“Hi, how are you? My parents are away for the weekend, so I thought I would drop over and see how you were.”
“I’m great thanks, I am going out tonight with a friend, so help yourself to a drink as I get ready”
I watch as Joy scoots around the house, diving into the shower and then into her room to get changed. I sit, almost yelling as we chat, unable to see from where I sit.
I watch as Joy walks back into the room, my eyes popping out of my head. The phone rings and she immediately turns out of the room to answer it. I try to listen but can only hear Joy’s muffled voice. I hear the receiver go back down and watch as she walks back in, her demeanour has changed significantly, her face no longer bright and bubbly.
“Is everything ok?”
“That was my friend, he can’t make it tonight.” slumping in the chair.
“Where were you going?”
“Out for dinner, that’s all, but I was so looking forward to it”
I sat for a while, looking at “Come on, I’ll take you out, I don’t have any plans tonight and you are dressed to kill, so you should be shown off!”
“No! You’re far too young to go out with a woman my age!!! We can’t do that.”
“Don’t be silly, we are just going out for dinner, there is nothing wrong with that.”
We sit arguing, with me trying to convince Joy to go, I finally lose my patience, grab her by the hand and gently drag her to the car. I walk Joy round to the passenger seat, opening the door and almost forcing her in.
“I am so glad I have my licence now, it has only been a couple of weeks, but I have so much more freedom”
I stop at the restaurant, getting the door and walking Joy to her seat. She smiles at me “You’re such a sweet boy”
The waiter comes to our table, offering a drink with dinner. Joy accepts as she doesn’t have to drive. We sit for ages eating, drinking and chatting with quiet music in the background. After dinner the dancing commences, slow pleasant music and I offer to dance and Joy is quick to get on the floor. I take her hand, holding Joy gently, swaying to the music, feeling her body against mine. I realise how nice this is feeling, having to move away slightly knowing what effect she is having on me.
We dance for quite a while before we go back to our table. I get Joy another wine as we chat, my gaze keeps reverting to her, peeking at her cleavage every time she looks away. I know I shouldn’t be looking, but I just couldn’t help myself.
After several more wines and lot more dancing we decide to head home. After a short drive we arrive home. I walk Joy to the front door, unsure of what to do. “It’s been such a lovely night, you must come in for a coffee before you go home.”
Joy put the kettle on, then walks over and puts a cd on. The music starts and she take my hand and pulls me up to dance. We are dancing slowly, cheek to cheek, with Joy pressing herself closer to me, much closer than we were at the restaurant. I glanced down and had a perfect view of her cleavage. I had trouble taking my eyes off her, seeing such beautiful soft breasts, I could feel myself twitching and moved a little away, not wanting to get embarrassed. Joy pulls me back closer. I could feel her warm breath against me, making me even firmer. Joy looks at me and I blush, “do you like this?” with a pleasant cheeky grin on her face. “I have really enjoyed tonight” she says as she pulls me closer, almost rubbing herself against me. I am having trouble keeping my hands off her, sliding them lightly over her hips, feeling her lovely shape. I just get harder as we sway to the music.
I move my face closer to her, I kissing lightly, “I have had a great night! You are such a fantastic woman!” I close my eyes as I kiss her and feel her lips pressing against me, kissing me back. I open my mouth a little, sliding my tongue over her lips, kissing her wet mouth. I feel Joy’s hand slide down my side, moving down lower. My forehead is getting wet, tense from anticipation. I feel her hand moving between us, sliding toward me, feeling me as her hands rub over me. Joy pulls me close and I know she can feel my hardness against her body. She moves her hands away, teasing me, making me even harder. I feel her body pressing against me, pushing herself against me as we kiss, my breathing getting even heavier as she slides her tongue into my mouth.
I moan as her hand moves back between us. Her fingers reach my zip, undoing it slowly, teasing me without pressing her hand too firmly against me. “do you want me to touch you?” she whispers.
“Ohhhh yes please” I moan.
She undoes my pants, letting them fall to the floor before kneeling in front of me, sliding my boxers down. I look down and watch as Joy pokes her tongue out pretending to touch me, blowing cold air over me, teasing me, licking her lips, making them very, very wet!!! Joy starts touching me with the tip of her tongue, ever so lightly and I gasp at her touch. My knob starts to leak and I am watching intently as her tongue starts making my knob wet. I moan as my hard cock slips into her mouth, knowing I won’t last very long. She swallows me and I gasp, feeling the tension rising quickly in my balls and I suddenly shoot, blowing a jet into her mouth. I’m surprised as she holds her mouth over my knob, letting me shoot into her mouth, spurt after spurt. I watch and see her smile as she licks my cock, stroking it gently.
Joy lays back, spreading her legs slightly, pulling her dress up a little, exposing her thighs, making me even harder. I kneel down in front, moving my mouth to Joy’s thighs, looking at her pussy, realising that she hasn’t been wearing panties. I stare at Joy’s pussy lips, licking them lightly, seeing that they are very wet. I move her lips apart, staring at her big clit, seeing it so hard. I move my mouth to her, licking it lightly, sucking her clit into my mouth, gently biting on it listening to the gasping and moaning as I lick and suck her. I move two fingers to the opening of her pussy, sliding them around the entry of her hole, moving them around her wet pussy as I suck harder on her clit.
I watch her hips lift as I start finger fucking her cunt, sucking and licking her clit harder. My fingers slide deep into her hole, feeling how wet she is, pushing deep into her juicy hole. As Joy’s hips start pushing against me, I start to finger fuck her harder, pushing in deeper, fingering faster and faster as she gets even wetter. I can hear her breathing change to panting as her legs spread wide for me. I slide my fingers in deep, feeling the depths of her cunt, finger fucking harder as I realise she is starting to cum, feeling the muscles of her cunt grabbing my fingers, almost pulling them into her wet pussy. I hear her scream and I see her pussy shooting juices all over my hand, so I lunge forward, jamming my cock deep into her, shoving it in hard and deep and pumping as hard as I can, pumping in short sharp thrusts, cumming so quickly deep in her pussy, before collapsing onto her sexy body, kissing deeply.

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