Cuckold couple


Cuckold coupleRecently my co-worker King sent me an email with a Sex video where this hung black guy made loveTo this slim white lady in front of her husband. As I checkedOut the video my wife Susan walked over beforeI could close the clip. I was shocked that she liked Seeing a black guy bareback fuck a married white lady in frontOf her husband. Half way thru the clip Susan was Giving me a world class blow job. Susan was actingLike a totally different person. I didn’t say anythingBecause I was afraid that she would stop acting like a slut.Susan sat in my lap and began to cowgirl ride my normal sized White cock. The entire time we had sex she looked at the clip On the laptop. I think that she was dreaming that she was the lady on the clipBeing roughly fucked by a horse dick black guy. The next day at work I told King about the experience I had with my wife, the rest of the week that is allWe talked about my wife and I watched the clip over And over making love each to the clip. Susan was tryingNew things and I was enjoying our new found sex life. IHad showed King a few nude pics of my wife, he was shockedThat I had such a sexy and slim wife. When he began askingQuestions about how my wife liked being fucked, I opened Up and told him everything. He told me that we should hookUp and hang out this weekend. My buddy King called me up Saturday night and asked If my wife and I would like to hang out. He said he Wanted to grill and watch a basketball game and drink At his place. I knew that King had a thing for my wife Susan and This would be a good opportunity for him to flirt with Her and get a real good look at her all dressed up. I put on my favorite team jersey and Susan Looked amazing in the new dress that I had just bought Her. She had her hair done up real nice with her nice Makeup on. She was my trophy wife. I was one lucky guyShe just looked so hot! Susan was very excited as we Don’t really get a chance to hang out and drink without the c***dren, she had been Begging me to take her out and I thought it was going To be a great night. On the way over to King’s place, Susan asked what the plan was going to be. I told her That King wanted to hang out at his place and enjoy drinks. Well when we türbanlı maraş escort got up to the steps at King’s house, I Knocked on the door and our jaws dropped as we found Out what King had meant when he said he wanted to “Hang out.” When the door swung open, King was Standing there buck naked, his huge black cock just swinging Around in our faces. Susan made some gasping sounds and Just stared in awe as she uttered the words, “Oh my God.” King said “Hey, good to see you two, c’mon in.” I reluctantly followed Susan inside and King told us to Have a seat. We sat down on the love seat and King Went over and sat on the couch. He had a shit eating Grin on his face as he took a long look at Susan. She Was still locked in on his massive cock and when KingAsked what she’d like to drink it took her a moment to Regain her composure. She asked for a vodka and tonic And I went with a beer. When King went to retrieve the Beverages, Susan and I chatted about the whole Situation. We figured that we must have got there just As he was about to jump into the shower. When King returned with the drinks he stood over us For an extra few seconds, allowing Susan to get an up Close and personal look at his massive member. She Certainly admired it and even commented about how Surprised she was and that she had never seen one so Big. I was feeling very uncomfortable and the feeling Got worse when King told Susan to come sit next to him On the couch. He put his arm around her, smiled and Said, “You have a very beautiful wife my friend.” I was so stupid to actually thank him and then just Watched as he grabbed her by the neck and pulled her Over to him. They kissed very passionately for what Seemed like hours, King groping her beautiful body, Making my wife moan like I had never heard before. SusanWas stroking his growing cock and she couldn’t even get Her hand around the thing, it was fucking huge. The Straps to her dress were pulled down, exposing her big Beautiful titties.My cock was rock hard rendering me totally motionless. King stood up on to the couch and mounted my wife’s Face. He began fucking her mouth causing gurgling Sounds like the ones I’ve heard in porno türbanlı maraş escort bayan movies. I had A great view in between King’s legs, and I could see his big hairy balls Bouncing off of Susan’s chin while she slobbered