What the Hell am I Doing? Ch. 5


What the Hell am I Doing? Ch. 5What the Hell am I Doing?- Ch.5I encourage readers to review the first chapters of the story, as it will give context to this latest installment. There isn’t a lot of sex in this one, but it moves the story along… As usual, any haters can forget posting comments, and so on, and copyright is mine, blah, blah, blah…———————————————————————————————————————————–“Oh, shit… he has my room key!” I muttered.Holding on to the corner of the building, naked, save my heels, my body sheened in a mix of my own perspiration and that of the slimy slime-ball who had ****d me, I was a mess. Hair mussed, my bikini-trimmed pussy and thighs smeared and matted with his semen, I must have looked frightful. Thankfully, the only good thing was it was night, and I was in a dark area of the hotel complex. So, what to do next?I stood there, using the building as a shield, as I got my thoughts and my body under control, though it took about 15 minutes or so to get my body to stop trembling. I spun and leaned back against the building, taking comfort that no one knew where I was, or would be able to see me right then. My nipples were hard as a rock, almost painfully erect, as the night air caressed them. Traffic noises abound, and I could not hear much else, though some critter seemed to scrabble along in the landscaping nearby, definitely more afraid of me, than I was of it. My body cooled, and I began to think normally again. I peered around the building, starting to formulate a plan. Just wait. Wait until it grew late enough for the hotel patrons to go to sleep, then go to the desk… get a key. Yes, it would be embarrassing, but I didn’t have a lot of options. I was a frequent flyer of sorts, so the hotel would ask questions about my safety, but they would also heed my request to do nothing about my predicament, and also give me the damn room key. Yeah, that would work, and I resigned myself to a potential two-hour wait. Turning back, my chest heaving as I let loose a deep breath, I nearly screamed when I heard a slight tapping on the glass of the window next to me! My gasp, however, was loud enough to give away my presence, had anyone been near.I turned and looked. It was the same shadowy figure who had been watching as Juan ****d me, and jerked off to it. He was waving me closer. The window slid quietly open, and he whispered. “Look, I’m sorry… come in, and use my phone, ok?”Decision time. Fish or cut bait. I hesitated a moment, deciding, and then nodded. It was time to fish. “Alright.. but if you try anything….” I replied softly, with an icy tone.The figure started to lift the screen from the window, so I could climb inside. “No, no. I won’t… I said I was sorry…” his voice was low as he worked the screen clear, and gently laid it aside outside the window, and offered a hand for me to climb up and into his hotel room. “I just saw you, and it was so hot to watch, like my very own porno.”The room was well lit, silhouetting me as I climbed in, highlighting the glop of Juan’s semen that fell from my vagina as I spread my legs to climb over the window sill. I looked down as I heard it, and so did he. His response was a low whistle. “Man, that’s a lot.” Was all he said. I got a look at my rescuer. Tall, thin, and average-looking, he was an older man, perhaps middle-50’s, the typical travelling salesman, I gaziantep rus escortlar assumed. Suitcase on the stand, rummaged through, and he was only wearing his boxers. Cotton ones, with a cross-hatch pattern. The window closed, and the sheer d****s helped hide me from the outside world, but not from him. I decided to try and hold some dignity, and not cower. I wasn’t bad-looking at all, and he had already seen everything I had to offer, so what was the point? I stood there, as he could not help himself, his eyes looking me over again, only this time, he could see everything plainly. He looked at my necklace. His only words were “Fuck me.” Just as it said on my necklace. Then he started to display what was a growing hard-on. I just sighed, and looked aside. I knew what I had to do next, if he said the words. My Master would insist on it.“Who are you?” he asked in astonishment. “I mean, what kind of woman are you? Do you do this often?” He seemed genuinely confused. Possibly, though, he was interested, I couldn’t tell. But his cock told its own story. His boxers were tented by now, and he was not greatly gifted, just an average guy, but he was definitely excited, the throbbing of his cock making his boxers jiggle just a little, and since I was checking him out, too, it made me smile, just a little. I replied to him, demurely.