drunk Mom visits her Son

drunk Mom visits her Son
Moms drunk and upset, needs a shoulder to cry on
Mom is 39, her Son is 18

Danny and Kate was in the room watching a blue-ray movie on his new big screen TV. They laid next to one another holding hands. Danny thought that it may be his lucky night. This was his first night with Kate alone in his new apartment. He just moved in three weeks ago. He started work six months ago, after a small course at his uncles firm where they make computer software. He was looking forward for having sex with Kate, she walked around in her hot pants and tank top with no bra from the time she came out of the bathroom where she changed from her school uniform when he came home. She told her parents that she’s going to sleep over by a girlfriend and do a combined assignment for school. Her girlfriend played along.

At aroundtwo in the morning Kara went to see her Son Danny at his apartment. She is drunk and upset about what happened earlier that night. She had nowhere else to go, so she has the taxi drop her off at her Son’s apartment. She can’t drive like this.

She knocks on the door.
Her Son comes to the door and dressed in only his boxers.

“Mom? What are you doing here at this hour?” Danny asked.

Kara is crying harder at this point and can barely stand up. Danny takes her inside and sits her down on the couch.

“I have nowhere else to go, I’m sorry honey.”

Danny sits down next to her and puts his arm around her.
“What happened?”

Before she has a chance to answer Danny’s girlfriend Kate comes out of the room. Kara can’t stand Kate. Danny and Kate both knew this.

Kara looked at her Son and got up.
“I will call a taxi and have them take me to a hotel. If I knew she was here I wouldn’t have come over.”

Danny stopped his Mom as she headed to the phone to call.
“Mom, wait. It’s obvious you’re upset and had a drink or two.” He sat his Mom back down.
He looked at Kate.
“She is my Mom. She needs me. You will have to go to Megan. I am sorry.”
Megan stayed with her Mother in the same apartment that Danny stayed. This is where they met and started to see one another.

“You’re going to make me leave? Just because you’reMom doesn’t like me? She can get over it.” Kate said.

Before Kara could tell Kate what she really thought of her Danny stepped in.

“Kate please. Just go ok? I will call you later. I have a family crisis.”
It took Danny a little bit but he finally got Kate to agree to go to Megan. He sat back next to his Mom.

“If I knew you werecoming over I would have get rid of her sooner. I know you don’t like her. Sorry.”

Kara wiped her tears and looked at her Son.
“I didn’tknow I was. I had nowhere to go.”

“What do you mean you have nowhere to go? What about home? With dad?”

Her tears came back and she covered her face.

Danny put his arms around his Mom again.

“Your father is having an affair. I caught him tonight with her. In my house.”

Danny was in shock. He didn’t know what to say.

“This is why he has not been home much, or had sex with me in so… oh god honey. I am sorry. I shouldn’t tell you these things.”

“Don’t be sorry Mom. I am just sorry Dad would do this to you. I don’t understand. I thought you two where so happy.”

She nodded. “So did, I at a time.”

“You’re going to stay right here tonight. You need some sleep.”

She looked at her Son.
“I better not. I can go to a hotel. I shouldn’thave barged in like this. Even if I’m glad you sent that slut home.”

He didn’t say anything to that.
“Come on Mom. You can use my bed tonight. I will take the couch.”

He shook his head. He opened the cupboard where he keep his linen and took a sleeping bag out for him on the couch. He walked her in his room. To his bed.

“I can’t take your bed. It’s not right. This is your bed. I can sleep on the couch.”

“I will not let my Mom sleep on the couch. It will be ok Mom.”
He helped her in to bed.

“Are you putting me in here so you can invite her back over?” Kara asked.

He laughed. “Well maybe I will have her back for a quickie. You know Mom?”

“But I really don’t want to be alone. Would you stay in here and hold me. I just need to be held.” she said crying again. Danny went over to where his Mom was sitting and gave her a hug.

He sighed. By now his cock was aching for attention, and being next to a female hot body, even if it was his Mom. Could really get him harder. But he couldn’t tell her, no. She has been there for him all his life.

She ask “Danny can you get me some water please?”
“Sure Mom. Let me just get you some water and I will lock up, and I will sit with you”

She smiled. “Thank you Honey.”
She was also glad because Kate wouldn’t be coming back. At least for tonight.

Danny took a pillow and throw it on the couch where he was getting ready to sleep. While he was gone Kara took her pants and top off. She had no other clothes with her and needed to be comfy and it was cold in his room. She laid in bed with only her sheer bra and matching tanga panty.

