SEX IN JOURNEYI am 26 old guy having a hunger for sex 24/7, I own a tool which is not gigantic as its described in the stories here, I have a 6.5 inch tool with a 2.5 inch circumference. I am working for a reputed company as a territory manager in Hyderabad. I have to travel a lot within AP and Pune. Few months back we had a requirement in one of our centers and had to hire a junior for which we started hiring. And one of the candidates was Bindu; she was 25 silky hair and stats of 32 24 36. Damn she was hot and I already made my plans of fucking her soon. I interviewed her and obviously selected her. Few weeks later we had to travel to Pune and I booked 2 seats for each one in a sleeper bus. I thought I will be sleeping away from her but damn my luck was on its peak the driver thought we are a couple and gave us a double sleeper where we had to sleep together.After a little chit chat we were dozing off after a couple of minutes I found my hands on her boobs (I have a habit of moving around in sleep) and she had no reaction to it. She was pretty tired and was sleeping like a log. My evil mind did what it does best started moving my hands all over her body. I crept in too close to her, I could smell her hair and natural scent was fucking driving me crazy. I started squeezing her boobs over her dress and found her nipples have grown hard. I started twitching them and I could see that her breathing has changed. I moved my hands to her belly and located her navel damn a little one but sexy, finger fucked her navel.Now she was moaning a little bit I moved my hands over her crotch and left motionless for a while and then started finger fucking her, damn she ankara escort was moaning in her sleep lucky she was not loud. Now maybe she felt something going on and turned her back towards me, I was just in an uncontrollable situation I started dry fucking her, she had the most amazing hips I have ever been with I held her waist and slowly increased my pace, suddenly she woke up and was shocked of what I was doing.I just put my lips on her and started kissing her as if there is no tomorrow, she resisted a little bit but gave way as we were in a bus and also that she was horny. I put my hands under her dress and started massaging her boobs one of her best assets, not too big not too small just perfect. Started rubbing her nipples and fondling them to my zen. I took off my dick and left it for her access. Now I moved into her shalwar, omg clean shaven pussy wet as musky mmm I loved it. Slid my finger into her pussy and started finger fucking her and then moved to two fingers. Now she was on the peak of ecstasy and started wriggling her waist and smooching me as if there is no tomorrow. She caught hold of my dick and started jerking me off. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I started rubbing her clit and she had a shattering orgasm.She couldn’t let go of my dick she just held it and to my surprise got up and slid it in her mouth. My o my what a feeling in a moving bus. She was an expert at what she was doing after around 2 minutes I wasn’t able to control and shot ma load in her mouth she choked but yet managed to gulp everything in. We cleaned ourselves a little bit and went back to sleep hugging each other as if we r married and r going on a honeymoon.The next ankara escort bayan day we reached Pune and went to our respective rooms allotted by the company. I called her and asked her if she is fine she said she was and will talk later. The whole day went pretty hectic meetings trainings and everything else. Evening at around 7 when I reached my room I enquired if she wanted to have dinner together to which she agreed. We went out to a restaurant and we ate, we couldn’t move our eyes from each other and started holding hands. We had our dinner and were moving towards our rooms when I asked would u like to may be having some tea to which she readily agreed. While drinking tea I moved closer to her and hugged her by her waist she rested her head on my shoulder and kissed on my cheek. I put my cup aside turned towards her and kissed her on her lips and this kiss felt like an eternity.We didn’t separate from each other for 15 min slowly I started moving my hands over her boobs to which she didn’t object, Within minutes we moved to my bed and I was lying on her kissing and fondling her boobs. She was going crazy like hell I was rubbing my dick on her pussy I was freaking horny. I pulled off her kurta and in a giffy took off her bra and damn there I was seeing the most b.full pair of boobs, I just jumped in and started sucking them like an a****l. She was moving her hands all over my hair and back. I took off my t-shirt and now I could feel her body warmth with mine. I untied her pajama and with it took off her panties. She was dripping wet I couldn’t control myself. I pulled her to the corner of the cot kneeled down and buried myself in her escort ankara fuck hole.Fuck that was amazing her aroma is still in my breath, licking her clit and chewing it made her goo crazy. her moans started out being loud, squeezing her boobs tongue fucking her pussy and biting her clit is something she couldn’t and she froze and shudders of orgasm was flowing though her cunt. I stood up and say a very satisfactory smile on her face. I undressed myself and ma 6.5 inch dick sprang out. Until then I didn’t ask her if she was a virgin and to my luch oo lala she was. I took ma dick to her and she jumped on it like a little baby for a lollypop sucked my tool; my heart’s content; she gave a pretty good bj not like an amateur. I was ready to shoot out my load, I asked her to stop and made her lie down on the bed in the corner, her boobs her navel her shimmering pussy in the light looked as if I am in heaven.I rubbed my dick over her pussy lips she jumped with excitement and was scared. I slowly pushed myself in, she was in pain I stopped for a while pressure was building in me next in a split second I jerked in and she screamed out in pain, I had to literally shut her mouth with my hand. I stayed there for few seconds she came back to her senses. Now I started pistoning her in and out slowly she lost her pain and now started enjoying it. I picked up pace and started pouncing her like a bitch. She was in ecstasy she pulled me closer to her we hugged each other I was pounding her in and out she scratched my back and rubbing ma hair.I was about to climax I pulled out my Raja and sprayed of ma cum on her stomach. I fell on the bed just beside her. She got up and started kissing me again. It felt as if I will have a heart attack I could hear my heart beat. We got up cleaned ourselves and laid in the bed together. We had 3 more sessions that night. Early in the morning she woke up and went to her room.

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