll think about it,” he said as he hopped out of the car. After opening the trailer door, he turned and waved at me. My heart was beating a hole through my chest as I drove home. “Where the hell have you been, I was worried sick. You’ve been gone four hours for a quick run to the grocery store,” Stella yelled at me when I entered. “I’m sorry, I… um got sidetracked.” “Oh?” she said, eyeing me suspiciously. “The ice cream melted, and it’s all over everything,” Stella continued as she pulled stuff from the shopping bags. “I forgot that was in there. Sorry. I had a burger while I was out, so don’t worry about dinner for me.” I hurried to my bedroom. That was the first time I thought of it as my bedroom, not ours, mine and Jared’s. I had always liked sex in the shower with Jared, so that’s where I went. I felt guilty as I stroked off in there while thinking of Cody. But Jared said he didn’t want me to be alone. He even implied that I should take a kid off the street. Cody wasn’t exactly a street kid, but almost. The guilty feelings got worse as my cum circled the drain. Later I lay in bed with some stupid movie on the tv. I wasn’t paying attention to it, my mind was on Cody. He was really polite when he bumped into me, and it was reflexive, so his natural way. He was also intelligent, spotting my ruse easily. And very attractive, even with his new glasses. rize escort Most importantly he didn’t run away screaming when I admitted wanting to see his dick. In fact, he hinted that it may happen. I should be so lucky. That thought made me jerk off again. My heart was beating fast again as I lightly tapped on the trailer door, at exactly noon. “Thanks for not banging like you did yesterday,” Cody said with a smile. “Where are you taking me for lunch?” “What would you like?” “I don’t eat out often so I don’t care.” I took him to a mom and pop place that serves really good food in large portions for a decent price. “It’s really nice to be able to read the menu without squinting at it, “Cody commented. “Glad I could help, and the glasses look great on you.” He leaned in and whispered, “Do they make me look hot?” Then he wiggled his eyebrows at me. “You were hot even before you got them.” Cody chuckled and returned to his menu. We both decided on the smothered pork chops with mashed potatoes and broccoli. Cody inhaled his, so I asked for another order to go so he’d have it for dinner. I enjoyed his company, especially his wit. Soon, we were back at his trailer. “Thank you for lunch, it was really good.” “Glad you enjoyed it.” Then he reached for his zipper. I had all but forgotten he might show it to me. My heart started pounding again as he slowly lowered the zipper. When he reached the end, he smiled at me. I was holding my breath in anticipation. He undid the button on his jeans, then looked around to make sure we weren’t being observed. He hooked his thumbs in the waistband and took a full minute to teasingly lower it. First revealing his pubis with only a few stray hairs, then the surprisingly wide base of his dick. My eyes were like saucers as his chubby four and a half incher flipped out, hard as nails. Below, his large nuts filled their hairless sack. I was practically drooling when he said, “Well don’t just stare at it, say something.” Catching my breath I said, “It’s beautiful.” “You can touch it.” I wrapped my fingers around it, leaving only the helmet end exposed. Compared to Jared’s gargantuan member, it was puny, but just as desirable. I didn’t even stroke it, just held it in awe. After a minute, Cody started to pull his underwear up, indicating an end to my fun. With his clothes back in order he said, “I’m free tomorrow.” “Want to get lunch?” “How about dinner at your place instead?” My heart stopped. “Uh… Okay. What time should I pick you up?” “Six will be fine.” Then he was gone. I couldn’t wait to get home and stroke off. I sniffed at my hand as I drove, but didn’t catch any odor, not even sweaty boy scent. I had to admit, for a poor kid, he was always clean. His worn out clothes were also fresh looking. Unlike me when I first met Jared. When I got home, I convinced Stella that I was no longer depressed, or a danger to myself, which had been one of her concerns. I told her to take a few days off and thanked her for staying with me. Before she left she put together a couple of meals for me to cook for myself. I didn’t tell her I planned to have company. The next day seemed to drag by. I found myself pacing the floor waiting to go pick up Cody. At five thirty I put Stella’s meatloaf in the oven and left it to cook while I was gone. Cody must have been anxious too, because he was sitting on the steps waiting for me. “Hi Ry,” he said, jumping into the car. “Hey Cody. Ready for dinner?” “I’m always ready for food.” As I was driving, I couldn’t keep myself from looking at his basket. Cody caught me looking. “Eyes on the road, Buddy. No dessert until you eat your dinner,” he chuckled. I wondered if that was a hint of what may come. “Nice house,” he said when we arrived. Then he followed me around the kitchen as I put vegetables on to steam, and pulled a Waldorf salad from the fridge. We sat in the dining room to share our meal. Cody was talkative and told me about school, etc. He was looking forward to school starting, because he was on the free lunch program. During the school year he at least had one meal a day. He was quite candid when it came to his situation. He admitted to stealing from the grocery store, and felt bad that he had to. So much so, that he kept a journal of everything he stole and how much it costs. He said he intended to pay them back when he was old enough to work. This kid was something else. I had to admire him for that. We had finished eating and were just chatting, when he suddenly jumped up saying, “Time for dessert.” He toed off his shoes and then, standing right in front of me, removed his jeans and underwear. I was just admiring the sight before me when he said, “You’re staring again.” “Sorry,” I said and reached for his dick. I pulled it away from his belly and stroked it a couple of times. Then I palmed his nuts, enjoying their texture and plumpness. “Don’t play with your food, eat it.” What a funny kid. Brash, but funny. I did as I was told and leaned down to take him into my mouth. Cody moaned as my nose touched his pubis. It was the first time I’ve ever willingly had a whole cock in my mouth, and I loved every bit of it. As I swirled my tongue around it, he wrapped his arms behind my head and began thrusting his hips up at me. My first face fucking was from a boy not yet thirteen. His knees started shaking, and his thrusts became erratic, so I pushed him back onto his chair. I followed to my knees in front of him. Cody quickly grabbed my head again pulling me back to his groin. He seemed to enjoy having my head in his arms as I pleasured him. As could be expected, he didn’t last long. He held me tight to his groin as I felt his dick pulse and a