Prostitute part 2


Prostitute part 2He left the door open when he walked out. The woman came in a few moments later and said ‘are you ok dear’ She said she was fine, sitting there in just her underwear. Wondering if she should get dressed or not. A phone rang at the other end of the house and the woman left. She came back a minute later and said’another customer on the way love, we leave the doors open and the gentlemen choose from the available rooms.Just make yourself comfortable and lets just see what happens shall we’ She sat on the bed and waited. Looking around the room, she straightened the bed covers, looked through the drawers in the bedside table. There was lubricant, condoms, a couple of rubber toys and tissues. A little waste basket on the other side of the bed, she dropped the condom and used tissues in there and heard a knock on the door. The woman was there in a flash and she stepped aside to let a man in. He was well dressed, suit, tie, shiny shoes. He glanced at her and moved out of sight, she heard them walking down the hall and a door close. She felt rejected. Then she realised that was a stupid thought and sat staring at the sunset painting. A different man walked out the front door, obviously one of the men that had been in one of the rooms with the closed doors. Around 10 minutes later there was another knock. Another man in a suit was ushered inside. He looked in the room at her, nodded to the woman and the woman stepped forward. He would like to join you if that is ok. ‘Sure ma’am’ The woman mouthed the words, ‘fifty bucks for 30 mins 100 for an hour.’ She ushered the man in and left closing the door behindHe looked nervous, he had his wallet in his hand. She stood up and said ‘hi call me Sunny’ the name just popped into her head as she was talking. ‘Half hour or full hour baby’ ‘Just half an hour please’ he said. He opened his wallet and handed her a $50 note. ‘Just make yourself comfortable, I will be back in a moment.’She took the money down the hall to the woman who just smiled. ‘Good luck honey’ She looked türbanlı hatay escort in the open doors on the other side of the hall as she went back. A young woman with dark hair and huge breasts barely held in her bra was in one room, she smiled and said hi, in the other room was a blonde girl, seemingly asleep. She went back into her room. The man was almost undressed, just his briefs remained as he took off his business shirt. She moved past him, took a condom and the lube from the drawer, put them on the top of the drawers and turned back to face him. He was right there. His hands were instantly all over her. Squeezing her breasts through her bra, then sliding around her back and down to her ass, inside her panties. The words from earlier, ‘inside this room, the men own you’ flashed through her mind. He pulled her hard against him and she felt his cock pressing against her panties. She worked her hand between them and gripped his cock. He moaned, carrying on massaging her firm ass cheeks. His cock grew fast, and it grew big. She decided to play up to his ego and hopefully settle him down a bit. ‘mmmm you have a nice big cock’ she whispered in his ear ‘I hope you will be gentle with me’ He didn’t answer. He just pushed her panties down and kept squeezing. She managed to edge around and slowly move her body away slightly. Enough to be able to drop to her knees in front of him. He stood with his hands on his hips. She stroked him, she massaged his balls. She licked up and down his length. ‘You like my cock baby’ he said ‘do you think it’s big’? ‘Mmmmm it’s lovely babe, what would you like me to do with it? ‘ she said, reaching for the condom.She rolled the condom on. She wrapped her mouth around him and took him deep. She noticed his wedding ring. ‘You sleaze bag, stopping at a brothel before you go home to your wife’ she thought to herself. He held her head and fucked her mouth a few times then said. ‘ I want to fuck you,’ She stood and slipped her panties türbanlı hatay escort bayan off, squirted some lube on his cock, rubbed it slowly got on the bed. ‘Like this baby’ she said, offering herself doggy style. He didn’t answer, just stepped toward her, knelt behind her and slid his cock into her waiting pussy. He pumped into her slowly and steadily for a few minutes and then, with a few quick shirt thrusts it was over. He groaned and fell forward onto her, his cock flopping out and slapping her inner thigh. She laid there listening to his heavy breathing in her ear. He rolled off and sat up. She took the condom carefully off his shrinking cock and cleaned him up. He stood up and dressed slowly, not saying anything. She said ‘did you enjoy that baby? I did’ ‘Yes thank you, goodbye’ and he walked out. She pulled her panties on and sat on the bed. ‘Well, that was pretty easy’ she thought and smiled inwardly. She had no idea that it could be so much worse. But she found out before too long. The next man was fairly similar. Smaller cock, wedding ring, too horny to take his time. All over in 15 minutes. A bit of time passed, she saw men come and go from the other rooms and wished she had something to read. A man knocked and said ‘her’ the moment he looked in the room. He paid for an hour. He had long hair, bushy beard, dirty jeans and was carrying a motorbike helmet. She was a little scared. When she came back in the room after giving the money to the woman he was still fully dressed. She asked if he was comfortable and he said ‘yep, get your clothes off and get on the bed’ He had moved the chair so it was at the foot of the bed. She took her bra and panties off and knelt in the middle of the bed facing him. She felt vulnerable and nervous. ‘Lay down and spread’ ….she did’Finger it, fuck yourself for me whore’ She started to slowly rub her pussy, she started fingering herself while he watched. For the next 20 minutes he watched her. For the first time in türbanlı escort hatay her life she needed to use lube on her fingers as she masturbated. There was very little pleasure for her, He started ordering her to orgasm after about 10 minutes. She tried but knew it wasn’t going to happen so she faked it. She faked it so well he told her to do it again. ‘fucking slut, you’re loving it, come again you filthy fucking whore’ He started getting undressed, never taking his eyes off her. She faked another orgasm but shivered when he climbed on to the bed and touched her. That shiver was real. She was scared. She slid away from him and got a condom from the drawer. As she bent toward his cock he pushed her head down roughly. She kept her lips firmly closed and rubbed her mouth on him. He smelled horrible. She wanted to scream and run out. She got the condom on as fast as she could and made sure her lips only touched the condom from that moment on. His cock was short and fat. His balls were huge and hairy. He pulled her onto her back and mounted her. His breath was putrid. And he fucked her hard.It wasn’t deep penetration but it was painful. She hadn’t lubed it and his fat cock was gripping her pussy lips as he pushed it inside her. She managed to reach out and grab the lube after a while and squirted a big blob on his cock as he pulled back. After that it was bearable but still not in the least enjoyable. And he lasted forever. His hands all over her breasts as he pumped into her. His foul mouth spitting out a string of filth. ‘Fucking whore. Dirty fucker, slut, slut slut over and over. He finally grunted and stopped. He pulled the condom off himself and just dropped it on her belly and got down and started dressing. She felt dirty, she felt violated. She despised this horrible creature. He dressed and walked out. She carefully dropped the condom in the bin and went our of the room to find the shower. She needed to clean his touch off her body. After her shower she felt better and saw it was almost 1amShe told the woman she had to get home, the woman asked her if she could do 1 more. There were a few men on the way. She agreed to this and went back to her room. The next guy was another quick one so she was out and home by 2am with money in her pocket. Up at 6 in the morning for work and back at the brothel by 4.00 that afternoon.Her life had changed in 24 hours.

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