in memory of a memorable night


in memory of a memorable night… while you walk through the hallway, you still think it’s strange to walk to the room by yourself. Your tiny black thong keeps grinding against your crotch. Suddenly the rhythmic clacking of your heels comes to an end. On the door there is a white envelope labeled “Phoenix”. Now you understand the text message he sent: ‘Read and enter. Room 5’. When you take down the envelope a brass 5 is revealed.In the envelope you find a nota with the following text:“Hello Phoenix,Enter the room, do not greet me, walk to the center of the room and strip until you’re only wearing your thong and boots.”You’re startled when you open the door. All the lights arte off, but the room is light up in candlelight, coming from a dozen small candles spread around the room. To the back of the room there is a dark corner where a man sits in a seat. He sits there motionless watching you with his piercing gaze.You make your way over to the center of the room and start taking of your cloths in a seductive way because you know that’s what he likes. You struggle a little to take of your pants while keeping on your boots but before he gets annoyed you’re ready. When you finish you stand facing your master, legs slightly apart, hands clasped behind your back, looking at the floor.You hear me getting up and walking over to you. Suddenly you hear a few indiscernible noises, but before you have time to think about it I’m standing next to you. One hand slides down your back, tracing your spine. You hear something falling to the floor before my other hand starts massaging your cunt through your thong for a moment. You let out a soft moan, as it slides across your stomach, to your right breast and starts to play with your nipple. Rolling it between two fingers, gently increasing the pressure until you get that blissful feeling between pain and pleasure. Meanwhile my other hand has found its way to your ass. It slides down your gentle curves, firmly molding your ass cheeks.I let go of your nipple and move behind you. As I drop to my knees I order you to show my your cunt. You bend over slightly and with pull your thong to the side as you pull your ass cheeks apart offering me an unobstructed view of your cunt. After a few moments you hear me getting up and you feel me taking your right hand and wrapping a leather restraint around it. When I’m done with your right hand I move to your other hand. “Grab your wrist.” As you clasp your left wrist in your right hand behind your back, your head is yanked upright by a firm a tug on türbanlı iskenderun escort your hair. A little yelp escapes your lips as you were caught unaware. As you look up to the ceiling you feel your master’s warm breath on your face. You feel your leather collar being secured around your neck.As I move back to my seat, your head drops down again. “Look at me Phoenix.” Your head shoots up to meet your master’s eyes. As you look into my green/brown eyes you feel a little moist between your legs. I’m dressed in my usual black jeans and shirt. With a hand gesture I order you to come to me, you immediately drop to your knees and crawl over to me. You’re careful not to break eye contact. You move the way I taught you a seductive crawl with slow thoughtful moves, until you reach my feet. I open my legs and you move between them. “Lick your master’s face Phoenix!” You move up, pressing your body to mine. Your nipples grate along my shirt, making them even harder. As you reach my face your tongue starts to trail my throat. When you reach my chin you follow my jaw until you reach my ear.Meanwhile my nails scratch their way down your back until I reach your ass. While you trace the edge of my ear I give you a firm spank on your left buttocks. You grunt a little before your plunge your tongue into my ear. As you continue to lick my ear I steadily drive up the pace and the force of the spanking. You feel a familiar warm and stinging sensation growing in your ass. After a few spanks on your left ass cheek your tongue lick my forehead while moving to the other side of my face. As you start to trace the edge of my ear with the tip of your tongue, you can feel my hard cock pressing against your body through my pants. “Unbutton my shirt Phoenix.”Your hands make a quick work of my shirt, undoing my buttons and letting it fall open. As you look at my bare chest, I move my hand around your head and pull your face to my mouth. Just before we touch I turn your face and then I bite your earlobe. In the heat of the moment I whisper ”kiss me slut!” You turn your head to meet my mouth and our tongues intertwine in a hot and passionate kiss. I break our passionate tongue-salsa and wrap your hair in my fist. I smile as I look in your eyes and firmly push your head to my chest. ”I want you to suck my cock like it’s the last cock you’ll ever get to take in that slutty mouth of yours.” Your wet tongue slides down my chest and across my stomach as I guide your head down.When you reach türbanlı iskenderun escort bayan my crotch you lick my hard cock through my pants. Then you open my pants and with a gentle nudge pull them down my legs. You swiftly pull