Maria and the Professor

Big Tits

Maria Benitez was a freshman in college. As with many freshmen, she was struggling to maintain her grades and sanity while being away from home for the first time. She was a strong student before college so naturally she assumed that getting involved would be a great way to meet friends. Little did she know that college and high school had relatively nothing in common when it came to academics and extracurricular activities.

She had rushed a sorority, Nu Lambda Theta, and was even selected the president of her line. Seven weeks into the semester came the hard realization that she was not passing her classes as her sorority pledging requirements ate drastically into her study time. It wasn’t just the pledging requirements, although they were numerous and interestingly enough very intense (maybe we can relive that topic in another story), but also the fact that she had never managed her life before as her mother did everything for her when she was a child.

The wake-up call came when she received her midterm back from Professor Vega’s chemistry class. She knew she had not “aced” it, but she was relatively certain that the three hours she studied for it was enough to pass besides she had only missed six lectures in the seven weeks; however, the big fat red “F” told her differently.

She sat stunned for the remainder of the class as the professor went over the answers. She was so devastated that she did not even bother writing down the correct answers even though the professor assured the class that they would see the material again on the final. After class as she was walking out of the room Professor Vega called her to his lectern. In a daze, she went to see what he wanted.

Professor Vega had been teaching freshman science classes at State for three years and was an up and coming star at the University. Professor Vega was thirty-two years old when he met Maria Benitez and was instantly attracted to the beautiful young girl who always set in the front row. Professor Vega was intelligent enough that through rote memory alone he could give one of his lectures. This was an amazing gift he had, but more so because of the fact that he could then drift off and dream of Maria and her tight blouses, which always showed the beautiful outline of her bras.

He was not married nor did he have a steady girlfriend. Instead he loved to drive over the state line two hours away and pay a professional for “special” services. Professor Vega loved women, but he also loved anal sex. He had never been with a man before nor did he have the inclination or desire to, but ever since he was old enough to remember he loved to masturbate while fucking himself with anything that he could fit in his ass. He would pay prostitutes to strap-on dildos and fuck his ass while talking dirty. He loved to be called a little bitch and a slut, but what really got him off was when the woman would pull his hair and call him a little cock whore. He knew one day he would have to find someone willing to do it for free. Not because of the money, what was money to a single man making a college professor’s salary and living in a small college town. No, he wanted to find someone to do it for free because of the banality of it; having a woman fuck him in the ass while treating him like her own personal slut was the ultimate turn-on and something he vowed to experience before he died.

“Maria I was concerned about your midterm and was wondering what happened,” the professor asked.

“I don’t know. I thought I knew the material and I studied.” Maria responded.

“Did you really study or did you cram an hour before the test?” he asked knowingly.

“Well, I, um . . . “

“It’s ok, go on. The test is over and it doesn’t matter anyway. I am just trying to see if there is anything I can do to help you so you don’t flunk the final” Professor Vega said.

“Oh, professor I am just so stressed out right now. I have pledging and being the president of my pledge line takes much more time than I thought. Besides that I have to take care of my “big sister” in the sorority once a week.” Maria sobbed.

‘Take care of my big sister in the sorority,’ he thought. I wonder what that entails he thought, as an unnoticeable smirk crossed his lips. He decided not to push the matter, but filed it away in the back of his mind.

Only the smirk didn’t go unnoticed by Maria. She wanted to see his reaction and although it seemed like she was looking down she caught it out of the corner or her eye. Maria was not about to flunk out of freshman chemistry only one semester into her college career. She would do anything required of her to not only pass the final but to “ace” it with as little effort as possible.

“Well, Maria I know you are having difficulties keeping everything together so I tell what I am going to do for you. If you are willing to buckle down and devout at least an hour a day outside of your normal sakarya escort studying for this course I will tutor you in my office in one-on-one sessions. However, if you agree and then miss three appointments without my prior consent I will no longer provide this option to you.”

