Sucker for Mom Chapter 5


Sucker for Mom Chapter 5Chapter 5Sheila tried desperately to move her face when the r****t unzipped histight Levi’s and hauled out a huge half-hard length of cock. Sheilashivered when he grabbed his rubbery dick and rubbed the hot thingagainst her cheek. The monstrous uncircumcised cock grew and grew as herubbed it against her silken face. She tried to pull away, but someoneheld her head fast and hard.The lips against her twat were working wildly now, driving her crazywith uncontrollable sexual heat. Her pussy ran with musky cunt-juice,wetting the man’s lips, making him hungrier and hungrier for her tastycunt.She wished she could close her legs, wished she could roll over and hideher naked cunt from the cruel men, wished she could escape their madmanipulations, but at the same time she loved the sensations theyinspired in her.Sheila was uncertain when the strange change came over her, the changefrom seething fear to seething sexual heat. Perhaps she really was aloose slut. Perhaps the terrible things the men were saying about herwere true after all. Perhaps she really wanted to be violated by all ofthem at once.Her mind reeling, she felt herself succumbing to the heat between herlegs.The lips and tongue between her legs were pressing against the seethingwet gash of her twat. She heard slurping sounds as the short muscularman between her legs ate her out.She inhaled the heady masculine scent of the man’s huge hardening prickand swelling balls. She felt the tall man’s finger moving around insideher pussy, making her cunt twitch and tingle with lust, felt his handmoving over her swelling tits, tingling her hard little nipples.”Look at that cunt! She’s warmin’ up all right! See that? Look at hersquirm! Look at her!” a voice from the shadows said.”Sure, you guys, sure, she’s gettin’ hot! How could she help it? Nohorny bitch can resist a big cock like this fucker!” the strong toweringman growled, still rubbing his cock against Sheila’s face.She stared up at the huge cock as the foreskin peeled back all byitself. The head of the man’s dick swelled until it was almost as largeas a c***d’s fist. It wasn’t long before the big thing was incrediblystiff and thick.The man pushed the organ down against her upturned lips, rubbing theunderside of it against her. Sheila began to feel the man’s slipperypre-seminal fluid oozing from the head of his prick, wetting her prettylips and spreading over her chin as he rubbed his cock against her skin.”Come on, bitch, admit it! You like this dick, don’t you? Huh? Don’tyou, baby? Come on, bitch!” the rough muscular stud growled, slappingher face with the back of his hand.”No … no … I … no…””You like dick! Huh? Like that fucker? Like it?” he roared again,pushing his bulging cock-head hard against her lips.”Oh God … I … like … like it…” she groaned softly, afraid toresist the men-now.”Say it, baby! Say you like dick! Come on! Say you like cock!” the tallhard-cocked stud growled.”I … I like cock … I like cock…” she cried desperately.”Wanna suck it? Huh?” the man insisted, balling his fist and threateningto hit her.”Yes! Yes! Oh God! Anything! Just leave me alone! Please leave mealone!” Sheila cried.”That’s not convincing enough, baby! Beg for it! C’mon, bitch, beg!Beg!” the horny stud roared, shaking her hard.”Yes, I’ll beg for it! Please … let … let me … let me suck it …please …” she cried weakly.”Louder, baby! Let me hear it!” he growled down at her.”Please let me suck your … your cock!” she cried as loudly as shecould.”Yeah! That’s better! Now you’re talkin’! You’re gonna get the mouthfulof your cocksuckin’ life, baby!” he rasped. “Take it! Take that fuckerand suck the cum right out of it, baby! And you better suck it good!”Sheila opened her mouth reluctantly and let the horny man push hisbulging dick-head into her face. She tried to remain motionless atfirst, afraid to excite him any more than he had excited himselfalready, afraid of what he might do to her if he got any hornier.When he realized that he wasn’t about to get a good blow job unless heforced her, he rubbed his dick against her teeth and pushed it into hermouth until she choked on it.Coughing and gasping for breath, Sheila began working her tongue overthe head of the man’s bulging hot cock. She had to make him happy, nomatter what the consequences.Sheila watched as the big man swung his legs over her and straddled herstruggling body, forcing his monstrous cock into her çankaya escort mouth. She