Can I Really Do This?


I sit at the bar watching baseball on one of the many big screens, not really paying attention to the game. My presence here scares me a little – maybe a lot. I have been married for decades yet I find myself here to do something that would shock anyone who has known me for my whole life.

I am sitting here having lunch with Mike. This is our 4th lunch meeting and is likely to be our last. Maybe Mike knows this – maybe he doesn’t. This all started out in the deepest recesses of my mind.

My wife was giving me a half-hearted blow job – something she almost never does – because she felt guilty about not having sex with me for months. My advances are ignored and our relationship has been strained as a result. As I lie there on my back I think to myself “I could do a better job than this”. Eventually my mind conjures up a scenario where I am indeed sucking on another man’s cock. I don’t know who he is – he is faceless and nameless. I see nothing except for his cock in front of me. I’ve never touched one (other than mine) so my only frame of reference is my own 6″ circumcised unit, so that’s what is in my mind. In fact, almost my entire life I have dreamed about sucking my own dick because nobody other than me knows exactly what I like.

This night ends with a spectacular eruption from my cock into the mouth of my wife. It is not because she was doing a good job, but because I was imagining myself doing it. She thinks she did an awesome job and I let her go on thinking that way.

Many months later I am cruising Craigslist and decide to look at the casual encounters section. All of the w4m postings are bots and it seems there are no real women out there. I look at the m4m postings for a little “entertainment” and one catches my eye. It is titled “First Time Curious” and I take a look hesitantly. This guy says he is straight and married but just wondering what it would be like to give a blow job. It sounds sketchy to me but I reply with something generic like “What do you have in mind?” To my surprise this is not a bot and the reply I get sounds like it could have been written by me.

I decide that anything I do has to be completely anonymous and not in my own town. I suggest to Mike that we meet at a bar several miles away for lunch. I need to see if he is someone I could see myself hanging out with over a ballgame and a few beers. I know with certainty that Mike will be different that me and that this is unlikely to result in anything. I walk into the brightly lit and loud bar and see Mike at a high table eating nachos and drinking Dos Equis. We introduce ourselves nervously and get along quite well. We talk about sports, politics and the weather – anything except what we’re both here for. I head back to the office after lunch. Over the next couple of weeks we have similar meetings fatih escort 3 more times. My theory is that if Mike is some sort of perv he would move on to easier prey if I take things slow. He seems to be a decent guy who, like me, has thought about doing this just one time in his life. I can’t discern any ulterior motives so I text him to ask if he would like to come over to my house (on MY turf) this Saturday to watch a game. I make it clear to him that I am not looking for physical affection or cuddling. There is a single purpose for our meeting. He agrees. When I get home from work that day I tell my wife that a “friend from work” is coming over to watch the game this Saturday. She says she will be shopping with her sister and I’ll have the house to myself.

I get up Saturday morning and get the yard work done by mid-morning. I have some beer on ice and light snacks in case I chicken out. I take a shower and resist the urge to beat off in the shower – knowing that I may soon see another man’s cock in the most personal of ways.

Mike shows up and we shake hands nervously. I show him into the den where the game has already started and hand him a beer. We watch a few innings and make small talk. Surprisingly, I think Mike and I could hang out regularly. He is funny and we have several interests in common. During the 7th inning stretch he gets up to go pee and I decide “it’s now or never”. If I don’t do this now I will probably never do it at all.

Mike comes back into the den and takes his seat in the recliner. I hand him a fresh beer and then ask him if he would consider taking off his shorts. To his credit he says, “Rick, I know this is scary and I’ll forget all about it and never mention it again if you want to.”

I tell him that I have been thinking about this for too long and it is “now or never”. He stands and unbuckles his shorts and drops them to the floor before sitting back down. I stare at his crotch for a few minutes and then look at his face questioningly. He nods slightly and I kneel in front of the chair. I pull his underwear down to expose his cock, probably the scariest moment of my life. What if I can’t follow through? What if he is massively hung and I am frightened of it?

As it turns out, he has about the same build as me – 6 inches and circumcised. In my imagination I always started with a fully flaccid cock and take it in my mouth to make it hard for myself. In reality Mike is about half-hard already. I place my right hand on it and then circle it with my thumb and forefinger, lifting it to feel its weight and girth. I am amazed by its softness and seeing a dick from this angle is completely foreign to me. I take the head of it in my mouth and suck on it a little. I must have touched the most sensitive spot on it because Mike jerked a bit. etiler escort I could taste the slight bitterness of urine and it surprised me for a second. I became bolder and took the whole thing into my mouth, running my tongue underneath it as I had imagined my wife doing so many times. The area right underneath the slit of my cock could make me cum just from stimulation and with no pumping at all necessary. I concentrate on this area assuming most men would like what I like. Mike hardened quickly and I began to taste precum. This made me incredibly horny and I wrapped my hand tightly around his base and started pumping while my mouth suckled the end of his cock. Within a couple of minutes Mike whispered, “Man, I am going to come soon!”

