ProfNigma Stories #9: Learning Curves #2


ProfNigma Stories #9: Learning Curves #2iCarly/Victorious: Learning Curves #2 – Chapter 2August 176:50 pmUCLA- Scott HallRoom 113While Kelly couldn’t shut up to save her life, Tori had managed to remain fairly quiet throughout their interaction, focusing entirely on texting Jade and unloading all of her stuff. Tori’s mind raced, wondering how much, if anything, she knew about her, and her previous relationship with Beck.After a very tense lunch with her friends, Tori finished up the last of her unloading, she marvelled at her work, her half of the room looking pretty fantastic, but perhaps a bit too k**die and juvenile. Kelly’s on the other hand, looked like the walls of a rave, with glow paint and trippy art all over her side. The more disturbing moment came when the fit blonde pulled a bag of what looked like oregano from her back pack and looked at Tori strongly as if she was looking for a fight.”You like grass?””Ummm… yeah, I guess. Not so much when it’s just been mowed though,” Tori responded clearly missing the real meaning.”Ha-ha, that’s cool. The grass ain’t gettin’ mowed anytime soon, but uh…” she laughed to herself, “I might just burn it.””That’s cool, I guess… Be careful.””Alright, Princess,” Kelly said, plopping down on her bed and giving Tori a very serious look. “Cutting the shit. I need to know if you’re cool.””Yeah,” Tori said, pushing her hair behind her ear, anxious for this conversation to end. “I’m cool.””Groovy… Aight, so get this, I got some sweet ganj before I came over here, and paid like a super shit ton, so I really don’t want this to be a problem.”Tori just stared at her roommate. d**gs? Here?”You don’t mention this to anybody else, and you can partake… comprende?””Everything but ‘comprende’,” Tori shot back ready with that joke before she ever thought much about it.Kelly looked half pissed/confused for a second, but then had a long laugh, touching her nose with one index finger and pointing at Tori with the other.The blonde looked like she might have something else to say, but luckily there was a knock on the door, sending her to check it out. Tori silently looked above and said thank you to the man upstairs, but may have thanked too soon.”Hey, babe.”The smooth tone could not be mistaken in Tori’s mind and she turned from her bed to face Beck, who looked like he had certainly had better days. There was a part of her that was really wishing he was talking to her, but alas, she knew that wasn’t the case.”Beck, dude. Just in time. I was just telling my girl, Terri, here all-“”Tori,” Beck and Tori managed to say in unison, earning awkward looks from Kelly, and a slight smile from Beck, the first he’d really shown to Tori since the graduation night.”Whatev’s” Kelly said, moving some stuff around in the room. “Like I was saying, I was just telling Tori all about the mad special I got before coming here… which is why it took me a while to, you know, get here.”Tori couldn’t believe it but this seemed to make Beck happy, and in a second, all the happy thoughts she had about her ex slipped away as he seemed to be getting into bad stuff again.”So, Tori, Beck told me that you guys used to be an item.””Yeah…” Tori trailed off, wincing a bit as the one thing she didn’t want out was already known. “Almost a year ago.””Whoa… Dude was still I think hung up on you when I met him,” Kelly said, sliding in close to Beck, as her hand slid over the front of Beck’s pants, to accentuate a point to Tori. “Course, I think I persuaded him to get over it.”The way the blonde bit her lip as she stroked Beck through his pants in front of Tori nearly made the brunette scream and lunge, but she managed to keep it together just long enough to get out of the door.* * *August 177:00pmUCLA- Scott HallRoom 602A few flights of stairs and a knock later, and Tori found herself in the incredibly bizarre realm shared by Jade and Noelle, currently joined by Cat and Sam. The new addition was adjusting nicely, but there was still something about the shy raven haired girl that seemed off to Tori. But she seemed to really be getting along with Cat, so that was certainly something.”Vega… how nice of you to join us,” Jade said, as sardonically as possible.”Glad I could get away up here, Jade… didn’t realize you all were having a girls night up here or-“”Stop,” Jade said, cutting her friend off. “It’s not a girl’s night or any of that… Cat and… her roommate,” Jade’s annoyance was pretty palpable at her boyfriend’s ex, “were just about to leave.””Oh…” Tori sighed, but luckily Cat came to her rescue, touching her shoulder.”It’s okay, Tori… we weren’t really going to leave soon. We’re having a good time just hanging out. We even talked about a sleepover and-“”We’re not doing that,” Sam and Jade said in nearly the same tone at the same time, silencing the redhead and crushing her hopes. And if the look on her face was any indication, the hopes of Noelle.”Well, we did talk about it, at