When Danny got back he noticed the pants and blouse on the floor, neatly folded. Kara saw him look.

“I hope that’s ok. I don’t have any clothes with me, and I don’t want them to get greased up”

He nodded. “It’s fine Mom.”

She opened the one side of the bedand pat on the bed for him to sit next to her under the duvet.
He climbed in to bed with her, she moved closer with her back to him. Dannylaying on his back putting his arm around her shoulder to comfort her. Trying to keep his body away so she didn’t feel his massive hard on.
Kara sighed

“You ok Mom?”
“Yea just thinking about your dad. I mean after all these years how could he do this to me?”

“He’s stupid that’s why.”

“That’s your father you’re talking about.”

“So? What he did was very wrong.”

Without realizing Kara backed up her ass more to Danny’sbody and rubbed his cock a bit with her hand by accident trying to give him a squish. He slightly moaned.

“I’m sorry!” She quickly moved back.
“No I’m sorry Mom…

“I guess I interrupted you and…Her when I came over.”
“Yea. He whispered. It’s ok. You’re more important… and I love you Mom”

She turned around and faced him
“Thank you I love you to Son.” She leaned in and went to briefly kiss his cheek, he looked at herand she missed and got his lips. She kiss him a little longer then she meant too. She pulled back. “That was wrong. I shouldn’thave done that.”

Danny had his arm around her back. It was good thing she stoppedbecause he was about to stick his tongue in his own Mothers mouth and touch her more.
“It’s ok. It happens, I guess.”

“Maybe I should leave. This isn’t doing either of us any good. I mean you’re my Son, and…”

“No! He was firm. Don’t go Mom. It will be ok. Really.”

She laid back down. This time in his arms. His arms completely around her. She could feel something this time poking at her. She knew what it was. Danny slowly rocked his hips, to move a little lower so his head rest on the pillow. Danny rubbed her back with his hand to comfort her, like she done it so many times before. She hold him over his chest.He was feeling good against her. She knew it was wrong. But she let him do it. She couldn’t deny it. She was throbbing. She needs a nice cock. But could she really fuck her own Son?

Soon Danny stopped his movements. Kara knew then he was asleep by his breathing. She watched him fall sleep in a few minutes. Her Son was gorgeous. Just like his father. Without thinking her hand slid down to her pussy. She noticed how wet she was. She moaned quietly. She opened the duvetand looked at her Son’s body. She could see from the street light shining in to the room that her Son was still hard.

She closed the duvet and began to rub her clit first slowly and draw her moistness of het pussy to her clit, she started to rub her clitfaster and faster. She heard Danny moan in his sleep. (Or so she thought)The heat of his body against her half naked body was taking her over the edge of reasoning. She lifted her leg and placed it over her Son’s leg, started at a normal knee height and moved higher and higher. She placed her hand and rubbed it over her leg. Her hand moved to the boxers of her Son. She felt the rock hard cock pushing against the boxer. By touching his penis she felt the heart rate pushing the blood to his penis head, his penis giving small jumping movements, it was so long ago that she felt so heated up.
She felt daring. She got up and straddled her Son. She could feel his cock against her pussy. Just like she wanted. It felt so good. She knew how wrong it was, but it felt so damn good.

She started moving up and down feeling his hardness against her. Then suddenly she felt his hands on her hips pushing her down on his cock moving with her.

She gasped and jumped off.
“Oh my god. I am so sorry, sorry Danny. I thought you were sleeping, wait. That’s no excuse. You’re my Son. I was so wrong to do that… I just couldn’t help it. It is so wrong! I’m ashamed I am so sorry….

Danny cut his Mother off by putting his mouth over hers. He kissed his Mother very passionately and stuck his tongue in her mouth. They massaged their tongues together. The both where moaning now. His hand found its way to her bra strap fastener, it looked him a second or so to lose her bra and moved it over her arms while still kissing. Now he was pushing her up by his head to take her bra away. He felt her nipples with his hands now caressing her breasts. The same ones that he was breast feeding on.

At first she wanted to stop him for losing her bra bat when he touched the breasts and playing with her stiff nipples there were no turning back, she needed that attention,

Danny’s cock was now like steel. He was moving his hips like he was having sex with her, and she was meeting his movement with every thrust, driving her crazy with lust.