couple of squirts of cum landed on my tongue. When he released me, I looked into his eyes and said, “That was delicious.” “Thanks. I didn’t jerk off all day. I was saving it for you.” “I appreciate it. What time do you have to be home?” “I don’t. It’s Friday, Mom will pick up somebody at the bar. Even if she brings them home, she won’t notice or care if I’m there or not. If I stay here, I won’t have to listen to him banging her. I assume you’ll feed me breakfast, right?” “Of course.” Just like a street kid, food is his top priority. He also made it sound like staying here was my reward for feeding him breakfast. I could live with that. “Which way to your bedroom?” Chapter 6 When Cody saw my bathroom, he excitedly asked, “Oh nice! Can I use the shower?” He only had his shirt and socks on, having come upstairs pantless. He quickly bent to remove his socks, and I caught sight of his glorious butt. Then he removed his shirt to get ready to step into the shower. That’s when I noticed the bruises. Some old and faded, others newer. They appeared to be about the size of a woman’s fist, and were randomly spaced all over his torso. “Cody, what’s with all the bruises?” “It’s nothing. Mom sometimes gets a little overzealous with the punishment.” I don’t agree with it, but I could understand a parent swatting a kid on his butt once in a while, but this is ridiculous. “That isn’t punishment, Cody. That’s abuse.” “She only does it if she’s drunk and knows I’ve stolen something. Which is ironic since it’s her fault I’m stealing in the first place.” Of all the street kids and poor kids I’ve known, myself included, Cody was the least angry over his lot in life. “Things will get better. I just have to survive for a while,” Cody reasoned. But I was angry over it. It is beyond me how anyone can do that to someone, much less their own child. They should get a taste of their own medicine. I think if his mother had been in my house right then she should’ve been afraid for her safety. I was so angry I almost forgot to enjoy watching Cody shower, but not quite. He was thin, and other than the bruises, unblemished. He had no tan even though it was the middle of summer. His ass was to die for cute. His fat cock was pushed out somewhat by his large balls. He wasn’t huge, but on his small frame it looked big and would get bigger before long. Cody saw me staring at him through the glass wall, smiled really big, and thrust his hips to make his dick flap up and down. “Giving you nasty ideas, dirty old man?” “You know it is, that’s why you’re doing it. And for your information, I’m only twenty four.” “It’s the dirty part that’s important,” he said over his shoulder as he flexed his butt cheeks. Damn, he is one sexy little shit. When he came out of the shower, I handed him a towel. “I saw a tv in your bedroom. Can we watch tv in bed?” “Um… sure, if that’s what you want to do.” He turned down the bed and sat cross legged in the middle of it, still nude. I turned on the tv, and handed him the remote. “Find something you would like to watch.” As I sat down on the bed, Cody said, “You have on too many clothes.” I wasn’t about to argue, so I started getting undressed. When my hard cock was exposed, Cody exclaimed, “Damn, you’ve got a big dick.” It was true I had grown to a decent eight and a half inches, but compared to Jared, I was tiny. Cody just wasn’t aware of how big a cock could be. By the time I got into bed, Cody was hard again, and stroking it. I wasn’t going to push him, just let him lead the way. I lay down beside where he was sitting. He continued to watch tv, and slowly stroked his dick, occasionally glancing at my cock then back to the tv. After a couple of minutes he tentatively reached for my cock and wrapped his fingers around it. He continued glancing between the tv, and his hand stroking my erection. His youthful lust got the better of him, and he suddenly swung his leg over my torso and pushed his dick toward my face. I complied, swallowing his almost teen meat. Cody leaned forward to grip the headboard and began thrusting into my mouth. He seemed to like to control the action, so I let him use my mouth as a cum dump. He was banging my nose, and his balls bounced on my chin for a solid five minutes before he groaned out and fired his small squirt of cum down my throat. He lay panting as his dick began to shrink on my tongue. He reluctantly pulled away, and I just as reluctantly released his meat. “Man I like that! All this time I’ve been jerking off, when I should’ve let someone suck it. Damn school doesn’t know what they’re talking about, dirty old men are great. I’m gonna tell my friend Jon that if someone offers, let him.” There are guys out there who might hurt you, I’m just not one of them.” “Then I’m lucky you found me.” Cody leaned down and gave me a peck on the lips. Then he lay beside me with his head on my chest, and grabbed my cock. He wasn’t trying to make me cum, he was just exploring. Looking closely as he held it straight up, then hefting my balls, noticing their size, then returning to my cock. “Have you ever put this in someone’s butt?” Cody asked. “Yes.” “Did he die?” “Well, yes he did, but not from that. Why would you ask that?” “The way we’re headed, you’re gonna want to put it in me. I’ll probably let you, but I don’t want to die from it.” “The way we’re headed?” “Yeah. You being nice to me and buying me stuff and feeding me. You do want to fuck me, don’t you?” “Uh… Well… I…” “It’s ok. I don’t mind that you want to. It’s kinda flattering. I may be young, but I’m not stupid. I know how the world works.” “And how is that?” “You know, people want stuff that someone else has, they have what someone else wants, they trade, everybody’s happy.” “I see. Yes, that is pretty much how the world works.” I wasn’t sure, but it sounded like Cody was suggesting some sort of business arrangement between us. Did he want me to be his sugar daddy? Did I want that? I guess when you get right down to it, Jared was my sugar daddy, and Stanton was his. Of course we didn’t really have any agreement, we were in love. No different than a married couple with only one of them working. That was going through my head as I sucked him again later. How much is this costing me per blowjob? Can I afford it? That answer I knew was yes. Jared’s estate generated a lot more than I spent. But did I want to be a sugar daddy? My natural tendency is to treat people nice and being generous, just as Jared was to me. I had bought Cody glasses without the expectation of reciprocation. Admittedly he did hint that if I took him to lunch the next day, I’d get to see his penis, but I would have taken him anyway. Now I feel like if I do something nice for him, he expects to repay me with sex. I’m just not sure if that is a bad thing or good. Time will tell I guess. The thing is, I really enjoy sucking his dick, and the tasty morsel at the end of it. I liked having his nude body at my disposal, holding him and rubbing together. So