least…” Cat said softly, her head down…”I would love to have a girl’s night with you, Cat,” Tori said, “But tonight, I really just came up because I want to murder my roommate.””Believe me,” Jade interjected, “I hate that bitch more than life itself, but wanting to murder someone isn’t really your style, Vega.””Beck came by,” Tori said, as all but Noelle threw their hands up, as if this fact explained everything. “She was… really friendly.””So did they just go ahead and start or did they wait ’til you left?” Sam asked, giving Tori a look.”Umm… what?””Jesus, Vega… You’re too naïve.” Jade said, rolling her eyes. “To fuck.””Jade!” Cat shouted, covering her ears from the profanity.Tori petted the sensitive redhead, letting her know it was ok, before giving Jade an intense glare. Sam and Noelle exchanged confused glances at the exchange.”Yeah… I’m thinking we should go,” Sam said, heading out the door, and feeling like she didn’t have much of a choice, Cat followed close behind.”So… how was your post lunch walk with Freddie?””Ughh… too short,” Jade said, sliding over on her bed so that Tori could come and sit down. “We were hanging out, just enjoying each other, and I had found the perfect spot to get us… going, but, of course, he didn’t think we should break into one of the class buildings. I want to marry him and have his babies, but fuck, he’s not the most adventurous person. He’s like a male you, Vega.””Your boyfriend seems really nice,” Noelle said, trying to make conversation. Jade simply glared at her for a few moments before awkwardly saying thanks. Neither Hollywood Arts girl noticed Noelle checking out Tori’s ass as the Latina shifted on the bed.”Is it bad that I’m kinda glad you guys didn’t just hook up?” Tori asked, finally getting comfortable. “Makes me feel like I’m not alone in being alone.””Yes, Vega… that’s pretty much the definition of you being a shitty friend for me. Freddie and I are like soul mates. We should not have to deal with rules and all this crap. Did you know he has to sneak up here? And with the RA patrol, he will never be able to come see me… and I certainly can’t go see him while Puppet Boy is in there.””Jade,” Tori said, touching the Goth teen’s leg. “Don’t you think you’re getting ahead of yourself…? I’m sure you and Freddie will be able to spend some time together. And don’t be mean about Robbie. He’s come a long way. He never even uses Rex anymore.””Probably because your s*ster would stop screwing him if that puppet reappeared.”Tori ankara escort just stared at her friend, wanting to cuss her out for bringing up Trina’s sex life, but also a bit annoyed since it was further proof that every-body was getting some but her. And Jade could see right through her.”If you don’t want to be alone, you should just do something, Vega. You’re not going to find a boyfriend if you don’t meet new people. I mean, the dude was practically cardboard, but Nate was a nice guy, right?””Yeah,” Tori thought, thinking over whether or not she should try and start things back up with the nice cowboy. But, truth be told, she was really looking for something completely different from Beck or Nate. Tori was about to ask Jade about something when there was a knock on the door.Jade bounced from the bed and answered the door, and Tori didn’t even have to spin around to know who it was, since Jade’s whole demeanour changed in a hurry. Freddie quickly embraced his girlfriend, who wrapped her legs around his waist, as if they hadn’t seen each other in forever.”It was just a few hours Jade,” Tori said, earning an evil glare from Jade.”And you just earned yourself a ticket out of my room, Vega. Noelle… any chance that you can head out for a little while?””Umm…” Noelle said softly, unsure of what to say, “I kinda just started charging my phone and I-“”Ughh!” Jade screamed. “Fine. But seriously, Tori, you gotta head out. Freddie and I will be filling this whole bed up.”Freddie started to speak to Tori to say farewell to the beautiful Vega s*ster, but Jade silenced him with a kiss, and quickly pushed him onto a bed.”I’ll text you in the morning,” Tori said to Jade, getting an ok symbol from her hand as her face was otherwise occupied. And for the second time in an hour, Tori Vega was forced out of a dorm room.