I felt my own cock twitch and my mouth tightened as I started stroking with more gusto. Mike said “Dude, here it is” and for a moment I almost pulled my mouth off and made him blow his load on my recliner. I decided to take in the whole experience and then I felt him stiffen his legs and arch his back a little. Soon the first spurt came! I took his dick as far into my mouth as possible and just held it still – just like I would want it. Feeling him swell in my hand and then explode was the most intense sexual experience of my life.

He made unintelligible noises as he released a huge load into my mouth consisting of about 6 long spurts. I don’t usually come as hard and as much as he did. I have read stories about women who say there was so much cum that they couldn’t hold it in their mouths. In reality men ejaculate a couple of teaspoons of spunk so I knew I could hold it all. When he stopped ejaculating I held still for some time.

I wish I could adequately describe the sensation. A pulsing dick has just unloaded into my mouth for the first time ever. The silkiness and muskiness of male ejaculate is amazing. I have felt mine a thousand times, and tasted it several dozen times. But nothing compared to the real thing. Feeling the soft semi-liquid in my mouth was amazing.

I swallowed what I could (it is hard to swallow with your mouth full of dick) and then began milking his dick with my tongue and hand just like I imagine my wife doing to me. Once I am able to breathe through my nose I can actually taste his cum and it reminds me of my own. Not pleasant but not unpleasant. I hold his softening dick in my mouth for a few minutes and then suck some more as it decreases in size. The sensations caused by my swallowing make his hips jerk again and he tells me that he will pee if I don’t cut it out! I am definitely not ready for this so I hold deathly still until he is completely soft.

I swallow again as I remove the dick from my mouth and then study it a bit, continuing to taste and lick a few more times. Opening my mouth to fresh air beşiktaş escort allows me to taste it in a different way. It is dark and musky and somewhat bitter. I marvel at its uniqueness and wonder what the big deal is for those women who are disgusted by it. It isn’t something I would order at a restaurant but it is far from unpleasant.

When I am through studying Mike’s cock I pull his underwear back up to cover it. All he says is “Holy shit, man. That was incredible. Why can’t a woman do it like that?”

“Can I try it, dude?” Mike says to me questioningly. I pull down my shorts and underwear while standing there. My cock glistens with precum and my pubic hair is matted with the thick syrupy goo.

Mike reaches up tentatively to touch it and puts my fully erect penis into his mouth. He pulls it out and says “Man, you sure you didn’t come already?”

“No, but it won’t take long!” I say. “If you keep licking right under my slit you are gonna get a load!”

He concentrated on doing just that. His left hand is at the base of my cock and his right hand cups my hairy balls. With his lips surrounding the head of my dick and his tongue licking under my slit I can’t hold back any longer. I tell him I am coming and he holds perfectly still. My hips buck forward and I bury about half my cock in his mouth as I start to unload. At this moment I am glad I didn’t masturbate in the shower because it was an incredibly intense orgasm! I might have shot 6 or 7 ropes of sticky cum into the mouth of my new friend and then I held still while I started to come down. Mike started pumping and sucking for all he was worth and I started coming again! I had never been a multiple cummer but soon I was shooting into his mouth again. I shot about 3 ropes that were as painful as anything I had ever experienced before because Mike’s grip on the base of my cock was incredibly tight. My balls shriveled up into my scrotum.

When I finally decided it was over I made a move to pull back from his mouth and he released his grip on the base of my cock. There was a rush of fluid that escaped that I thought must be urine. He put his hands around my butt to keep me from pulling back and drank in about half a mouthful of sticky fluid that came from god-knows-where.

“Holy crap dude, what was that?” I said.

“I don’t exactly know, man, but my cousin did it to me once and she blew my mind. I could tell there was more liquid in there and wanted to see if I could get at it.”

I plopped down on the end of the couch diagonally from Mike with my semi-hard dick dripping onto the leather.

We realized the ballgame was over so I clicked over to the porn channels and we started watching some “college coeds” having a slumber party that turned into an orgy. We watched each other jack off a few times that afternoon but there was no more touching.

At nearly 6pm he said he had to get home and as soon as we had the mess cleaned up my wife pulled into the driveway. “That was a close one!” I said.

He asked what I was doing next Saturday…

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