what if it costs me some lunches or dinners. Or if I decide to buy him something, and he wants to repay me in this fashion, I’m not going to complain. We watched more tv together. He allowed my hands to roam freely over his body. When he got hard again, I sucked his dick once more before falling asleep in each other’s arms. I awoke when I heard Cody scream, “What the fuck, lady?” He was standing by the door naked with his hands covering his dick. In the doorway was Stella, with a tray of food. “What’s going on?” I asked. “I was going to get breakfast, I opened the door and this woman tried to grab my junk.” “I was reaching for the doorknob, not your puny knob,” Stella volunteered. “Stella, what are you doing here? I told you to take a few days off.” “I wanted to bring you and your guest breakfast, and maybe meet him.” “I didn’t tell you I was having a guest. How did you know?” “I’m a housekeeper, we know everything.” Cody by now had climbed into bed and pulled the sheet over him. He lifted the sheet, looked beneath it and bemoaned, “She called it puny.” “Don’t let it bother you. You have no idea of the one she’s comparing it to.” “Move your hands, I don’t want to burn that little thing,” Stella said as she set the tray over his lap. “Stella, aren’t you a little too old to be staring at a teen boy’s junk,” I needled. “He’s a teen? That’s surprising. And for your information, I’m only forty nine.” “Really? You’ve been here forever, I thought you were older. He’ll be a teen next week actually.” “I came to work for Stanton right after my husband died, when I was twenty seven. Good Lord, where did all that food go?” Cody had already inhaled most everything on the plate. “He’s a growing boy, leave him alone.” “He could use some growing. He must have a hollow leg, because there isn’t room for all that food in his dick,” Stella cackled, as she left the room. “It’s not too small, is it? You like it don’t you?” Cody said worriedly. “It’s fine. Yes I like it.” “What about my butt, that’s good isn’t it?” He sounded concerned that he might not have a commodity to trade. “Your butt is perfect.” “Are you sure?” To illustrate, I took the tray from his lap and set it on the nightstand. Then grabbed his legs and pushed them up to his chest and proceeded to give him a rim job. “Oh shit, that’s nice!” Then I wet my finger in my mouth before sucking his dick. When my finger slid into his hole he cried out “Holy Fuck!” I knocked at his button repeatedly with my finger as I blew him. He couldn’t keep his hips still, fucking my mouth and himself on my finger. I felt his dick become even more rigid, then pulse out a few precious drops of boy cream. When he had come down from his shivers, he noticed my straining erection. “You’re really liking this aren’t you,” he said, and reached for it. I got the impression he was talking about our perceived arrangement, not the blow job I just gave him. Cody leaned over my groin and first licked the head of my cock, before taking it into his mouth. Eventually taking about three inches in, he bobbed up and down on it until I warned of my approaching orgasm. He quickly pulled his mouth off me, and stroked it to a finish. “Sucking dick ain’t so bad, I’m not sure about the cum part yet,” he explained. After lunch and another blowjob, I took him home. “Can Stella make us lunch tomorrow? She was kinda rude to me, but she’s a good cook.” It’s funny how he was willing to overlook her remarks about the size of his dick, just to get some decent food. “Go ahead and have fun with him, but he’s not the right one for you,” Stella said when I asked her what she thought of Cody. I was at the trailer right at noon on Sunday. Cody was waiting on the steps. When he opened the car door, I asked him to get his journal of theft. I was unsure if he had really kept such a journal, until he brought it out to me. It was very detailed on dates, items, costs. Dating back over three years, hardly any entries during the school year, but a couple a week during the summers. Mostly things like soup, canned tuna, some fruit or a potato. It was truly sad in that it was barely enough to sustain life. No candy or snacks either. When I pulled into the parking lot of the grocery store, Cody got nervous. “Are you turning me in? I’ll go to jail!” “You’re not going to jail, they know you’ve been stealing from them. They could’ve had you arrested a long time ago.” Inside the store, I asked to see the manager on duty. That happened to be the son of the owner, a Mr. Haines. Cody hung his head in embarrassment as Haines approached us. “What can I do for you?” Haines asked, smiling toward Cody. “This is Cody. Around here I think he’s known as Dodger. As you can see, he is ashamed of stealing from you, even though it’s not his fault he had no choice. He felt so bad about it, he has kept a journal of everything he has stolen, with the sole purpose of paying you back when he could,” I said, as I handed the small spiral notebook to Haines. Haines was caught off guard and stood with his mouth agape. He flipped through the pages then glanced at me to see where this was leading. “He’d like to pay you back today and ask for your forgiveness. And I’d appreciate it if you would keep my credit card number on file in case he gets hungry again.” “I must say, I’m impressed,” he said, addressing Cody. “Not many people would do this. It’s quite admirable. And I need people like you working for me. So if you come and see me when you’re sixteen, I’ll give you a job.” Haines asked a clerk to ring up the items and I gave her my credit card. The total came to just over five hundred dollars. Haines shook my hand and patted Cody on the shoulder, reminding him of the job offer. Cody was elated. Stella had lunch ready when we arrived. She brought out a platter of fried chicken and bowls of veggies. Cody’s abundant appetite was in full throttle as he devoured the food. I can’t imagine where he puts it all. Stella came in to clear the table and said, “I have chocolate cake for dessert, would you like it now?” “Sounds great, but I think I’d rather take a shower right now,” Cody replied. When he got up, he tugged my sleeve, wanting me to follow him. Not one to miss an opportunity like that, I obliged. When he undressed, I noticed two bruises on his chest and one on his arm that I know were new. “Cody, what’s with the new bruises?” “Mom finally noticed the new glasses. I told her a friend bought them for me, but she called me a liar and a thief. It’s bad enough to get punished for stealing food, but now she punishes me even when I haven’t stolen anything.” The way it came out was as if he were saying `Oh well, it is what it is’. I was so distracted by the bruises, I didn’t notice Cody had begun unbuttoning my shirt. “I want you to shower with me.” By the time I stepped out of my underwear, I was already erect. Cody grabbed my cock and used it to lead me into the shower. He pulled on my shoulders to get me to bend down, then attached his