* * *August 179:00pmUCLAOutside Scott HallTori had been walking around campus for a while, swinging by her room’s window every so often to see if the lights were out so she could got back there, but alas, they were still on. Tori figured she’d give it 30 more minutes and then head in there and face whatever was waiting for her.Just as she was about to sit down, she heard a whistle coming from behind her. Quickly turning around, she came to face Hunter and another guy who looked pretty similar in body type, just with very short black hair.”The pretty s*ster… what’s up?” Hunter called out.”Umm… not too much. Just kinda giving my roommate some space,” Tori said, looking at him in his tight t-shirt, and feeling awful for the way her body was reacting to the hunk.”Well, pretty s*ster, my boy Brad and I are going to hit up a party at the Delta Iota Kappa house, and I think you should definitely come… with us.”Hunter’s less than subtle flirtation and innuendo didn’t get past Tori as she tucked her hair back behind her hair, and gave this a lot of thought. She barely knew Hunter and added to that, this was a party and there could be all manner of things waiting for her there. But could it really be any worse than sitting out here and waiting for a skank to finish banging the guy she used to love?”Sure… sounds fun.””Sweet,” Hunter said, scoring a high 5 from his friend, as he wrapped his tree trunk arm out and onto Tori’s shoulder. “So… Tori… what brought you out to LA?””Actually… I live here… Lived here for a long time really, I was born in Miami, but I’ve lived here for like 16 years.””No, shit…” he said, his fingers toying with her arm’s skin in a way that was both scary and sexy. “So what about your s*ster?””What about her?””Nothing we gotta worry about tonight, pretty girl.”Tori knew he was probably really a sleaze but it had been a while since anyone said she was pretty, and he was being so complimentary, it was hard to fight feeling something.”Trina went home. Dad’s on duty tonight, so she went home to eat with them for lunch.””That’s cool, I guess… what does your dad do? Doctor or something?””Ha, no…” Tori chuckled a bit. “Nothing like that. He’s a cop. Detective for the LAPD.”Jeez… I better be careful with you. I’d hate to get Johnny Law on me because I didn’t treat his little girl like a glass princess.”His friend laughed with Hunter, but Tori was a little annoyed by his assumptions.”I’m not some porcelain doll, boys… I can take it rough.” Tori regretted her words as soon as they came out. What was meant to be a reference to how hard she could party had now been taken in a very uncomfortable direction.”I’ll… have to remember that,” Hunter said, with a half grin on his face.The rest of the walk was a bit awkward, and it only got more uncomfortable when she approached something that she never imagined seeing in person- a frat house. It was just like the movies- large house, filled with people, all holding red cups, while way too loud music boomed in the background as a bonfire blazed in the front yard.The large guys led Tori through the front door where a thinner guy blinded her with a flash, taking her picture with a Polaroid camera.”Ah!” The Latina teen shouted in surprise, and swung her arm towards the photographer, but was pulled along by Hunter into the rambunctious crowd. Tori slid by dozens of people, including a couple guys who took advantage of the crowd to cop a feel.”Yo, Jacob!” Hunter called out to a short and stocky blonde guy, “I gotta get this girl a drink, and one for me too.””What about Brad?” Tori asked, sliding up to Hunter, only sorta out of safety concern.”Fuck that guy…” he laughed, grapping two cups and handing one to his guest.Tori should have been more cautious, she knew, but there was something about this moment that made her want to strip her concerns away and just be free. Truth be told, she just didn’t want to be alone tonight and was willing to see this out to that end.While Hunter was still laughing as he took his sip, Tori tried to hold back her distaste for the bitter drink and not cough as it slid down her throat. As she stared on at Hunter, she kept seeing how physically similar to Nate he was, but she was hoping he wouldn’t be nearly as standoffish.Just as Tori finally seemed to get her bearings for this crazy party, Hunter led her up a flight of nearby stairs, and finally out onto a balcony, which was pretty sparsely populated.”Feel better, pretty girl?”Tori smiled and nodded, “Yeah, actually. Feels nice to get some fresh air. The party is kinda stuffy for me. Bit too much of a crowd.””But it isn’t a party without a crowd of some kind…”Tori shrugged. He wasn’t wrong, but this was really more of her thing. Quiet and simple times with people she liked being around. “Yeah, I guess so. Guess I’m not really a party girl.””Oh…” Hunter said, raising an eyebrow, “Somehow I doubt that. I’m pretty sure there’s a party girl in there somewhere…”His bulky hands felt enormous on her thin arms as he caressed her arm, making his intentions pretty clear. Just like she felt with Nate.Ugh… she thought, why does my mind keep running back to him? It’s not like I’m in love with him or anything. And even if I did miss him, he’s the last thing I need to think about right now.Before she had even realized it, from being so lost in her head, she had downed the entire contents of her cup.”Somebody’s thirsty,” Hunter said, grabbing her cup and turning away with a wink. “I’m gonna grab us some refills. Don’t go anywhere, beautiful…”Tori just smiled and nodded, pulling her hair back over her ear as she ankara escort bayan watched him disappear. Turning around, the brand new freshman looked out