watchedhim push down his tight pants and grab his balls, squeezing hard on themwhile he face-fucked her with a passion. His balls slapped up againsther chin each time he stroked into her face.Rivulets of pre-seminal fluid flowed down her throat as his cock grewharder and harder and his balls grew hotter and hotter. Sheila couldhardly swallow all the pre-cum his huge cock pumped into her mouth. Shewondered how she could possibly swallow the enormous volume of his wadif he ever shot it into her throat.”I gotta get my cock up this bitch’s twat!” the rough muscular manbetween her legs roared. “If you think you like havin’ your pussysucked, baby, you wait ’til you feel this prick in your belly!” Heunzipped his pants and pulled out a short but incredibly thick prick.Sheila couldn’t see the man’s enormously thick cock between herwidespread legs. When she felt the hard head of the thick prick pressingbetween the gaping lips of her seething cunt, she cried out loud. Shesucked in her breath when she felt the man shove his hard-on all the wayinto her sucking twat.She trembled when her responsive twat grasped the man’s hard shaft andheld it in a vise-like grip. It was the first time in three years thatshe had had a cock in her pussy. It was a feeling that even in her stateof terror she had to admit was an enjoyable one.She felt her pussy sucking at the man’s stiff plug of flesh, sucking itdeeper and deeper into her cunt. She felt the man moving back and forthagainst her, felt him moving with the rocking motion that she hadmissed.She was to discover, however, that this man cared not at all whether ornot she was comfortable in her helpless position, cared not at allwhether or not she enjoyed the sensations that continued to build in herhot cunt.His pistoning movements became rougher and rougher by the second. Shefelt her tight cunt being stretched by the bulging head of his hugecock, felt his balls slapping up against her crotch, felt his roughdenim pants rubbing against her naked legs, felt his belt buckleslapping cold and hard against her skin.”Goddamn! This bitch really loves gettin’ it like this! I can feel thatgoddamn cunt suckin’ away on my dick like a fuckin’ mouth! You like itrough, baby? You like it rough and hard? Well, slut, you’re gonna getit! You’re gonna get it right now!” the horny fucker screamed, banginghis stubby cock against her delicate cunt-flesh, making her entire bodyshake.Only gurgling sounds escaped Sheila’s throat when she tried to cry outher suffering and fear. A thick cock was stuffed into her cunt whileanother was jammed into her throat. She felt filled to the burstingpoint with hot cock-meat. She closed her eyes and let her long submergedlusts carry her away in a flood of sensation.She felt her orgasm rising within her, felt the charge of electricalexcitement building up inside her. The harder the two men fucked her,the closer she came to a mind-bending flash deep inside her wet cunt.She tried to hold back, tried even now to hide the lusts that werebuilding within her. She knew now that the men recognized the signs ofpassion, recognized that she was hot and getting hotter by the second.She could feel her body writhing, could feel her pelvis slowly gyrating,grinding her sopping wet pussy against the man’s groin. She could feelher throat grasping at the other man’s hard cock, could feel herselfsucking at his prick.”Fuck her! Fuck the shit out of her! I’m gonna fuck the bitch betweenthe tits!” the tall man rasped, straddling her shaking body and restinghis long prick in the crevice between her bulging breasts.The tall man rocked back and forth in rhythm with the man in front ofhim, fucking Sheila’s tits with a passion, grabbing the yielding globesand crushing them up against his hard dick. Sheila felt her tits growwet with pre-seminal fluid as the man worked himself off on her warmsilken body.Sheila was terribly uncomfortable with two heavy men straining againsther, but her discomfort was slowly being overcome by her incredibly hotlust for a wild fuck. Her eyes blazing with excitement, she lookedaround her at all the hard cocks that surrounded her now.Men were jacking themselves off and pointing their hard cocks downtoward her, as if preparing to shoot their sperm all over her nakedform. She felt hard slippery cocks rubbing against her flesh, pressingagainst balgat escort every square inch of her body, making her flesh tingle all overas their a****l heat saturated her.”Oh yeah! Yeah, bitch! Now you’re