lips to mine. His dick rose as we kissed, and I wrapped my fingers around it. Breaking the kiss, he said “Bathe me.” I could have used a washcloth, but that wouldn’t be as much fun as rubbing the soap over his body with my bare hands. Starting at his shoulders, slowly lathered his torso trying to be cautious around his bruises. I also tried to keep a tally of them. By the time I reached his groin, I counted seventeen. Some were very faded, and there’s no telling how many had already disappeared. It made me sick to see his nice body ruined that way, and of course, knowing what he was going through made me even sicker. I felt guilty too, because I had given him the glasses that caused his latest beating. When I got to his almost teen dick, I started to move my lips to it, but he pushed me away. “Not yet. Later.” So I finished bathing him down to his cute toes. He took the soap from me and began doing the same to me. By the time he reached my cock, it was unmercifully hard. Cody took me into his mouth to give me an inexperienced blow job. I was impressed that he postponed his own pleasure to give to me instead. That hasn’t been his strong suit previously. His efforts quickly brought me to the edge. “Cody, I’m getting close… You should stop… I’m gonna cum, Cody.” Chapter 7 Cody gripped the sheets tightly as I bobbed on his dick. I had two fingers in his butt, pumping in rhythm with my mouth. This was his second blow job since leaving the shower, where he had blown me to completion. I was surprised that he allowed me to cum in his mouth, and even more surprised he didn’t spit it out, instead opting to swallow my heavy load. I rewarded him by first rimming him, then I sucked his dick and plowed a finger in his but. He had enjoyed it previously, and again it gave him a screaming orgasm. So now I doubled down on it, forcefully shoving two fingers in and out of him, causing him to writhe and moan loudly. He had his knees drawn to his chest, actively humping his butt up at my churning fingers. “Jesus… Yeah… fuck my butt hard.” I obliged him, and after another minute, he squirted his few drops of juice into my mouth. “Damn that was good. Maybe next time you can use three fingers,” he said when he’d caught his breath. We made plans for lunch again the next day, then I took him home. As I started to back away from the trailer, I heard yelling inside. “Where the hell have you been? Out stealing again?” “No, Mom. I just had lunch with a friend.” “What friend? You don’t have any friends.” “No, Mom. Please! I wasn’t stealing, I swear!” I was out of the car and banging on the door in a flash. “Who the fuck are you?” yelled the ugly piece of trailer trash. “Cody’s friend. I’m the one that gave him the glasses, and took him to lunch today. He hasn’t been stealing anything.” She eyed me suspiciously, but didn’t say anything, so I continued. “I’d like to make a bargain with you. If you will refrain from hitting Cody, I’ll give you a hundred dollars a month.” She looked passed me at my car and said, “Make it five hundred a month and you can take the lying thieving little shit with you.” I wasn’t expecting that, and neither was Cody. He stood there with his mouth agape glancing back and forth between the bitch and me. Finally catching my eye, he smiled and nodded. “Okay, you’ve got a deal. Cody, pack a bag.” “Don’t bother shitass, I doubt you’re gonna be needing any clothes,” She cackled. Cody started for the door, and she stopped him. “Money first.” “I’ll have to go to an ATM. Be right back, and don’t hit him while I’m gone.” I was back in ten minutes and banging on the door. Cody opened it and ran to the car. I handed her the cash and she said, “Have fun but don’t get him pregnant.” She was laughing her head off as she slammed the door. Cody was facing away from me and crying when I got in the car. “Are you okay? Did she hit you while I was gone?” He just shook his head and continued to stare out the window. After awhile he said, “I tried to give her a hug. She pushed me away and said if you have to bring me back, she’d beat me within an inch of my life.” The grocery store clerk was right about her. The bitch is a waste of oxygen. Stella was surprised to see him when we returned. I filled her in on the bruises and what had happened. “What a fucking bitch,” she said as she wrapped her arms around Cody. “It’s okay. You’re safe now.” He put his arms around her and cried softly against her chest. I was delighted to see them this way, their relationship hadn’t been the best. Dinner wasn’t the feeding frenzy it usually was with Cody. I’m not sure if it was because of the day’s events, or because he was beginning to realize that this wasn’t going to be his last meal. He was quiet through dinner and when we went to bed. After another shower, he just crawled into bed and put his arms around me. He wasn’t anticipating a blow job, he just wanted to be held, and reassured. That was not a problem for me. The bitch hadn’t let him bring anything, so we spent the next day shopping. The closet that had been stocked by Stanton for Jared, and by Jared for me, was now restocked again for Cody. It was fun watching him cut loose in the stores. “I’ve never done anything like this. I mean it’s fun to actually buy stuff.” That night I got another blow job to completion, and I used three fingers on his ass. Friday was his birthday. He had expressed an interest in computers, so I bought him a laptop. He must have liked it, because that night he gave me his ass. I eventually had Jim draw up guardianship papers and Cody’s mother signed it. Oddly enough, right after that, the welfare department somehow found out that Cody was no longer living with her, and her benefits were greatly reduced. She called me screaming some nonsense, so I gave her a check for five thousand and told her to fuck off. Cody did go to work for Mr. Haines at the grocery store when he was sixteen. He quickly moved up the ranks and became assistant manager before he turned eighteen. After he got his driver’s license, I gave him my five year old Mercedes and bought a new one for myself. He also began dating girls, which was fine with me, I was still fucking his ass nightly. I actually enjoyed hearing about his conquests. His cock had grown to a respectable thick six and a half inches, and I loved thinking about those girls spreading their legs and taking his cock into their young pussies. Although I warned him repeatedly about using protection, he eventually knocked up some slut. The abortion wasn’t cheap, but it was better than seeing his life ruined. He moved into his own place on his eighteenth birthday, but I still supported him minimally . He maintained his job at the store until he got his degree in cyber security. It’s funny, that the little thief was now trying to stop the thieves. Stella seemed to take pride in pointing out that she had been correct about Cody not being right for me. But I was never under any misconceptions about our relationship. I