Subject: A Neglected Boy The Twins XXIX Please support Nifty to keep stories coming. Remember to “Thank” Nifty Staff for their help. fty/donate.html Story is fiction, names fabricated, locations accurate. There may be some sex; it will be gentle and loving. A story you may enjoy is A Cantabrian Operetta, By Jonah also in Adult/Youth A Neglected Boy “The Twins” XXIX [email protected] The story is told by either Jake or Kori in alternating Chapters …………. Unlike the tormenting miserable sun back home morning came gracefully to our villa. I slid from bed not waking Kori and stepped out to the pool area. I was greeted by the most beautiful sunrise backlighting Mt. Vesuvius and Naples Bay undisturbed, as it slept so still and quiet in the predawn light. I tiptoed quietly to Ethan’s bedroom to find Kyle and Justin all snuggled up to Ethan. It was just past 5:30 and I felt so relaxed and contented; it was a feeling of tranquility and calmness of being at peace. I sat and watched Kori sleep his breathing slow and his face bathed in the gentle warm sunlight as it made its way into the room. Soon the image became of Kori when he was just 11 and emotion overcame me and my eyes swelled with tears of love. Just as I had slipped from the bed I slipped back in bed. Kori turned and hugged me tight and I again heard the words I so love to hear him say . . . “I love you.” I drifted off to sleep Kori wrapped in my arms. The sun was kind and gentle but the rug-rats and Ethan were not! It was just past 7am and their loud jabbering, laughing, and giggling along with what I imagine to be cannonballs hitting the water had abruptly torn Kori and me from our sleep. Kori was first out the door to poolside. For a second I thought he was going to explode at the boys but instead to my surprise, he joined them. It looked like morning fun so I closed the sliding glass door to join them and then I heard that awful sound …… “Click” …… it was the sound of the lock as the door closed. I panicked at first and then thought no problem I’ll go through Ethan’s room …… Oh, guess I won’t it’s locked too, rug-rat’s room? Nope. Now panic set in for real …… Maria will be here at 8 and what will she find but 5 naked people in a panic in the pool. Kori looked at me and asked . . . “Jake, the door isn’t locked is it?” Now my panic spread to Kori and Ethan but the rug-rats didn’t seem to get the picture. Love that Ethan, just got to love that boy as he quickly explained to the rug-rats we were all locked out and Maria is on the way. Now Panic! Rug-rats looked at Kori and said . . . “She’s gonna see us naked? Can’t you open the door if you pull hard?” . . . . Kyle and Justin began to look around to see if there was a place to hide, it was kind of funny. Then ……….. saved here came Giorgio sliding door opened and 5 towels set next to the diving board as he said . . . “I’ll water the plants then clean the pool “Signore” as he looked at me. Rug-rats started giggling followed by the rest of us then all out laughter. We all were wrapping towels around us and the laughter only last 2 minutes more when we heard Maria say quite loudly . . . “Oh!” . . . which startled Ethan who nearly dropped his towel but now held with one hand and pinned to his belly button. Thankfully everything was covered. Maria smiled a rather silly devilish type of smile and Ethan was fire engine red. Maria asked if we would like to eat in the kitchen, dining room or by the pool and it was unanimous …… by the pool. Breakfast was fresh fruit, OJ, Coffee, espresso to be exact, milk and freshly baked pastry; no tea. It was plain to see that we would have to ask Giorgio how to speak to Maria about our meals without hurting her feelings. Justin, Kyle, and Ethan kept saying . . . “Wow this is amazing the fruit has real taste and the pastry is better than at home it’s fresh. Then Kyle, big mouth, said . . . “Maria must have a cow the milk is good too.” bursa escort Justin elbowed Kyle and said . . . “shut up Kyle that’s rude she’s trying to make things special for us.” Ooooh, Justin the Knight in Shining Armor. …… Kyle actually apologized. We all looked at Justin as he said . . . “She’s nice like a real Granma.” Ethan knew exactly what Justin was saying and gave him a big hug and then we all ate more pastry. Today was our Naples exploring day. Ethan, Kyle, and Justin wanted to see the colorful small fishing boats and some kind of walking tour of the part of Naples near where the cruise ships come in. Kori thought it was best to look at one or two quick videos of Naples so we could have a better idea of what we would see. Kori and Ethan made it into a game for Justin and Kyle and decided to watch 2 videos each about 3 minutes and see if we could spot the same things in the second video and what was different. Now if you like rug-rats and boys in Speedos then The ideas Kori can come with are simply brilliant! Two videos captured everyone’s attention and rug-rats were so excited to see the creepy stuff. Of course who wouldn’t want to see where dead people were buried; or perhaps some 500-year-old child mummy. What really excited Ethan was the 31 mummies of the Basilica of San Dominico Maggiore that date back to the fourteenth century; not to mention “lost cities and ancient