Prom Night


Prom NightThis is the true story of what happened to me, Tina the Redhead and a girlfriend on prom night.As I related in an earlier post – Tina’s First Time – my parents were ultra conservative and ultra strict. Before they knew I was already having sex, I played the part of the good little girl. When it came to my senior prom, the only way my parents would allow me to attend is if my date and I went with another couple whom they approved of. In other words, it had to be a double date. My parents really liked my closest friend Patty and thought she was a good influence on me, so when Patty told them who she was going to the prom with and once my parents vetted my date, I was allowed to go. When my mom and I went to buy a prom a dress, I was so embarrassed. She insisted it had no bare shoulders, no bare cleavage, no inappropriate lace and it had to be mid-calf or longer in length. We visited several stores and every time the poor clerks looked at my mother like she had two heads and they looked at me and felt sorry for my utter embarrassment. Finally, my mother decided on a dress that I hated and bought it. I wanted to take a scissor to it and cut off the sleeves, cut the high neckline down at least 6-10 inches and then cut off about a foot from the bottom, but knew that I didn’t alter it in any way because she would be up waiting for me when the prom was over.Patty’s mom wasn’t nearly as conservative as my mom was and she got a really pretty dress that I envied. It wasn’t too risqué but it was a lot more so than the 1880’s style dress I was forced to wear.Prom night arrived and Hank picked me up at the house. He wanted to pin the corsage on me, but mom said no toughing and did the pinning herself. Hank gave me that ‘you’ve got to be k**ding’ look and I gave him my sad ‘I’m so embarrassed’ look. We left and picked up Patty and Ricky, her date and then headed for the prom. I was so humiliated at the dance because of my dress. Everyone stared, pointed and smirked at me. I wanted so bad to run and hide, but knew I couldn’t. I really like Hank and he did his best to encourage me and tell me how nice I looked and so on, but all I saw was the ridicule from everyone else in attendance. I couldn’t wait until the dance was over, About half way through, I literally ran to car in tears. I couldn’t take it anymore and knowing that I would have to face all of them on Monday made me dread going back to school even more.Hank came out after and tried to calm me down, but there was no way I was going back inside and be the center of ridicule. He sat with me and held me in his arms, but I couldn’t stop crying. About 15 minutes late, Patty and Ricky came out to see if I was okay. Patty took me in her arms and tried to console me but I was crushed, humiliated and devastated as much as any 17 year old girl could be. Since I wasn’t due home for another hour and half, patty suggested se drive somewhere quiet, turn on the car radio and have our own dance. Hank said he knew the perfect place and drove us to a secluded spot outside of town. It was surrounded by trees and we couldn’t see any lights from town and knew that there was little chance of anyone finding us here. Hank turned the radio on, found a good station and we all got out of the car and started dancing. I was still fairly emotional and got teary eyed again. Patty heard me sob and came over and asked what was wrong now. I told her it was this damn dress and that I hated it so much and that I felt terrible in it. She tried to tell me I looked nice but I knew better. Then Patty said if I hated the dress so much, why didn’t I take it off. I didn’t even think about the boys with us as all I thought about at the moment was how much I hated this dress, so without thinking, I took it off. I was still wearing a full slip that was almost as covering as the dress. After I had taken my dress off, I looked Patty and she had a shocked look on her face. I don’t think she was serious about me taking the dress off, but I couldn’t wait get out of that horrible çankaya escort time capsule.Hank and Ricky just stood and stared with their mouths open. I asked everyone what they were staring at and if they hadn’t seen a girl in a slip before. Hank and Ricky just kind of stammered, not knowing what to say. Patty asked me if I felt better and I told I was feeling wonderful now and invited her to join me. The look on her face was priceless and I wish I had a camera to capture it. Ricky then tried to encourage Patty to join me and take her dress off also. I knew what he was getting at and before I could think about what I said, I told him that she would if he and Hank got out of their suits. Patty looked at me with a trapped a****l look and I just smiled at her and said it was all her idea to begin with. Telling two boys to take their suits off was a no brainer. I almost thought Hank would rip his suit coat he was trying to so hard to get if off as quickly as possible. Patty realized that she really didn’t have an alternative, so she slipped out of her dress. She wasn’t wearing a slip and I once again felt like the prude, so I took my slip off also. So there we were, standing out in the middle of nowhere, the four of us in our underclothes. The music was still playing, so went to Hank, held out my hand and said let’s dance. He accepted my offer and we started to dance a slow dance. Patty and Ricky also started dancing. As