They were kissing like new lovers that had minimum time left on a date, she can’t remember when last she kissed someone like this. Danny’s hands left her breasts and moved over to her ass, he put his hands in het panty and grabbed her ass to match the trusts that he was making with his hips.

Danny swung over his Mom without breaking the kiss, he know that if he break the kiss his Mom will probably ask him to stop or say sorry again, that is the last thing that he wants to hear now. He was now laying half on top of his Mom. His Moms hand under him where his manhood laid in her palm. Danny moved his one hand to the front of her panty pressing his hand between her legs pushing her legs open, he felt she hesitate for a Moment. He caressed her thighs and moving up to her panty. He felt a wetness on his hand of his Mom’s pussy juice. Danny moved the panty over on the side and started to massageher wet pussy lips. He could feel her shaved pussy, as he began to rub her clit. Taking two fingers and rubbing her clit between the fingers. She moaned louder in his mouth. He lifted her up and breaking the kiss, he moved to her nipple and started to kiss and suck on her beautiful tits. He was in heaven. SO was she. Her free hand was now pinching her other nipple and caressing her breast.

She moaned now loudly, “What are you doing to your Mom …… I’m so close to cum” she said in a moan’y voice “don’t stop… harder … fuck … I’m cumming Ohhhh …. Oooo yes … fuck. I’m Cumming” her body was stiffening and shattered in an un-controlling spasm.

He kissed her all the way down to her pussy. He spread her legs wide open, or she did. They were both in to it. He kissed his Mother’s thighs and began to open her pussy lips. He flicked his tongue out and started to lick on her clit. He can taste the unique taste of her cum, from the first taste he was loving it. His Mother’s pussy tasted so good, better than any pussy he has ever tasted. He sucked on her clit and licked it all around her opening. She wanted to close her legs because her clit was very sensitive, but the soft liking of his tongue and gentle kissing on her thighs and pussy was bringing her to a new level of ecstasy. By now she was feeling the wave of a new climax boiling up inside her deepest being, she started to tens up and waited for the big orgasm that she felt only three times in her life and she long for that feeling again in so many years. As she tens up Danny licked his Mom’s clit, first just licking it then sucking on the cherry. He then stuck 2 fingers in her pussy and began to pump them in and out of her while he kept licked her clit. Danny moved pushed his fingers in his Mom’s pussy and started to massage her G-spot.Oooo… My …. I’m cumming …. She started to stiffen her body and she went in to a fit like mode and shakes uncontrollable, Danny was still tasting his Mother’s pussy when all of a sudden he got sprayed in the face with warm juices from her virginal opening. She was squirtingfor the first time in her life she squirted and she was in heaven. Oooo what have Danny her Son done with her. She was practically screaming it felt so good.

“I’m so sorry Danny… I don’t know what happened. You done something to me that I never did, not even knowing I was capable of doing. That was the best orgasm I had in my life,” Danny smiled and lifted his head from her soaking pussy, he looked like a dog that ate some cream, all shining and wet. “That’s ok Mom I love you and the taste of you”

With a body that was not hers at that Moment, because she was feeling anything even air on her clit was to match to handle. She pulled herself up. She kissed him and moved him over to his back. Tasting her juices on him. She laidbeside him on herstomach, her legs partly open, her clit was so sensitive that she couldn’t dear to close her legs. She kissed his chest while she reached inside his boxers and let his cock come out. She leaned down and took her tongue and teased the little hole. All around the head, licking up and down on his hard cock. She stuck him inside her mouth. He moaned. She deep throated her baby boy’s cock. Stroking and sucking his manhood, she loved the taste of his precum. Making him nice and wet. She reached down played with his balls. She started to give him a blowjob not out of obligation but a sort of willing and satisfied feeling. It felt so right in her mouth and she wanted to taste her Son’s cum. For the first time she want to taste and swallow cum, she gave a lot of blowjobs but never swallowed one of her lovers as teen or her husband’s cum. He start to make the right moves to show her that he was about to cum, “Oooo Mommy I’m so close take it in your hand so I can ….. Oooo….. Aaaa I’m….. Cumming. A load of come filed her mouth and she swallowed like it was mend to be.She massage his balls to get every little bit out of them.She licked her lips to make sure not one drop of his sweet nectar was wasted.

