First For Everything


My girlfriend works the graveyard shift. Its a wonder she gets any sleep at all, let alone any energy. You’d expect her to come home tired and just pass out for several hours. But no, my girl is different. She’ll come home, shower, cook breakfast, fuck and spend time with me. We watch movies and cuddle then sleep the whole day away. Then she’ll wake up and get dressed and head out to work. Only to come home, bright eyed and bushy tailed to repeat the process yet again. That girl’s stamina and libido is nothing short of ridiculous. But by no means am i complaining, for I reap all of the benefits.

So its either my second or third night I’m in town to see her. I’m in bed alone and naked. I’ve wrapped myself in her t-shirt as comfort while she’s gone in the wee hours of the night at work. Her scent is calming and soothing to me and helps the time roll on. One of the things I love about her job is that she’s the only person on the floor during her shift so I’m able to message and talk on the phone with her the whole time she’s gone. Being home alone in her bed with the two puppies isn’t always the greatest amount of entertainment.

She’s thoroughly bored as usual, sitting alone in the office on the second floor answering phone calls and taking notes. During one of our naughtier conversations, she asks me via messenger what I want to try next with her. I immediately tell her I want her to use her strap on on me. I’d never done it before and I saw my opportunity to put a fantasy into the real world, so I jumped at the chance to ask her. She got excited and replied that she wanted to try it too. All of a sudden, I was nervous. A thousand “what if” questions sprang into my head:

What if I wasn’t good? What if it hurt? What if I freaked out halfway and bailed? What if it wasn’t as great as my imagination made it out to be?

All of a sudden, I’d put myself into such a state of anxiety the thought of sex was furthest form my mind. She reassured me that we didn’t have if I didn’t want to. But I insisted and eventually she was able to quell my fear. I’d worked myself up so badly I was finally tired enough to go to sleep. My heart and mind were racing at the thought of what my next sexual experience. I was finally getting the chance to fulfill a fantasy, me of all people. I curled up around her pillow Ankara bayan escort and t-shirt, falling asleep with a huge grin on my face.

I awoke the next morning to the sweet sounds of dogs barking and a distant car engine. I roll over and tell the dogs to shut up, its too damn early for all that noise. This only serves to cause them to bark louder as I hear footsteps approach the door and the jingle of keys. She walks in, dropping her laptop case on the bed, and kisses me good morning. She smiles sweetly at me and walks back to the door to let the dogs out. She playfully asks if her t-shirt kept me company, and offers me her towel as a better option for the rest of the nights she’s at work. She runs off to the bathroom to shower as I let the dogs back in and pick out underwear from my suitcase.

She comes back about ten minutes later, drying off and telling me about her co-workers and some of the crazier calls she answered that morning. I’d gotten lazy and laid back down while she walked about the room looking for something comfortable to lay down in. She sends me off to shower and brush my teeth, my usual routine for when she comes home even though I’m certain we won’t venture out for several more hours. As the hot water washed over me, I’d forgotten about the previous nights conversation and my anxiousness over it. I stepped out of the steam, only to realize I’d forgotten my change of clothes in the bedroom.

I hang up my towel and walk to the back of the house to the bedroom naked.I go over to my side of the bed and grab my basketball shorts. I start to pull them up and go to lay down. She gives me her best pouting face and tells me she was looking forward to sleeping naked with me, to feel my skin against hers. I oblige and remove my shorts and climb back into bed next to her. I get comfortable and let out a sigh. I don’t get the pleasure of sleeping in the nude at home so i revel in the feel of the sheets against my back and her warmth next to me.

She turns her head towards me and I lean the rest of the distance to kiss her lips. Her lips are soft and cool, tasting of minty toothpaste.Her hand trails down to rub lightly across my nipple, over my stomach and rests on top of my pussy. We kiss intensely as she gently rubs my clit with her fingertips. My breathing becomes shallow Escort bayan Ankara as she turns onto her side to lick and suck my right nipple into her mouth. And that’s when I notice it. The strap on. She must have gotten up and put it on while I was in the shower. Momentary shock gives way to immediate excitement and a gush of wetness as she bites my nipple and continues to play with me.