Maria jumped at the chance and readily agreed to his requirements. She figured even if she didn’t make all the meetings she would flirt enough with him to buy his affection. By the second week of the tutoring sessions Maria was quickly catching up to speed and actually liked hanging out with the older, good-looking professor. He was charming, funny, and most of all horny. She could tell because he was always looking down her blouse or rubbing her back while she was working out a problem. This got Maria to start wearing larger v-neck shirts and more see through blouses. She loved the idea that this man was getting horny and thinking about her. She even fantasized that while he was fucking his wife it was Maria that he was thinking about.

It wasn’t until weeks later that they really opened up and started talking. He told her he was single, which shocked her. She just assumed he was married. Here was this good looking intelligent man who had a great job and he was single. So what was the problem she thought and decided to asked, “What are you gay?” He smiled at the thought. He wasn’t gay, but what would she think if he said he liked to fuck himself in the ass with dildos and vibrators. What would she think if he admitted that he could never marry a woman until she agreed to provide him what he needed in the bedroom?

In order to change the subject, Professor Vega couldn’t resist and asked her what she meant when she told him that she had to take care of her big sister in the sorority. She laughed and said, use your imagination and one of these days I promise to revel to you what it really means.

Five weeks had passed since Maria’s tutoring sessions had begun and both she and Professor Vega were more and more open with each other, one could even say they were friends. But then it happened, Maria was out late one night in a pledging event and did not make it home until ten o’clock the next morning. Not only had she missed her lecture, but she also slept until three that afternoon and missed her third appointment. She panicked and called Professor Vega’s office, but he was already gone. Maria left a voicemail and even emailed the professor, but he did not respond. Maria knew she had fucked up and was worried that she wasn’t going to be able to fix the situation unless she went to extreme measures. She had made up her mind that come next class meeting she was going to make her move.

Professor Vega was extremely upset with Maria. He had believed that she was really interested in his class, but more importantly he thought that she was starting to like him. He noticed the looser fitting tops and the skimpier bras. Hell, just last week she wore a miniskirt that did nothing to cover her panties and he could have sworn that she left a wet spot on his chair. Now, however, he was pissed at the little tease and realized that she was playing with him and never intended to hold up her end of the bargain.

Interestingly enough however, her playing with him and the fact that she knew that he knew it, made him, realistically speaking, even hornier than before. He was her instrument and she was playing him like a violin. Could it be possible that she was the one he had been looking for his whole life? Would she possibly be the first woman to fuck him in the ass without him having to pay money for it? How could he broach the subject? Was it worth the chance of losing his job? Hell, yes. He was going to find a way, but first he had to play along with her game.

The next class period Maria set in the front row wearing the same miniskirt as before, however, this time she wore no panties. As Professor Vega began his lecture, Maria opened her legs wide enough for him to see that not only did she not have panties on, but that her pussy was as clean shaven as a little girl’s. This got the expected results from the professor as he lost his concentration and had to stop and regroup. He gave a dumb little comment about how he didn’t sleep well the night before and couldn’t maintain his concentration, but Maria knew the real reason.

Thirty minutes into the lecture she took the next step. She unbuttoned four of the six buttons on her blouse and pushed her tits so that Professor Vega could see that she had no bra on and that her nipples were as hard as erasers. This time professor Vega lost his train of thought and even his uncanny ability to lecture by rote memory was lost to him. Instead of prolonging the pain on his students he dismissed the class early and quickly began putting his materials away. Maria waited for the class to empty and then walked right up to the professor.

“I am sorry samsun escort about missing my appointment, but if you are willing to give me another chance I swear you will not regret it,” she purred seductively.

Ok, so that is the game she wants to play he thought in the back of his mind. “Maria, I don’t know what you think you are doing, but this conversation is over!” He stated matter-of-factly.

