Got Milk? 02 – The Reunion Ch. 10


“Oh, shit! It’s your mom!” Delilah whispers in shock as the keys jingle in the front door of Mac’s house. “Dude, zip your fucking pants back up before she catches us!”

“I am, I am!” Mac whispers back, struggling to shove his hard cock back into his boxer-briefs. The door finally unlocks, and slowly begins to open. Mac turns his back towards the door, and looks at Delilah. “You gotta distract her!” he says, and dashes off to the nearest restroom.

Delilah stumbles her words as the door finally opens all the way, and Jessica walks in carrying 2 bags worth of groceries. “Hello? Macky, are you home?” she shouts. Another woman enters the house carrying 3 more bags, and says “Guess he’s not here, lil’ sis.”

“Oh, hi, Delly!” Jessica says with a grin. “Surprised to see you here!”

“Hehe, yeah, hi. Mac and I just got back not too long ago.” Delilah says back, walking up to Jessica. She notices the other woman next to her, and smiles even wider. “Holy cow, is that… is that Melanie?”

Melanie, Jessica’s older sister and Mac’s aunt, laughs and asks back “Oh, my God, Delilah?”

“Wow, it’s been forever! How are you?” Delilah says running up to Melanie, giving her a big hug. “Ohhhhh, my sweet Delly! It’s been so long. I missed you, sugar!” she shouts, returning the hug even though she is carrying 3 bags of groceries. “Oh! I’m sorry, please let me help you guys!” Delilah says with a giggle. “That was just unexpected to see you, that’s all.”

“I have that effect on people” Melanie quips back. Jessica laughs and says “There are just about 5 more bags left in the car. Where is Macky?” Delilah bites her lip subtly, saying “Oh, he’s in the restroom, he should be out s–“

“Is that Mel that I hear?!” Mac boasts, walking out of the restroom. Melanie laughs again, and says “Well, if it isn’t my favorite nephew!”

“I’m your ONLY nephew!”

“And that’s why you’re my fave! Hahahaha!”

Delilah and Jessica laugh as Mac and Melanie greet each other with loving hugs. Delilah steps out of the front door to retrieve more groceries, and Melanie says “It’s great to see you again, Macko. How are you doing, honey?” Mac chuckles and says back “I’m doing fine, and you?”

“Just trying to keep up with this woman.” She says, pointing her thumb at Jessica. “Oh, gimme a break, you’re the one in better shape than I am! You’re carrying 3 bags, after all.” Jessica jokes. “How was lunch earlier, guys?” Mac asks his mother, and she says “It went well. We were just stopping back here to fill up the fridge. Mel’s food stamps came in finally, so she was just helping out.”

Melanie giggles and says “It’s no biggie. Ever since Marshall moved out in January, I haven’t had to worry about stacking up on steaks anymore. Haha!”

“I miss my cuzzo, how has he been doing?”

“He’s been great! It’s kinda quiet around the house without him there, but Simon and I have adjusted. Marshall wants me to let you know that he wants you to come by and check out the place when you get a chance!”

“I’ll be here until mid August, so I’ll definitely do that!” Mac states with a smile. Delilah returns back inside, carrying 4 bags of groceries. “Gee, thanks for the help, mister!” She says jokingly. Mac laughs and says “Gimme a break, Schwarzenegger. I got caught up with talking with my aunt!” Chuckling, he finally steps out to retrieve the last bag.

Delilah shakes her head, and asks Jessica “Where did you want these?” Jessica smiles and says “Oh, just put them on the kitchen table. Thanks, honey.” Delilah sweetly say “No problem!” and heads to the kitchen with the bags. Mac returns with the last bag from Jessica’s car, and heads into the kitchen as well. Delilah looks at him and laughs, saying softly “Looks like they haven’t expected a thing. That was a close one.”

“Yeah, no kidding.” Mac replies, placing the last bag on the table. What are we gonna do now? We can’t really… you know… do this here right now…”

“I knoooow… and I’m so hot and bothered I can’t even think straight. I don’t want to wear these flats for nothing.”

“I’ll think of something.”

As they put up the groceries, Jessica and Melanie arrive in the kitchen with them. “Thank you both for the help, guys.” Jessica says, adding “We won’t be here too long. What do you guys have planned for tonight?”

As Mac wonders on his mother’s question, Delilah suddenly says “Oh, Mac said that he would let me go to David’s gym with him for a late workout.” Mac mentally stutters, looking at her with a confused glance. Melanie chuckles, saying “Aww, that’s my Macko, still trying to stay in shape. Make sure you work on your fingers so you can have better control on piano, ok?”

“Um… yeah, ye-yeah, sure thing.” Mac says, not following what Delilah meant by that, but going along with it. “Yeah, I asked Del earlier if she wanted to workout with me tonight, and she got all excited.”