They were both ready to go to the next step, i****t was no laughing matter and both knew what was about to chance. This will be a bond that only they have to know about. “Are you ok with this that just happened it was not my intention to get you in bed when I came over” Danny smiled to his Mom. “Mom this was my oldest fantasy came true. I wanted to kiss you and love you like a lover from the time I saw you at the beach, when the waves nocked you over and pushed you top over your nice boobs and when we washed the salt of our body’sat the public showers. You opened the front of your thong to wash out the sand in your pants. I saw that you were shaved clean and I wanted to touch you right there and then. From that time I looked at you as a MILF.” Mom looked shocked. “You were about 15 years of age. I thought you did not see, I asked you to turn your back on me… I was not aware that you had a crash on me that is so flattering. I don’t want to sound stupid or dumb, what is a MILF…?” Danny smiled at his MILF. “That stands for Mother I Like to Fuck. And I did turn my back but not my eyes.” Kara kissed her Son on the lips, her hand was moving to his cock and she closed her hand around his already stiffening cock. “From that time I tried to get a glimpse of your beautiful body. Even when you were tanning in the back yard, I could not take my eyes of you, the bonnet and camel toe where like d**gs on me. The best was when we played in the swimming pool. Pushing against you was the best feeling in my youth.”

He was so hard again and she was so wet.Danny climbed up on top of his Mother and he started to kiss her, she willingly accepted his tongue in her mouth. Kara felt his penis pressing against her wet pussy. “You know that there is now turning back if we do this and no one must know about this. Never ever.” Danny looked his Mom in the eye. “Mom it will be our secret and I want to be inside you, if it is fine with you. I love you Mom more than just a Son” Kara smiled and kiss him like lovers do. “I love you to Danny. It is ok with me if you want to have sex with me.” Danny looked at his Mom. “I don’t want to have sex with you Mom, I love you to mush for just sex. I want to make love to you.” With that hestuck his hard throbbing cock in her wet tight throbbing pussy. He began to thrust in and out of her. With every thrust she tightened on his cock. He started to kiss her lips again.

Lying in bed with your Son is one thing, lying in bed whit him on top of you with his stiff cock deep inside you is another story. It is the first time for so many things tonight. First to get in bed with her Son. First to get aroused for her Son’s half naked body. First to get in bed with any man not her husband, she was a virgin men they got married. She only gave blowjobs to her boyfriend’s when she was young and they were horny. First time to kiss for so long. First for getting such an orgasm that she squirted, that felt 10 times more intensive than a normal orgasm. First time to swallow cum. First time for having a man’s penis inside her that was not her husband. First time for wanting a man so badly that she don’t care what happens.

Their moaning was getting louder and louder while kissing.
“Ohhhh. Mom I wanted to make love to you for so long. You feel so good, I truly love you Mom.”

“Mmmm. Yes baby. I know you love me, that is why I came over tonight because this is the only place that I know I was acceptable and loved by someone, never knew how match love you had for me. Fuck me harder baby. I’m about to cum… FuckMommy’s pussy!
She screamed in his mouth.

He fucked his Mommy’s pussy faster and deeper. Kara was on the brink of an orgasm when Danny said. “Mom is it save to cum in you or must I pull out?” with that, knowing that her Son was about to cum, she grabbed his ass and pulled it closer to her and with that strong but firm hold on his bear ass he started to go faster and suddenly froze deep inside her pussy, I’m… cumming… Mom… I’m cumming inside of you Oooo Mom it feel so good. Kara felt the semen squirt deep in her and next Moment she started with her own orgasm. Keep fucking me don’t stop please don’t stop Aaaa… I’m cumming to, with you don’t stop… With every thrust in or out, her virginal walls were clamping around his pulsing cock and that send another wave of orgasms trough her body. She pressed her nails in the flesh of his ass and screamed Oooo… fuck me that was great. I think that was one of the best sex I had in my life, if not the best. “Oh god I love you Mom!” Danny said dropping back to the side of his Mother. Out of breath he laid there thinking of what just happened. The best fantasy of his whole life was there and he can still feel his Mother’s wetness mixed with his semen on his cock, the cool air blowing on his cock.