She was taken aback, but knew that she had come too far and had to lay it all out on the table. “Look professor Vega, I am willing to do anything to pass this class. I know that you’ve taught me enough that I can pass your final as long as I continue to study, but I don’t just want to pass. I need to get an “A” on it and I want to ensure that I do so by any means necessary. And as you have seen today I really mean by any means necessary. My body is open and available to you.”

Professor Vega simply stated, “Be in my office in twenty minutes.”

He rushed to his office and got everything ready. This was it. He was finally going to get fucked in his ass by a beautiful woman without having to pay. Or lose his job tying, fuck it; he was willing to do just that. He stripped off all his clothes, set down and began stroking his hard dick. He was about to nut when the knock came at his door. He quickly pulled a t-shirt over his head and rolled his chair up to his desk so anyone entering would not know that he was completely naked playing with his cock.

“Come in,” he said.

He was disappointed when it was another student dropping off a lab manual he had borrowed. Professor Vega told the student just to leave it on the chair next to the door. As the student turned to leave, Professor Vega shot all over the bottom of his desk. He almost got caught, but the thrill and enticement of it all was overwhelming and he had just discovered a new pastime. It was less than a minute later when another knock came at the door.

“Come in.”

“Hello, professor Verga, opps I mean Vega” She said while licking her lips. (Note verga means dick in Spanish)

“Maria, won’t you please come in and lock the door behind you,” he toyed. He was still naked sitting at his desk and his cum was pooling up near his feet. As she turned to lock the door, he stood up and his dick was once again hard. When she turned back to see him standing there in only a t-shirt and holding his dick in hand she had to laugh.

“I guess professor Verga was correct after all,” she joked. Not one to be outdone, she quickly opened her jacket and revealed nothing on underneath. While that sunk in, she dropped her skirt to the floor and there she stood in all her wondrous naked glory.

Professor Vega knew he had to make the first move, but was nervous. She expected she would have to let him fuck her and that would be that. What came out of his mouth next was unexpected, but oh so intriguing.

“Maria, you want to “ace” my final. I guarantee that you don’t have to take it nor show up for class anymore if you are willing, oh God, this is not easy to say (he lied and she could tell), to do three things for me.”

“Firstly, you have to wear your bra the entire time. I love your tits, but seeing your bra all those times in our tutoring sessions has left a lasting impression on me. Secondly, you have to talk extremely dirty to me. You have to call me slut, whore, cocksucker, pussy, wimp, whatever you can think of to degrade me – the dirtier the better. Finally, I want you to use this on me.” And with that, Professor Vega opened up the top drawer of his oak desk and pulled out a seven inch strap-on cock. The cock was Chicano brown with lots of ridges and veins. This cock would have made any man proud.

Maria was dumbfounded. She did not expect this. She was no virgin by any stretch of the imagination, but this was something she had not fathomed. She wasn’t disgusted or turned-off per se; she just didn’t know how to react. She had been fucking ever since she was in high school and she had some pretty wild times at parties; once even fucking the quarterback and his cheerleader girlfriend. The quarterback loved it when his girlfriend was fingering and licking his asshole while Maria sucked his cock. She had to admit it turned her on, but she just assumed the QB was a fag and didn’t want to admit it. She on the other hand had plenty of lesbian experiences. Hell she had promised to reveal to the professor her rushing activities with her “big sister”, hadn’t she? But this, this was different.

She was intrigued, if nothing else. When she didn’t respond for a moment he got nervous and upped the ante; in addition, I will give you an “A” in next semester’s freshman biology class as well. That sealed the deal.

She looked at him and in her most brazen voice said, “Suck my dick you fucking whore.”

Professor Vega smiled from ear to ear and handed her the strap-on. He quickly began rubbing ankara sarışın escort lubricant on his asshole as well. Maria pulled her lacy black bra out of her purse and covered her 34b tits with it. She couldn’t believe how hot she was. The lecherous nature of the whole scene was not lost on her and she intended to enjoy herself today. After strapping her “cock” in place she turned to the professor and licked her lips while imagining the little slut on his hands and knees begging for her to tear his asshole apart.



