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Bewildered Cheating WifeVictoria (Tori) and Jim arrived late to the party and ended up parking Tori’s minivan on the street right across the entrance of the packed driveway. There weren’t that many people at the party, no more than ten or twelve couples, most of whom Tori and Jim knew. Everyone was in about the same age range also, mid to late thirties and fairly well off. It was just one of those get togethers that happen occasionally, everyone knew, or was acquainted with everyone else, a mixer to go to without k**s or co-workers or clients. Friends mingling and munching and drinking. Jim and Tori generally took turns being the ‘designated driver’ for the trip home. On this occasion it was Tori.Not that either of them really drank much anyway, but it was a good idea to settle these things ahead of time so that if one of them did want to imbibe that extra drink or two they could. The party had been going for about a half hour when the couple arrived. Jim was quickly encouraged by a few buddies to try to catch up. Tori nursed the first of the two glasses of wine she was going to drink as she mingled and caught up on the latest happenings and gossip.About an hour later a few of the hard drinkers all groaned in unison. It seemed that the hostess hadn’t stocked up on enough ice to fill the demand for her signature Margaritas. Mike didn’t pay any attention as he was talking to the host about the swimming pool in the back yard. They were standing at the far end of the pool, each enjoying the host’s single malt. Jim was glad that his friend had known not to include ice with the Scotch.Jim had been thinking of getting a pool in their back yard. It would be a surprise for Tori who loved to float on hot summer days. Jim kept thinking about talking her into skimpier and skimpier bikinis. The two men and a slightly inebriated woman laying on the grass didn’t pay any attention to the going’s on inside.Meanwhile the hostess of the party was explaining that her husband forgot to bring the extra ice home that she had asked, and what she had on hand was all gone. Someone would have to go and get a bag or two from the convenience store a few miles away, or if that was closed, the grocery store further away.Cries of ‘grocery store’, ‘grocery store’, ‘I want Vienna sausages’ or ‘Pecan Sandies’ or ‘bugles’ were raised by several merry-makers and so it was decided that someone who hadn’t been drinking too much would go out and procure supplies. Jim wasn’t aware that his wife Tori had been volunteered until later. Or that Mike, husband of Martha, was selected to go with her to help with the expedition.Later Jim came into the house for a re-fill and looked around for Tori.”You missed her Jim, she and Mike are on an ice gathering expedition, they’ve been gone a little over a half hour, they should be back any time.” Martha said.Jim didn’t know Martha, or Mike for that matter, very well. They had seen each other at these parties on and off for several years. He knew Mike was in finance somehow but wasn’t sure exactly what he did. They chatted for a few minutes before Jim caught the high sign from their host and made his way into the den where they both got refills.Jim didn’t start to get worried for another twenty minutes. He noticed that Martha was puzzling over her cell phone and walked over.Over the background noise of the former Margarita drinkers doing tequila shots he asked her if she had heard from her husband.”No, I’ve called, but it just went to voice mail after ringing forever. I’m not getting any response to a text either. The bastard is ignoring me.”Jim sent a text and waited for ten minutes before getting worried. Tori always carried her cell phone and always promptly answered it, or answered with text messages. She often berated him for not answering her quickly enough. tuzla escort He called, and after ringing the requisite number of times, he got her voice mail.Over the next forty minutes he tried repeatedly to contact her, as did Martha. A relief expedition had gone out and returned and the margaritas were being made again. The couple who had gone out said they had not seen the missing pair, and had driven around to other nearby stores to look for them.Jim was on the verge of calling the police to check on accidents when he saw the lights of Tori’s van pull up in front of the house. He was flooded with relief and went to the front door to greet his wife. Just then Jim’s phone rang. It was Tori. He looked out and saw Mike get out of the passenger side of the van. Mike adjusted himself before he noticed several people watching. Jim answered his cell phone.”Is everything all right honey? I tried to call but kept getting voice mail.””It’s this stupid phone, I must have pushed the wrong icon. Sorry.””What’s the matter honey.””I want to go home. Can you come down here and get in, It’s time to go home.””No, come on honey, that would be rude, come on, I’ll come down and help you carry the stuff in.”He shut down his cell phone and thought her heard her say ‘No’ into her phone as he started toward the vehicle.Jim could