“I’m just a woman… one with some different… beliefs, I guess. A woman who believes that men are supposed to be in charge in the home, and not some raging bitch who demands to be served. And I am a submissive… My Master has dominated me, to the point I wear what he wants, and do what he wants. Including wearing this necklace. To you it is a necklace, but to me it is my collar. Between us, it is what makes me what I am. It makes me do what things he wishes me to do.”“Like what things?” He asked innocently. The man wasn’t being a jerk, he was actually curious. “Well, pretty much anything. Get him a drink, wear what pleases him, have sex with him, display myself for others, and pretty much anything he desires. He even approves of my daily outfits to wear.” I left out the part about fucking any guy who asks me to, but I wasn’t going to cross that bridge. If the guy wanted me to screw him, he’d have to demand it, I wasn’t going to just give it away.He patiently nodded as he listened, then asked more questions. “Are you married? And your master is your husband? Was that man him?”I wasn’t looking forward to answering these. It was going to confuse him, but I did my best, though I noticed his cock was still had full-mast, and a tiny wet-spot was on the end. I had a quick thought, of maybe getting him to blast off just by words, so he would be sated, without touching me. So I decided to be honest. Maybe some of my experience would be enough to trigger his ejaculation.“I am married… “ I held up my hand, but forgot my wedding ring as in my room, having taken it off when I met up Ben this trip. All I displayed was the tan-line of my finger. “but my husband is not my Master. I love my husband very much, but he is not a dominating spirit. My Master, he… fulfills an important role in my life. And no, my Master and my husband do not know each other.” I threw that in, wanting to avoid his delving deeper into my life. “As for this other guy… “ My thumb jerked over my shoulder and out the window. “I do know him, and can’t stand him. He’s gaziantep rus escort bayanlar a business competitor, and really is a jerk. What you saw was his r****g me.” I stood there, matter of factly, as a thin trail of Juan’s semen was smearing in my thighs as I shifted.“Let me call the police…” the guy’s voice hardened suddenly, and he reached for the phone, moving until he was next to me. I reached out to stop him. “No.” I spoke softly, as I laid my fingers delicately on his hand. “Please don’t… they will ask questions I can’t let be answered. It will destroy my home.”He paused, and looked me in the eyes. I let him stare into me, as if he was allowed to read my thoughts, my will. At that moment, I was completely honest with him, and bless him, he picked up on it.“Alright… So where are your clothes?” Again, he was looking me over, and his cock started twitching again. He was also struggling, trying to keep himself from touching his manhood. It was becoming very obvious he wanted to masturbate, to get some relief. I was getting the impression that he wasn’t getting any at home.“He took them…” was all I said.. “So now I’m all alone, naked, and vulnerable. I’m helpless…” I spoke now more seductively, and almost c***d-like. I hadn’t planned on this, but it seemed things were working my way. I was hoping to get him to relax, make him release his sexual tension, and then get what I needed. A towel and my room key.“I… can see that…” was all he said, and he lost his battle. His hand reached for his crotch, and mine went with him. I gently ushered his fingers aside, and began to delve into the front of his boxers, to dig out his cock, and tenderly caress it.“I think you need some help with this… I mean, it is the least I can do for the man who saved me from who knows what else?” My voice gave a small, soft and coquettish laugh. My fingers daintily began to play along his cock, softly caressing the top, and along it to his base, before wrapping around it to slide ever so lightly along the underside, to the tip, ending with just my fingertip as I swirled it around his head and leaking slit. I then began another trip down his cock, while he stood there, and moaned in a deeper voice.“I bet you would love your woman to do this to you… or perhaps you would love to take her like Juan took me? **** her, plainly, where everyone could see her? See her being forced to take you? For you to spurt your hot, sticky seed into her? Make her helpless to you?” I had turned on my phone-sex voice now, purring softly, breathily speaking to him. His hand went to the wall next to us, while his other clenched into a fist.