we danced close to each other, my bra was resting against Hank’s chest and I was starting to get turned on by the contact. When the song changed, I managed to glance down and could see that Hank was also getting turned on by the contact. A quick glance to the side and Ricky was also sporting a tent in his undershorts. The night air was still quite warm and the Florida humidity made things damp and sticky. Hank tried to nonchalantly adjust himself in his undies, but I could tell what he was doing. When I asked what he was doing, he tried to brush it off by saying that it was just hot and humid and he was sweating in his clothes. I was also a little warm and told him if he needed to, to just take them off until we were ready to leave, He said he couldn’t do that for obvious reasons and I asked if his erection was the obvious reason he was talking about. Even in the dark, I could tell he was blushing. Then I told Hank that if it helped him feel more at ease, I’d go first and with that I took my old maid style bra off. I have to admit that the gentle breeze felt great on my bare titties. When Hank saw what I did, he took his undershirt off and tossed it into the car. Ricky followed suit and soon Patty again felt trapped and unhooked her bra and tossed it into the car. Both guys were still sporting obvious erections and I figured at this point they needed to be taken care off. I moved over to Hank, leaned in to kiss him and then pulled his undershorts down to his ankles. Before I stood up, I took her pecker in my hand and kissed the precum off of the tip. I heard Patty gasp behind me and I turned and told her not to be so shocked and that she should try it with Ricky, who was staring and smiling.I turned my attention back to Hank and started licking and then sucking on his pecker. I could taste the slight salty flavor of his sweat that only added to the wonderful taste in my mouth. My tongue swirled around his pecker as I bobbed on and off of it. I glanced up and saw that Hank had his eyes closed and a very intense look on his face. With one hand, I cradled his balls and began to feel the nuts inside. Hank reacted to my touch and his balls pulled up tight and then his pecker swelled even large in my mouth. I pulled off of him and began to stroke him as he shot several thick white streams of seed onto my face and titties. I kept stroking until he was empty and then I licked him clean.When I stood up and turned, I saw that Patty and Ricky were just standing there staring at me, mouths still wide open in stunning disbelief. I asked if cebeci escort Patty was going to give it a try, but she just shook her head no. Ricky was rock hard in his undershorts and I told Patty she needed to relieve him, but she just stood there and shook her head no. I asked her if she minded if I relieved Ricky’s erection and she motioned for me to go ahead. I turned to Hank and he said ‘hell yeah, go of it’ so I knelt before Ricky and pulled his underpants down to his ankles. Wow! Ricky was hung like a horse. His pecker was huge and precum was dripping like crazy from the tip. I reached out and grabbed Patty’s hand and before she could pull it back, I wrapped her fingers around Ricky’s pecker. Patty froze and just stood there staring at the massive tube of male flesh cradled in her hand. Placing my hand over hers I had her start to stroke him as I licked his tasty ooze from the tip of his pecker. Hank moved over next to Patty to watch what was happening. He asked her if she liked what she saw and in a hushed voice she said ‘it’s so big.’ I looked up at her and said ‘the more to please you with my dear’ thinking of the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. As I licked Ricky’s pecker and Patty stroked it, Ricky reached behind Patty and unhooked her bra. When she started to say something he said it was unfair to Tina to be the only girl topless. I looked up to see Patty’s titties and they were at least a cup size larger than mine. Her aureoles were what they call pancake aureoles and were a lot larger mine. Ricky began fondling Patty’s titties and I heard her softly moan at the touch of his hand. Hank was watching me and I tried to motion to him with my head and eyes to fondle Patty also and he finally understood and reached out and took her other titty in his hand. Patty’s eyes were now closed and her soft moans of ecstasy were growing louder.Ricky’s pecker was so large that I could barely get half of it in my mouth. I cradled his balls and started playing with his nuts inside the sacs and Ricky moaned almost in perfect unison with Patty. Just like with Hank, his balls pulled up tight and his already mammoth pecker got even bigger so I pulled off, grabbed Patty’s hand and stroked him off. When Ricky let loose, I thought I was being hosed down with a fire hose. I’ve never seen a guy shoot out so much seed at one time and with such force. He covered my face and titties. I had to sc**** it out of my eyes just to see enough to lick him clean. When I looked up, Patty’s eyes were still closed and she was still being fondled by both guys. I was sorry she missed Ricky’s cumming as it was the most impressive I’ve even seen to this day. I tugged on Patty’s hand to get her attention and when she looked down at me she asked what happened and I told her she missed the greatest cumming of all time. She asked if that was all Ricky and I told it was as Hank had already taken