Wife provides a birthday surprise

Wife provides a birthday surprise
I guees we had both been fruustrated for various reasons ans we had been miscommunicating alot in the run up to my birthday. Linda had taken it upon herself to book us a weekend away, one of those spa hotel deals to keep the trade going. Linda had kept me waiting while she was getting ready in the en-suite, it was worth the wait as when Linda finally appeared she was wearing what she announced to be her birthday slut clothes. She was sporting a pink mini dress with a super low scooped front, she had alittle clasp on the front to make sure that the massive amount of breasts she was already showing didn’t increase. Linda was also wearing black stockings , with a pattern which started just below whwere her mini dress stopped. Linda suggested that we go to dinner beofre I got distracted and we missed our reservation.

hen we arrived at the restautant Linda suggested that I should be the one facing the room for a change.
When Linda went to sit down I noticed that she held the hem of her dress. This meant that she was showing alot of stocking clad thigh. We ordered our meal and took a free bottle of house wine which was on offer. Linda appeared to like it alot managing to consume the lions share for a change. a desert menu appeard and while I was looking thorugh what was on offer Linda asked, would you prefer something else for desert? She mad moved her chair slightly to the side of our table and slowly spread her knees revealing her bare flesh at the top of her stockings and then wider still, showing off her neatly shaved pussy .It must have been the wine I thought, she hadn’t been this forward in a long time. It was thn she removed the little clasp from the front of her dress, exposingher taught stomach and then alot more breast as she leaned forward. Does this look more appealing than anoything else here, Linda said speaking softly.

I hadn’t needed asking twice as we soon made our way in the elevator to our room. Lind keeping me at arms length, teasing me as we went. Before entering our room Lind handed me a blindfold and said to put it on, she wanted to be in control for the next bit. She led me to the bed sitting me down and then I could hear a chair being moved as she then guided me up, slowly undressed me, taking alot of time to fondle my thickening shaved cock before lowering me to sit on it the chair instead. Whispering in my ear Linda said she ws such a naughty wife, she hoped that I dind’t mind. She took my hand and said she wanted me to experience some things I had been asking for . I asked like what? Linda said, that will spoil the surprise, tying each hand to the back of the chair. I could hear Linda moving away saying she had to get a drink from the mini bar and some lube from the bathroom. I heard the door open and close and then the sound of the fridge being opened and a drink being pouredI sked if she was ready, to which Linda replied, I didn’t want to do this and then I felf a ball gag in my mouth and then it ws tied, diretly afterward I felt a warm lubed hand on my semi flcid cock. Then a mouth, the tongue glided over my glans, flicking the hole at the end and then lowering evr so slowly down onto my hard cock. I could feel her gag as she took my cock all the way into her mouth, it felt amazing, where had she leared this?

She had me almost at that point of no return, before releasing my cock from her mouth and lowering the chair to rest on the end of the bed. The ball gag was removed and then my mouth tasted a fresh clean shaved pussy, smooth legs clad in stockings either side of my head as she held me by my hair and encouraged me to eat her wet pussy deeeply. I could feel her reaching climax,her engorged clitoris was now my forced attention as she orgasmed . Then shifting pace seamlessly, tuning around she now had me licking her ass. I could hear her voice, muffled by my thigh clad ears, saying eat it if you want to fuck it. The hand on my head guided me again encouraging me to lick around the opening and then force my tongue inside. She held my head there for increasing periods of time showing me her enjoyment. Then she let go of my head and let the chair back to it’s feet. Her voice now loud and clear, you’ve been very good on your birthday, now no talking, Im going to untie your hands and you are to lie back on the bed with them underneath you until I take off your blindfold. I can’t be a dirty slut with you wathcing me.

Linda made sure I was lying safely on the floor with my hands in the right place and i could hear her move towards the fridge again and pour anothe drink. Then footsteps back towards me and then a firm hand on my cock as i could feel the throbbing helmet touch off her anus. She played with her anus with the tip of my cock, I could feel her warmth inviting me inside. Then slowly my cock was feeling her warmth over my throbbing helmet , then as she rocked back and forth inch by inch her ass took me right down to my balls.

Now hands lifted my head and pulled the blindfold off, revealing that it was not my wife taking my cock in her ass, but a much older woman, in her sixties I’d say, with a bigger build than my wife a golden tanned body with beautifully large fake breasts. Linda said, this is Sara, she told me that she would make it an unforgettable night for us, she brought a couple of friends along with her to introduce me to being the perfect slut wife for you .