underworlds, scandalous pleasure palaces, it’s all about sex, a crime against love” . . . What happened to seeing the colorful boats? Hello, colorful boats. Breakfast finished, clothes changed and comfortable shoes and we were just about to leave when the door chime rang. Maria answered the door and it was the lady and her two boys that lived in the next villa. Maria asked them in and introduced them. . . . . “Mr. Jake, Mr. Kori may I introduce Alina our next door neighbor and her 2 boys Marco, the cute one, and Lorenzo, the handsome one.” . . . . I shook hands and introduced Kyle, Justin, and Ethan. Alina said . . . “Oh what handsome boys and this boy Ethan looks just like you.” The rug-rats started giggling and Kori stepped right into it and said . . . “Yes Ethan does look like Jake but actually he is the son of the owner here Alina.” …… Alina looked at Ethan then at Jake then back at Ethan and just smiled. I noticed our little rug-rats had been studying Alina’s 2 boys and asked . . . “Alina how old are your boys?” . . . Alina said, as she pushed the cute one forward, . . . “Marco is 11, cute but a little, how you say `Diavolo’, ahhhhh you know `The devil’ in him; and this one, Lorenzo, he does nothing wrong as long as he’s sleeping.” I laughed but noticed the rug-rats had a twinkle in their eye and Lorenzo had not taken his eye off Ethan. We all politely shook hands and invited them over for evening coffee and before anything else was said Kyle said . . . “bring swimsuits” . . . Alina and the boys left and we thanked Maria for introducing them. I asked Maria what is Alina’s husband’s name and Maria said . . . “Angelo but he is away in Brazil on business.” Kori and I thanked Maria for all her help and asked if she could please have some fruit and pastries for tonight. Again we thanked Maria and were off to explore Naples. We weren’t in the Range Rover Sport one minute when Kyle, in a rather perturbed manner, said . . . “I saw how Lorenzo was looking at you, Ethan.” . . . Ethan replied . . . “Forget it, Kyle, he was just looking at someone new that’s all.” Then Kyle started . . . . “Well, I think he’s …….” Kori turned and said . . . “Both of you stop `Now’ and when they visit you will be polite and friendly.” I’m not even sure what just happened. I was just driving but the rug-rats must have noticed something that got by me when we were talking back at the villa with Maria, Marco, and Lorenzo. Kyle just sounded jealous and I think I have heard that tone before. Yes I know bursa escort bayan I have with Kori, Peter, and Riku. As I drove down the tight narrow winding road toward the old section of Naples things began to lighten up and giggles and chuckles were heard once again. The boys were pointing to all kinds of things they had never seen like tires being changed right on the side of the road and little carts with fruit and vegetables being pushed along by old men and women. The people looked happy and some were playing guitar or accordion and singing. Finally, we arrived at the cruise port where the big cruise ships come in and some U.S. Navy ships. We parked there for the day and the first thing to catch the eye of the boys and Kori was Castel Nuovo a medieval castle located in front of the Piazza Municipio and the city hall in central Naples. It’s awesome said Justin and naturally it needed to be explored. Ethan was the tour guide and told us all about its size and that it is one of the main architectural landmarks of the city built in 1279. While exploring the boys spotted a gold-colored dome just a few blocks away and wanted that to be the next stop. It was only a short walk to this gold dome building called the Galleria Umberto …. that’s right after escaping from being killed by the traffic. The boys were leading the way and Kori and I noticed the continued closeness of “The Twins” to Ethan. Kyle and Justin each holding Ethan’s hands just as young brothers do pulling him along with excitement. The boys were amazed at the enormous size of the mall. The amount of glass, the beauty of the floor and hundreds of shops of all kinds and sizes were unbelievable. Ethan found a guide in English and began to explain; it made Kori smile and he turned to me and said . . . “remember?” . . . Kori didn’t need to say anything more. Kori had done the same thing a hundred times in so many different places. It was his love for history and adventure that always made every trip so special when he was a boy. Ethan started . . . “rug-rats pay attention …… this is a public shopping mall and look straight down that way it’s the San Carlo opera house and it’s just across the street. Can you believe they built this between 1887 and 1891 and it was like really important here in Naples? It was named after Umberto I, the King of Italy at the time of construction. The Galleria ….. Justin interrupted . . . . “Ethan read it later we’re hungry let’s find some place to eat.” . . . . “Ok, Ok but you know this is a World Heritage Site” Ethan continued while being dragged along by the rug-rats. Justin and Kyle were leading the expedition and as we walked toward one of the entrances the aroma of fresh baked pizza got stronger and stronger and rug-rats were moving Ethan faster and faster. Soon we walked up two steps