TikiforestI walked across the field, the sun starting to set, following a thin, foot-worn path toward the sunset. There was a tight grove of trees where I had been told to meet m friend Brian. Brian had been my friend since I a k**. We had grown up together. The two of us had an intimate relationship, but nothing steady. Basically, if I felt horny, and wasn’t going out with anyone, and Brian was between relationships, we would meet up, and have fun. This was such a time. However, this time, Brian told me he wanted to try something different. He promised me that I would be safe, but that there would be many other guys there.All of whom I did not know. I was pretty weirded out at first, but I trusted Brian, in that he would never hurt me, so I went for it. A tall strawberry blonde, in a ponytail, with an athletic build, jogging shorts, and a t-shirt, I walked along this path, to the dense grove of trees. As I approached, I saw tiki torches in a circle around a clearing, orange flickering light casting long shadows away from the grove. I looked into the grove, and gasped, as I found what looked almost like a ceremony of some sort, with about forty-five men, all nude, of a variety of different builds, ages, and backgrounds, gathered in a circle, around what looked to be a crude bed. A mattress set upon four evenly spaced stumps. Right in the middle of the forest. I looked around intently, to see if I could find my friend. I found him near the back of the group, talking to two of the guys. He saw me arrive, and waved me down very cheerfully. The men rose as I walked into the circle. I felt a twinge of fear.“Don’t worry, sweetie. They won’t touch you. I just thought you might wanna try this, since I know how much you like when I pull out and cum on your tummy.” Brian told me confidently. I nodded slowly, and he led me over to the bed. I sat down and the men stayed. ankara escort They all seemed to be in good spirits. Jovial, almost. I watched them for a while, seeing their bodies, nude, covered in summer sweat as they looked at me, seeming to be pleased with my beauty. I did have some confidence in my looks, at least, so I was okay with the staring.“What should I do now? What’s up? They can’t touch me, you said?” I asked him curiously. Brian nodded, and led me to the bed. He kept me on my feet in front of the bed for a moment, as he carefully undressed me. I quivered with a little fear and a lot of excitement as he did this. I tilted my head back, and just let him draw my t-shirt off. I had not worn a bra. I hate the lines those things leave, and when you have red hair, your skin is fair, so you get those bright lines from the straps if you walk in the heat with one. He then got down on his knees in front of me, grabbing my shorts and my white cotton panties together, and drew them down my body. I had gotten rather excited just seeing all the guys there, already nude like that, so my hot scent wafted up to Brian’s nose. He nodded in approval, as I stood there, naked, my rather thick bush of orange hair easy to see.“Lay on the bed, Melissa.’ he said softly. I nodded to him. I got onto my back on the bed, and knew I was exposing myself to quite a few of the people, as they watched. I looked between my thighs, and saw the ones that could see had started stroking their meat. I suddenly knew exactly what was going to happen, and I groaned softly, not needing a prompt from Brian. I slipped my hands between my legs, and spread my thick pussy lips wide. They watched me as they drew into a double parallel line at my side, Brian being at the front of the line. He was nude too, and was starting to stroke his cock. He told me that was exactly what they wanted ankara escort bayan to do, and to put on a good show, as to of the ones behind him moves around at my feet and at my head, stroking, as he moved on my other side, and left the other guy there stroking. I had someone jerking their cock at every main point of the compass as I did this, and it was only turning me on even more! I pressed two fingers into my snatch, and began to stroke in and out, my fingers covered with my sweet, tangy glaze. I arched my hips a bit, to give everyone a better view, and gave a long moan of pleasure. It was intentional of course, and I wasn’t quite feeling that good yet, but I wanted this! I wanted these guys to give me everything they had! The thought of their cum covering me was hard in my mind. I knew exactly what was going on now, and it was the only thing in the world that I wanted. As I thought about it, and thought only about that and nothing else, I started to really get into the level of pleasure where I was writhing, softly swearing, and begging for the pleasure to take me, as if each of them was fucking me hard and fast, as two fingers slapped in and out of my hot, wet sex. I struck hard at my narrow channel with my slender, long fingers, filling myself, lustful and hot, as Brian and one of the other guys, the one over my head, started to bend their knees a little. I knew by the look on Brian’s face at least, that he was getting close. I started to feel even hotter. Sweat rolled off my chest and my belly, down my sides, as I lurched into my own hand, strumming harder.I heard a hot, feral grunt from Brian, and looked up at my side, just in time to see an arc of white explode from his tip, as he spewed hot, white seed all over my breasts, lowering his hips a little, and thrusting up into his own hand. Then, I felt a streak of hot wetness over my face, escort ankara glancing up, squinting my eyes, as the guy there, leaned forward, crying out, as his thick, hot jets of cream splashed my neck and face. I looked at the one at my other side, and the one near my legs, who was getting the best few, as I strummed myself even harder. I felt the last spattering of Brian’s thick cum over my breasts, and screamed with climax, raising my hips up into the air as my juices literally ran down my back, as my cunny squeezed tight around my fingers. I pressed them in deep, hooking my fingertips up a bit, and rubbing my g-spot, as I felt hot cum rain down upon me from the two other positions almost instantly, the guys jerking hard, wet with pr-cum from watching me. They moved, as I rammed my fingers into my tight, pulsing pussy again, wanting to have a multiple for them, and Brian and the other three guys were replaced immediately, by four who had already been watching and masturbating the entire time.I gasped, seeing them move with frenzied wet motions. This was too much! I came again, trembling, my screams of pleasure ***** them over the edge, as all four exploded at nearly the same time. I wailed again, as the other guys who had been masturbating behind this set crowded in, because I was wailing with lust and satisfaction at the feel of their hot jizz splashing me hard from all around. I don’t even know for certain how many guys were in a circle around me as this happened, but it just poured that hot, thick masculine essence for no less than twenty minutes, and I think a couple of the guys went more than once. And I just writhed and rolled, glistening with sweat and cum on this mattress in the middle of the grove, as they all spewed over my hot flesh. I must have blacked out from that intense, seemingly never-ending climax. When I was able to focus again, and sit up, Brian was alone, sitting on the bed, running his hands over my slick, hot skin.“Thank you very much.” Brian said softly. “You can do this any time you like.”“Tomorrow… I have to do it again tomorrow.” I said, panting. I was addicted now.

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