When a Stranger cums…


When a Stranger cums…He wasn’t exactly a stranger. Just a friend of a friend that liked hanging out down the street with my close buddies. It was so strange how I thought I would never have a memorable summer. It was July and so hot and I had no plans to go on vacation… but I knew that anytime I headed down my street to the Path Mark there I’d see this man.I heard that my friends actually went off to vacation and were going to be gone all week. Also my roommates all left to go on their own kind of celebration. They went off to some place down at the casinos to drink and spend all their money away. It just wasn’t my thing.Being 24 and not knowing what a man tasted or felt like was frustrating. I wish that all the men I saw online would one day find their way into my bedroom…. but it wasn’t that easy. In fact (just like my penis night after night) it was hard and frustrating.Here came a man that I only met a few times. I knew that he had a wife and a young c***d and was a fairly mellow guy. I always thought he was kind of handsome though I think he was about 52 but I loved his beard. It was a handsome ginger-brown color and the man had such a homeliness to him but I still thought that made him a real man. A real man that I once could smell musk on him and it made me find him sexy. He looked like one of those men you’d see jerk off and squirt a gusher of a load on workinmen.com (which was a great site by the way).Never did I think this summer was gonna be a nice one all in just one night.I saw him walk up to me and he asked me for a cig.”Come on man. You know me. I don’t smoke.””Oh yeah. Well… listen. Do you know of a place I can stay for the night?”The realization surprised me. He would be staying at my house? He never has done that before.”Uhh… why? What happened, man?”I noticed he looked at me with gentle eyes. They were either sad eyes or “Look at me I want you to feel bad for me but I am tricking you” eyes. I hoped they were the latter. In fact when he walked closer to me it gave me the chance to get a nice closer view of those blues. I have never been so close to his (or any man’s) face before.”My wife might be leaving me.””No. It couldn’t be.””Well she sure sounds like it.””Have you been getting into that drink again? How much have you been boozing it up?”He didn’t want to speak and looked downward like a guilty dog. Then his eyes looked back up into mine and I felt my heart give a huge beat.”Could I stay over your place?””Sure I guess.””How about if I come by in a couple o’ hours?””Okay guy but I gotta ask you to promise me something. türbanlı kırklareli escort Don’t get too tanked up I don’t like that stuff in my house.”It felt so weird to feel like I was showing authority to someone who was more than twice my age but I had to. As much as I liked him I had to set the rules to my own house. I hated when my roommates would come home and trash things from getting so boozed up from some bender I found it so irritating because it was usually me who was cleaning it up or replacing the broken lamps.”Sure. Can I still bring beer?”I laughed. Showed weakness which wasn’t so good.”What did I just say?”He paused and stumbled back and forth just a little.”Bring two beers! That’s it. Promise me no drinking anymore until you are at my place.””I’m gonna stop by the Sonic and get some food.””Good. No stop at the liquor store only to get two beers.”I was surprised at how fast I took the situation. I felt proud of myself… even more prouder than when I first moved out and started to live on my own.I went home and waited until 7:30. I was watching tv kind of surprised no porn was on television and went upstairs to go to the bathroom. I was on the toilet when the door rang. It was perfect timing. I was only in there trying out a new way to jerk off so it was no problem pulling on my pants to run down to get the door.When I opened it I saw him. The man who looked a little tired (hopefully not drunk) was at the door. He seemed to look down at me and my face poured into a red hue. I hoped he didn’t see my shriveling hard-on and the drop of pre-cum that spotted through my boxers.”Hey buddy.” I said. He walked in.”Dude. I don’t think she wants to be with me no more.””It’s okay. What has happened?”I motioned him to sit down on the couch.”She doesn’t like me to be drinking and smoking.””Uh huh.””She told me she would leave me unless I gave it up.””I think you can win her back.””She hasn’t loved me for a year.”I spent a few hours consoling him. I wanted so badly to lay my head on his chest but I knew that was too weird. Before I knew it he seemed to go to sleep. I put his bag of two beers next to him. Then I turned out the light. I put up his feet up onto the table one by one and took off his shoes. I heard a little inhale of surprise then a relieved sigh.I went upstairs and was battling thoughts I had about him. I shouldn’t wish I could fuck him. I knew that just wasn’t right. I went upstairs and out of nowhere remembered he said I was a good looking guy. Where did that compliment türbanlı kırklareli escort bayan come from? And what made him think he’d share that with me? Damn. If I could have sex with him I had the perfect chance to at the moment. No