BBC “GIANT” Davidthis is for my huge ultra hung super strong friend too2badd DavidIt was the morning i would meet the biggest man i ever mett ,A huge hulking black man who hada huge hard on ever since we met and is as hot for me as i am for him not only is he hung bigger than a bull but is way taller than any one else nearly twice my tiny five feet zero tall and his cock goes on forever long and thicker than my fore arm.I stood loking in the mirror as i aplied my whoreish make up and slipped on my tight white silk panties god i was having trouble already with my big throbbing hard clit in anticipation of meeting my giant ,i managed to stuff all eight inches of my rock hard clit into the tight silk panties ,Hmmmmm i thought he will love this huge bulge in the sheer panties ,as my clit stretching them almost to the breaking point ,then slipped on my white stockings and snapped eight long garters to each stocking then slipped on my gigantic huge NNN cup bra and addjusted my huge 175 inch boobs into the cups they swung nicely in them like huge and heavy boobs should wiggle and jiggle .running my little slim fingers through the canyon cleavage i thought ,the perfict place for David’s huge cock.Slipping into my skin tight white dress that huged my huge bust and flaring hips i walked out of the hotel and made my way in my car over to Davides place ,neviously knocking at his door i was shaking with lust as the door slowly opened ,out loud i gasped when i drank in the huge ankara escort black man rippling in muscles stood inside the door i had to step in as he was atleast four feet taller than me just with a tiny towel around his waist and it did little to hide the gargantuan cock that hung out the bottom of the towel and hung all the way down just past his knees ,hung down not for long as his eyes widened when he saw my huge bust my nipples erected in a second once i saw him towering over me his huge cock was now pointing right at my face and it lengthened greatly almost touching my lips it was a huge monster cock i never knew a cock could get so big it was as big if not bigger than my arm and had veins huge like hoses to pump gallons of blood into David’s hulking huge cock ,he looked into my eyes and said i was even hotter looking in person as he shut the door and turned to bend down to his knee taking me in his arms holding me tightly David stood back up lifting me face to face he smothered my lips in a wet deep kiss and his long tong opened my throat as it slitherd down my throat ,like he was fucking my throat he pumped it in and out of my throat all the while he kissed me hard and deep his sexy lips sucking at mine my clit was rock hard as his huge fingers toyed with it i could feel hig gigantic cock thrusting at me as he held me ,David withdrew his tong and lifted me by holding me at my tiny waist his two hands could reach all the way around my tiny waist and ankara escort bayan then he held me high over his head ,i got a bit dizzy from the sudden high lift and the wild sexual rush this giant of a super man had me reeling on.David said Ohh sexy Angel ,your my little sex toy bitch he hocked a huge finger into my panties and pulled them down so mt hard clit sprang out as it bobbed waiting high abouve the super studs face he liked his lips in anticipation as he easily held me efortlessly then slowly lowering me down to his lips he sucked it in entirely including my little egg like nuts .Ohhh god it felt so incredible as he sucked so hard my clit bouncing on his huge tong as he sucked and sucked i could not hold out any longer as my cum came roaring up and spitting out on his tong.Pulling me out and i was still throbbing hard ,David lowerd me to my feet as his huge cock pulsated in a super ultra erected state i took the massive cock and held it in my deep cleavage and thrust my huge NNN cup tits into it watching the gigantic shaft get swallowe by the biggest tits in the world the huge crown was at my lips as i tried so hard to get the monster sized head into my mouth but couldn’t (YET) so just licked it with earnest licking kissing the huge mans cock head he was liking all my attention i could tell by his moans and how he shook as i licked it making it so steel hard he took my head in his hands and thrust hard i thought he was trying to kill me his escort ankara huge cock head loged it self over twenty inches deep in my throat i was panaking at first i could not breat ,but as he held me on his huge cock i calmed down and began to milk his gigantic shaft in my throat and was able to let him push even more down my throat till it was bumping into the bottom of my stomach the giant of a man then lifted me once more still impailed deeply on his cock he lifted me and turned me over so he could once more suck my hard little eight inch clitty god i was horny for the biggest hugest hung man in the world his body rippled with muscles ,he walked down to his gym with me held by his huge cock and as he continued to suck me he began lifting weights to make me even hotter as he gripped a bar that har over six thousand pounds of weights on it and he lifted it over his head with one powerfull arm the huge biceps bulging out like giant black mountains shiny with our hot sweat of ultra sex pumping the huge weight as he pumped my throat with what i though was his strongest and biggest arm deep inside me it pumped me god its the biggest cock in the world i thought his huge basket ball balls wer bulging tight with a huge load of cum the massive stud lover of mine continued r****g my throat his huge balls getting even bigger as he let out a huge howel and roared out as his cum blasted like a high poer pressure pump shooting hundreds of gallons of cum ,my little clitty also exploded violently in his mouth as he came like an atomic rocket he threw down the weights as he huridly carried mre to his massive bed.____to be continued ,you let me know how the second part should start out my huge BBC lover stud–Angel XoXo

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