see Tori sitting behind the steering wheel and didn’t understand why she called him when he’ was standing right there. He walked down the driveway threading through the cars parked haphazardly. He passed Mike on the way, with a case of beer under one arm and a bag of ice under the other.”No hurry Mike, someone already got the ice, but there’s been a guy grumbling about his favorite corn chips.”Mike didn’t say anything but just kept looking ahead and kept walking toward the house. Jim saw the light come on in the mini-van as Tori opened her door and got out. The light went out when the door closed and she walked up the drive with another grocery bag in hand and a bag of ice under her arm.”Hi honey, everything all right?””Nothing Jim, just silly I guess, I want to go home.” Tori answerd, her head down and speaking at the ground as she tried to walk past Jim.Jim tried to take the ice from her and she jerked away without looking at him and walked on past him.”I can get it, then I want to go home. You wait in the car,” She called back over her shoulder.”The night’s young honey, all the designated drivers are playing card games, I’m sure you’ll enjoy that. Or we can find a quiet corner and snuggle for a while.” She kept walking. He watched her go, a little fuddled. But truly not as tipsy as he was acting. He had noticed that her blouse wasn’t buttoned up as high as it was earlier. He hoped that meant she would be receptive to his advances later at home.”Honey? What happened to your hair?”She was at the doorway and went on in. Suddenly a chill ran up Jim’s spine. No. No. Not that! She wouldn’t! He started to head back up to the house, then turned back and opened the side panel door to the minivan, he took a deep breath. By the time he got back to the party, the noise of the people that were there had stopped. The music that he hardly noticed was still playing and he saw that Martha had stepped in front or her husband and was just staring into his face.He watched as someone took Tori’s load and headed into the kitchen with it. Tori turned and started for the front door her eyes downcast. He heard Martha yell at Mike.”You fucking bastard!”Tori stopped, Jim was right there in front of her. He touched her neck, a tell-tale hickey was there under her jaw. Her lips looked swollen and the lipstick looked fresh, but not applied with her usual care. Jim went cold. A fury spread through his body. All traces of the alcohol he had consumed were gone. His eyes were ataşehir escort like ice and bored into Tori. No-one spoke. He heard some shuffling and a splash as someone jumped into the pool.”Well, about time you two got here.” Jim said.”Yes,” added Martha, “you were gone long enough, you could have bought out the store.””I’m uh, traffic, had to get….” Mike mumbled then eased into silence, guilt all over his face.Jim looked at Tori, her hair mussed, he saw a run in one stocking.”Looks like you had fun.” He says sarcastically.Tori stepped up to Jim.”Darling, I’m so glad you’re still here….”Jim growled and flung her away, she fell over the arm of easy chair, her dress flew up and showed all to everyone.”Funny, I thought you were wearing panties when we left, those sexy little red ones as I remember.”Tori tried to sit up and pull her dress down, blushing fiercely.”What was that dripping out of your cunt and down your leg, looked like cum didn’t it.” Tori was silent. Jim looked around, everyone looked away. He saw one couple moving back through the sliding doors to the yard and pool. He noticed that a couple of women had expectant looks on their faces, staring at them with feral intensity. Jim turned to Mike.”Well Mike, was it cum, how many times did you fuck my wife?” Jim was angry, but just barely in control.”Look Jim, we don’t want any trouble.” Mike backed away with his hands up, even thought larger and taller he looked frightened. He stopped when he backed into another chair.”I don’t want trouble, why would I want trouble, I just want to know how many times you fucked my wife?”Jim looked over at Tori, “Well honey, how many?”Tori was suddenly no longer defensive. “Twice, HUN. Twice!” She hurled back at her husband, looking at him defiantly with her chin up. The trembling of that chin gave the lie to her defiant attitude. She quickly sat back down and looked at the ground again.”Just twice, how about it Mike? Just twice?””Uh, OK, yeah, twice.” Mike mumbled, darting looks at his wife, then back to the ground.”And anything else, her lipstick looks fresh, a blowjob?””Yes, if you must know, a blowjob, we were drunk, we were in the mood, yes, a blowjob too.”Jim was quiet for a few seconds. His eyes glittered with unshed tears. He took a big breath then seemed to slump. Suddenly he looked up.”drunk huh, she was the designated driver! Was she good Mike, was she good?”Mike was still worried about a trap and darted glances side to side. Jim took a step closer and gently grasped Mike’s arm. He smiled at Mike, and it a gentler voice asked again.”No, really Mike, I want to know, was she any good?”Mike looked at Jim, apparently decided that Jim was trying to play it cool, just good ol’ boys