close friends nearby to learn of the situation. And my roommates didn’t seem to ever care about my personal matters. Heck they thought I was straight and constantly recommended women telling me “Hey. Who knows? She might be a good lay…” They didn’t really know me.I stayed upstairs and thought about taking a cold shower. I thought about it for a while until I heard a light thump downstairs.I ran down. Whispered “You okay buddy?”I couldn’t tell if what he was about to say was in his sleep or for real. “Nice touch. Damn. Wife hasn’t touched me in a year. No blowjob for seven– damn.”I couldn’t help but notice his jeans. He had a few small tears in his jeans. It was too dark to notice but the way he was angled I could just see that there was a tent in his jeans. Also the hole next to it looked dark. Could he have “gone commando” as they say…?That would be so hot.I whispered again. “You okay?””Yeah.””You want to sleep?””Sure.””You should probably have a beer.”Before I realized it was in his hand he opened a can. Down the hatch it went for him.”You need any pajamas? I have long underwear in my room.””Nah. Don’t have any clothes.”I couldn’t help but notice his chest rising and falling as if he was nervous.”I am here if you need me….” and I went upstairs again. If only he knew I meant that in more ways than just one.About an hour later I heard a different noise. There was a little bit of grunting downstairs.I snuck down to find he was facing away with his jeans still on possibly jerking off to some porn he found left by one of my roommates. I decided to leave him in his privacy when I squeaked a stair heading back up.”Dude? Hey, man.” He whispered.Oh shit. I am in trouble I thought. I also couldn’t help but notice the smell in the air. It was kinda nice.”Uhh. Yeah?””I can’t get to sleep.””Oh well I — you could use the couch.””No I mean I can’t jerk off!””Oh. Well…. uh…” my mind went blank. Never heard anyone complain to me about that one before.”Do you …. uh…”He seemed to know what I was trying to say but I was too wimpy to admit what those words were. He wanted help with that.I looked at him and saw his jeans and his nice butt cheeks. Then with perfect timing I saw that his head above his shoulders rise up and fall kind of desperately. “You want türbanlı escort kırklareli help with that.” I finally said matter of factly.I was almost awkward about it. I was surprised how he suddenly turned around and I saw though it was dark his prick.”Mind if I turn the light on?” I said kind of ashamed. I wanted to see and behold what I was about to work with.He didn’t mind. I shut it on. Soon I had in my face a wonderful pink mushroom cap and a nice shaft leading to a huge tuft of brown hair concealed by jeans. I somehow got him to take them off and he managed to remove them as I gently stroked him. Then I kissed his fleshy head and looked up to see him squeeze his t-shirt covered nipples.Then I stopped. I was breathing too heavily. “Man, you are just too hot.”His eyes were closed as I took him into me. As I sucked I put one hand up his shirt and heard a moan as my hand went up the prickled hairs of his belly and then my finger rubbed and tapped a nipple. His hands were now on my head and he played with my dirty-blonde hair. Then where I went next I only saw in pornos. I turned around and slid under his legs. I viewed and checked out his ass. Not in total shape but pretty nice for a 52 year old male. Then I licked his taint which he squirmed and moaned from and then my tongue went up and brushed his ass. I took in the smell of his full musk and could feel him bend over. Then I realized I could feel him unbuttoning my pants and his fingers touched and squeezed the head of my penis. While I continued tonguing I reached under and gently tugged his balls. Then I wanked his cock. Pretty soon both could feel we were wet at the same time.I got up and soon my pants were completely gone and I turned around so my back was to his dick. I loved the feeling of his penis (proabably 5.5 inches) as he rubbed it under me and against my taint. “Ooh. That is nice.””Can I fuck your face?”I was back on my knees. This time I sat on the couch and had my face against the back cushion and laid my head back. While I wanked myself he used the coach as leverage and deepthroated me as hard and passionate as he could. I loved that he did it for a while feeling that sausage between my lips and soon I heard his breathing quicken and soon he started moaning. After a moment I moaned on his dick and soon he gave a sudden yelp as squirt after squirt rushed into my mouth. Each thrust of his wonderful hips drove his cock back into my mouth and threatened to drown my oral hole. That feeling made me spooge as my seed spurted my shirt. He was soon slower with the thrusting. So much cum had poured from my mouth and I soon swallowed it. Wasn’t too bad. I licked his remaining drips and cleaned the head of his now raw cock ever so carefully.Then we showered, he slept over and when he got up to leave the next morning didn’t say a word. He just gave me a nod and a smile (never saw him smile so big before!) and off he went.Hey… anything to help out a stranger friend.

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