“Yeah, I’m really looking forward to it. It’ll give us a chance to spend more time together and sweat every thing out. Hehe.” Delilah altındağ escort makes a extra motive to conjugate the word “sweat”, looking at Mac as she does so. Mac looks back at her, and wonders if her shenanigans are foot-related. Smirking, he says “Yeah, I hope don’t you don’t mind a little sweat, do ya?”

“I don’t mind… Not at all.” She says, looking directly at him and biting her lip. She looks down, and moves her right foot inside her pink ballet flat. She then slips off her flat completely, exposing her foot in nude pantyhose. As she wiggles her light pink polished toes, she quickly scoots her foot back into her flat and resumes to pulling out groceries from one of the bags. Mac stares on, getting the signal to Delilah’s apparent shoeplay apparatus.

Jessica laughs at what Delilah says to Mac, and says back “Ugh, you’re braver than me, kiddo. I can’t even fathom getting all sweaty… or even smelly. My Lord.” Jessica looks up at her son, who has a trance-like stare that seems to be spreading at the floor, next to Delilah. “Um, Macky, sweetie? You alright over there?”

Mac snaps out of his foot-trance, and looks back at his mother. He then says “Oh, yeah, yeah, I’m fine. Haha, sorry, I was just uh, just going over the workout plan.”

Jessica shakes her head, and pulls out her car keys. “Here… I’ll be staying at Mel’s for tonight to help her with her yard sale tomorrow. If you guys are heading to the gym, I don’t want you walking there for over 20 minutes. Take the Camry, and I’ll just ride with Mel. Just come by the yard sale to help out when you’re ready.” Mac nods “Yes, ma’am.”

“Yeah, your mother is right, besides it’s getting late. Are you sure the gym is still open?” Melanie asks. Delilah nods as she puts up the last loaf of bread in the cabinet, and says “Yeah, we checked with David, and he told me it’s 24 hours, so we’re good to go. I just gotta stop by my house and change into my workout gear. Haha.”

Mac frowns a little, knowing that she would have to change out of her gorgeous outfit. “Well, thanks, Mom. I’ll take care of the car. You guys be careful, and thanks for shopping!”

Melanie walks over to Mac, giving him a grand hug and kiss on his cheek. “Awwww, my little Macko. It’s so great to see you again. The yard sale starts at 1 pm tomorrow, so I would like you to be there when you can at least by 12:45.” Mac smiles, and says “Sounds good, Aunt Mel. I’ll be there.”

“Come on, sis, we got a lot of things to sort through tonight.” Jessica says, and hugs her son. “Love you, Macky. I’ll see you tomorrow, ok?”

“I love you, too, Mom. I’ll see you then.”

Jessica looks at her son, and notices a slight difference in his eyes, like a weight has been shifted. “You’re ok, son? You seem more… relaxed.”

Mac smiles, and says back “Yeah… I’m great now. Just glad to be back home.”

Melanie looks at Delilah, giggles and says “Honey, whatever you’re doing to this man to make him feel better, keep it up!” Delilah blushes, and says in a subliminal manner “I’ll see what I can awaken within him.”

Jessica and Melanie say their goodbyes, and walk towards the front door as Mac and Delilah wave at them. The door closes, and soon, Melanie’s car can be heard driving off. Left in the house are Mac and Delilah.

“Whoa, that was a close one, hahahaha! I thought for sure we were busted.” Delilah says in a relieved manner. Mac looks at Delilah, who has a erotic grin on her face. “What the hellilah, Delilah? Just what exactly are you planning THIS time?” he asks.

Delilah laughs, and begins her explanation “Well, when we were with the guys earlier today at the park and school, remember how when David said he had to work today?”


“Well… I kinda figured it would be great… sexually… if we did a little workout then come back here for… you know. Hehe.”

Mac raises an eyebrow, and smiles as he puts together the plan she is forming. “Ah, I get it now. I like that idea. Only thing is… it’s almost midnight, and I think David is about to get out of work. How do we get in without having to–“

“You dope, David said he can get us in anytime we want. Haha, but I guess it would be wise to call him before he clocks out?”

“Already on it.” Mac says as he sits down on the living room couch. As he sets up the call, Delilah walks around and sits with him, never hesitating to cross her left leg towards him. “A little incentive for ya. Hehe.” She softly rubs on her crossed leg, caressing the pantyhose that is clinging to it. “Been wearing this outfit for about 5 and a half hours now…”

Mac looks at her leg as it begins to sway up and down, and says to her “It’s a damn shame you have to take it off for the gym…”

Smirking again, Delilah says “Hehehe… no I don’t, tiger. David said there’s no dress code required at the gym.”

As the dial tone links onto David’s connection, Mac widens his eyes as what she says. “Wait… wait, wait… are you saying…?”

