The peak hour rush.

The peak hour rush.
6.30pm. Peak hour rush.

It was the end of a long working day.

Getting into the train, all she wanted was to reach home quickly.

As there was no seat on the train, she resigned herself to having stand throughout her journey.

Pushing her way through, she went into the middle of the train carriage to stand.

“Excuse me sorry.” She muttered as she forced her way in, her 34c chest brushing against people.

He was one of those she brushed against.

He was standing there, minding his own business when he felt someone pushing against his back.Turning around and wanting to give the person a piece of his mind, he realized it was a young lady of about 20, with her hair in a ponytail and a figure-hugging maroon dress waltzing past him.

He looked at her with lust. The short skirt that barely covers her panty. The luscious lips. The boobs that looked just nice for her shape. The bulge in his pants begin to appear.

He slowly makes his way into the center of the carriage as well. Just behind her.

The train suddenly came to a sudden stop. He used it as an excuse to brush his pants against the back of her dress.
He slyly took out his mobile phone and place it under her skirt, pressing the record button, having a good view of her firm buttocks, and her pink panty.

He looked at the video and played it a few times. His bulge in the pants became more noticeable. He got bolder.
He quickly and quietly used his fingers to brush against the linens of the skirt. Thinking nothing of it, the girl continued to stare in front, not realizing what had happened.

His fingers slowly went under the skirt, brushing it against her thighs now. She froze. A few seconds later, she felt the hand rested firmly on her right buttcheek, which was given a squeeze. She tried to remove the hand, but was far too weak to do so.

“Don’t move or try to resist. I will be quick.” He whispered in her ear.

Now he was so close to her that she could feel her breath. His right hand now run wild under her skirt, while his left rested on her waist, before slowly moving up towards her chest.
His left hand cupped and squeezed her breasts while his right hand now rested in between her thighs. His finger poked against her panty.
She let out a soft moan, while he cupped her mouth with his hands.

His right hand now made its way into her pink panty, trying to find its way into her hairy pussy.
He realized he could only insert 1 finger into it.
“Real tight aint you.” He whispered. “Please, no” she replied.
“Don’t worry. This will not hurt.”

He slowly inserted the finger into the vagina, in and out. He could set that she was biting her lips when he does that.
As the vagina loosened, he inserted another 2 more fingers.
He increased the speed and frequency of the insertion, as his left hand starts running wildly all over her breasts.

His pants are about to explode, unable to hold his penis in any longer.
He unzipped his pants and let his dick hang out.
She turned around in shock.

“Please don’t.” she looked at him with pleading eyes.
Ignoring her, he lifted up her skirt, and slide his dick in between her thighs.
“Don’t you want it in your holes, you slut?” he taunted her.
She didn’t respond, but could only cry.
He suddenly stopped, and proceeded to zip back his pants.

Thinking it was over, she tried to run out of the train when it pulled into the next station.
All of a sudden, he grabbed her by the hand and went out of the train together.
They tapped out of the station and he continued to grab her, proceeding to the nearest toilet.
They went into the handicap toilet, and he told her to sit while he proceeded to lock the toilet door.
There is no escape for her.

He proceeded to force open her mouth while she tried to resist in vain.
By then, his pants were already down to his ankles.
“Suck it baby.” As he moved her head towards his dick.
The entire dick went into her mouth, causing her to choke. He proceeded to thrust the dick in and out of her mouth several times while he used his hands to force her to open her legs wide, and fingered her wet and hairy pussy.

After awhile, he got her to stand up and turn her around. He now inserted his dick into her asshole. Her screams filled the entire toilet, as the friction between his dick and her asshole makes her precum juice flows out.
He now got her to sit again, and proceed to rip open her dress, exposing her pink bra. She tried to fight him off but could not, as his strength overwhelms her.

He quickly unhooks her bra, as her breasts comes running out, her 32c figure in full view.
She tried to cover her hard pink nipples but again was brushed aside by him.
He sucked on her right nipple as if a baby was drinking milk, before moving to the left nipple.
“Ah..ah…” came out of her mouth. Her resistance became weaker and weaker.

Now, he placed his hard dick in between her tits, and got her to give him a tit-fuck.
He watched as his tits slide between her full breasts in a continuously upward motion, her hands cupping the breasts together.
Without warning, he removed his dick and again forced it into her mouth. He felt a surge of sperm from his testicles to his dick, before it was released into her mouth.
Her mouth was full of the hot white cum, till it could no longer hold it in and flowed out of her mouth, onto her breasts.

“Good Girl.” He patted her on the head as he quickly got dressed.

She sat there sobbing as he left the toilet, satisfied.

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