A Plaything For the Guys (Part 1)


A Plaything For the Guys (Part 1)“So, Ronnie, how about another drink?” George asked me.“Oh, George, I’m so drunk, but what the hell, sure, I’ll have another.”“Thassa boy,” said George.“Let me hit the head, George,” I said and slid out of the tavern booth, then staggered to the bathroom. Once inside, I locked the door long enough to take off my pants, then my jockey briefs. and stuff them in my pants pocket after I’d put my pants back on. I looked at my swaying image in the old mirror over the sink. I smirked and pulled down my fly, and pulled out my hard cock. Then I almost fell over, and decided to stick my cock back in my pants and pull up my zipper before exiting the bathroom.My cock formed a tent in my trousers as I staggered back to the booth. I was so fucked up I didn’t care who saw it.George slid closer to me in the tavern booth.He was soon unzipping my fly. I had a huge boner. I couldn’t believe this was happening, but I was loving every minute.“Umm, Ronnie, would you like me to stroke your boner, would that turn you on?” George whispered in my ear.“Oh yes, George, make my dick feel good!”“How’s this, do you like the way I stroke it, Ronnie?”“Oh yes, George, that feels really good.”Just then two guys who apparently were friends with George stopped at our table. George was stroking me underneath the table so they couldn’t see.“Hey, guys, how’s it going? Have a seat and have a drink with me kayseri rus escort and my friend Ronnie.”They sat down. I checked them out. Real cuties, I’d guess in their 60s. Perfect, I thought. I love older men.George felt my cock grow bigger at the sight of them.“Ronnie,” said George. “These are two of my buddies. This is Tom and this is Warren.”I looked up at them and smiled. I was pleasantly surprised by these two hunks appearing, my cock got harder and harder as I checked them out. This was not lost on George, of course, since he had been feeling my hardon and balls for a while now underneath the table.“Say, Tom, why not get comfortable and slide in next to Ronnie? She’s got something I think she’d love to show you.”Tom slid up so he was to my left.I grabbed his right hand and put it on my boner. Then I looked at him and puckered my lips.Tom felt my throbbing member and stroked it.I turned to him and looked into his eyes saying, “You dirty fucker, stroke my cock.”Soon I squirt out some very hot and wet precum onto his gorgeous hand.Then I paused to gain some self-control over the cock juice still in me, not yet spilled outGooey white cum spunk still in my balls.George then said, “Hey, why don’t we all head back to my place.”We headed out. As I staggered toward the car, Tom started grabbing and massaging my ass.At the car, Warren got in front with George.I kayseri rus escort bayan took off all my clothes with Tom’s help and we got in the back seat.I laid across the back seat and undid Tom’s belt and zipper and pulled his pants and underwear down to his knees. I rubbed his big, veiny cock all over my face, licking it as I did. “Oh, baby, mmm” I moaned and took his hot throbbing member into my mouth, moving my mouth up and down on his shaft. I glanced up to see Warren staring at this spectacle from the front seat.Mmm, I love an audience while I’m blowing a guy. Makes me feel real slutty.“Here, baby”, said Tom and he pulled out a flask filled with whiskey that he’d had in his pocket.He opened the flask, then said, “Open wide, you whore!” and poured quite a bit of whiskey down my throat.Then I returned to blowing him.Soon Tom moaned, “I’m gonna come!”I pulled my mouth off his cock and aimed it at my face. He shot his huge load of spunk all over my face. I licked my spunk covered lips, then wiped my hand across my face before licking the cum off it.“Who’s next?” I asked, slurring my speech as I was now in a bit of a drunken stupor.Warren said to George, “Hey, man, pull over so I can change places with Tom.”George pulled over and let Tom and Warren switch places.“Mmm, baby, I want you to ride my cock!” I blurted out.Warren slipped off his rus kayseri escort pants and then got on top of me, stroking his dick against mine.“Oh God, I’m going to cum!” I yelled and shot my sperm all over Warren’s cock.Warren cursed, saying, “Damn, I didn’t get a chance to come!”“Now, now, Sugar,” I slurred. “You just sit back and let Ronnie take care of that bulging dick!”Warren sat back and I sat next to him, then leaned over and started licking his balls and cock, which were covered with my own spunk.“Mmm. Baby,” I moaned and licked and swallowed my own cream off of his balls and dick.This obviously turned Warren on, as his cock grew even larger and he looked at me, saying, “You are such a whore!”“Shut up, baby,” I responded. “Shoot your cum load all over me!” I was sucking his swollen dick with an appreciatiative, “Mmm”, as I let him fuck my mouth. Soon his cock shot white delicious cum goo into the back of my throat. I swallowed his huge load, then reached up and kissed him on the mouth.Just as he shot his load into my mouth, George pulled into his driveway and up to his house. We slipped our clothes back on and got out of the car. I staggered over to George and put my arms around him.“Your turn, stud!” I said in a very slurry speech.George responded, “Oh, I’ve still got plans for you, honey. But first let’s go inside. I’ve got some great blow.”“Oh Tom,” I said, “You certainly know the way to a girl’s heart.”I loved blow. It would straighten me up somewhat, which I needed since I was so bombed right now. It also made me incredibly horny.We headed in and George cut up some coke, then put out several lines for each of us.(To Be Continued)When I do coke, I lose all my common sense and become every man’s sleazy fantasy.

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