loved Cody, and he loved me, but we weren’t in love. We had an unspoken agreement. He got what he wanted, and I got what I wanted. It was probably just what I needed at that time too. Then I found myself alone again at thirty years old. At least this time I wasn’t devastated like I had been at the loss of Jared, and I was still in touch with Cody. It would be a couple of years before he finished school, and be able to support himself completely. I had cursed fate for taking Jared from me. This time the relationship ankara rus escort had run its course. And fate then stepped in again. I had driven passed the little shop thousands of times. It was in my `stomping grounds’ as they say, as was the school crossing. The shop was on Treeline Park, where I first encountered Jared, the school crossing, merely a block from the grocery store where Cody ran into me. I was actually on my way to the little shop that I had seen so many times. The neon sign on the front window said “READER”. Next to it advertised, Palms, Tarot cards, Seances. I wasn’t sure I believed in such things, but I was open minded and wondered what fate had in store for me. I think that certain things are preordained, but I’m not sure someone has the ability to foresee those things. If nothing else, it would be a lark to kill some time. On the way there, I approached the traffic light at the school crossing, and observed two boy’s conversing animatedly. Never one to pass up an opportunity to ogle boys I noticed one was very cute, the other, knock out gorgeous. At the light, I saw the cute boy tugging on the other’s arm, apparently trying to convince him to go toward the school. The gorgeous boy jerked away, and went the opposite direction. I found it odd, because I heard the morning bell at the school ringing, and the boy should obviously be going in. It was the last week of school before summer break. As I continued to the shop, I couldn’t get the boys out of my mind. The look on the cute boy’s face as he tugged on his friend’s arm, could only be described as beseeching. I didn’t know what to expect or what answers I was looking for as I entered the shop. The woman behind the counter didn’t seem surprised to see me, and introduced herself as Madam Gena. Without a word she indicated to a curtained off doorway, and I entered. The decor was, as you might imagine, mystic and dim. I was happy to see there wasn’t a crystal ball on the small table she sat at. I would have probably walked out if there had been. She shuffled a deck of cards and presented it to me. “Cut” She proceeded to peel the weird cards off the top of the deck, nodding as she did it. “You have suffered a great loss of a loved one.” That wasn’t convincing to me. Most people have lost someone, so it was a safe bet. “You are searching for answers.” Again a safe prediction, why else would someone come to a place like this. “You will meet someone who will change your life.” Not a far fetched prediction, and probably something most people would hope to hear. “Your happiness hangs in the balance of your decisions.” I think that’s true of most people as well. “He is not far, but you must not hesitate.” Okay, that is a little spooky. How would she know I was into guys? She put the cards away, and held out her hand. I wasn’t sure if she was expecting pay or what. I noticed her palm was slightly turned sideways, if she was expecting money, I assumed it would be pointed more directly toward me, so I lay my hand in hers. She placed her other hand on our joined ones, and closed her eyes. “You can help him, and you will be rewarded. Do it today.” Spooky again, but not improbable for a lot of people. She opened her eyes and looked directly into my soul. “You don’t need to lose your wallet.” Okay, that did it. The hair on my arms stood on end and a tingle went up my spine. She stood and gestured to the front of the store. “The first reading is half price. Fifty dollars please, Ryland. Come again if you need more answers.” As I handed her the money, another chill passed through me. I didn’t remember telling her my name, and if I had, I would usually just introduce myself as Ry. I sat in my car pondering what she had said. She said not to hesitate, do it today. Who could I help today that would change my life? It would have to be someone I knew already if it had to be today. I racked my brain trying to figure out who it could be. No one came to mind. Maybe it was someone I recently met. Nope, nothing jumped out at me, besides, she said I will meet, not have met. I started the car, and pulled out. At the school crossing, it hit me. The boy! I hadn’t met him, but he looked like he might be in trouble. His friend certainly appeared to be anxious to convince him of something. But how do I find him? She said I didn’t need to lose my wallet, so is he or isn’t he a street kid. It had to be today, so he is desperate. The mention of the wallet was very specific about me and my situation back then.Where was I staying then? The abandoned warehouse near the railroad tracks. It was worth a shot. The ancient brick building hadn’t changed much. The few windows it had when I was there last, had been busted out, and the fence around it was even more rusted and dilapidated. The boards on the doorway had been pried loose countless times, so entry was easy. Inside, were all the signs of being a home for transients, and a haven for drug users. Discarded needles strewn about among the trash and tattered blankets, graffiti painted on the walls. I found him in a small room, probably an office at one time. He sat in the corner with his knees drawn up, arms folded over them, head resting on his forearms. His shoulders shook as he sobbed, an occasional sniffle escaped him. I only observed him for a minute before saying a soft “Hello.” He jerked up in surprise, then got up ready to bolt out. “Please don’t run. I want to help.” “Who are you? Why would you want to help me?” he asked, eyeing me suspiciously. “My name is Ry. I saw you earlier across from the school. You looked like you could use some help.” “You can’t help me, nobody can.” he cried. “I told you my name, what’s yours?” I said as I eased nearer him. “Ford,” he muttered. “Well Ford, I’d like to help, if you’d let me try. Can I assume you ran away?” He nodded. “I had to. They hate me.” By now I was right in front of him. “Who? Your parents?” He nodded, burst into tears, and collapsed into my arms. Chapter 8 I somehow convinced Ford to come with me. I think he was desperate for someone to talk to. Stella busied herself getting lunch together, while I got Ford’s story. It seems his dad had caught him and his cute friend jerking off together and blew a gasket. His dad threatened to “beat the homo out of him”, and his mom wanted to send him to some `boot camp’ that advertised they could make him straight. I asked him if the cute boy was his boyfriend, and he said “No. He’s straight. We’ve been friends for a couple of years, that’s all. We were only