a tissue and wiped me clean after he had cum on me. It was then that Patty realized that both Ricky and Hank were fondling her titties and she smiled and said thank you to Hank. Hank didn’t have any more tissues, so I grabbed his undershorts and used them for a towel and wiped myself off. While I was cleaning myself off, Patty was still asking if Rickey had really cum that much and then said she was sorry she missed it.I told her it was now her chance to see for herself and urged her to kneel in from of Ricky. She looked at me and I told her it was now or never and took my hands and turned her head to face Ricky’s pecker. I knelt down beside Patty and helped to guide Ricky’s pecker to her lips. He was already getting erect again and the first drops of precum began to leak out. Patty acted like she was spaced out of something and I had to direct her every move. I leaned her forward and rubbed the head of his pecker against her lips and told her to lick him. She looked at me as if I had asked her eat shit or something terrible, but with more encouragement, she finally gave in and licked the tip demetevler escort of his pecker. It jumped at the touch of her tongue which startled her. Without me saying a word, she licked his pecker again and mumbled that it wasn’t that bad after all. Instructing her again, Patty finally put her lips around the head of Ricky’s pecker and with my hand on the back of head helping, she began to suck on his massive pecker. Like me, she could not swallow all of him. It didn’t take long for Patty to get the hang of it and start sucking on her own. Once Patty got going, I moved over to Hank and we began hugging and kissing and fondling each other. I was so turned on by now that I begged Hank to take me right there and then. I laid down on the grass, spread my legs and held my arms out to him. Hank knelt down, staring at my red bush and I asked if he liked what he saw and he just nodded his head yes, so I told him that it tasted better than it looked and he quickly dove down and started licking my pussy. When his tongue first touched my pussy I thought I was going to orgasm instantly as I was so horny. Grabbing him by the hair, I pulled him into my pussy and held him there until I did orgasm and was it an orgasm. It was so intense that my back arched off the ground, my entire body was quivering, my stomach knotted up and I saw stars. I actually lost all sense of being for a few seconds until it began to ease off. I looked down at Hank and he was watching me with the biggest grin on his face. He told me that this was the first time he ever had oral sex and then it was wonderful. I asked him if he would like to fuck me and he said sure. Hank moved in closer and seemed a little hesitant about entering me and all I knew is that I wanted him inside me so bad. I reached down and grabbed his pecker and guided it to my pussy and pulled him into me. It felt so good to be filled inside and before I knew it my hips were thrusting up and down. Hank caught on the rhythm and began pumping me. In a manner of seconds I had another orgasm, but not quite as intense as the first one. Still, it was enough to shake me all over and arch my back off the ground and make me see stars. Hank was pretty horny also as he was telling me he was going to cum after a couple minutes. I told him he needed to pull out first and he did, just in time to shoot his seed all over my belly and bush. I looked over at Patty and she was still sucking away on Ricky’s pecker. I told her to feel his balls while she sucked and it worked. Ricky said he was about to cum and pulled out of Patty’s mouth. I told her to start stroking his pecker and in about 20 seconds, He began shooting his seed onto her. He shot stream after stream of thick white seed onto Patty’s neck and chest, covering her titties. When he was done, she turned to me and just said ‘wow.’Just then, Hank realized what time it was and that he had to have me home immediately. We cleaned up as best we could, got dressed and he drove me home first. Mom was waiting at the door to make sure he didn’t try to kiss me. She asked if we had a good time and Hank and I both said ‘yes ma’am we did.’ As soon as we were inside, mom started asking about all of the details of the dance and food. She wanted to know what kind of dances and how close he held me, etc. I told mom I was pretty tired and that I wanted to shower and go to bed. She said goodnight and said we would talk in the morning. I hurried to the bathroom, slipped out of my clothes and jumped in the shower to clean off. I was still hot and horny, so I quickly did a selfie (not with a camera but with my fingers) and came one last time before going to bed. It was a great night.The next day, mom met me at breakfast and grilled again about the dances and everything. When she asked what my plans were, I told her I needed to go to the library and study, so she drove me there and dropped me and told me she be back to pick me up around 4pm. Patty joined me at the library and we talked about what happened last night. She said she couldn’t believe that we did that in front of each other especially me letting Hank fuck me in front of her and Ricky. She told me that was the wildest and sexiest thing she had ever seen. Then she asked when could we do it again and I told her that knowing how strict my mom was, I had no idea.

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