gettin’ it! Now you’re gettin’ hot!Suck that goddam dick, bitch! Harder! Deep! Come on, slut! Eat thatmeat, bitch! Deeper! Suck it down!” the man growled, face-fucking thebeautiful woman harder and harder.”I’m gonna squirt all over your tits, bitch! I’m gonna cream your goddamtits!” the tall man said through gritted teeth, bucking his ass againsther bulging breasts.”You’re gonna get a load up your twat too, little lady! I’m gonna shoota gallon of cum right up into your pretty little belly! Squeeze thatdick in there, bitch! Squeeze it! Work it! Work it! Like it? Like it?!”the man between her spread legs roared.Sheila worked the muscles of her seething twat against the stranger’sprick. She felt the stiff shaft of his meat rubbing against her hotlittle clit, driving her wild inside. She had somehow learned toaccommodate herself to the man’s bulging cock in her throat. She wasalmost beginning to enjoy having his big prick buried in her throat. Thetaste and scent of his cock and balls were making her hot and hungry formore of his meat.”You ready for this, slut! Comin’ into a place like this all byyourself! You musta been ready for this all day! Well, bitch, you’regonna get it now! You’re gonna get some cum outa my big dick! Youswallow this, baby! You drink it all down! Here it comes! Take yourgoddam medicine, whore! Here it comes, baby! Here it fuckin’ comes!” theman rasped as his balls exploded.Sheila tried to hold her breath when she felt the man’s huge cocksuddenly stiffen and swell. She hadn’t thought that a cock could grow sosuddenly and grow so monstrous. She felt it snap up hard and unyieldingagainst the roof of her sucking mouth. She felt the man’s legs stiffenas his load shot through the long shaft of his cock.Sheila knew that she should be afraid now that he was about to strangleher with unending spurts of cum, but she felt nothing but lust. She knewthat she should be revolted, but revulsion was somehow the farthestthing from her horny mind.All she could think about at the moment was the fact that all the menseemed to be coming at once. They were all around her, men with stifflust-hardened cocks, grinning down at her wickedly, their eyesglittering with passion. When she thought of all the hot charges ofsexual electricity that were about to flash between the men’s straininglegs, her own orgasm fluttered between her satiny legs.They were all coming! And they were all coming for her! Her mind reeled.”I’m comin’, you guys! I’m gonna fill her fuckin’ twat! Take it! Take mygoddamn cum right up your cunt! You know, bitch, you’re even better thanmy fuckin’ wife! Come on her, you guys! Squirt that shit all over thehot little slut!”Sheila suddenly felt a hot shot of cum splatter against the back of herimpaled throat, a hot shot of cum that was followed immediately byanother and another. She struggled to swallow all of the thick wad thatshot down-her throat, but to no avail. The hot thick stuff filled hermouth and dribbled from the corners of her lips, running down over herchin and throat, making long white trails all the way to her tits.Sheila felt the muscular fucker between her legs suddenly redouble hisfucking pace as his balls tensed. She longed to feel his sperm blastinginto her sucking twat, longed to feel the a****l heat of him spreadingthroughout her belly as he unloaded his lust into her. She moved againsthim hard now, rubbing her clit against the stiff shaft of his rapidlyworking prick, making her cunt tingle and seethe.The tall man kept pumping away between her silken tits until he too shothis wad all over her. She heard wet slurping sounds as the man continuedto fuck between her tits even after he had shot his cream between them.He rubbed the squirting head of his sensitive cock against the stiffpeaks of Sheila’s silken tits, splattering cum all over her flesh.”Jesus Christ! Her tits are better than most women’s cunts! I could fuckthis little piece all day!” the tall man said, rubbing his prick allover the woman’s sperm-covered breasts.”Turn her face this way! I wanna shoot this into her mouth!” she heard avoice say.Sheila turned and faced the voice. It was the boy she had sucked in thefirst place. He leaned against the back of one of the theater elvankent escort seats andran his hand fast and furiously over the shaft of his poker until anexplosion of cum blasted against her pretty lips. She pursed her prettylips and sucked the boy’s sperm into her mouth as it shot against hersoft face, flying several