messing around looking at porn and started jerking off. We weren’t even touching each other.” His father drove him to school that morning, yelled at everyone in the office about it being their fault. They let homos mix with regular kids. He demanded they keep “his little faggot friend” away from Ford, so he could “straighten him out”. Ford had run out and had just encountered his friend when I saw them. Ford admitted he was only waiting for his friend to get out of school so he could say goodbye to him. He was planning to end his life. I guess Madam Gena was right about it having to be today. “I can’t go on with no friends. I mean it’s bad enough that my parents hate me, but now the whole school knows I’m gay. And poor Trevor probably hates me now too, because of my dad, everybody’s going to think he’s gay too. That’s why I wanted to wait to see him first. I need to apologise to him.” “I doubt that anybody hates you. Your parents gave you a cool name like Ford. They must love you.” “It’s actually Harrison Ford Carmichael. My dad has a thing for `Star Wars’, I’m lucky my name isn’t Yoda. Trevor says that with my ears, they should have gone with Jar Jar Binks. So yeah, they even hated me when I was born. I think they had to get married because Mom was pregnant. They’re not happy, and they both blame me. Now that they know I’m gay, they’ll make my life hell, and I don’t want to be around for that.” “Will you give me a couple of days to try to make things better?” “I don’t know what good it will do. I can’t go home, I can’t go back to school. How are you going to fix that?” “What time do your parents get home from work?” “Mom is probably home now. Dad will be home around six.” “Let’s call your mother and see what the atmosphere is like there.” I put the phone on speaker so I could hear both sides of the conversation. “Hello” “Hi Mom.” “Oh, it’s you. You know we don’t like homos here.” “But I’m your son.” “My son wouldn’t be a faggot. Don’t come back until you’re no longer homo. Especially if my husband is home. He’d probably beat you to death.” Then there was a click and the line went dead. The whole time she showed no more emotion than if she were talking about the weather to a stranger at a bus stop, in fact less. Ford broke into tears again. After a minute he raised his head and shook himself, as if freeing himself of something. “Well, I think the atmosphere there is pretty chilly.” Stella came in to announce lunch, took one look at Ford and wrapped her arms around him, pulling his head to her bosom. “Whatever’s going on here, you’re gonna fix it,” she said to me, her eyes a dark warning if I didn’t. “Well Ford, it looks like you’re staying with us.” After lunch I showed Ford to his room.Yes it was my old room and Cody’s room, now it was Ford’s. And since he couldn’t go home, and came here with nothing, it looked like the closet would get another overhaul. He showered and met me in the den wearing a bathrobe. Up till then, I had been so caught up in his drama, I didn’t have a chance to really appraise him. As I said, his friend was cute, Ford was gorgeous. Thin with angular features, light blond hair, blue green eyes, around five feet five inches tall. I couldn’t help but wonder what was hidden under the robe. “How old are you, Ford?” “I turned fourteen two weeks ago. Could I call my friend Trevor?” “Of course. You’re not a prisoner here,” I said, and handed him my cell phone. I thought it might be a good idea to have Trevor’s number in my cell too. He took the phone into the next room to talk in private. Ford talked to Trevor for about thirty minutes before returning the phone. “He said there was a lot of pointing and whispering, and two guys actually made passes at him. I feel so bad for him. It’s all my fault.” “It’s not your fault, Ford. Your father did this, not you.” He sat beside me on the sofa, making sure not to expose too much as he did. Even when he put his feet up on the sofa, he maintained his modesty only allowing a bit of his thigh to be seen. On the beautiful boy, that was enough to get my blood racing. “Why are you helping me Ry?” So I told him about going to see Madam Gena. “A fortune teller said for you to help me?” “She didn’t mention you by name, but the things she said led me to you. She actually said some things that applied to me specifically. And that I needed to help you today.” Ford stared off into space for a minute and then nodded. He knew she was right, he had been on the verge of doing something stupid. “But there must be more to it than that.” “Well, I was once in your shoes, and someone helped me. I was living on the street, doing things I wouldn’t normally do, just to survive.” He nodded again in understanding. After a minute he wandered off. I later learned he spent some time talking to Stella while she prepared dinner. I didn’t see him until dinner. Then afterward we retired to our rooms. I had just settled into bed when there was a knock at my door. “Can we talk?” Ford asked, sticking his head in. “Sure, Ford. What can I do for you?” He crawled into my bed and laid his head on my shoulder. “I wanted to thank you for being there for me.” “No need for that, I’m glad to help.” “So, you were on the streets when you were young? Then Jared helped you?” “Yes. It’s obvious you’ve been talking to Stella. What else did she tell you?” “That you stayed with him until he died. You slept with him. Then after he died, you had a boy named Cody staying here.” “Remind me to fire Stella. Yes, that’s all true.” “So you’re gay? Is that why you brought me here? You expect me to sleep with you?” “No, I brought you here because you need help.” “But you slept with Jared, and then Cody slept with you.” “I was in love with Jared. Cody… well Cody was an arrangement. Look, Ford, you don’t have to sleep with me to stay here, if that’s what you’re asking. I will help you anyway.” He hugged me. “Thanks Ry.” Then he went back to his room. When he came down the next morning, he was dressed in the same clothes he wore the day before. “Do you think your parents have changed their minds about you going there?” “No. Why? Are you throwing me out?” “No. Do you like shopping?” Six hours after leaving, we returned with a carload of things he would need. “May I use your phone to call Trevor. He’s not going to believe all this.” “Use your own damn phone !” I barked at him. He looked shocked that I spoke to him like that, and confused by what I said. Then I handed him the bag with his cell phone in it. “Happy belated birthday.” Ford screamed like a little girl when he saw what was in the bag. “Oh My God Ry! You’re the best.” He threw his arms around me and hugged me for a long time. I don’t know if he decided it was time to end the hug, or if he felt the erection that had sprung up between us, but he finally backed off looking sheepish. His eyes quickly glanced down then back at the phone in his hand. He left the room to talk to his friend, then stuck his head in and asked “Can Trevor