Racist Gina Goes To The BBC Party.

Racist Gina Goes To The BBC Party.
A few weeks have passed since two black thugs made my body theirs in the back of a van. I feel so disgusted that I let two blacks fuck me, and yet, I feel sooo great! I have been masturbating non stop since that night and a couple white guys (including my bf Nate) have fucked me since then. I haven’t felt anything at all since from any of them. Black cock has officially ruined my pussy for all other men, as it can only function at the strength of a real man inside of me.
I haven’t told anybody about this at all. My parents wouldn’t understand, especially my father. He wouldn’t like the fact that his little Gina is a BBC cum slut whore. I also doubt he would want his right-wing fiends at his political party would thrill him.

The weeks have passed by and I have not heard anything from those guys again. I don’t even remember the two guys name. I should feel dirty and like a whore, but I can not help but get so wet at the thought of that night. The way they just slammed their dicks into my racist white pussy. The things that they said to me (before and after) they fucked me makes my nipples hard.

And then just like that, out of the blue, I get a call from them. They were very rude as they were giving me directions to where they are. I get a cab and instanly go to the location they gave me. It is a dump, to say the least. It is a broken up house in a ghetto. It looks as If there is a party going on.

I am wearing ripped up jeans and a tight white shirt with no bra on. I walk up the steps to get into the house and I start to get the same feeling as I did walking in the dark ally to their van. I feel such a surreal feeling inside of me that cannot be explained. I know what’s going to happen, and yet, I am still moving forward.
As soon as I enter the house I get water splashed all over me. You could see my titts threw my white shirt, and my hair is looking as if I just got out of the shower. It’s a complete full house. There are black men, women, and white people in the house. Sex is going in everywhere in the living room. I keep walking and finally see the two black guys who fucked me a few weeks back. They are with 3 other black guys sitting in a couch with 2 black women. They start to taunt me right away.

“I told you this white Latina slut wants some black dick again. She’s racist and can’t help herself.”

I am not paying attention to their faces. All my mind is thinking is about some BBC. After a few minutes all five guys whip their cocks out. I get on my knees like a good little girl waiting for these God’s to have me taste them. One black cock after another starts poking all sides of my face – from the front, to the back. It’s as If I am in BBC heaven!
Before I could get the black cock in my face down my throat (or try to) one of the black girls pushes my head from going forward and grabs me from my hair.
“Say please, Black Daddy, can I suck you’re big black cock?”
I notice the other black girl is recording this on a camera. “I should stop!” I think to myself. Will I?
“Can I please suck you’re big black cock, Black Daddy?” I say with her hand grabbing my hair.
“Are you guys convinced?” She asks all the men around me.
“They aren’t at all convinced, slut. I guess you want to leave right now, don’t you?”
“I am a white black cock loving whore and I need to be degraded by all of you!” I say much louder.
“Good little slut!” She says to me in a very condescending way as she taps me in my head.

Right away I am blowing on this huge cock. It is bigger than my arm and it feels as if I am sucking on a nuclear bomb. As I lick this cock I feel one to my left, right, and behind me, and another one in front of me. My face is up in the air as I lick all these gigantic BBC’s above me. It looks as if I am trying to drink rain drops from the air. I love it! You have no idea how this feels. As I am rotating from one BBC to another, the rest are tapping me all over the face. I accidently stick my mouth on some of their balls. I don’t even care that I am being filmed. I am a snow bunny pornstar, and I accept it. This is what I get for having been a filthy racist.

After having smelled the real taste of men, with their cocks & balls throat fucking me, I am now ready to give my body up. My eye lashes is dripping all over my face as If I am crying. One-by-one is slamming their cocks into my ass or pussy. Any hole, they cover it. All you can hear is the sound of their cocks slamming into my skin, along with my moans. This goes on for hours and hours. Jesus, these guys have so much stamina! This is who I have become. I should just become an anti-racist activist and belong to black men, even if papi disowns me.

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