I was speachless, not knowing what to say. Linda added, I wanted to give you a glimpse of the future, you know I’ve been talking about sizing up, as she touched her breasts. Sara, took my hands and placed them on her huge ‘breasts, wouldn’t she look fantastic with something like these. I agreed. Linda then opened a door to the adjoining suite and invited in Sara’s friends. Linda let the mini dress slip from her frame to the floow revealing her naked body, that is except for her stockings and slut heels. Two naked black men walked into the room with Sara introducing them, Lex and Mark she has been fucking them since her divorce when she was in her early forties and they were in college. That makes them around your age right! Linda says, I don’t think it’s time for a divorce yet as she takes a black cock in each hand, stroking them. Sara makes it look so easy doesn’t she. I haven’t been able to take one in my ass yet, Linda purrs, they have been so patient with me, I really want to do it for you. Linda gets odwn on her knees taking each black cock in turn between her lips, taking them deeper and deeper each time, looking at me as she plays with them before closing her eyes taking them each in turn all the way in to their balls.

Sara places one of my hands on her wet pussy now, saying your nice cock feels so good in my ass finger me.Your cock is much bigger than my husbands was but there is something so liberating and dirty about thise two balck cocks, your wife looks so hot sucking on them right now, I think she wanted to wait so you could see her graduation.

Linda has stopped gagging on their cocks now and says, I found Sara on a swingers website and she has been a great guide through my journey .Sara added, she had tried to be that dirty slut you wanted for so long now, we’ve met up a few times on our own discussing things she might try, but then it became obvious to me that she really needd to try my two studs here, they are the ones that really liberated my inner slut.

Linda moves to sit on the bed right beside Sara and me, getting Lex to sit underneath her. His big black cock contrating against her pale flesh as it rose up to her belly button. Her pussy is glistening in her juices she rubs his shaf over her lips. Linda mouth the word sorry as she guides his length between her lips. Lex is now working his cock slowly into Linda’s pussy as she moands loudly. Sara moans as my fingers work deeper with her taking three fingers easily, adding that’s it show your husband how much you like to fuck. Lex is expertly hitting the spot for Linda as she screams rather than moans, I’m suck a slut he feels so good. Sara continues, that’s it Linda admit being a slut, tell us you’re a slut for big balck cock. Linda repeats it for Sara, looking at me. I add, yu really like it don’t you. Linda moans, I like being a black cock slut in fornt of you. Linda is reaching a climax as she repeats it. Lex asks does she want his cum. Linda replies, yes I want to feel it inside me. Linda moans loudly in appreciation as she loses his load inside her, almost driving her to climax again.

Lex gets up and Mark now takes his place rolling Linda up by her legs to expose her puckered ass. He dosn’t hesitate placing his tongue in the crack of her ass and licking up towards her puckered hole. Rimming her, then forcong his tongue inside.Linda is moaning again saying that’s so good. Sara says to me, she really likes this bit, I think he went too far last time and that’s why she didn’t go all the way. Sara could see that I was going to say something so lowered herself down to kiss me, then whispering in my ear, don’t tell me you’ve had a better birthday than this.

When she lets me look at Linda again Mark is underneath her, with Linda rubbing his longer, thinner cock off her pussy and clit. Linda turns to Mark and asks why he stopped before she climaxed. Mark replied, you still want more don’t you. Linda knodded, Mark lifted her hips and rubbed the tip of his cock over her anus, asking if it felt good like his tongue. Linda said yes.Mark let his helmet kiss her anus, slowly increasing the pressure as he went. Sara promted Mark saying she really wants that beautiful black cock in her ass tonight honey. Mark obliged sliding his glistening cock into Linda’s now slightly open hole. Linda lets out a loud moan and Mark rests for a short time. He adds, you want to be a slut like sara don’t you. Linda replies, yes.

Mark lets his cock pop out and then back in again. You really want to fuck my black cock don’t you you black cock loving slut. Linda again simply replies yes while moaning again, a different tone, softer. She takes him deeper and deeper as her moans mirror those uttered while Lex was pleasuring her pussy. Sara says, he is the best anal sex I ever had. Linda is now intoxicated as Mark’s rhythm lets her surf a wave of pleasure. You want my cum in tyour ass don’t you Mark announces. Linda replies, fuck your black cock slut and give her your cum. Linda is now actively riding Mark’s cock as they now fuck each other, cliamxing almost simulaneously.

sara asks me if I’m proud of my black cock slut. I tell them I’ve never seen her look so satisfied. Linda now straddles my face making me eat her cum laded holes as I fuck Sara’s pussy with my fingers and she rides my cock with her ass.

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