come over?” I knew he was worried about his friend, and probably needed someone his age that he trusted to talk to, so of course I said yes. Trevor rode his bike over and arrived about fifteen minutes later. After introductions were made, I asked Trevor about his black eye. Trevor looked at Ford who said, “It’s okay he knows everything.” “Today was a lot worse than yesterday. At first it was just name calling, then John Billings grabbed his crotch and said “For five dollars I’ll let you suck my dick.” I lost it, and we went at it. A teacher broke us up. “Five bucks? I was getting twenty when I was your age.” Trevor looked confused. Ford said, “Come on, I’ll show you my room.” As they walked away I heard Trevor ask, “Did he mean guys paid him to suck his dick?” Ford replied, “I think so.” They were gone for around ten minutes, when I began to wonder what was going on in that room. Were they jerking off together again? I started up the stairs. I felt guilty because I wanted to see them naked together. I really didn’t mind if they were. I should knock first, give them time to get decent if they are doing anything. I listened at the door before knocking. Trevor: “Do you think he’s gay?” Ford : “Maybe.” Trevor : “I know you like older guys so…?” Ford : “You know I’ve never done anything with anybody, well except jerk off with you.” Trevor: “He’s good looking. Are you going to sleep with him?” Ford : “I don’t know if he even likes me.” Trevor: “Of course he likes you. Look where you’re living. Do you like him? “ is the question.” Ford: “He’s really nice. And he did rescue me. Did you notice how sexy his eyes are? And earlier, I gave him a hug, and I think he got hard.” Trevor: “He does have nice eyes, but I’m straight, so I don’t know if I’d call them sexy.” Ford: “Do you really think he likes me?” Trevor: “You’re very attractive. Hell, you even enticed me into jerking off with you. And you said he got hard. Right? Then I’d say he definitely likes you.” I decided that was a good time to interrupt them, and knocked on the door. “Hey fellas. I just wanted to ask if Trevor is staying for dinner, so Stella could set a place for him.” “I’d love to stay, if that’s okay?” “Sure it’s okay. We’d love to have you.” This made Ford happy, and he gave me a smile. I guess it is because I grew up in a tougher environment, but I was more mature than Ford and Trevor when I was their age. Where they look at me as an authority figure, I thought of Jared as an equal. They are still in `teen mode’ while I was already in `adult mode’ by their age. Although I still wanted to help Ford, I don’t know if that bodes well for a deeper relationship with him. I didn’t want to feel like I was having sex with my son, it’s just not my cup of tea. Dinner went well, with Trevor filling Ford in on the latest school news. But again, it was like I was the parent in the room. The way they curbed their language, and didn’t speak of anything too personal, like teens withhold from their parents. They just weren’t as open and candid with me there. Trevor left, promising he’d see Ford again soon. Having him there had made Ford feel better, I think. He seemed less stressed, not expecting a bomb to be dropped on him anymore. Stella said goodbye, and gave Ford a hug. Something she never did for Cody except for Christmas or his birthday. We played a few games of pool in the game room, and Ford told me how he and Trevor became friends. It was the first day of fifth grade that the teacher had his name written on the blackboard to introduce himself. Ford was the only witness to Trevor changing it from Mr. Tassy, to Mr. Pussy. Ford got into a lot of trouble, but never ratted out Trevor. They became best friends and trusted each other completely and Trevor was the only person who knew Ford was gay. “So, when your dad caught you two, were you really just jerking off? How did your dad find out you’re gay?” “Honest. We were just jerking off. See, I told Trevor a long time ago that I thought I was gay. I had been curious about what Trevor looked like naked. I’d never seen him, well, nobody else either. So, I put on some straight porn to get him excited. He knew what I was trying to do, he even said “You just want to see my dick.” I said “Yeah, so whip it out.” Anyway Dad caught us and all hell broke loose. Dad was about to hit Trevor, screaming “You little faggot, trying to turn my boy homo.” I stopped him from hitting Trevor by telling him I was the one trying to turn Trevor homo. Dad hit me instead.” “Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. I will never hit you.” “If I stay here, what about school?” “We’ll need your parents signatures to get you into school. If that’s not possible, I’ll hire a tutor and homeschool you. That’s what Jared did for me.” “Did you do that for Cody? He was a street kid too wasn’t he?” “I didn’t have to. He wasn’t exactly a street kid. His mother beat him and he was half starved when he ran into me, literally. She basically sold him to me. As his guardian, I could get him into school.” “You bought a kid so you could have sex with him?” “No. Of course not. I was going to pay her to not beat him anymore. She wanted more money, so she told me to take him. We had sex before she sold him to me, and I assume we would have continued even if she hadn’t.” “But Stella said Cody was straight.” “Obviously not completely straight, but yes, he likes girls.” I went on to tell him the whole story of Cody. “So now he’s living on his own, going to school for cyber security, dating girls, and you help support him?” “Well, I am still his legal guardian, so I help him out a little with his expenses. He works too.” “So I can stay here until I can support myself?” “If you don’t go back home. Yes.” “And you don’t expect me to sleep with you?” “No.” “Why would you do that, and not expect something in return?” “I do get something out of it. I get the pleasure of helping someone, and maybe a star by my name in heaven. But mostly… Well, Jared told me not to be alone, and he’s right. I don’t like being lonely. So I also get the company of a beautiful young boy.” Ford blushed at the compliment. Chapter 9 When we were alone together, Ford seemed more mature. He carried on an intelligent conversation and had a great sense of humor. It was only when Trevor was around that I felt like the adult outsider. Over the next two weeks, Trevor visited a few times. I restrained myself from listening at his door to their private conversations, although it was difficult. I still wondered if there was something between them, and admit I was a bit jealous. I had no right to be jealous, but I couldn’t help picturing in my head the two of them together. Of course it was only my imagination I had as reference, having never seen either one naked. When they would join me in the game room, I would speculate about the two of them having just shot their loads into each other’s mouth. It would be hard enough having a cutie like Trevor in my house and