Delilah ankara anal yapan escort nods, and with a high flex of her toes inside her stretchy flat, she admits “Yep… I’m gonna work out in this outfit. Hehehehe…”

Before Mac can even respond, a distorted “Hello?” Can be heard through the speaker of Mac’s phone. “Hey, what up, D? Hey, man are you still working at the gym tonight?”

Delilah smiles as she casually stretches out her crossed leg, making it horizontal and placing her foot on the table in front of them. “Don’t mind me, just gonna stretch a bit for the workout.” She whispers, starting from her thigh, and working her way to her foot with her hands.

“Yeah, Del was telling me how you said that you could get us in anytime? Well, is it possible you can pencil us in tonight?” As Mac talks to David on the phone, he looks at Delilah, who is now bending her leg, bringing her foot to her face. She curls her toes in her flat, and looks at Mac. Using her lips, she plans a loving kiss onto the sole of her shoe, raising her right eyebrow in a erotic fashion towards Mac.

“Uh, guh, duh, yeah, man, that would be awesome. We’re gonna stretch a bit, then we’ll be there. Just ask Doug when we get there and he’ll take care of it? Got it, man. Thanks a lot, bro. I’ll let you know how it goes… yeah, alright, man. Take care.”

Mac ends the call, and looks back at Delilah, who is currently lifting her leg up towards the ceiling. Opening her eyes to look back at Mac, she giggles and sweetly asks him “So, we’re all set, then?” Mac nods, and licks his lips, saying “Yeah, everything is good to go. David is leaving, but he said just talk to Doug once we get there. He’ll be working the night shift.”

“Good… hehehe. But first… gotta stretch.” She says, winking her eye back at Mac. “Do ya mind helping me out with my legs?”

Mac chuckles and shifts towards her, asking “How in the hell do you come up with these plans? It’s fuckin’ amazing how articulate you are when it comes to this…”

“Hehehehe… I’ll tell you, but first… please help me stretch my legs, tiger… pleeease?” As Delilah asks, she pushes the table away from the couch so she can have more space. She then stands up and suddenly sits in front of Mac’s lap. The pressure makes him spread his legs apart, so her rear end nestles comfortably on the edge of the couch between his legs. Mac gasps, and can feel his manhood poke her backside. He asks her “Ok… ok, what do you want me to do? I’m only here to assist you, Del…”

Delilah smiles as he finally goes into roleplay mode, playing the role of Del’s personal trainer. “Tell me what you want to work on, ok?” he says with a smirk. She smirks back, and begins the fun of her own role:

“Well, I am going to the gym with my boyfriend, and he says that it would be a good idea to stretch intensively before we got there. So… I was HOPING you could assist me with some leg stretches? I would greatly be obliged if you were able to.” Delilah says as she burrows her butt into Mac’s slacks. Mac gasps again, and softly plants kisses onto the back of Delilah’s neck. She softly shivers, and says “If you can’t, I completely understand… I just… I would like to prove to my boyfriend that I can keep up with him, that’s all… Mnng…”

“Yes… yes… I understand… well, what seems to be the trouble, Delilah? What do you need to work on with your legs?” Mac asks, bringing his arms around her stomach, and holding tightly. Delilah sighs lustfully, and leans her head back against his right shoulder. “Ugh… well…” She says in a groan-induced matter, “I’ve been taking yoga for the past 3 years now… and I feel that some leg lifts and bends would accommodate me on the goals I’ve set for myself.”

“Ah, yes… I see… it’s really good to have these goals set for yourself. So… you want me to assist you in stretching your legs out to your particular liking, ma’am?”

“Yes, please…” she says as she turns her head to plant soft kisses on Mac’s right cheek. She rubs on his left thigh with her free hand, and says “But most importantly… I especially need your help on my feet.”

Mac grunts, and asks “Your feet, huh?”

“Yes… I mean, I want my legs to be nice and flexible, but you can’t forget my feet. My feet are in special need of attention, do you understand?”

“I do. But first… lets start with your legs. So… can you slowly lift one of your leg, and get it completely vertical towards the ceiling?”

Delilah nods, and says “I can try…” Mac chuckles, and adds “Just take your time, and do your best. I will observe you from behind you, ok? Let me know if you need… assistance.”

Delilah sighs and whispers “Ok… thank you…” After a few seconds of focus, she lifts her head from Mac’s shoulder and straightens out her back. “Which leg do you want me to lift first, sir?” she sweetly asks. Mac licks his lips, and says while looking “How about your right leg first?”

Delilah smiles, and says ankara escort “Ok, sounds good.” With that, she inhales, and slowly raises her right leg. As her toes point, Mac observes her foot as it bends the flat. He asks her “Have you ever taken ballet before, ma’am?”