talking about women.”Yeah, real good,” Mike declared, with a false bravado.”That’s nice, I would hate for her to not satisfy you. Twice and a blow job, you gave her a good workout then.””Yeah, I did, I took a blue pill before we left.””Great, great. You must have known you were going to get lucky.” “No man, no. It was for Martha after, we were going home.”The others looked on a little warily. Tori just looked down, a few tears running down her cheeks.”So,” Jim said, “As good as a paid escort, a call girl do you think? A high class call girl?””Oh god yes,” Mike answered with a little relief.”Knew what she was doing with the blow job? Took you all the way in? Swallowed?””Yeah it was great, you’re a lucky guy.” Mike was sweating but glad Jim wasn’t yelling or getting violent.”Oh, you know how it is, I don’t usually get to sample the merchandise. Don’t recall a swallow from her ever before. I’ve got to thank you for letting me know that she’ll do it.”Mike laughed, it was now clear to him that Jim was playing it for a joke, he was so afraid Jim man would get physical. Jim was smaller, maltepe escort but in a lean wiry way, he looked fit. Whereas Mike didn’t think much of his own chances in a fight. He had never had to learn, and he was basically sedentary now. The pills he took were intended to get him ready for Martha when they went home. “Yeah, she was great, as good as any high dollar call girl you can think of.” Mike repeated hoping that the compliment was what Jim was looking for.”So do you think she was worth, oh, I don’t know, say a thousand dollars?”Mike just stared, more tears fell from Tori’s cheeks. The others watched fascinated. The women especially seemed enthralled. Mike’s wife was red in the face. Her eyes narrowed in anger.Jim continued: “No, I guess not, that’s a lot for someone her age, but eight hundred, surely eight hundred. You have to agree, at least eight hundred, blow job included.” “Uh, yeah, I guess, eight hundred, yeah.” Mike wasn’t sure where this was leading. He guessed, rightly, that it was about humiliating Tori, punishing her. In the back of his mind he knew things would be worse, much worse, with Martha when they got home.”Got that kind of cash with you?” Jim asked casually. “No, no, I’ve only got a hundred or so on me.” In deep shock. And horror. Surely Jim didn’t really want money?Tori covered her face with her hands, a soft moan came out of her.”How about a check then, does your wife have the checkbook?”Martha, in anger, wrenched a checkbook out of her purse and flung it at Mike, it fluttered in the air and slapped against Mike’s chest. Jim grabbed it, flipped through the register, studied it for a minute, handed it to Mike.”Yup, you got enough. Eight hundred. No, stop. Make that a thousand. I’ll have to get her checked for STDs at the clinic.””Th, Th, Thousand? You’re serious.”Jim just glared. Martha glared. The onlookers stared. “Well, that is a lot. Hold on, you take any pictures, with your phone?” Jim asked.”Uh, well, Uh, yeah.” Mike admitted shamefacedly. He couldn’t believe Jim would actually charge him money for fucking Tori. He let Jim take his cell phone.”Oh you bastard!” Groaned Martha in a barely audible voice.”Let me look, here, this one. Oh, I see now, yes, yes. Oh! That’s a good one. You know, she never has let me take pics of her. Never. She must really think a lot of you.” Jim was talking as if he was completely detached, as if he wasn’t Tori’s husband. It was bizarre and the onlookers didn’t know what to think.A loud whimpering moan from Tori as she slumped even further in the chair.”Tell you what Mike, are you hooked up to your email on this cell?””Yeah, here, yes, there.””Great, great.”Jim typed in his own email address.”No, just this icon for attachments, yeah. OK. Yeah, that one, that one, heck, all of them.” Jim talked to himself.He spent a few minutes flicking his finger at the phone screen, then looked up.”That’s it. All of them. Wow. All gone already, great speed with your carrier here.”Jim spent a few more minutes on the phone.”All done, all deleted, you didn’t send them anywhere yourself did you?””No.” Answered Mike, he seemed a little dejected that the pictures he took of Tori were gone. Martha saw that and gritted her teeth.”Good then, just the check left, fill it out, lets say I pay two hundred for the pics, then that brings the thousand back to eight hundred.”Mike started writing. Jim looked at Mike, then to Martha who was glowering at Mike as well.”Now, how about a quid pro quo so your wife doesn’t feel left out?” Jim suddenly asked.”Huh” Mike looked up.”Yes,” Martha grinned. “I think so. Maybe I can earn that money back.””Sounds good to me. You want to ride with us.””Yes, yes I would. Come on Tori, lets go, we’re going home with your husband, maybe I can use you for clean up after. I’ve always been curious about another woman going down on me.””Well Martha that would be fine with me, but remember, she belongs to me, if you want to use her, you’ll have to pay for her.” Jim said as he and Martha led his totally deflated wife out of the door.

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