“See her in a skirt, maybe? Not wearing any panties, so she can fuck you in the bar? “ I kept up the stroking, long, slow teases of his shaft, barely touching the nerve endings. “Maybe she’ll have an accident, and her skirt will rise up, showing everybody what a slut she was?” He started to gyrate his hips now, and his pre-cum was dribbling. I leaned into him, and breathily whispered into his ear, ending with a soft lick of his lobe, before giving it a soft nibble, my breasts rubbing his arm. “OOOOOOooohhhhhhhhhhh!” and that was it. He exploded. I was surprised at how much semen he had, as it spurted into my hand, and across my wrist. His hips thrust hard into my palm,a nd I let him use my fingers to get his pleasure. I felt sorry for him, in a way. Here rus gaziantep escort I was, a **** victim, and here this poor guy was, alone, away form home, and his only pleasure was watching. I was sure now that his watching Juan and me was the best sexual experience he’d had in a while. Now with my hand job, that would be twice in what, an hour or so? He’d probably just had the highlight of his year.He looked at me, and was growing very red, and embarrassed. Like he was ashamed. “I.. I’m so sorry… I… I just couldn’t help myself…” Now I felt really bad for him. I smiled, and lifted a finger to his lips… “Shhh… shhh… It’s ok… I wanted you to have this…. I know you couldn’t help me before, and now you are saving me, so you deserve this.” I was trying to feed his ego and heroic fantasies now. Whatever it took to get a towel and my room key. I smiled to him. “Please.. you should relax and lay down. Let me get you a towel to clean up with. May I use your sink? I should wash my hands now.” “Oh, absolutely. Please do what you need to.” His voice had that dreamy-like tone. If I could have wagered money, I’d have bet twenty-dollars he’d be asleep in ten minutes.I would have lost. He was asleep before I came back out from washing my hands. I smiled. Perfect. I went back to the bathroom, and started to softly splash water on me. Then I got one of the large towels, and wrapped it around myself, so I could make it look like I’d been swimming. The towel covered enough, but just barely. As I stepped out of his room, and softly closed the door behind me, I made eye contact with an older couple who were just arriving in the next room. His eyes were as big as saucers, as with my stance, the towel was wide-open, and exposed my pussy to him. His wife, however, was very obviously not approving. “Get inside, Arnie, so your eyes don’t fall out!”I turned, and made my way to the hotel desk, much more casually now. Yes, a careful observer could tell I was naked, but I was making the effort to be discreet, and the hotel would not be very upset. It was actually felt a lot longer walk than it was, but I eventually got to the front desk, after carefully checking to make sure my important parts were covered. The desk clerk was just hanging up the phone, after shaking her head. “Ummmm… hi! I need a copy of my room key, please? I was sorta’ skinny dipping and when they took my towel, they got my bathing suit and key.”The clerk looked me over, drily and snorted. “Yes, I just heard all about it. Ma’am, while you are an important guest, and I know you use our hotel regularly, please don’t involve others in your… parties?” She was being somewhat stern, and I guess she was not happy with the earful she must’ve just gotten. She made the new key and slid it across the desk. “If you need some special… attention,” she was being delicate, but still direct, “I’m sure the concierge can assist you. Have a nice evening.”I was starting to be embarrassed now. Playing games was one thing, but getting caught was something else. My body was growing a nice reddish tone as she turned and left the counter, going into some back office. Duly chagrined, I made my way back to my room.. well, the room Ben and I shared, and found he was still not there. Alone, I started to fix myself up. I took a shower, and even tried to clean my core passage, anything to ensure Juan didn’t impregnate me. I wrapped up in my robe, and then sat on the couch. Thoughts came back to me. Ben telling me to behave, being on my own, Juan’s advances, my failures at avoiding him, Juan’s cock in me, and then being humiliated by being watched, and then having to help my watcher. The final straw was being called out by the desk clerk, like I was some sort of c***d. Tears started to stream down my cheeks, and I started to cry.

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