feet through the air before it hit her.”Look at that! Look at that cunt! She loves it! Look at her catch thatk**’s cum!””She can have mine too if she wants it so bad!” another voice called.”Same here! Take this, bitch! Take it on your cheeks!” another deepvoice growled.Sheila’s eyes darted everywhere at once. All around her hard cocks werespurting sperm toward her, covering her naked body with thick white cum.It was more than she could stand.She moved her pelvis harder and harder against the groin of the man whowas fucking her hard and fast. It would be only a second or two beforeshe flashed off in ecstasy. She had no idea what would become of herwhen the flash of her orgasm had subsided. Nothing mattered now but thefrenzy of the moment. They could do with her what they would. She had tocome and she had to come now!Her body trembled with excitement. Sensations from all over her bodyseemed to flow down toward her seething twat.”Yeah! Yeah! Fuck! Fuck hard! Take it! Take it! Take my dick! I’mshootin’! I’m shootin’ that stuff, baby!” the man in her pussy roared.Sheila stiffened. The voices in the shadows faded away for a second. Thegrunts and groans of the ejaculating men seemed to suddenly cease. Sheknew the moment was at hand. She knew that she was about to flash offfor the first time in three years, knew that her cunt was about totighten around a man’s cock for the first time in what seemed like aneternity. It didn’t matter now whether or not the man between her legswas a stranger.She wanted to flow like a river around the man’s impaled cock, wanted togush musky cunt-juices as her pussy climaxed wildly. But it was not tohappen.A voice from the rear of the theater brought reality crashing downaround her head.”Cops! It’s the fuckin’ cops!” someone shouted.Sheila thought she would die on the spot. She had been teetering on thebrink of a wild orgasm for so long. And now the worst had come to pass!It couldn’t be real! It was too horrible!Her longing for a mind-bending orgasm was suddenly overcome by a rush ofterror and shame.She had to escape! It was bad enough that she had allowed herself to dosuch disgusting things to and for the wicked men who had used her, butto be discovered by the law in such a state was too much.The grunting sweating man between her legs managed to stroke in and outof Sheila’s pussy just long enough to bring himself off even though heknew that the police were outside in the lobby. When his balls eruptedwith jism, he pulled out of her moist twat and let his wad shoot overher belly.He grabbed his prick as soon as he had stopped shooting and shook thecum off the head. The man stood up quickly and pulled up his pants,tucking his prick back inside and zipping up as fast as he could.”Get this bitch outa here! We can’t let them pigs find her!” another mansaid, jumping off her and pulling up his pants. “Get her over there!” heordered, pointing to a shadowy vestibule near a side exit.The air was filled with the sound of zippers zinging shut.Sheila moaned softly, half in fear and half in agony. She had been soclose to an orgasm, and now it was all lost, all lost.Two men dragged her into the dark vestibule while the others resumedtheir seats and tried to pretend that nothing had happened. The two menleaned her up against the wall and slapped her face until she regainedat least some of her composure.”Come on, get dressed! Get this on and get your ass outa here! There’scops outside! Hear me?” a man whispered intensely, shaking her roughly.”Yes! Yessss! I’ll go! Let me go!!” she cried, a bit too loudly.She struggled into her panties and dress while the two men watched withwicked grins on their faces. She became suddenly aware of the aches andpains with which their rough treatment had left her, suddenly becameaware of how tortured her body really was.”Here, bitch!” one of the men spat as she opened the door, ready toescape into the shadows of the alley outside. “Take this for yourtrouble!”Sheila looked down at the floor and saw a crumpled ten-dollar bill. Shelooked up at the cruel face of the man who had thrown it at her and spatat him. She would never trust men again, she thought.Her heart racing, her mind burning with shame, she ran into the nightand didn’t stop running until she reached the safety of her car. She hadto get home, had to get home to the safety of the arms of the one malewho cared for her, had to get home to the safety of her son’s arms.

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