Danny turned on his side facing his Mother, pulling the duvet over them with one move and landed his hands on her breasts, He pushed his hand under her head and hold her close to him. “Are you disappointed in me, for what we did, or did you lose your respect for me” Danny pressed his lips on her mouth to make her stop speaking. “Mom I love you and will always love you, my respect to you are more than any other time in my life, and there is nothing that you can do to make me disappointed in you” he kissed her again with the passion of a lover he was. Kara stood up from the bed and said she need a toilet. Danny followed her and went in the bathroom to clean himself with a face cloth. Taking a new cloth and towel out for his Mother to use if she needed it. He run the water in the basin but closed it and turned the shower on for a quick shower. The hot water was so calming on his body, next he felt the shower door open and his Motherclimb in. “Is there space for me?” Danny moved over and hold his Mother naked body close to him. “Mom for a women of 38 you have no worries to become a nude model, even dusting women in their 20. You are a sexy woman” Kara blushed and give her Son a shy smile. “You must stop that, I might be getting a big head.”

Danny open the door of the shower to give his Mom space to clean up. He stepped out and dried himself. He went to the cupboard ant took a new set of sheets out for the bed. The smell of sex was hanging in the air, there was a big wet mark on the sheet. That must be some of his Mother squirting and his semen. He replaced the sheets and sprayed the soft powder spray for linen that Kate gave him to spray when he put new sheets on the bed.The whole room hade the smell of clean baby fragrances.

Kara came in from the shower and ask if he had a boxer short for her to sleep in, she washed het thong out.“This is how you treat your Mom, with clean sheets and that baby smell. I will sleep like a baby in that bed. What time is it now?” Danny looked at his phone and say “Mom it is twenty minutes past four. Lucky for me it is Saturday and I don’t have to work.” Danny gave his Mom a jockey briefs that was too small for him and tee shirt to sleep in. “Thank you, Son” she put the jockey on and it fitted tight around her waist and the tee was lose but still showed her round curves and pointy nipples.

Kara got in bed and turned on her back. Danny switch the lights of and only his bed lamp was on. He climbed in bed looking at his Mom “Is it ok if I sleep next to you Mom” he ask. “I will not have it any other way Son long as we get some sleep, I’m dead on my feet.” With this he climb in and move closer to his Mother kissing her on her lips. “I think we must stop this for now or ells we won’t be able to control as.” She turned on her side, her back against his chest. Danny hold her and gave her a squeeze “I love you Mom, I love you very much.” Holding his hand in front of her chest not letting him play with her breasts. “I love you to Son you’re the best.”

They drifted off to a peaceful sleep, holding itch other like newlyweds.

At around nine, Danny woke from a knocking on the door. He jumped up and pull the duvet back up against his Mom. He went in the launch and close the bedroom door. He opened the door and there was Kate standing “You told me that you will call me” She barked at him “As soon as I washed my face and made myself decently, I would have called.” Danny said with a low tone. “Is your Mom still here?” she asked. “Yep, still sleeping” Kate looked over his shoulder and saw the sleeping bag and pillow on the couch. “Where you sleeping in there the howl night?” She ask. Danny looked at the couch. “Yep all by myself, do you want to come in?” Danny asked Kate. Kate looked at the close door of the bedroom.“No don’t worry you can call me when your Mother is gone, and we can have some time alone. I wanted to let you know. I was ready to give myself to you last night just before your Momcame in. and that kept me awake most of the time, thinking of you and the time we would have, have if your Mom did not come over.” Danny looked at the closed bedroom door. “I’m so sorry even you would have done the same if you were in my shoes. It is my Mom and she have a marriage crisis that need to be solved, I think we can call it a day and I will see you tonight or even tomorrow if that’s ok with you.” Kate smiled and give him a kiss on his lips. “That is why I’m so mad about you always a real gentleman, pleasing others before you pleas yourself. I don’t think I can wait till tomorrow, because I’m horny and need you to please me.” Now Danny was feeling a movement in his pants, he was getting hard it is not every day that a gorges girl like Kate said that she is hot for you. “I will call you as soon as my Mom is sorted out, I promised.” Kate kissed him with her tongue in his mouth, she broke off walking away with hips swinging and she looked and winked back before she went up the stairs to the next floor.

Now Danny was standing there and did not know what to do. In one hand he has a beautiful girl that wants his body and in the other hand a beautiful woman, his Mother, that he just got his fantasy full filed and he could not make up his mind.

Kate sweet sixteen with a smile and body to die for. Maybe she is still a virgin or not, she has a pair of tits with perky nipples that has the spring in it to say there is a stiff pair of melons a real B cup size 32, Brunet with long hair, a pair of ass that was so stiff it didn’t even bounce when she walk.