over the balcony and saw people standing around, most completely drunk. Her brain went to autopilot as she grabbed her phone from her pocket and dialled Nate, as if hearing his voice was going to make her feel more at ease. The other side rang and rang, and just as Tori prepared for a voicemail, Hunter returned, forcing her to hide the phone behind her back.”You still doing ok?” he asked, handing her a cup.”Yeah… sorry, Hunter. I guess this wasn’t the best thing for me to do. The party, music, and the alcohol… Might be too much for me.””Where’s that party girl that’s supposed to be inside you?””My dad raised a good, boring girl, I suppose,” she shot back.”Well, I will have to thank Detective… oh wow… I don’t even know your last name. This feels weird.””It’s Vega… I only know yours is Alexander since it’s on the door to your room.””Vega… No shit?” Hunter seemed legitimately surprised at this information. “I know your dad actually… busted me on a drunk and disorderly charge back in the spring. He’s why I have to live on campus now…””Oh wow… I’m sorry… this really is awkward… I made a bad call coming here,” Tori said, putting her phone in her pocket inconspicuously and quickly attempting to brush past Hunter, but he stopped her, causing her to drop the phone off the railing and into a bush below.”Whoa… slow down, Tori. I know you didn’t have anything to do with that, but maybe it was for the best. I mean, if I hadn’t lived in that dorm room, I’d never have met you and your fine self.” Hunter leaned in to signal his kiss, and Tori found herself, as if magnetized, pushing her lips to his.He tasted like beer, but she didn’t mind, as she felt his arms hold her lower back, pushing her in for a deeper and tighter kiss. Feeling his weight press down, on her, Tori tried to find her balance, but thanks to her loss of balance thanks to the liquid courage, she nearly fell down.”I think we better get you sitting down, or laying down, maybe,” he said, helping get the thin girl centred. “Come on… got a room back here.”Tori couldn’t force the words to say that she wanted to head back to her room, and so she silently followed him down the hall to an empty and dark room. The side wall of the room was obstructed a little bit, but the shiny finish told Tori that they probably had a lot of posters on the wall.Hunter led her to the bed and sat her on it, before sitting pretty close beside her. “How’s this?””Better,” she said, feeling extremely paranoid at the same time she felt really taken care of. Every fibre of her being was screaming for her to get out of that house, but she ignored the warnings and found her lips again tightly locked onto his.His strong hands pulled her down by her shoulders from sitting to laying, his hands pawing at her body quite a bit more aggressively.”Hunter… I don’t know about-“”Shhh…” he said, kissing her neck a bit. “Just relax. I promise you’ll enjoy this.”She started to disagree, but then she felt him grip her thigh tightly, his fingers digging into her flesh, giving a feeling of pain, but the proximity to her core set her on fire.”You’ve got to stop, Hunter…” she giggled, his touch becoming less painful, and more ticklish. She really wanted this to continue, but there was something uncomfortable for sure.”Your body says differently,” he said, with a half-cocked smile, running his fingers up her thighs, and feeling the palpable heat from her center.Tori elicited a small moan as she was touched in a way she hadn’t been touched in months. The more she shook at his touch, the more on top of her seemed to get, until finally he was propped on his hands above her completely.This is a surprisingly comfortable bed, she thought, as her body was pawed like a bear, looking for food at a camp. She was no slouch either in that department, rubbing his abs and pecs as she thanked God that he was so handsome. The way he towered over her with his size, Tori began to almost feel like she was a plaything for his sexual desires, and as sickening as that was for her to feel, it was also a real turn on.Hunter upped the ante a bit by sliding her shirt off and tossing it at a nearby corner, leaving her bra, which he was already in the works of slipping off her.”Little fast, Hunter… I think we should slow-“Tori was silenced as her bra was lifted from her skin and his hot and wet mouth began suckling on her hardened peaks, as her back arched a bit, her fingers gripping his hair as his tongue toyed with her flesh.”Oh yeah, Tori… I can tell you really want things to slow down,” he taunted, moving his focus to unbuttoning her jeans and tossing them aside.If she hadn’t felt the cold air from his exhale on her core, she would never have noticed that he had pulled her panties off as well. Seeing that she was completely naked in the dark and he was still fully dressed was pretty scary for Tori, and she started to sit up, but was stopped.”Just relax, pretty girl…” he said, stroking her hair with one hand as his other hand