and into the most amazing pizzeria. Wood fired ovens with only the best pepperoni, homemade sauce and the finest olive oil. We all ordered small pepperoni and cheese pizza and ate it like the locals folding it in half. The olive oil was running down our arms and the Coca-cola was better than back in Connecticut. Kyle and Justin kept hugging Ethan and saying . . . “you been a good boy Ethan eat more.” Kori and I sat and watched the love pour from our little Korean boys as they continued to worship their older brother. The afternoon ended with a walking tour of the area. Rug-rats and Ethan were first to discover the outdoor market at Piazza Antignano. Kori and I rounded the corner and were relieved to see that Ethan had grabbed Kyle and Justin and they were waiting for us to catch up. I had forgotten how enormous this place was and I think it had grown much bigger than I remembered. Kori walked over to Ethan and I heard him say . . . “Ethan please don’t let go of `The Twins’ this place is so immense they’d get lost in a second.” . . . Kyle turned looked at Kori and said . . . “come escort bursa on we’re not babies Dad.” The expression on Kori’s face was priceless when Kyle called him “Dad”. I was having one of the best days of my life. The market at Piazza Antignano is one of the most popular local markets in Naples and is less touristic than others in the city. The market is also one of the richest for the concentration of loads of different stands. I told the boys that I remembered when I was a student and visited here I was told that anything you want can be found here even a tank or a bazooka. Justin looked at Ethan and Kyle and I heard him say . . . “he likes to exaggerate.” And the three were laughing till they turned the corner and spotted a whole section of military weapons including a large land combat vehicle. Justin turned and looked at me with his mouth hanging open and pointing at this thing. I said . . . “wanna buy it?” we were all laughing as we walked over to take a closer look. This is the right place to go and breathe the Neapolitan attitude to street selling. Best selection of trendy clothes, local food, and, if you need fine shoes this is the place. We were getting tired and the boys were in need of a drink and a little snack. On the way back to the Range Rover the boys were sounding a little excited about having Marco and Lorenzo over for fun and games in the pool. Kori said . . . “Jake this is the best work vacation I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to get to meet the rest of the team and Dr. Guermandi. I spotted Dr. Sue Alcock’s name from Brown on the list and it will be so good to see her again. I have to thank her for all she has done for me.” We arrived back at the Rover and were out in the crazy traffic. Horns were blowing, people screaming at each other, tires squealing and screeching and two cops blowing their whistles that did no good at all. The back seat was very quiet and Kori turned only to find all three boys sound asleep. We arrived back at the villa to find Maria had prepared a beautiful fresh fruit setting and fresh pastries for this evening. She asked if Kori and I would like her to stay and serve but we thought that would be an imposition after all she had already done for the evening. Maria thanked Kori and I and again said she would be back at 8am to prepare breakfast. We all showered and freshened up and the boys were in their best shorts with swimsuits underneath. At 7pm Alina, Marco, the cute one, and Lorenzo, the handsome one, arrived. Alina was in a very beautiful summer dress and the boys were in shorts much like the twins and Ethan. We all talked about the day and what we all enjoyed most. For Kori and I it was one thing and for the boys completely different things, When Lorenzo heard we had been at Piazza Antignano he asked Ethan something and I noticed Ethan turn slightly more than pink. Then Lorenzo asked if they could all go swimming. Kori looked at the boys and said . . . “That’s what the pools for.” Alina, Kori and I watched all 5 boys as they walked closer to the edge of the pool and dropped their shorts. Marco and Lorenzo had their fingers in their Speedos as if they were going to drop them too when ………. Alina sharply said . . . “NO! you’re not at home you’re guests.” Kori and I looked at Alina as the boys dove in the pool and then she explained . . . . . “I’m sorry my boys were rude, they don’t wear bathing suits when at home or when with some of their friends, I’m embarrassed.” . . . . Kori and I smiled and I said . . . . “Alina, please it is Ok; Ethan, Justin, and Kyle never wear swimsuits either.” ……. Alina was so relieved and Kori said I’ll tell them it’s Ok and called Ethan. Kori whispered to Ethan that if they wanted to swim naked it was Ok. Two minutes later Alina, Kori and I were laughing as we saw 5 Speedos fly through the air and land poolside. To be Continued . . . . . A Neglected Boy “The Twins XXX” Please E-mail me at …. [email protected] ***Please note I’m on the road again with Bison, Bears, Elk, Wolves and more*** Web Page …. bly/a-neglected-boy-the-twins.html Readers comments ……. bly/journal Jonah Stories Page … bly/jonah-stories.html

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