Her fingers slide inside me easily as she works all her magic to get me as wet as possible before entering me with her strap. She’s kneeling between my legs near the foot of the bed, the heels of my feet on either side of her waist. My eyelids half closed as she strokes that spot inside my walls that makes my legs tingle and my breathing ragged. She slowly removes them from within me and i feel a cold liquid touch my pussy lips and drip down to my ass. Lube. Now that was whole new territory to me, never having a partner use it on me or using it on myself. She spread it over my clit and my opening, making sure to warm it up and rub it all over.

I watched in slight amazement as she rolled a condom down over her strap and applied more lube to it. I took the time actually look at it. It looked like a real one, with a head and veins, the whole nine. It looked like a real dick. Like it could be HER dick. It was even somewhat close to her skin tone. It fascinated me, the way it looked a part of her, the facial expressions she made as she watched herself rub the tip up and down along my lips, as if she really felt it. I rested my hands next to my hips that rested on top of her thighs. She began to ease the tip into my hole slowly. I did my best to relax but the thickness was bigger than I’m used to. It hurt a little and she would move so slowly she was practically still inside of me then she’d pull out. She’d rub my clit and keep stroking my lips to keep me wet and we tried again.

Finally, on the third attempt she was able to slide more than halfway into me. Although it didn’t hurt anymore, the width was still a bit much for me. But it felt good. There was a sense of fullness that rubbed all the right parts of me at the same time and filled me in a way I’d never felt before. She stared at me intently as she moved her hips inch by inch, back and forth inside of me. Our eyes locked gaze and I moaned, much louder Bayan escort Ankara than expected it felt that good. My pussy felt like it was on fire and a warm tingling started at my toes and worked its way up my legs as she looked at me intensely, biting her lip and moaning.

My eyes drifted shut as she moved deeper and deeper inside of me. She wrapped my legs around her waist and leaned forward, laying her pelvis on top of mine as she continued to move within me. She holds herself over, supporting herself with her arms as she leans her head down to kiss me. I pull her close to me and kiss her, biting her bottom lip. I wrap my legs tighter around her waist, pressing my heels into her back and gripping onto her shoulders. I can feel her heart and breath racing, her sweat against my neck as she licks and bites me. I’m shocked to hear myself moaning uncontrollably as I grind my body against hers.

That’s when I feel it, this build up of a painfully pleasurable pressure in my pelvis. I bite into her shoulder as I’m overwhelmed with this new feeling. It causes this shiver and warm chill to pass through my entire body, head to toe. i don’t know whats happening but its incredible and I move faster. I think she feels it too. She moves harder and faster within me and I can feel her start to shake. I cling onto her back as this near orgasmic shivers washes over us both again and again. And then she’s coming and I can almost feel it as though it were really happening inside of me, as if she could feel me squeezing her. I can feel her body relax on top of me as I hold onto her, not sure if I’d cum or not, not sure what the feeling that had spread through me was. All I knew was that it felt incredible and had tired me out.

We laid there, holding onto each other in the center of the bed for what seemed like a long time. Eventually she leaned back into her kneeling position between my legs. She eased the strap out of me and I left her a nice wet spot of cum in the middle of the bed that made her smile and laugh. She got out of bed and went into the kitchen to clean up while I rolled over onto my side of the bed. Mmmm I thought to myself as I laid there, loving that slight feeling of soreness in the all the right places afterward. She came back with baby wipes and was even nice enough to clean me up. It wasn’t too bad feeling like a pillow princess every once in a while.

And as she climbed back into bed and we snuggled down to go to sleep, I noticed that we’d left a movie playing on the television. Its no wonder why that’s my new favorite movie, is it?

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