I said, “beg for my cock, you little fucking slut. You know you are a fucking fag. You know you want to suck a real cock, but can’t get one so you prey on innocent freshmen girls. Isn’t that right you fucking cunt?”

“Yes, I am a cocksucking slut. I want your big dick in my little ass, please.”

With that the Maria grabbed the professor by his hair and pushed him down in front of her. She grabbed her dick and began slapping him in the cheeks with it. “Open your fucking whore mouth, bitch. Suck my cock, slut!”

Professor Vega began sucking her dick like there was no tomorrow. He deep throated her cock and because he was so horny he was able to take it all without gagging. Maria was really enjoying herself in this new found role of pure unbridled sexual domination. She had always loved sex and she was not hung-up on sexual perversions. As long as you enjoyed it and you weren’t hurting anyone then she was fine with any act imaginable. This was different though, she truly loved the idea that she had an adult man on his hands and knees sucking her “cock” and begging for her to fuck him in the ass. The aphrodisiactic power was undeniably intoxicating.

After ten minutes of getting her cock sucked she told him to stand up and lean over the desk. Professor Vega was tall enough to be able to reach over the desk and grab the drawer handles on the other side so that he could really spread himself apart. Maria began by licking his balls and stroking his cock. Two strokes of his cock and he nut all over her hand and legs. She pretended to be furious that her slave would cum without her permission.

“How dare you cum you fucking dirty cunt. You are nothing more than a cocksucking faggot whore. Turn around and lick this nut juice off my hand and legs.” But before he did she scooped up some and rubbed it on her plastic cock head.

Professor Vega sheepishly turned around and began licking his own cum off Maria. He had only tasted his cum once before, in high school. He tried it while jacking off with a good buddy of his. They both watched each other cum and then without thinking about it they wiped the cum off their stomachs and tentatively tasted it. He and is buddy only did this one time and never talked about it again. He found it stimulating, but nothing like this time with Maria. Her mere presence ensured that he loved the wickedness of eating his own cream. The taste was bitter and salty, but he absolutely devoured it all, including that which had dripped onto her feet. She quickly pulled him up by his hair and told him to once again to bend over the desk. As soon as he did she rammed the cock in his ass. It hurt like a motherfucker even though he had rubbed lubricant on it earlier.

“How do you like being fucked in you ass by your own cum dripping off my big brown cock? Tell me whore you love the idea that your own cum is going to reach the deepest reaches of your bowels, don’t you?” Maria was really into the role.

At first she had trouble getting the hang of fucking a man. Oh, she definitely knew how to get fucked by a man, but this was different. Where do you put your feet? How do you keep you dick in the hole? After a few minutes though she got the hang of it and began to fuck the professor with all her gusto. Professor Vega just splayed spread-eagled across his desk and moaned. This was better than any dream he had ever had. Maria was a natural. She called him every name in the book and got dirtier and dirtier the more she fucked him.

Maria fucked Professor Vega for a good half hour and never once allowed him to cum. She on the other hand had came at least twice and was about to pass out when she finally reached around and grabbed his dick. At the same instance she whispered in his ear, “taking care of my big sister means I am her little fuck slut, just as you are mine.” The second she did that he shot another huge load, this time on his desk. She pulled her dick out of his stretched out ass and quickly together they began slurping up the cum. When they were done they kissed and shared his love juice and then fell asleep on the floor in a pile of naked sweaty cum-soaked cocks.

Maria and the professor woke up some time later that evening and before they got dressed the professor fucked her sweet tight pussy and then drank his own cum out her. While he shared his load with her in another lustful kiss they promised that this relationship would continue as long as Maria was a student at State U.

This is my first ever attempt at erotica. Please rate it and provide feedback. I want to try another story but will wait to see if this peaks any interest. Thank you.

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