Birthday exploits of a salesman.


Birthday exploits of a salesman.I once shared a house with a guy called Mike who was a salesman.One day it was Mike’s birthday. A cause to celebrate and often such celebrations got a bit boisterous.So to celebrate his birthday Mike went out with some mates of his leaving me by myself in the house. Mike and one of the mates he’d gone out with returned in the small hours in high spirits with a couple of women (sluts as they called them) they had picked up. I heard Mike demand “Where’s Emma” (me). I was still up sitting downstairs in the lounge. We had an “open” relationship which means it was “open” for Mike.Mike and his mate took the women straight upstairs. Mike took one slut into our bedroom and his mate took the other slut into another bedroom.A couple of minutes later Mike changed his mind and decided that he wanted to have the other slut so without ceremony he went into his mate’s room and they changed sluts.I was still downstairs sitting on the sofa. Soon I heard the sounds of vigorous hard fucking from the two bedrooms with both sluts competing with each other about who could groan the louder under the fucking. Inspite of our “open” relationship we’d “agreed” on the exploits upstairs had my heart racing with emotions.So perhaps it was just as well that Mike must have remembered me downstairs. I heard him get off off the slut and tell her to “stay there I’ll be back in a minute”.Then I heard Mike coming down the stairs. His mate was still fucking his slut in the other bedroom.Mike opened the lounge door and walked in. His hairy nakedness was really türbanlı ısparta escort good to see as his sexual appetite had brought out his killer instincts. His cock was rock hard and erect ready for action.He walked over to where I was sitting on the sofa his hard cock going from side to side with the motion of his walking. His hairy body stood over me and he ordered me to “suck my dick bitch.”My heart and breathing and thoughts still racing with emotion. I sucked Mike’s cock as the guy had directed me to do. I sucked it really greedily and then as the sucking wasn’t enought to satisfy my need to pay homage to my man I kissed his hairy arse and applied my tongue to it to give Mike’s arse a real good licking out.”Good girl” Mike said when I’d finished “now I want to see some girl on girl action with the slut upstairs”.Taste is odd isn’t it? I have happily overcame any bad feeling I had at first about licking out a guy’s arse for him but sexual activity with another woman makes me feel a bit dirty. I didn’t like the idea at all but I wanted and needed to please Mike by doing it.Mike told me to take off my clothes. So I went with Mike upstairs to the waiting slut. His mate was still fucking the other slut. The bed was creaking the slut gasping and groaning loudly.Mike led me into our bedroom. The slut was stretched naked on the bed. Mike was naked and I was naked. Mike explained to the slut that this is Emma and that he wanted to see some girl on girl action between us.I appeared a bit shy so Mike told türbanlı ısparta escort bayan me to kiss the slut. Mike was breathing heavily in anticipation of the fun. I decided that even though I hated this I was going to do my best to please Mike.So I sat on the bed with the slut and me and the slut began kissing. “Use your tongues” Mike reminded us. So we began kissing heavily and I carassed her long brown hair as our tongues explored each others mouths.Mike knelt down to place his face in my cunt whilst his hand attended to the slut’s cunt. I stroked Mike’s hair as I kissed the slut. I could feel that Mike was loving this and this helped me to bear it because I hated it.”Now lick her cunt out Em” Mike instructed me. “Get that tongue right in there.” Before I complied I fortified myself with getting a quick suck on Mike’s iron hard manhood. I kissed Mike feeling the good hard facial hair of my man to give me the strength to please him by embracing the smoothness of another woman. Then I complied with Mike’s demands by placing my head down between the slut’s spread legs and applying my tongue to her cunt. With my other hand I took hold of Mike’s man of iron cock to give me the strength to bare the slut’s cunt.”Come on” Mike coaxed “use your tongue exactly like I use mine on your yours.”As this was going on Mike leant over to snog the slut stretching out his hand to feel my cunt.Mike reached under the bed and produced two vibrators. He tested them and saw that both vibrated. He stimulated first türbanlı escort ısparta the slut’s gash then mine. Then he ordered us to fuck each other with the vibrators. We did as mike said and carrassed and kissed each other. Sometimes Mike joined in the fun other times he stood at the foot of the bed and pleasured himself.Then Mike fucked the slut hard with me still carassing her. Then Mike fucked me hard with the slut still carassing me.Then Mike decided it was time for some anal fun. So he first inserted his dick up the sluts arse whilst he had his tongue down my throat. Then he wanted me and the slut to lie together on the bed carassing and vibrator fucking each other. I sucked the slut’s tits and she sucked my tits whilst Mike busied himself with one or other of our cunts.Then I licked out Mike’s arse. I gave it a real good licking. The slut enthusiastically copied like this was something new and also gave Mike’s arse a real enthusiastic licking out.Then we both did some sucking of Mike’s balls and cock.Then Mike anal fucked the slut some more whilst she was licking out my cunt.Then Mike withdrew his cock from the slut’s arse hole and reinserted it in my mouth so suck off.He finished off by fucking me quite violently till I was fucked stupid.I must confess that I hated the girl on girl stuff but I found that I needed to get used to it as Mike loved it and wanted lots more girl on girl.Me the slut and Mike then slept.In the morning Mike the salesman had targets to meet and had to get ready for the day so he told the slut that she needed to get up and leave. Mike ordered me to fix something to eat for Mike and his mate. Mikes mate got up and his slut was told to leave the house so she also left a few minutes after the first slut had left.The two men came in to eat the food I’d made for them. Mike was still in high spirits I could see about his exploits. I heard him ask his mate whether he’d “fed the slut”.

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