not touching him, but two of them there, one being even better looking, was torturous. And Ford was there all the time. I found myself jerking off two or three times a day. Just when I was getting used to him being around, and not getting an erection every time I saw him, something else happened. I had gone to his room to call him to dinner. Apparently he had just gotten out of the shower, and was standing there in just his underwear. My eyes locked onto his undies, and my mind locked up completely. I stood staring for a full two minutes, and Ford was staring at me as well. We both realized we were frozen in place at the same time. “Uhhh…” we said simultaneously. “Um… Oh yeah. Dinner is ready,” I managed to mutter, looking into his eyes. “Sure… Uh yeah, be right there.” Neither of us moved for another two minutes. I don’t know if he noticed the erection that sprung up in my pants instantly at seeing him. I only know that I memorized his image for my spank bank, especially his full looking basket. I could see the tubular bulge his cock made, and the two rounder bulges behind it, and even the ridge of his helmet head below his balls. God! He was beautiful. Dinner was spent in nervous silence, both of us knowing something had passed between us in those two minutes, but not sure what. That night, I was reminded of the time I stepped into the shower with Jared, when I heard the shower door open behind me. This time, it was I who leaned down to kiss Ford. It was my cock that brushed against his belly. It was his hand that encircled my cock, and him that was amazed at what he had found. I chuckled when he said, “Man you have a big dick.” “And your’s is beautiful,” I replied. And like with me and Jared, I went to my knees in front of him. “May I?” I asked looking up at him. “Oh God. Yes!” It was a thick six and a half inches, with a large knob head. The ridge around it’s crown was much wider than the shaft. We both moaned loudly as I took it into my mouth to lay on the bed of my tongue. Eventually I pressed my nose to his pubis, with its small bush of dark blond hair, and that fat knob was in my throat. I moved my lips slowly up and down his cock, luxuriating in the feel of it’s velvety hardness. “Oh Jesus Ry, suck me,” Ford said as his fingers gripped the back of my head. His natural instincts took over and he thrust his hips, fucking my face with his beautiful cock. I took his small butt cheek in one hand and his balls in the other, as he continued to feed me his cock. His legs began to tremble and his thrusts became erratic. “I’m gonna cum,” he said, pulling me tighter to his groin, and pushing in as deep as possible. The instinct to plant the seed deep had taken him over, and he delivered it into my throat. His thick knob blocked my airway as it sent it’s payload gushing into my gullet. He relinquished his grip and I sucked a final precious drop from him as he slipped from my mouth. “That was incredible,” Ford proclaimed. “I think so too,” I agreed as I stared at his wilting cock. I leaned forward and took it back into my mouth to pay homage to it. He looked into my eyes as I continued to nurse on his beautiful boyhood. After a few minutes, he took it from me and dropped to his knees. I stood and Ford explored me fully before taking my stiff cock into his mouth. His inexperience was negated by his enthusiasm, as he proceeded to give his first blow job. He couldn’t deepthroat my almost nine inches, but he gripped the base, and worked his mouth on the rest. I felt blessed to have such a gorgeous boy trying his best to please me. Sucking him had taken me to the edge, and he quickly took me over it. I gave him fair warning before unloading in his mouth, but he took it like it was manna from heaven. He licked his lips and said, “If I had any doubts before, I don’t now. I am definitely gay. I loved doing that for you, well, for myself too.” “Glad to hear it. I’d hate to think I was wasting my time falling for a straight boy.” “So you feel it too. I’m not crazy. I mean… I think I’m falling for you too. Trevor is going to be impossible to deal with. He’s been saying we should be together.” “You know, I’m a lot older than you. Are you sure you wouldn’t prefer to be with someone your own age like Trevor?” “Trevor’s my best friend, and I’ve wanted to suck his dick since the day I met him. But I have always been attracted to older guys, and I found the older guy I want.” Ford slept in my bed, and in my arms that night. It felt right holding his beautiful nude body next to mine. In the morning we traded blow jobs again. Trevor came over, and we spent the day playing pool and swimming in the pool. Stella made a great dinner for us then left. When we sat down to eat, Trevor tried to shock me by saying, “So you two finally hooked up. It’s about time. Was it good for you Ry?” I turned the tables on him by saying, “Yeah it was great. You should let Ford blow you so you know what you’re missing.” “I … uh… I’m straight.” “Your dick doesn’t know the gender of the mouth that’s sucking it. Guys give much better blow jobs than girls. What good does it do to have a gay friend if you don’t let him blow you once in a while.” I said all this because I knew Ford really wanted to suck his friend’s dick. And so he would know he isn’t saddled with my old ass forever if he chooses not to be. After dinner they disappeared into Ford’s room for an hour. I so wanted to see what was going on in there. Mostly I was curious to see Trevor’s cock. I heard Trevor call out goodbye to me as he went out the front door. A minute later Ford showed up looking sheepish. “How was it?” I asked. “Fun. He has a nice dick. He even played with mine for a minute, but I could tell he really wasn’t into it. He enjoyed the blow job though, and I might do it again sometime. But I’m not in love with Trevor. It’s still you I want. And as a reward for setting that up for me, I think you should open my back door tonight.” I did as he asked, of course. It was long, slow, and passionate. In the morning I rewarded him with my ass too. Two weeks later, I was fortunate enough to see Ford blowing Trevor on the patio by the pool. I think it was the second and last time for them. Though they are still friends, Trevor is straight and has a girl now. She’s a lucky girl. He’s a great guy, and nicely hung too. The old fortune teller was right. I was rewarded for finding and helping Ford. He’s been with me three years, and we couldn’t be happier. The End © Cutter09 Please send comments to ail Cutter09 would love to hear what you think of the story! Thank you for taking the time to send feedback to the author. Your feedback is the only reward the authors receive. Do you enjoy having access to all the great fantasy material and also having a place to share your own stories without having to censor them for a general audience? Please donate to Nifty and help support and maintain this free fty/donate.html

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