Mother 39, mature with a D cup size 34, sagging a bit but nice nipples and sexy firm ass, with a bonnet and camel toe that keep you glued to and whish for more, nice face with a dimple on her cheek, when she laugh. Body to break every heart and commitment of every man she met, light brunet with a reddish shine in her hair,

While Danny think of his options he closed the front door and locked it. He walked to his room and standing at the door before he open the door. There in his bed was his dream came true, and he don’t have to impress the woman that was laying in his bed sleeping. He went to the bed and just before he get in he dropped his boxers to the floor and get in bed naked with an angle.

He started to kiss his Mom in the neck and put his hand over her breasts. Kara opened her eyes and said. “Good morning baby, did you sleep well” Danny stopped with the kissing of his Mother neck “I slept very well thanks Mom and you?” Before she could answered he kissed her on the lips and pressed his tongue between her lips and kissing her more passionate, Kara knew that she was wakening a monster in her Son. She can’t remember when she was waking up to this kind of treatment and she started to get horny, she moved over facing her Son, his hands on her breasts playing with her nipples, she moved her hand to his lower part of his body. “Oooo…my are you naked and ready every morning Son?” Danny’s hands were now caressing her howl body. “With a beautiful woman next to me in a bed, I can be ready every hour” he laugh. She was now holding his rock hard penis in her hand and pumping it slowly up and down. She moved to a sitting position. “uach” she cried just as he placed his hand over the jokey on her mound. “Mom are you ok, did I hurt you?” Kara’s hand went straight to her stomach. “No you did not hurt me, it is my stomach muscles, and it feels like I was doing a thousand sit-ups. Good grief, I never felt like this after sex. What did you do to your old Mother?” Kara smiled at him laying back and put his hand back on her bonnet where it was needed. With carefully movements on her bonnet, he cupped her bonnet with his hand and start massage it. He felt her pushing against his hand. “Are you ok Mom or must I stop what I’m doing?” Danny ask “No pain, no gain is the motto on stiff muscles. You can do that while I get hold of that big cock of yours”

Danny moved the duvet away from them and pulled her jokey off her body. Kara trough the tee shirt to the floor and laid back. Danny place his one leg over his Mother’s face. His cock hanging in her face, but not for long. Kara guide his stiff member in to her waiting mouth.“Mmmm that is a mouth full she mumble” Danny started to lick his Mother’s pussy and found out that she was soaking wet, as he moved his tongue over her stiff cherry. Looking to suck on her clit, while sucking he smelled the scent of his Mother. It was a bit uncomfortable for him. “Just a minute Mom” and he moved of his Mother and laid between her legs, he pushed her legs up for her pussy was an inch away from his face. He could see her pussy lips her clitoris, red and standing on attention like a soldier in front of a general. He saw the opening of his Mother’s pussy were the juice of her arousal leaked out. He started like earlier to suck and kiss her pussy and clit. By now she was screaming of pleasure. Kara felt that her climax was on the brink of happening. She hold her Sons head to her clit for it was like electricity running through her and that gave her Son the chance to suck on het clit, biting it very lightly. Danny entered two fingers in her wet pussy it battle to get in, she was starting to climax and the pussy walls was already in spasm. “Ahhh my god I’m going to cum… Aaaa… Aaaa…I’m cumming…” He pushed his middle finger in to start his massage on her G spot. Now he was dragging his finger like calling someone. “Oooo my god… your killing me… you want to… Aaaa… damit…” He was looking in bright day light how his Mother climaxed and her pussy and asshole contracted in spasm. Next minute she started to squirt first a little bit with every move over her g-spot she squirted more and harder. Some of her juices were sprayed over his face. Danny went forward and suck on her clitoris sending her jumping and un-controlling muscle contractions all over her body. “Please have mercy on me I’m your Mother…” She had a full body orgasm the second one for the day. She pushed him away and say. “You will kill me, my heart can’t take it anymore. You’re killing me. All my muscles are is in spasm and jumping.” Her breathing was swallow and rushing like she was running a marathon.

