Angela’s Leaving Present


Angela’s Leaving PresentAngela and I had been married for over twenty years, the first few years had been good with a great sex life but as time had gone by the relationship had gone stale and at the end our sex life was non -existent. I began to suspect that she was getting laid elsewhere and I had also strayed from time to time. One Saturday I returned from golf around 2.00 pm and found Angela upstairs in our bedroom. She gave me a look that I hadn’t seen for years and said she had a surprise for me. I was told to strip off, which I did, whilst asking questions which were answered by a sexy grin. She then sat me down in a chair and proceeded to bind me to the chair using thin rope which had already been cut to length, my questions being cut short by the application of a ball gag which I hadn’t seen since our sex life was at its height. My cock was beginning to harden as I anticipated what was to come next. Imagine my shock when she said “OK Tony you can come in now”. And in walked my best mate who I had left at the golf course only an hour earlier! Angela then kissed him full on the mouth, turned her back on him in facing me and instructed him to unzip her dress. She then let the dress fall to the floor revealing a skimpy underwear porno hikaye set which barely covered her tits or her pussy. At this point I was nearly choking on the gag not knowing what was going on. Angela whispered something to Tony and she fell to her knees unfastening his belt and removing his shorts as he removed his shirt which was quickly followed by his boxers revealing his semi -hard cock. I was desperately trying to get free but I was well and truly trapped. Angela then moved position so that she was right in front of me and motioned to Tony to follow her. If my hands had been free I could have touched them both. She then asked Tony if he would remove her bra and panties and once more fell to her knees and started to suck Tony’s cock. He just looked at me with a look of ecstasy on his face and Angela in-between deep throating his now hardening cock announced that “we are going to fuck while you watch”! I was choking and rocking the chair but I was captive.Tony now was rock hard and Angela took great delight in holding his cock in her hand and announcing that it was bigger than mine (which was true) and that she was going to enjoy fucking him in front of me! Tony manhandled me in the chair so I was facing the bed and then took seks hikayeleri his position on it. Angela straddled him but instead of facing Tony’s head she turned around so she was facing me. She told me to watch as she lowered her freshly shaved pussy down on his cock and proceeded to ride it and played with her tits squeezing her nipples and in between moans told me how good it was. After a while she moved position and Tony took her from behind but all the time making it so that I could see his cock pounding her pussy and his hands all over her tits making her orgasm over and over again. Tony groaned loudly and his body shook as he came inside that soaking wet pussy. As he pulled out spunk poured out of her onto the sheets as she took great delight in telling him that it was the best fuck she had ever had.After they had laid there for a few minutes Angela whispered something to Tony and they both laughed and he said “go for it”. Just when I thought my humiliation was complete Angela crawled off the bed and as she stood in front of me pushed her fingers inside her and forced me to smell Tony’s spunk and rubbed her tits into my face. She then knelt in front of me taunting me, telling me what a great fuck Tony was and how big his cock erotik hikayeler was, all the time stroking my cock putting her mouth close to it but never actually touching it with her lips. It was as if it had a mind of its own as it started to get hard and by now she was wanking me furiously and it wasn’t long until I was shooting spunk all over my chest much to Angela’s and Tony’s amusement. While Angela had been humiliating me Tony had been stroking his cock and already had an erection and ordered Angela back on the bed and with her on all fours thrust his cock into her and fucked her making her scream with pleasure until he finally came a second time and they both collapsed on the bed.They both retired to the bathroom where I could hear them sharing the shower giggling at these afternoons’ events. My body was aching after being tied up for over two hours and the spunk was drying on my body and my jaw ached from the gag. They both returned from the shower, totally ignored me and proceeded to get dressed. Tony left first laughing and saying that he would see me at the golf course and then Angela went to the spare bedroom where her suitcase was packed and told me that we were finished. To complete my humiliation she announced that she would ask my straight-laced sister to come over and ‘give me a hand’!!!! Needless to say that was the end of our marriage. Tony and her didn’t last long as I believe she found someone with an even bigger cock!

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