“Hehe, yes… well, just once or twice when I was a kid. But it was a lot of fun.”

“I can’t help but notice how your toes curl so efficiently. Even if they’re inside your shoes.”

“Aww… hehe, thank you. I take my toe curling and flexing very seriously. Do you think this will benefit with my leg lifting?”

“It wouldn’t hurt, honestly.”

As her leg raises higher, Delilah asks “Do you want me to keep doing that with my feet, sir? Just let me know if my feet are distracting you or–“

“Oh, nonsense.” Mac says, and motions for her to carry on with her curling toes. “Keep it up, this is working out perfectly.”

“Should I curl them harder, then?”

“Yes… as hard as you can. When your leg becomes completely vertical, I want you to curl your toes so hard that they pop.”

“Yes, sir. No problem at all.” With that, she allows her toes to curl in the equivalent of a ballet dancer’s. Her arch curves inside the flat, and the pressure makes her toes pop for good measure. Delilah softly moans, and says “Thank you for paying so much attention to my feet.”

“I’ll always pay attention to your feet, ma’am.” Mac says, kissing the back of her neck.

“I greatly appreciate it.” Delilah says, as her leg finally becomes vertically lifted towards the ceiling. She sighs, and grabs onto her leg so she can keep it in place. “How long should I keep my leg lifted for, sir?”

“Hmm… is 5 minutes doable?” Mac asks. Delilah nods and says “Uh-huh. It would help if we keep talking so I can keep my mind of the strain. Hehe.”

“Sure thing. Just make sure you keep caressing your leg, too. So you don’t get any cramps.”

“Yes, of course…” She takes one last look at her leg, and begins to rub on it lovingly with her hands. She sighs, and looks back towards Mac’s way. She asks “Do you mind… still looking at my foot, though?”

“Oh, sure… sure, no problem.” He says as his cock begins to poke at her black shorts from behind. Delilah smiles, and says “I just… want to make sure I am moving it right to get the circulation going, you know?” Mac looks up as her ankle begins to softly rotate in the air, her pink flat bending along with her foot.

“So… how does it feel to be back in town for the summer?” Mac asks her, taking their attention off her leg teasing. Delilah answers with a smile, “God, it’s been amazing. I only been back for one day, and I’ve already done so much today.” Her lifted leg begins to bounce calmly from the movement of her foot. She continues, “But it’s also good to make sure that you rest every other day, too. So tomorrow, once I get settled, I’m gonna sleep for hours. Haha.”

“Yes, that would greatly benefit your physical and mental muscles.” Mac says, watching carefully as her leg moves in front of him. Delilah sighs again, and softly asks him “Um, is it ok if I rest my other leg on the top of yours?”

Mac smiles, and as he feels his cock in his pants grow more, he says “I was actually about to recommend that. Part of the stretch after all. Just make sure you keep this leg lifted, ma’am…”

“Yes, of course, thank you. Hehe.” Delilah giggles, and shifts her left leg over the top of Mac’s left thigh. Once it is settled, Mac scoots closer to the edge of the couch, making her leg more suspended and giving it more space. Her left leg begins to swing up and down softly, and Mac allows his hands to grip on her now exposed crotch in her black shorts. Delilah gasps, and says “Smart… gotta make sure I am nice and secure, right?”

“Yes… I don’t want you to fall over, so I got you. You’re in safe hands with me.” Mac says, and begins to look back up at her lifted right leg. Delilah sighs again, and asks “How am I doing so far?” Mac smiles and says “You’re doing great, ma’am. Your 5 minutes are almost up.”

“I… I can keep it up longer, if you want me to…” Delilah whispers, flexing her toes on her left leg and making the flat bend to the shape of her foot. Mac looks at her and says “Are you sure you can do that?”

Delilah nods, and says “Uh-huh… I don’t mind… I just might need you to… hold it for me a little?”

“Only if you hold your leg with me.”

“Okay… I can do that with you.”

Mac begins to raise his hands and wrap them around Delilah’s lifted leg, prompting her to say “Hold on tight. That’s it…” Once he gets an established grip, Delilah takes her right hand and wraps it around her leg as well. She then grips onto the bottom of her thigh, right on top of Mac’s firm right hand.

“Can you pull it back, please?” Delilah says. “My leg… pull it more towards you.”

“Yes, sure. This will help it stretch out even better and enhance your flexibility.”

“Yes… hehe, that is the idea.”

“You’re gonna need it for after the gym tonight.”

“Mmmm… I’ll be ready.”

Mac nods, and brings both of his hands up towards Delilah’s ankle, feeling how slippery the pantyhose have become. Delilah brings her right hand up with his, also grabbing her ankle. She sighs, curls her toes in her flat and instructs “Ok… now pull…”

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