Pearls of sweat formed on her forehead and upper lip. With eyes widen, looking as if she was frightened. “It was the second… time I cume like… this today…, and my heart… won’t take another…” Danny love to see his Mom in the light having a massive orgasm, but what he see now, was not nice, his Mom was shaking and sitting with her legs pulled up against her chest and her hands clamped around them, she was still shaking. “I thought… I was going to have a heart attack…” Danny put his arm around his Mother’s shoulders to comfort her. He can feel her howl body shivering as if she was cold. “Mom are you ok?” Danny was now very concern about his Mom. “I think I will be fine in a Moment baby, can I have something to drink please?” Danny went to the kitchen and pour some cola for his Mom, and rush to the bedroom. His Mother was sitting on the bed with her legs of the bed. “Thank youSon,” she took the glass and with one sip she drank about half the glass empty. “Can you help me to the toilet please Son, my legs are like jelly.” She smiled at her Son. Danny helped his Mother to the toilet, as she sat down on the toilet he went back to the room, took the glass and went to the kitchen to fill it up and pour him some cola too.

He heard a moan coming from the toilet. He rushed to where his Mom was standing, washing her hands. “Are you fine Mother… can I help you with something Mom?” Danny ask with concern in his voice. “I’m fine Son, this was the biggest orgasm that I ever had.” Danny hooked his arm under his Mother swung her legs up and curried her to the bedroom. “I’m sorry Mom… I will never do that again” Kara had her arms around his neck, pulled him closer and kissed him. “Don’t worry… I’m not complaining, it is just I did not have any control of my own body. I will get you back for this.” Danny laid his Mother on the bed, but picked her up just when he saw the bed. There was a puddle of fluid on the bed, it was so big that it looked like someone throw a two liter water on his bed.

Thanks for the sales person that sold him the bed, she gave him a bed saver that protect the bed if you mess something on the bed. He wanted a good bed where he can sleep, sit, eat, drink and watch TV on.His bachelors flat was not big, but comfortable and on the third floor of a seven floor complex. There was a lounge not too big, with two couches and coffee tables carpet and his old TV. Open plan kitchen, bathroom with shower, separate toilet, and a nice big bedroom with balcony looking out on the city, with the same size study room where his computer and desk is.