down my black calvin klein boxers. As your eyes fixate on mine, you kiss my groin and lick my inner thighs. Your nails run across my chest and down to my stomach leaving reddish marks. Your tongue flicks over my scrotum before you take one of my balls in your mouth. You start stroking my cock while you look at me. “Grmmm… That’s a good slave” is all I’m able to say. Then you slide your tongue up my shaft and finally engulf my cock with your lips. You eagerly start sucking, moving your head backwards and forwards as deep as you could take him, your hand clasping the base firmly.As my hand holds the back of your head firmly, I push my cock deeper in your mouth. After a while I allow you a little respite. I withdraw my cock and order you to lick my balls. Directed by me you lick my inner legs, along my perineum and around my balls. As my excitement increases I pushed my penis into your mouth again. I slowly but steadily start to fuck your mouth until my warm sperm fills your mouth. “Thx that was just what I needed. Come.” Together we walk to the bed were I hand you a glass of cold champagne. Next to the bottle you only see a single glass. After you have a few sips, I order you to give me some. You take a big mouthful of champagne and straddle my lap. You bring your mouth close to my open mouth and slowly dribble the cold champagne in my mouth. While you’re doing this my hands are stroking your hips and your back. When you’re nearly finished I give you a firm slap on both ass-cheeks. As you gasp a little the remaining champagne falls on my torso.”See what you did? You’d better lick that up.” You slide down off me, taking off my pants in the process and lick your way back up, along my groin all the way over my body, licking off the champagne. “Go to the bathroom, undress, face the mirror, close your eyes and put hands behind your head.” Is all I say after you’ve finished licking off the champagne. As you get off the bed and move to the bathroom, you hear me moving about. As you enter the bathroom you can’t help to steal a peek of your ass. You see it has a nice healthy red colour. It still feels warm when you place your hand on it. When you hear me coming you assume your position in front of the mirror, hands behind your head türbanlı escort iskenderun and eyes closed. After you hear something being placed on the sink, you suddenly feel a hot sticky liquid running down your back. Like candle wax it stings at first but cools down pretty fast. As the first drips begin to reach your ass I pour on a second dose. The sting sends a shiver down your spine. Then I drop a little on your ass, drawing a line from your left to your right ass cheek. By now the liquid is flowing down your legs, reaching your inners thighs and the back of your knees.You feel more and more fluid streaming down your back. The increased pace offers you little respite from the heat. Your moans grow louder with each new sting of heat going through your body. The floor becomes slippery as your feet stand in warm liquid. You scream and your eyes fly open as you are hit by a cold sting. You suddenly feel ice cold champagne being poured all over your back down to your ass and pussy. Some of it drips to the floor, while other streams follow the curves of your legs.I kneel between your legs my tongue traces your spine, from the back of your neck down to your ass, licking the mixture of champagne and chocolate sauce. “I want to taste your cunt!” is all I say when I vigorously start to lick your pussy, moist with champagne. Your breathing gets heavier as your pussy becomes increasingly moist from my tongue’s touch. Giving you a moment of respite, my tongue travels up your leg, enjoying the remaining taste of the champagne. Starting at the back of your knee it makes its way along your inner thigh and across your lips and through your ass crack. My right thumb starts stroking your clit while my left index finger replaces my tongue in your ass. When you start grinding your ass and pussy into my face I know it’s time to start licking our cunt again until you come. I slide my left index finger out of your ass and lick it. You clench to the mirror, as you feel a buttplug covered in lube being inserted in your ass. When it’s in I give you a while to get used to the sensation of your ass being stretched. I get up a little and grab your hair pulling you down. When our eyes meet I give you a slap in the face and say: “I want to fuck you!” I push you to the floor on your stomach. You feel the mixture of chocolate sauce and champagne cling your body, As I move your legs apart and forcefully slide my cock in your pussy. While I pound you, I smack your ass and bite your neck. As I drive up the pace I pin your knees to the floor with my lower legs. I pull back your hair, straining your neck and whisper in your ear: “Lick the floor Phoenix.”As you start licking up the sticky liquid I drive up the pace ramming my cock in your cunt until I feel a familiar sensation rising in my loins. I wrap my hand around your head and turning it to me. We exchange lustful looks before I come I moan loudly, grasping your head firmly.

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