over The biggest cock she’d ever come across. King was in Total control, directing my slut wife on exactly how he Wanted his dick sucked. I couldn’t resist the Temptations to play with myself, I unzipped my pants And let my cock spring out. I stroked furiously and Came within seconds. I made a mess all over myself and They both had a laugh at me. King told me to comeOver and give Susan oral sex with she sucked his Long black dick. Susan was dripping wet from the experienceI thought to myself that my wife was an undercover slut.Susan was defenseless against this huge cock wielding Alpha male. He spread Susan’s legs apart giving me a Great view of her gorgeous trimmed pussy. I cringed as King’s horse cock entered my wife’s super tight pussy, I knew that it would never be the same after that. She Screamed in ecstasy, squeezing his ass, helping to Guide him deeper into her womb. My little dick was standing at attention again and I Used the previous load as lube for my new stroke job. King was hammering away, Susan was loving every secondOf being fucked by black guy.Then he got her into the doggy style position Which again gave me a good look in between his legs Again. I stroked hard, watching his balls bounce off my Wife’s clit as she screamed with pleasure. King told meUs to get into the 69 position. Once my slut wife and IWe’re enjoying to oral on oral. As I enjoyed the first sexual contactFrom my wife tonight. King stuffed his cock inside of my wife’s sloppyPussy while I sucked on her clit. I’m not bi or anything of that natureBut it was arousing having King’s huge musty black hanging in my face.Within seconds Susan was having a body shaking orgasm. It seemed asIf someone had poured a gallon of milk down there. I was in heaven, notIn my wildest dreams did I think having another guy fuck my wife would?Be so arousing. My tiny white dick began to jump, I was close to shootingA huge load in Susan’s wet mouth. King screamed türbanlı escort maraş out as he pulled Susan close against him, Obviously shooting his load deep inside of her. My cock Exploded and I just laid there, enjoying the view of His throbbing balls draining all of his sperm build up Right into Susan’s wide open womb. I thought the whole Thing was going to be over but King pulled his cock Out of Susan’s pussy and started to jam it into her Asshole. I didn’t even have the strength to protest it And Susan just grunted as she had never had anal sex Before. Once fully inside of her ass, King mounted my Wife in a sort of crouched position giving me a perfect View of her swollen red pussy as he fucked her ass. I didn’t think I could actually get another erection But the sight of his cum dripping out of my wife’s Vagina was the sexiest thing I have ever witnessed. It Was like waterfall of white gooey jazz, bubbling and Leaking out of Susan’s mint looking pussy. King had a Good firm grip on Susan’s hair and she was moaning and Panting so uncontrollably that I thought she was going To hyper-ventilate. After a good hard ass pounding, he yanked my wife by The hair so that she collapsed to her knees. He started To stroke his giant cock furiously until it exploded And he shot the biggest load I have ever seen all over My wife’s face. He shoved his cock back into Susan’s Mouth and had her suck the rest of his cum out. It was Unbelievable to think about the load he shot in her Pussy earlier, it must have been tremendous! That was Just too much for me to handle and I blew a third load All over myself. King laughed as he fucked Susan’s mouth with his cum Dripping down her forehead, nose and chin. He said, “You look like you enjoyed yourself, and I know this Little slut loved it,” referring to Susan of course. Then he told me to clean this slut up with my mouth.With some pressure from Susan, I started to lick theSperm off of her face. Damn this made my cockCome back to life. I pushed Susan into the doggy positionAnd began to pound her sloppy pussy with my tiny whiteDick. King sat in front of my slut wife, Susan wastedNo time sucking his limp dick. As I fucked my slut wifeKing as me did I enjoy watching my wife being fuckedBy a monster black dick? I couldn’t answer because of the hugeLoad I was busting inside of Susan. This was by far the best nightEver. As I walked into the kitchen to get everyone somethingTo drink I could hear my wife asking King if he wantedTo fuck so more. I had to rush back into the room so I wouldn’tMiss out on the action.King Hut

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