He lowered his Mother to an old Lazy-boy TV chair. “You have to sit here Mom for a Moment” Kara looked confused. “What’s wrong?” Danny turned around and went to the linen cupboard “The bed needs some clean sheets Mom” he took a big towel to clean the bed saver and a new set of linen. Before he know it his Mother ask. “Was that me? It look like someone wet the bed” Kara blushed, scooped the linen and tray to clean the wet juice of het squirting. “I’m sorry Son, look at the mess I made… I never in my whole life had some fluid coming out of me when I climax’s. I’m so sorry I think it is pee.” Danny take the sheets from his Mother and put his hand with the sheets to his nose. “No Mom this is not pee it smell nice… not at all pee.” Kara grabbed it from his hands “Danny stop that you can’t smell your Mom’s pee” Danny laughs “No Mother really, smell for yourself it is not pee.” She smelled the sheet first very carefully, then she said to him “Are you sure it come from me and it is not water?” Kara throw the sheet to him. Danny smiled “No Mom that is the fluid that come out of you, I know, it was the second time it hit my face, and it taste very nice, sweetish” Kara can see his Mother blush again. “I’m sorry baby, I’m really sorry” Danny walk over to his Mother and take her in his arms, and kissed her on the lips, then he put his tongue in her mouth, her mouth was warm and willingly for a passionate kiss of her Son. After a while he stopped. “How was that kiss Mom?” Kara looked at her Son and smile. “Very nice… why did you stop?” Danny looked in his Mother’s eyes. “Well I did not clean my face nor brushed my teeth and you were just tasting what I taste when you squirt in my face, I even opened my mouth to taste jour sweet honey and it taste like love, if I can explain it to you.” The howl time they were naked, Kara looked at her Son. “You’re a pig… but I love it. I see that you start to get hard again after my ordeal earlier.” Her hand went down to his stiffing cock and she took her one hand and played with his balls the other was slowly went up and then down on his rigged penis.
Kara pushed her Son to the unmade bed for him to sit on it, she bend down to her knees and kissed the tip of his cock. Licking the precum that had dried and the new precum of him. “I can get used to this nice cock of my Son” Danny smiled and said “Mom this is yours whenever you want it… any place or time that you want it and we are alone and save.” With that she deep throat her Son cock to the end that she could lick his balls. She was throat fucking for the first time and it feels so right. Within minutes his balls stiffen “Mom I’m so close… I’m going to cum… Aaaa… Oooo… Aaaa…” He shot his load down his Mother’s throat. Kara licked him clean of every droplet that she could find. She looked at her Son’s face. She thought that this was the most handsome man in her world. “Now I had the starter and I want the main mail” She stood up and sit on top of her Son taking one hand to glide his still stiff member over her soaking wet pussy. A shock of electricity went through her when his cock touch her clit, she jumped and point the head to her waiting opening. “Are you ok Mom?” Danny ask when he felt her jumped. “Yes Son just very sensitive in at my clit at this Moment. I can’t leave without having a last good fuck from my Son” Danny looked surprised at his Mom sitting on top of him with her beautiful breasts in his face. “Are you going already Mom?” With a smile on her face she started to move her hips in a smooth grinding motion pulling his cock out of her and then back in her pussy. “If I don’t go we will be dead by tonight and I think your father is looking for me. Or did you think I must say with you all the time?” Danny realize that his fantasy can’t keep on forever. He pulled his Mother to him to kiss her, she stopped with her movement of her hips. “Don’t move while we kiss it is still too sensitive on my clit” They kissed again. Kara sit up on her Son again and start riding him like a cowgirl supposed to ride. With the feeling of love and compassion, the love of her Son that she never knew was there, a deeper love than she feels for her husband or any other been. Danny was now paying with his Mother’s breast and hard nipples, pulling and pinching the nipples lightly. Kara moaned louder and pick up her pace to a good gallop on her Sons seven and a half inch cock. “Mom, I love you so match, you are the beauty of my heart forever.” By now Kara was starting to get contractions in her pussy walls showing that she was close to hit an orgasm. “Thank you baby you’re the best, and I love you too you know that” With that she bend over and kissed her Son, first her clit was rubbing on his tool and it was so sensitive, but she needed the kiss, “I’m so close.” She moans in his mouth while kissing. “Danny was doing the same to his Mother with every stroke that she was going down he will push his rod deeper and deeper in her. “I’m cumming… Oooo… yes… so…. good. Fuck me harder baby… fuck your Mother’s pussy. Ohhhh… Oooo…” By that time Danny let loose and blown his load inside his Mother. “Oooo fuck…it feels so good, yes fuck me… harder…” Kara moans and moans in his mouth while kissing. Next she stiffen and squirts as she sit on her Son’s cock. Danny felt a warm feeling running over his torso and down his balls. He just realize his MotherCume with a squirting on top of him, he loved this feeling “You can fuck me any time you want you just know how to please your Mom” Kara said just laying still on top of her Son. Kara looked at her Son, there was a big smile on his face that was more than a satisfied smile of a man that just cume. “What’s up with that smile?” She asked. Nothing just that you squirt on me and it felt so good going down over my balls. Kara jumped up to see, turned around and run to the shower. “Sorry Son, I’m so sorry…”

Danny sit up and collect all the linen and bed saver, he trough it in the washer and added soap to it. He put the sheet of this morning with the linen in the washer. He turned around and headed for the shower where his Mother was cleaning herself.He opened the door and stand behind her kissing her in the neck, his hands moving over to her breasts that was full of soap. Sliding his hand over her breast and stomach. Washing the soap off her. “You better stop… before I change my mind and move in with you for good” She turned aroundand kiss him. Pushing him away and got out of the shower. “You better clean yourself and I’m going to get dressed…” Danny smiled and start to put soap on him to wash all the sweat and juice of the lovemaking from him and his Mother. He got out of the shower and dried his body he notice that his member was feeling a bit weird. Never in his life did he had so match sex in one day, not even in when he masterbatedin the house where he was fantasizing about his Mother.

When he entered the room his Mom was dressed and use his brush to brush her hair.
“I hope you don’t mind me using your brush?” He smiled and thought that she can use any thing she want, even use him up as well. “You can use me to any time Mom.”
Kara smiled “You are the first one that will cry big mouth.” Danny went to his wardrobe and got a tee and short out kicking his feet in flip flops. “I will pray for that day… I can’t wait Mom” She smiled and ask if she can use his phone to call a cab. “I will take you and then Dad will know you were with me.” Kara smiled “You are always thinking ahead. It is ok then you can protect me from your cheating dad if he wants to kill me.” She said with a joking laughter in her voice. Just before they left the flat Danny made the bed sprayed the powder spray for linen and started the room refresher. Kara set the dryer timer for an hour and place the clean washing in it. By the time he gets home the stuff will be clean and dried.

They kissed passionate before opening the door to face the world of Mother and Son.

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