my first time with a guy


my first time with a guyabout a year ago i went on a trip . i left my home town andwas goin to byron bay for my ex gf bday .On the way i decided to stop at a friends place on the gold coast .when i got to his place we decided we would get some d**gs ! we got our hands on some speed so we had a bit each and started chatting and catching up .somehow we decided that we would go have a look at the adult shome round the corner from his place . when we got there we broused bought a couple of items one of which was a black gstring which had a zipper in the front .I intended to wear it 4 my x at her bday as we still fucked here and there .When we got back to my mates house i showed him what i bought and he said that she would like them . he gave me some more gear then he said i should try them on and show him what kadıköy escort they looked like ! I wwas pretty wasted and thought id get his opinion .i went into the bathroom put them on and went back out to show him he said they looked realy good and that she was a lucky girl !! he then said something that surprised me he asked if he could watch me masturbate .Im not gay never been with a guy but i was feeling really horny so i thought why not !i stood infront of him and started caressing by body rubbing my chest then pinching my nipples and slowly workin my way down to my cock which was starting to straining to get out of the gstring !when my hand reached the zipper i slowly undid it and let my big thick semi errect cock out . he started rubbing his cock and said i had an amazing cock and that ümraniye escort he cant wait to c it fully hard >When i heard that i got so turned on which surprised me as i never thought about being with a guy b4 .we both started to stroke our cocks while watching each other >My cock was rock hard and i was loving jerkin off while watching each other .his cock was smaller than mine but was nice and hard and i couldnt stop looking at it .we put on some porn to watch while we jerked off but we couldnt stop watching each other.we PULLED or cocks 4 a good 3 hours and i was so horny that when he suggested i let him suck my big cock i said id think about it . I put the g string back on and was thinking about if i wanted to go that far with a guy when he offered me some more gear ! i accepted we had it and ataşehir escort and boy i was wasted ! i told him if he really wanted to suck my cock i would let him . I was so nervous !he walked up to me and started my semi erect cock throuh my g string and it felt pretty good and i started to harden up intantly he undid my zipper and my rock hard cock lept out as it sprang free of it confines and i watched as he bent down and started licking the tip of my cock .it felt amazing he sucked my cock was licking my balls and deepthroughted my 8.5 inch cock so my balls were sitting on his chin and when i was about to blow my load i told him im goin to cum but he said he wanted to taste my sweet cum so just b4 i was about to blow i pulled out of his mouth and stroked my trobbing cock right ifront of his face until i shot load after load of hot cum in his open mouth all over his face .When i finished spraying him with my babygravey he said i tasted so good and used his fingers to get the rest of his face and sucked them clean he didnt waste a drop

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