Beautiful girl enjoying being worshipped by a perv

Big Dick

Beautiful girl enjoying being worshipped by a pervDoes a beautiful girl enjoy being worshipped by a perv? (who She called “your typical dirty old man in a rainmac).Albeit She is a professional model, who’s modelled nude, modelled for groups of men at camera clubs, and does private nude sets of Herself for individual fans, nude videos too. I always found it difficult to believe that it must have been Her intention to make me spunk my pants during Worship Sessions, i.e. by choosing to pose in outfits from photo-sets that She knew had made me spunk my pants a lot. Looking back at my videos of those Sessions I can see that She was saying things that She knew would wind me up, making pants-spunking quicker and lovelier for a perv – like asking if I’d brought a change of pants, saying She knew She made me cum in my pants, even saying “he’s leaking, Graham you’re leaking”, and even, even saying “spunk spunk spunk, Graham spunking in his pants!” (Maybe She knew that’s what was happening to me).You might think it’s a fantasy but I’ve got it all on video. Also She would know how exciting it is for a pervert to see Her reading and posing with the pervy worship sheets I’d done for Her. And then seeing Her watching my worship videos, and the animated cartoon of me ogling Her as She poses and the bobbing bulge in his trousers jumping and spunking a stream of grey liquid through the front of his trousers, and hearing Her laugh as She sees that. Obviously She knows that Her photos porno hikaye and videos cause a lot of wanking and spunking all over the world – She said in the video She did for me – “so am I a spunk queen Graham? All those men spunking over me?!” – and of course Her fans email Her and tell Her, even send Her tribute pics maybe (though She told me off for doing that). She told me early on that She loves to pose – how wonderful that is to hear for a perv like me who just WORSHIPS girls who pose – and without whom I’d never get to see girls show. So maybe it’s not too much of a stretch to believe that actually She quite likes having one of Her timid, awestruck worshippers in Her presence, and indulge his fondest dreams – She said to me once “I’ve made all your dreams come true Graham!” She did that all right, and I still can’t believe how I was allowed to worship Her, personally, cumming in my pants in Her presence – discreetly, but She always knew. I was lucky enough to worship a few Goddesses personally, always in my mac and perv gear, but She was different – I loved them all but I ADORE Her. At the first Worship Session I was brave enough to say to Her (after She called me a wanker) “Wanker loves you Miss”. Later I said, when She remarked on just how many pics I had of Her – “that’s how much I love you Miss”. Lovely, lovely moments I shall treasure forever. Even now, writing this, I’m consumed by love for Her, I’ve never felt anything like it, and I’ve worshipped 100s seks hikayeleri and 100s of girls over the last 50 years. I’m a total perv and wanker, and I’ve cum in my pants 100s and 100s of times looking at pics and videos of lovely girls. But She’s the only one who’s made me pants-spunk twice in one day, who’s made me cum in my pants as many as 3 or 4 times on one pic, who’s made me fill my pants with spunk on the very first pic I’ve looked at. What happens is – I’ve ‘reviewed’ a lot of the worship material I’ve done for Her, and done a worship sheet for the pic that made me spunk my pants last time, maybe a worship video too, then gone back to Her set I’m currently on, clicked on the pic that made me pants-spunk last time, then onto the next one I haven’t seen before, and instantly, “moan moan moan”, and spunk spunk spunk in my pants. Of course I told Her all these things – She knows I adore Her and I’m not trying to say pervy things to be offensive, but because I love Her to know every detail of my worship – and She winds me up nicely about it – “Oh Graham, you’re such a naughty boy, you couldn’t even wait till the second pic, you had to do it in your pants after just one pic!” And at a Worship Session – “so will it be a 4th time around?” after seeing the mag cover titled ‘2nd & 3rd Time Arounds’ with a pic of Her in the outfit She’s going to pose in for me. No, I couldn’t believe at the time that She was referring to when She made me spunk my pants watching Her pose erotik hikayeler in that outfit – She could see I’d done it three times looking at the pic, so when She made me pants-spunk in the studio, as She knew She would, that would be a 4th time. You can see why I probably wouldn’t be able to believe it all really happened if I didn’t have it all on video. As well as worshipping Her personally, I emailed Her all the time, sent Her 1000s of worship sheets, videos, poems, stories, Explicit Messages, gifts (Amazon vouchers) and told Her all the time how much She made me spunk my pants and how much I adored and worshipped Her. She told me She was flattered by my worship, that it was a compliment. She often said lovely things in Her emails, like “I hope you haven’t made too much of a mess in your trousers looking at all my pics, but I’m glad you’re enjoying them though”. And “loving those worship sheets Graham, hope it was even better 2nd time around, I bet there’s an even bigger mess in your trousers now”. So, did She enjoy being worshipped by me, with all the perviness involved – being worshipped by a true pervert and mac-wanker, who only ever looked at girls and has a massive collection of pics and videos, including all of Hers? I think, yes, YES, YES!! – what do you think? What about my other Goddesses? – Miss Lisa/Melanie – don’t think She was bothered, She thought it was odd I only wanted to cum in my pants watching HerMiss Danica – yes I think so. She was lovely to me and told me next time I could leave my mac open and “maybe dreams do come true”Miss Leigh – yes, She likes my worship sheets and videos and winds me up about spunking my pants under my mac.

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