fumbled with his belt. After a few tries, he managed to get it down, and slide his pants down his ankles, his member springing out towards her.Hunter was not as gifted downstairs as Beck, but he wasn’t small by any means. What Tori was more concerned about was how Hunter was put-ting something onto his hardened member, to wrap it up. The fact that he was already slipping a condom on meant that the normal foreplay stuff might be out the window.Wasting no time, he lined up with her entry point, and before Tori could tell him to wait and go slow, he pushes inside her fully, and she feels fulfilled. “Mmmhmm” she smiled as he rubbed against all of her insides that he could. Again, Tori tried to tell him to slow down, but he was a speed demon, planting his arms on her body and pounding her silly, her dark nipples dancing in the moonlight.Tori knew she might have bruises in the morning from this, but it would make for an epic story. Realizing that Hunter isn’t going to listen, Tori decided to just lay back and try to enjoy it, and after a little while, she really did start to feel something.Sadly, the feeling didn’t have a chance to grow as Hunter pulled out of her, and threw his condom off, shouting “Here it comes!” as he stroked his member until it fired stream after stream of white goo all over Tori’s face and chest. Her caramel breasts were now contrasted with white liquid, and her face was covered, including her eyes.Had Tori kept her eyes open she might have seen the flash, and if it wasn’t for the party she might have heard the camera clicking, forever capturing this moment. Tori’s mouth wasn’t open at all, the smell and taste of Hunter’s release seeming rotten and bitter, no doubt from the beer.As Tori cleaned up quickly, she slipped her panties on and dived back in the bed, ready to snuggle with Hunter who already looked well passed exhausted.* * *August 1710:15 pmUCLA- Scott HallRoom 113″Guessing my roomie isn’t coming back tonight…” Kelly said, giving Beck a knowing look. “Guess that means you and I can have a kickass sleepover.””Works for me,” Beck said, actually feeling a bit concerned about where Tori could be. He hoped she was staying over with Jade or something like that, but the idea of her being lost and alone was worrisome to say the least.The escort ankara couple had already had sex twice that evening, the first time only moments after Tori had left the room. While this was the more fulfilling experience for Beck, the second time, where Beck could last longer, was more than enough to relax Kelly. And with the way that she was all over him for the last few minutes, Beck had no doubt they would have a round three.”So…” Kelly said, hopping off the bed. “I know you used to date Tori.””Yeah… so what?””Well… I just wanted you to know that I don’t feel threatened by her, in connection to you,” Kelly said, sitting down across from him on Tori’s bed. “We’re together, so I’m not even worried about her.””You seem like you are though… or else, why bring it up?””Because I want you to know that the next thing I say is not dripping with jealousy.””Fine… let’s hear it,” Beck said, relaxing and laying back a bit on his elbows.”I think you should come over here and fuck me on her bed.””Whoa… what?””You heard me…” Kelly said, using her patented aggression. “I want you. To fuck me. In her bed. I want to look over at her sleeping in this bed every night, knowing that I fucked you there before she could even sleep in it.””I don’t-“”Fine,” she said, sneering. “Clearly you’re not over her…””No, Kelly… I am, I promise.””Then you must be a fag.”Beck started to argue, but realized there was no point. She was going to get her way one way or another. The dark haired teen climbed off Kelly’s bed and climbed on top of Kelly, feeling like his dignity, like his shirt, was crumpled on the floor.* * *August 181:30 amUCLADelta Iota Kappa HouseAs Tori woke up, she instantly felt confused, the effects of the alcohol still having a strong hold on her. Her head was pounding, and as she looked at her naked body underneath the sheets, save for a pair of panties, she felt a bit disgusted with herself. Hunter didn’t seem like a bad guy, but just jumping into bed with him was really stupid. To make matters worse, as she turned over, she realized she was alone in the bed.A faint light came from a side room, which Tori assumed was the bathroom.”Hunter?” she called out.”Ugh… finally,” he called back, swinging the door open and he was fully dressed. “I didn’t realize you were going to just stick around.””What?” she said, feeling confused. “Why don’t you come to bed? What’s going on?””Yeah… that’s really not going to happen.””Did I… do something… wrong?”Hunter laughed as he pushed past her, “Look, it was a good, fun time, for sure. But let’s not make a big deal out of this.””Hunter… we had sex… that’s a pretty big deal for me,” Tori said, resisting tears as best she could.”What did you expect? Trumpets, birds singing, or a choir of angels?” He