how i lost my cherry


how i lost my cherryIt was my first day being a freshman in collage. I was so excited to be starting a new school. High School was not very nice to me. This would give me a second chance to make new friends. When I entered my new classroom it was still empty. I sat in the far back about third desk to the end. Then one by one the class begin to fill up. Over half of the room was filled with people I graduated with from high school. Lucky me “NOT”!!! Most of them where the snobs I didn’t get along with at school. I noticed the bratty girls where making a circle around me as they chose their desk. Leaving me in the center. I was hoping it was not a plan for them to start picking on me where they had left off in high school. But During the semester they never said a word to me. They just spoke to each other and sometimes leaning over me if they needed to whisper. In doing so I could not help but to be right in the middle of their sex lives. I could not help but to overhear them tell each other about the fights they had with their boyfriends. Or how they got fucked the night before. I bet I was the only virgin in the group. But I never told them that.One girl was telling the others what had happened the night before. She went to the movies with her boyfriend and when they got back to her apartment he fucked her before he left. She was telling everyone how her boyfriend enjoys taking the leftover cum that’s mixed in with hers and would chew it as if it was gum. I was thinking how NASTYYYYY that was. But I never gave them my opinion. I thought if I said anything they would find some other place to sit. And I would lose the chance to listen in on their stories. Most of the crap they told was boring but shit like this I had to listen to. I was hoping there would be more bizarre stories like this one. So I waited patiently, And kept my mouth shut.Then I heard a story that would change my life. I can still remember it word for word. One of the girls was telling the others how she snuck her boyfriend in her bedroom through her window. türbanlı muş escort She said they had sex over and over all night and at the end they ended up accidentally falling asleep. How do you accidentally fall asleep? Really? They both woke up to the noise of her family going back and forth down the hall getting ready for school or work. So there was no way for him leave. When her mother knocked on the door to tell her it was time for breakfast she quickly hid him in her closet. He stayed in there till everyone had left. I loved that story. I felt so left out not being able to join in on the conversation.THAT WAS IT !!!! I HAD ENOUGH !!!!I made a choice. I was no longer going to be a virgin. I was going to have sex stories of my own to tell. So I thought about it and decided next semester I was going to take a class with just boys. With a class filled with just guys and 1 girl I was sure to get fucked with a least one boy. So next semester I went through the book of classes and eliminated most of them. My choices left where auto mechanics or weights? I hate cars. There is no way I was going to get dirty taking a boring broken car apart and putting it back together. So my only choice was weights. Dear lord what have I gotten myself into????So next semester I signed up for weights. The second I walked into the classroom I started my hunt. Which guy was going to be my first? Which one was going to pop my cherry? I walked up and down the aisles of weights. Most of the guys had their shirts on but some had chosen to go shirtless showing off there muscles. I was in heaven. Then I spotted him. He was soooo sexy. He was one of the guys with no shirt. He had already started lifting weights. I watched him for a few weeks. Wondering how I was going to approach him. How I was going to let him know I wanted to fuck him. As I watched him. I noticed him talking to one guy more than the rest. He was quite chubby. I could see that they hung around each other a lot. He would arrive to türbanlı muş escort bayan class with him. He would leave class with him. They would also leave school together. SO they had to be best friends. And that’s when it hit me I would talk to Chris by going through his best friend Jeff. So the next day in class I went up to Jeff and told him I wanted to fuck Chris. He laughed at me. I told him again with a stern voice I want to fuck your friend Chris. I’m shy and I can’t ask him myself. Could you please let him know? At that moment my whole plan had changed completely around. Jeff told me if I wanted him to let Chris know that I was interested in fucking him then I would have to fuck Jeff first. I looked him up and down. Even though he was chubby I really wanted to fuck Chris so I thought about it and answered him with an OK. I gave him my address and told him to park his car down the road so my neighbors would not have anything to tell my mom.So when I got home I waited to see if he really was going to come over. Then I heard a knock and when I opened the door there he stood with another guy and it was not Chris. He told me I had to fuck both of them. His friend was very sexy so I invited them in. We went in my room and they had me suck there cocks. This was all new to me. But I was still able to get there cocks hard. Then Jeff sat up he grabbed a condom and placed it on his cock. I laid on my back and let him fuck my virgin pussy. They had no idea I was still a virgin. He was having so much trouble getting his tiny cock in my tight unused pussy, but after a few tries he got it in. It did not take him long at all before he came inside his condom. He took his little limp cock out of my pussy and told his friend it was his turn. Jeff noticed there was blood on his condom and asked if I was on my period. I told him no and he left it at that. Jeff got off the bed and began to get dressed. Then His friend took Jeff’s place. He also had trouble getting inside my pussy. türbanlı escort muş But he made it inside and began to fuck me as I laid there still waiting for it to be over. When he was done he took his condom off and they both cleaned up in the bathroom. .When they were done I showed them to the door. But as they left Jeff looked at me and said if you want me to tell Chris you want to fuck him you have to fuck use again tomorrow. I guess I have no choice.The Next day they both showed up at the same time like yesterday. They both still had trouble getting inside my tight pussy. But they came inside me fucking me just like yesterday. And again when they reached the door to leave Jeff looked at me and said if you want me to tell Chris you want to fuck him you have to fuck use again tomorrow. This went on for a week. Finally I asked Jeff if he was really going to tell Chris. He said yes but he did not give me a time. They both left my house and as they walked across the yard Jeff’s friend turned around and called me a SLUT. I just knew the neighbors heard. I felt so dirty. The two guys never came to my house again.A few days later Chris came up to me in class and said I heard you wanted to fuck me. I gave him a big smile and said yes. He then told me to give him my address. And that day after school he arrived at my house in a brown firebird. We went into my bedroom. He was so sexy when he took his shirt off. I could see every muscle on his chest and arms.I was so lucky. He laid me down on my bed and he started to suck on my tits. I thought this was going to feel good but, really I did not feel anything. He then went down and started to eat my pussy. That also did nothing for me. When he was done he got up and started to fuck me. After he was done he went into the restroom to clean up and left my house. He came back to see me every day for a week. Each fuck was as boring as the day before. One day he stayed a little too long. The lady that drops my sister off arrived as he was walking out the door. It took that bitch no time to call my mom. That was it. I never saw him again.It took me many years to find the right guy to show me that sex was actually fun and orgasmic!!!====HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN SAY THERE FIRST TIME WAS WITH A 3SUM?=== =========THAT’S 1 GOOD THING OUT OF THIS? I CAN!!!!!!!===========I WAS A WHORE THE VERT FIRST TIME A COCK ENTERED MY PUSSY ==

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