looked at her as if he couldn’t figure her out. “Grow the fuck up. And obviously it’s not a big deal for you, because you practically threw yourself at me. You were literally the easiest piece of pussy I have ever gotten. And that… is saying something.””Why are you being so… mean?””Because you are a whore, and I’m not going to waste my time with some sappy piece of ass.”Tori couldn’t hold the tears back anymore, and she turned from him, reaching by the bed to grab her clothes, but she couldn’t find them.”Where…” she managed to get out between breaths, “are my clothes?””Oh… yeah,” he said with an evil grin. “I can show you where those are.”Hunter hit the light, blinding Tori for a moment, as she desperately tried to cover herself up in front of this monster. But being nude wasn’t nearly as awful as what she saw on the wall.It turns out the shiny-ness of the wall she saw in the dark wasn’t a poster, but a wall full of photographs and bags. And right where Hunter was standing, Tori saw something that made her nearly crumble on the ground. There was the picture of her from when she came into the party, and next to it, was a picture of her right after sex, with his release all over her. Between the pics, there was a nail with a bag full of her clothes.Tori reached for them, but Hunter pushed her away.”You don’t get to have these back, and the whole world can now know how easy you are and what kinda fucked up little cum slut is in the fresh-man class.”Tori was frozen in fear, and pain, and the greatest regret she’d ever felt. Before she even realized it, her hand smashed into his face, with a re-sounding slap. Hunter simply rubbed his cheek and pushed her out the door into the dark hallway.Tori sighed in the dark hallway, but she could hear chuckling, and the hair stood up on her neck as if something was very wrong. Even more wrong than she thought.Her fears were confirmed when the lights came on and the hallway was lined with guys, at least 15, on each side, taking phone pictures, whistling, and catcalling her; some even threw beer on her, the cold beverage stinging on her hot flushed skin. Tori ran as fast as she could out the door, al-most tripping a couple times, and no matter where she turned, there were people staring at her as she tried to cover up.Tori ran as fast as she could, crying and managed to get to her dorm, but without her ID, the outside door was locked and she had to wait for someone else to come in. Luckily, after five minutes, someone left, and didn’t see her as she ducked inside and headed to her room, praying that Kelly had left the room’s door open.As it turned out, Kelly did indeed leave the door open, but as Tori swung the door open, she immediately regretted this decision. Kelly was in her bed, grinding on top of Beck, clearly screwing him in her bed. Beck made eye contact for only a moment before his eyes went wide as if to apologize, but she felt like she might die. Grabbing a shirt and shorts before rushing out, Tori slipped them on in the hallway, unable to look any further at what was in that room.She sunk to her knees in the hallway, and cried, unsure of what she could do with her life now that it seemed to be falling down all around her. After several minutes, Tori picked herself up and raced upstairs to the only person she felt like she could trust.* * *August 182:45 amUCLA- Scott HallRoom 602Jade, as well as Noelle, were roused from the loud knocking on their door. Jade wasn’t the most dressed at the moment, or at all, since she was wrapped up tight in Freddie’s arms. Noelle climbed out of bed cautiously, and looked out the glass.”I think it’s your friend, Tori.”As if those were the magic words, Jade slithered out of Freddie’s fast asleep arms, and threw his shirt on as she answered the door.Tori didn’t even have to speak, as Jade looked her over. bloodshot eyes from way too much crying, red hot cheeks from anger, chattering teeth from overwhelming tension, and her feeble appearance told Jade that she had been hurt deeply.”Give me ten seconds, and we’ll grab the study room down the hall.”Jade shut the door, her hand staying on the door, praying that Tori was going to be ok. She planted a kiss on Freddie’s head before slipping on some workout shorts and heading outside. She hugged Tori tightly, and led her best friend down to where they could talk.The dark haired girl opened the door, allowing Tori entry, as Jade turned on the light, as Tori shivered, as if the light caused her to jump. She sat Tori down on the couch, and sat on the other end, facing her, her knees tucked underneath her.”You don’t have to-“”I need to,” Tori said, looking at Jade through crimson sclera, knowing what her friend was trying to say. “You’re… it for me right now… I have to just tell you everything and we can talk about it later.”Jade nodded and slid closer to Tori, taking her hands, and just listened as Tori recounted the last few hours.

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